I apologize for making this story longer than I expected it to be, but I hope you all enjoy.

Night had fallen and the trio were still looking for her. First, they stopped at the Naturalist Club to see if Olivia passed by there. So, Judy stepped up to the yak and asked, "Yax? Can you help us?"

Yax didn't answer. He was busy meditating.

"Yoo-hoo," Nick said, waving his hand to get Yax's attention.

Fidget sighed downheartedly.

"We're looking for a missing mammal," Judy went on as she pulled out a picture of the girl mouse in front of the yak to get his attention, "A rodent to be exact."

"Oh," Yax said, breaking out of his trance and glanced at the photo, "A mouse. How cute."

"Did she pass by?" Fidget asked.

"Not that I know of," Yax replied.

Fidget was devastated. How will he, Nick, and Judy ever find Olivia and bring her home on time?

"But, I'll ask the other animals if they've seen her," Yax said, in hopes that Fidget will feel any better.

Fidget felt a rush of hope rising inside his body.

"Follow me," Yax told the three and they did.

"Hello, have any of you see a girl mouse pass by?" Judy inquired as she showed all of them the picture.

"Nope," each animal answered, "Sorry."

"Thanks, anyway," Fidget said and began to feel disheartened once again. Thanks for nothing, he wanted to say, but held his tongue, knowing it was a rude thing to say.

"Hey, buddy, let's meet Flash," Nick said, lying his paw on Fidget's shoulder, "He's a good guy once we get used to him."

"Nick, are you crazy?" Judy hissed, "Are you trying to make Fidget lose all hope because of those sloths?"

Fidget's ears drooped downward. He didn't like the sound of the two arguing.

"Judy, we'll just give them small talk and we'll be out of there in a flash," Nick promised, "I promise."

Fidget gave both of them a long look.

"Are you ready to go, buddy?" Judy asked him, "What's wrong?"

"You were fighting," Fidget said.

"Oh, we're sorry about that," Judy apologized and to Nick, she reprimanded, "Aren't we, Nick?"

"Yeah, so sorry," Nick apologized, raising his paws in surrender as if caught by the police.

Fidget laughed at the sight of a cop's assistant being admonished by a real cop.

"Alright, kid, let's go," Nick ordered.

"Thank you, everyone!" Judy called to the animals.

"Yep!" they shouted back as the trio drove off to the Department of Mammal Vehicles.

Inside the Department of Mammal Vehicles were slow working mammals and they were called "sloths". "How long is this going to take?" Fidget asked anxiously.

"Oh, it won't be long," Nick assured him.

"I hope not, Nick," Judy admonished.

"Flash, Flash, hundred-yard dash," Nick greeted the sloth, "How are we doing today?"

"Hi…I'm…doing…just…" Flash began to speak.

"Great?" Fidget uttered out for the slow speaker with a grin, motivating him to keep talking.

"Fine," Flash finished.

"Flash, have you seen this cute little girl mouse?" Judy asked, showing the sloth a picture of Olivia Flaversham.

"Oh…I…think…I've…seen…her…" Flash said.

"Tonight?" Judy interrupted.

"Tonight," Flash finished.

"Okay, do you know where she went?" Judy asked.

"No," Flash replied and turned around to face Priscilla, the girl sloth he liked talking to, "Priscilla."

"Yes…Flash?" Priscilla asked him.


"My best friend, Olivia?" Fidget finished for Flash and Fidget growled as he let his face hit the table in frustration, "I'm sorry, Judy. I tried to be patient." It was true. Fidget had tried to be patient, but lost it.

"Don't worry about it," Judy said gently, patting him on the back, "The same thing happened to me, too." The rabbit shifted her gaze at the fox, giving him a stern look. "Nick!" she scolded, "What if for some reason, Olivia gets kidnapped again? Or worse, by the time we find her, it'll be past Fidget's bedtime!"

"It'll be my fault?" Nick asked, "I always thought all bats sleep during the day."

"Maybe," Judy sighed, her seething decreasing and to the sloths, she added, "I think we should go."

"Yeah, it was nice talking to you, Flash and Pricilla," Nick said to the two sloths.

"Bye, Flash! Bye, Pricilla!" Fidget shouted on his way out with the rabbit and fox.

"Bye…Nick," Flash said, "Bye…Judy."

Out the door, they came to a fennec fox, who emerged out from his van. It was Nick Wilde's best friend, Finnick. "Nick. Judy. I saw a mouse girl with blue clothes and a red bow go to the police department to find help in case Bellwether kidnaps her again," he said.

"Thank you, Finnick," Nick said, "You've always been a great pal."

"Hurry, there's no time to lose!" Finnick said, "Come on!"

