They say that pain, time and death can change a man.

Well, they forgot to add Tartarus to that list.

Five hundred years in the pit changed him, his ways, and his view of the world, May the souls of his betrayer's burn in the void. ~ Unknown

The armored figure walked silently past the guardian to the doors of the Underworld, cloak billowing behind him in the non-existent wind. Cerberus whined and whimpered as he passed, his aura was rich and more powerful than anything the three headed hell-hound had ever felt.

"Here, have this" The man tossed three XL rubber balls to the guardian before moving on, leaving the Cerberus to play with its new indestructible toys.

The lines of the dead parted like an unholy red sea parting for Moses, whispers spread through the crowd as he made his way towards the palace of the Underworlds' king. Interrupting the three judges as two remained silent as the middle one shouted for the spirit to go to the fields of punishment.

The order never came however.

The spirit of Minos was torn in half before a new spirit took his place, the spirit of a certain grey-eyed demigoddess, who smiled before calling for all of Minos's spirits that had been wrongfully judged to be judged again.

He moved on, his place was not here but Hades would feel the change in the judging panel soon and he didn't want to be there when he found out. The skeletal guards that tried to stop him were cut down by his dark-violet blade, the burn marks still glowing after their defeat.

Upon reaching the doors, he blasted them open with nothing but the force. The doors flew open before falling off their hinges from the force. The guards swarmed him, but he calmly cut each and every one of them down. After the guards were spent, he made his way to the throne room, cutting down the fury that tried to torture his soul with her whip.

The god of the underworld was sitting in his throne, his wife was next to him and his son was talking to them when he grabbed the boy by the throat and threw him into the wall behind him.

Hades rose and started to say something when he started chocking on the thick, rich aura that poured off of the intruder in unstoppable waves. Persephone was terrified, she may not like her nephew but she was starting to come around, but this man was more powerful than anything she had ever seen. Tossing her nephew was no easy fate because of his powers over shadows.

"I'm sorry to interrupt what probably was a family meeting, Lady Persephone" The man said respectfully, but the underlining coldness was there, not aimed at her but at the choking god of the dead.

"May I ask why you are here then?" The goddess of spring asked carefully, not wanting to insult the man.

"All I want is to return to the earth's surface but all of the routes have been blocked by a certain god. I came to ask you if you could take me to the surface, if it's not too much to ask, your highness" The man bowed before rising again.

Persephone nodded, a small smile starting to form on her lips. She needed an excuse to get out of the underworld and here it was on a silver platter.

"Of course, Take my hand and I'll get us out of here." The queen of the Underworld smiled, the man nodded before holding out his hand like a knight would for a damsel.

Taking the offered hand, Persephone flashed them out of the Underworld.

The camp was under attack, monsters roared and howled as they charged the demigods. After the defeat of Gaia, the monsters had stopped only for the attacks to peak.

Out of the chaos, he slashed and hacked, the goddess of spring creating monster-eating flowers and other greenery on the army of Tartarus spawned creatures. The army was losing numbers faster than it wanted too; the leader of the army was the Minotaur turned and smelled his long thought dead foe.

Roaring in challenge, the bull hybrid raised his battle axe and charged his enemy. The man slashed the axe then buried his blade into the chest of the monster.

"Long time no see, beefy" The man said smoothly.

The Minotaur snorted before he said "I will be back, but until then, give them chaos, Perseus Jackson."

The monster exploded into dust, the man sighed as he said "Its Revan now, my old foe."

The army turned and hissed at the bane of all monsters, he raised his blade in challenge at the horde. "Bring it, I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON MYSELF!"

Persephone entered Camp Half-Blood, looking at the wounded or dead demigods. This was beyond what the last war was like, this was a massacre.

"Lady Persephone, what brings you here?" Chiron asked her, she turned with a sorrowful but determined look.

"Chiron, I came with another as he was unable to leave my husband's realm but I see that you will need help in more ways than one." The Goddess of Spring said, she may be the spring goddess but she could make plants that where used the medical field as could her mother.

"Of course, if you would follow me then." The centaur replied before leading the way to the medic cabin.

Revan let his weapon deactivate, golden dust was everywhere, everywhere else but him that is. He looked around, not noticing the gold dust as his eyes were on the people of the camp. The wounded were everywhere; he moved up towards a little girl and placed his hands on her chest, healing her. Revan picked her up after before moving towards the camp, ignoring the yells and cries that were aimed at him as he did so.

He found Persephone in the medic cabin; one look at the girl from her told Revan all he needed to know. The goddess took to sleeping child from him and sat in one of the unoccupied beds, tears slowly falling as she whispered "Thank you, thank you for saving my daughter."

Revan collapsed from sheer exhaustion in the bed across from the tearful goddess, how long had he been fighting for now? 300 years? 500? His eyes closed as he fell into a restful and dreamless sleep.

He woke up hours later; the sunlight was shining through the windows of the hospital. He got up from the bed and left, heading towards the forest. He didn't get even get to the door before a small hand took his and made him stop.

"Thank you sir" Revan looked at the daughter of the spring goddess.

He knelt and moved the girl's bangs from her face before he said "I did what I needed to do,"

The little girl smiled before she said "But why are you leaving? Where will you go?"

Revan put a hand on her shoulder before he said "Where ever I am needed, little one. But here is too painful, tell your mother that I will see her in the foreseeable future, OK?"

The daughter of Persephone nodded before she walked back to her sleeping parent, Revan got up and walked out. He made it to the forest edge, pulling off his weapon and walked into its dark interior.