The First Hero Returns

Chapter 8: Conversations and Weird Thoughts

The King and Queen lifted off into the night sky to begin their journey to the Candy Kingdom. However, when King Simon looked over at Marceline, he saw that she didn't look happy. This gave him an idea. "Marceline, do you think that you could help me with a little penguin problem?" Simon tried to keep the smile off his face as he knew how she would react to this. Marceline looked at him with a calming smile. "Sure, Simon, what is the problem? I can't really see anything that you would have trouble with those penguins of yours. They really do seem to adore you." she said. She watched as a strange look passed over his face. "Well, you say that, but that's not quite….totally accurate." Marceline looked at him with concern and shock. "What?! Why, what is going on with the penguins?" The old king smiles fondly and prepares to share with her his tale.

"Well, the penguins have recently gone on strike. They claim that as a King, I have not apparently met their needs adequately. The penguins refuse to do anything other than glare at me until I meet their demands. Then of course, Gunter is currently leading all the others, and making the craziest demand of them all. I can handle the extra fish and feather brushing per each penguins, believe it or not. However, what I can't do is make an inside swimming pool for all of them…." It was at this point that Marceline couldn't hold back her laughter, this caused her to stop her flight toward the Candy Kingdom. Simon came to a halt and waited patiently for the Queen to calm down and catch her breath.

Once Marceline calmed down from the fits of laughter, she looked at Simon with mirth in her eyes. "Well, you can see my problem can't you?" stated Simon with a quirk of his eyebrow. The Vampire Queen nodded at this. "Yes! How does Gunter expect an indoor pool? The pool would eventual freeze solid, not to mention the fact that you wouldn't be able to fill it up in the first place. You have to have complete focus just to drink a glass of water. You pretty much freeze everything you touch." Marceline just shook her head at the thought of it all. Simon was right this is an issue, but it is just so funny. Simon cares about those penguins so much that he's spoiled them. With those thoughts in her head, she started laughing again. Simon started to fly to the Candy Kingdom, taking the hint for what it was she followed.

"So….. did you tell them that request was impossible to grant?" she asked. He rolled his eyes. "Of course, I told them that it wasn't possible for me to give them the pool. Gunter said it wasn't their problem whether I could do it or not. Just as long as it got done." Marceline giggled at that. Simon was pouting, and it was funny to see that look on his face. "Don't worry, Simon. I won't leave you alone with them until this blows over. Will that make you feel better?" she said with a friendly smile. "Oh, Marceline, that is so kind of you? I would love to have you with me longer. I love it when you stay in the Ice Kingdom. Your place is nice, but sometimes it gets a little too hot for me to stay for too long." Simon smiled back at her. Pleased that he had made her happy and she would be staying longer in the ice kingdom. He was worried about her after all, and the closer she was to him, the easier it would be to protect her. As he looked ahead he noticed that they were close to the Candy Kingdom. Soon he would have to be on stage in front of people he didn't know and did not in turn know him. He hoped that he wouldn't let Marceline down. He couldn't remember a time when he preformed in front of other people before. The only person he could remember seeing him play and sing was flying right beside him. At least no matter what she would be beside him. He always felt better being outside of the Ice Kingdom when Marceline was nearby.

"It seems that we have finally reached our destination, my dear." said Simon with apprehension in his voice. "Yeah! We are going to totally Rock their socks off!" exclaimed Marceline with excitement. "Once we get backstage we need to prepare and get ready to take our places. Hope you're ready to Jam out, Simon!" she practically yells out at him as she grabs his hand to lead him backstage. "Wowzers! Marceline, I'm old and would like to keep my arm in its proper socket! Please, don't pull so hard!" Simon begs. Marceline eases up on the force she was using. Sometimes she forgets that Simon, even though he is powerful, isn't a half-demon-vampire like she is. Which means she can't just go about yanking him around like she did when she was little. "Oops. Sorry, Simon. I didn't mean to hurt you. Are you okay?" she ask a little concerned. He had only recently recovered from that fight, when he was protecting her. She should have been more careful. "Don't worry so much, Marceline. I'll be fine. Just not so hard, okay? I can't drum for you if I can only use one arm, right?" he said with a grin, hoping to ease her worries. It seemed to work, as she smiled back at him. Then she opened the curtain that led backstage and they began to prepare for the concert.

