Revan walked up to the gates of Camp Jupiter, the Roman Demigod camp was quiet. However, this was broken when he entered the camp, finding it to be burning and destroyed. His weapon was in his hand as he spotted the remnants of the survivors fighting against near impossible, well, almost.

The violet balde activated as he calmly walked up and cut through the monster forces like a polar bear strides through snow. The purple blade spin around him, almost impossible to track with how fast he was spinning it around his body. The monster started to notice him but were cut down quickly as he finished the final few off. Monster dust was everywhere but Revan looked over the survivors, returning his weapon to his belt as he helped them.

His hands worked fast as he patched up the worst of the injured and had to cauterize several wounds with his lightsaber for others. Finally, he found an injured Reyna and quickly started working on her.

"H-huh?" She looked up at him tiredly before her body started to give out.

"Reyna, stay with me," Revan said, sharp and clear as Reyna nearly drifted off, "Don't fall asleep."

"W-why? I'm so sleepy…" She softly begged but was backhanded, making her forget about sleeping completely.

"If you don't stay awake, I'll be forced to slap you again, and I detest hitting such a beautiful face," Revan said, chuckling a bit as he worked on her wounds and ignored the Roman leader's glare.

After finishing patching her up, he motioned a legacy of Apollo over and had Reyna put on a stretcher.

"Get the others, we're leaving this camp, it's too dangerous," Revan ordered, taking command of the soldiers and other survivors, "Any uninjured person is to gear up and form up around the injured, the women and children and Renya. Anyone that isn't in full gear in five minutes will be left behind to cover our backs. MOVE!"

The wolf house found itself packed with the remains of Camp Jupiter, the Wolf Goddess quickly making sure everyone was settled and taken care of. Revan had patrols set up, mixed with both wolves and Roman Demigods to make sure no monsters go in while the injured recovered. Lupa pulled Revan to the side after.

"You saved them, after all that happened to you, why?" She asked, curious.

Revan folded his arms over his armored chest, sighing as he finally answered, "The Gods did this to me, not the children, they are innocent of the parents sins. You should've seen Camp Half-Blood, Lupa. It was a bloodbath that I had to stop from wiping out everyone, this isn't a normal attack, Lady Wolf. It's an extermination."

That took her aback, before she asked, "How could this be? Terra is no more, so are her children."

"Simple," Revan said before removing his helmet and looking at her.

She gasped, across the son of Poseidon/Neptune's face was three long scars. Red and black from whatever had left them, Percy Jackson looked at Lupa with a sad expression.

"Demons are awakening, Norse monsters are appearing, Egyptian beasts are entering Tartarus ranks, Celtic and Aztec monstrosities are rising. We are facing the greatest force known to mythology in any era, we are either going to die or terminate them completely. The Demigods of all pantheons need to come together as one or we will all perish."

He put his helmet back on and Lupa nodded slowly, realizing how badly this was going to turn out now.

"We leave at dawn, we will gather the Greeks and move to the Golden city, gathering the Demigods into El Dorado." She said said in finality.

"Agreed, we must collect everyone." Revan nodded before looking out the window.

Camp Half-Blood was quiet as the wounded were still being treated when the Roman Demigods, Lupa and her wolves, as well as Revan marched into Camp. Revan quickly had the children of Ares gather everyone before telling them of the oncoming threat. Chiron was silent before he nodded, face grim.

"Everyone, go, gather the essentials, the injured and everything we need."

Revan gathered everyone from the cabins that didn't come out, even blasting a few apart like the cabin for Morpheus. Once everything had been collected, Revan organized everyone into the group, injured in the middle, the healthy surrounding them as protection. The healers were to care for the injured as they marched, no questions asked. In meer hours, the Camp was emptied and left as a ghost town.

Revan huffed, looking at the tent city that had been put up. Chiron looked over it as well before looking at him, eyes showing concern.

"Its been years since things had gotten this bad." He said.

"This will be the first multi-pantheon monster army in history, the Olympians have forsaken both sides to not be in this fight, banished me into Tartarus but now, they will suffer. We will be safe." Revan answered quietly as Lupa walked up.

The three were quiet before Revan turned and faced Lupa, speaking in ancient Latin, "How is she?"

"Asleep and healed, but we are far from safe." Lupa sighed, looking at a specific tent that was guarded by her strongest wolves.

"I noticed, keep her safe, I need to see if I can get a patron for our group to give us more protection." He said before walking off into the night, out of sight of Lupa and Chiron.

It didn't take long for Revan to find a secluded area and put down a patron sacrifice, waiting for some god or goddess to accept it. He watched as flowers sprung up around the sacrifice as Persephone appeared.

"It seems we can't stay away from each other." Revan chuckled.

Persephone nodded, "It would seem so, so why do you need a patron, Revan?"

Revan grimaced behind his mask before he answered her, hoping she would help them in their time of need. If she didn't, the survivors may be doomed.