At Judy's and Nick's apartment in Zootopia, Nick, Judy, and Fidget sat and reclined in their chairs, allowing their bodies and minds to rest for a while, although Fidget had much to say. "Olivia and I were out for a walk next to an alley. I let her get a drink of water until someone grabbed her and it's all my fault. I should have stopped myself from pulling a prank on her by scaring her!" Teary eyed, he sobbed gravely in the rabbit's arms.

"Oh, shh, shh, it's not your fault, sweetie," Judy assured him, "And it's not your friend's fault, either. Who's Olivia?"

"A mouse," Fidget replied, but felt better.

After a while, Fidget looked at Nick with imploring eyes, begging him to talk to him, but Nick wanted nothing to do with the poor bat who needed assistance. "Fidget, why don't you go talk to him?" Judy encouraged the bat, "He should've forgotten about the prejudice against other animals like yourself." Leaning toward him in a way that she wouldn't upset him, but to dumb it down to his level in case he didn't understand, Judy added, "Prejudice means 'discrimination'." With her word, she patted him gently on the back.

Satisfied with Judy's suggestion, Fidget sped over to the fox. "Come on, man," Fidget pleaded, "My friend, Olivia has disappeared and I feel responsible for it."

Turning his head to the bat, Nick said, "Kid, I can't talk to you right now. I'm going through the motions of my past."

"I do, too, sometimes."

"Tell me about it. So, leave me alone and see if your parents can find out where she is."

"I have no idea where my parents are."

"What?!" Nick asked in bewilderment and turned firm, "You know what? I can't help you if you're some lying criminal!"

That made Fidget very annoyed, so he yelled, "I'm not even lying! Some mean lady sheep took her!" He took out a ball of wool from his pocket to find proof. "I found this sheep skin in an alley where Olivia was snatched away."

Nick changed his tone, "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"There could be more than one animal that has wool, you know."

"Right, such as Carrots' tail."

Fidget eyed him skeptically. "Who's Carrots?"

"A nickname I call Judy and what did the sheep have on?"

"Um, an orange jail suit!"

"Yeah! That must be Bellwether!" Fidget could tell that Nick was getting interested each second.

"Good job, Fidget," Judy praised, "But I thought Bellwether was in prison."

"Me, too," Nick mused, "But if it weren't for this creature, we would've been goners. Let's give Chief Bogo and Clawhauser a call, shall we?" So, he dialed their numbers and pressed the call button.

"Hello?" Chief Bogo greeted.

"Hello?" Clawhauser said.

"Yeah, it's me, Nick," said Nick, "This bat had picked up some evidence that will lead us to his close friend and it was sheep's wool. I would assume it is Bellwether."

Chief Bogo was horrified by the news. "Bellwether?!" he protested, "Well, I thought she was in prison!"

"I did, too, but-"

"That bat should've told us before!" Chief Bogo interrupted as he pounded his fist on his desk.

"I know," Nick said guiltily, "But you see, he said that more than one animal can have wool, such as Judy's cottontail. He wouldn't lie, I'm sure of it because a little bat told me."

Fidget's ears drooped down with him blushing.

"Good job, little guy," Judy cooed at Fidget in appraisal as she gently fondled Fidget's cheeks.

"If you have any trouble, contact us," Clawhauser noted.

"Sure thing, Clawhauser. Bye," Nick said and hung up.

"Yes!" Judy exclaimed, hopping about.

"Yay!" Fidget beamed in awe.

"Now, tell us what happened before your playdate got captured, if you can," Judy encouraged.

Meanwhile, in Bellwether's lair in the train, Olivia was seen tied to a chair. "HELP!" she shouted through her gag (which now dropped down to her chin) loud enough to make herself heard.

"Scream all you want, little brat," Bellwether taunted, "But Judy and Nick aren't going to save you or hear you."

"Who are Nick and Judy?" Olivia asked.

"Nick is that sly fox and Judy," she answered with a laugh, "She's a dumb bunny, who I helped before!"

"I don't know her, but I don't think she's a dumb bunny!" Olivia retorted bravely.

"Oh, if you want me to untie you, I'll have you dart all predators in Zootopia," Bellwether stated, "If not…" She trailed off, digging out her dart gun filled with Night Howlers from her pocket, "You'll be the target." She threateningly pointed the gun directly at the brave little girl mouse.

Olivia only glared at the gun and the sheep herself. "It doesn't matter!" Olivia ranted as she kicked the sheep that stood ahead of her since her legs weren't tied.

Bellwether landed hard on the ground with her gun flying away from her view. Olivia kicked it to the rail so that Bellwether wouldn't reach it.

Just as the sheep was about to attack Olivia once more, Olivia kicked her harder, knocking her cold. That gave Olivia spare time to get a knife before Bellwether woke up from her coma, so Olivia can free herself from being bound by ropes. She eyed it lying on a table behind her. Hopefully, she can pick it up carefully. Dropping it is the worst mistake she'd ever make if not careful or much worse, if she bumped the table, the glass containers filled with Night Howlers would collapse and turn her into a savage beast. That wasn't what she wanted. So, she took a deep breath and discreetly fingered the sharp object's handle with her fingertips.

With the knife handled greatly, Olivia also had to figure out a way to cut the ropes loose. She sweated as she watched herself switch the knife the other way so the blade touches the rope and she'll be cut loose from the bonds. She sighed as she slowly cut the ropes, releasing one hand, and untied the other with her free hand.

Soon, Olivia started breaking Bellwether's evil chemistry set that would make animals in Zootopia go "savage" and immediately left the room, making haste just before Bellwether could catch her. All Olivia needed to do was look for Fidget or else something could happen to him, too, so she thought.