Finn was sneaking backstage hoping to be able to talk with Marceline before the concert. He really did feel terrible about making King Simon so worried and afraid. It was clear to him that Marceline still meant a lot to the old king, even if he didn't know who he was to her. At least his parents never lost their memories of him and his brothers. He just needed to apologize and let her know that he planned on making it up to the kind old man. Maybe King Simon would like to play on BMO with him. Yeah, that sounded cool, everyone loves BMO.

As Finn was thinking he bumped into someone without realizing it. "Oops, sorry." he said and paled as he looked up. It was the very person he was looking for. Marceline seemed a little put out by the accident, but didn't seem too mad. In fact, she seemed to be waiting for him to calm down. With a deep breath he felt ready to speak. "Marceline, I want to apologize for scaring King Simon. I also want to let you know that I really do plan on making it up to him. Maybe I can bring BMO and we can play games together. Do you think he would like that? Or should I try going to the Ooo Library and look for some book that we may both like?" Finn grabbed his head in frustration. Why couldn't he think of something to do to be friends with King Simon? Marceline would probably never forgive him for hurting her father figure if he didn't figure out how to make it up to the ancient wizard.

Finn felt a hand on his shoulder. As he looked up he saw Marceline smiling at him. "Oh, Finn, you really are a dumb dumb. I know that you didn't mean to scare Simon, and I forgive all of you. I just needed time to calm down and think is all. I'm sure Simon would love to meet BMO and play games with you. He would be ecstatic if you brought him books of any kind though. But….. He already has a massive library of his own under the Ice Kingdom. It's also filled with his research from when he was human too. Maybe he will show it to you if you ask." she said hoping to ease away his troubles, knowing that he was worried about her feelings more than his own at this point. Man, Finn sure is like a dumber version of Simon. Always caring more about others than himself. Poor kid.

Finn seemed to perk up a bit once he heard what Marceline had said. Yay! He was forgiven and she was encouraging him to spend time with King Simon. This was going to be great. "Thanks, Marceline. I think I going to apologize to Simon before you guys go on stage." Finn declared with a smile. "By the way, we should all hang out again sometime. Maybe have a jam session. Bye!" he exclaimed. The vampire smiled back at him with a look of contentment as the young boy bounced off to find the old king.

Simon was making sure that the drum kit was in order. He had already programed the songs that they would be playing in to the sound board that would be behind the drums with him so he could reach it. Better to have it close by so I can change it quickly if I need too. About this time a blur of white and blue shot into his space. The king turned to face the young boy who seemed to have lost his breath. Simon quirked any eyebrow up at the boys antics.

"Ummm, Finn, was it?" Simon approached the boy. "You doing okay there? You seem a bit winded." The longer the boy took to catch his breath only made the old man worry more. Until finally Finn caught his breath, and blurted out "I am sorry for scaring you today. Would you like to meet BMO and play video games with me tomorrow?!" Simon's eyes bugged out a bit as the boy shouted his thoughts to him. "Uhhh….. sure?" Simon said with hesitation, unsure of what to really say at this point. Then Finn turned the subject to something different.

"Ummm… King Simon, why aren't you wearing any shoes?" questioned the boy. Simon never one to miss an opportunity with Marceline's question, grinned. "Wellll, I started walking around with out my shoes one day. Then it sort of became a Hobbit." Simon grinned at what Marceline would call his nerdy dad jokes. Finn seemed confused until King Simon said. "I could wear shoes, but the more I think about it the more I can't Bare it." At this point Simon was giggling at his own jokes, and Finn didn't know what to do. Was this normal? Should he go get Marceline? Did King Simon lose him marbles due to the scare today? Why is he laughing? What is so funny? Simon was realizing that Finn didn't get that he was trying to lighten the mood. "Huh. Tough crowd." he muttered under his breath. "Well, I guess I will see you tomorrow then. Have fun on stage. Marceline always seems too. I can't what to hear what you guy are going to play. Bye, King Simon." said Finn as he tried to go outside through a curtain. "Oh! Sure thing. Bye, Finn." Simon shouted to the boy while waving goodbye. Simon went back to his prep-work and Finn went to find Jake and ask him what just happened with King Simon. Maybe Jake would know what was going on. Marceline would for sure, but he didn't want to involve her just yet. Until he knew if it was bad or not.