"That's what Basil always says," Fidget pointed out as the four friends took off to their vehicles in a hurry, "'There's no time to lose!'"

In no time, the four friends were in hot pursuit on finding the lost girl.

When they made it to the police station, they found Olivia next to Clawhauser and Chief Bogo, who were comforting her at Clawhauser's desk. Olivia sniffled and said, drying her eyes, "Fidget?"

"Olivia!" Fidget shouted.

"Fidget!" Olivia beamed with pride as she broke free from her consolers' embrace and jumped into Fidget's.

Overjoyed with Olivia's reunion with Fidget, Clawhauser captured the moment on his phone by snapping a picture of them with Nick and Judy.

Later on, Nick suggested, "How about one more stop?"

At the shrew's lair lived three (if not four) shrews in the Mr. Big family and a couple of polar bears.

"Oh, Nick, you're late as usual," Mr. Big said disapprovingly, "How dare you show your face along with these new comers. Now, say hello to Grandma ma! Ice them!"

"Hey, let go of us!" Olivia snapped as she struggled in one polar bear's grasp.

"Yeah! Put us down, you morons!" Fidget growled as he did the same.

"Daddy!" Mr. Big's daughter, Fru Fru shouted, "What did we say about icing people on my anniversary?!"

Mr. Big looked at her, intently feeling regretful for his actions. "Put them down, boys," Mr. Big ordered, "I was just kidding about you guests being late."

The polar bears set the four friends on the floor safely. Fidget and Olivia frowned at the polar bears as they shook their sore shoulders and averted the polar bears' eyes.

Suddenly, the polar bears' expression changed, feeling guilty and groaning in shame. So, Fidget and Olivia turned their attention to their man handlers.

"I know that look before," Fidget emphasized, "That was after stopped working for Ratigan after he betrayed me."

Judy let out a sigh of relief. "So, are we ready for cake?"

That night, everyone each had a slice of cake and it was delicious.

At the party, Clawhauser, Chief Bogo, members of the Zootopia Police Department, sloths, Basil of Baker Street, Dr. Dawson, Toby, and Olivia's father were all invited. What a coincidence!

"Hello, Miss Flaversham," Basil said to get Olivia's attention.

"Hello, Basil," Olivia said and confessed, "Fidget and I had your permission to go for a walk, but while I was drinking at the water fountain, I ended up being kidnapped again, but unexpectedly."

"I saw that happen with my own eyes, even after I looked away for one second and found it who it was," Fidget told Basil, "So, I ran to the ZPD to find help since you were too busy. That's when I met Judy and Nick and if it weren't for them, that mean old sheep would've never gotten arrested. Her name was Bellwether, I heard Judy and Nick say. Now, she's behind bars and thanks to them after that cheap skate sheep told us that Olivia wrecked her experiments after kicking her in self-defense and Olivia ran off."

"Olivia, my barin, you must've been brave!" Hiram Flaversham said as he hugged his daughter tightly and they kissed.

Clawhauser snapped a picture of the mice hugging and kissing. "Sorry, I just had to capture the moment," Clawhauser said cheerfully, "I couldn't help myself!"

"How did you find Olivia after she ran off, Fidget?" Basil asked Fidget.

"We stopped at a few places before entering the ZPD, where Chief Bogo and Clawhauser consoled her," Nick answered for Fidget.

"Thank you for telling me," Basil told the fox.

"And thanks to Fidget, our hero, Bellwether is in jail and Olivia is good as found," Judy concluded.

"And good thing, too," Dr. Dawson said, "Because like Basil had mentioned, there is always a mystery to solve."

"And that's why I have Fidget and Toby for the job as well as you have Basil and Toby for it," Olivia declared.

"That you do, Olivia dear," Dawson agreed and concluded, "That we do."

"You've been a brave girl today, Olivia," Judy complimented.

"Thanks," Olivia said sweetly.

"Good job today, man," Nick told Fidget as he gently nudged the bat's shoulder.

"Thanks, man," said Fidget, who did the same to Nick.

"You're two of a kind," Basil laughed, "It looks as though you made a great team."

All of a sudden, Mr. Big popped up to Fidget and Olivia. "Listen, I'm sorry that my men were rough on you the way they held you," he apologized, "Tonight, I was joking when I told Nick that he was late."

"It's all good," Fidget replied.

"We're over it," Olivia said, "And you'll get used to us in time."

And so, everybody in Zootopia enjoyed their slices of cake at Fru Fru's first wedding anniversary party. Whenever there was an adventure around the corner, that's when Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Basil of Baker Street, Dr. David Q. Dawson, Olivia Flaversham, Fidget the peg legged bat, Mr. Flaversham, and Toby come in, even when they were apart.

The End