Foreign Exchange

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rated t for adult situations, some language. nothing big but too much much for k-plus.

Chapter One

theme 116: dream come true

Sue Ellen looked out the plane window. The Pacific Ocean was everywhere. She couldn't blink without seeing blue. She sank into her seat. She couldn't believe this was finally happening. She couldn't believe this was her life.

Sue Ellen did well in high school. She won a scholarship back home but her dream was to go somewhere else. She wanted to go to Japan. She looked at universities there. Her father helped her get into one. Now she was flying there to study. She'd learned the language and everything. This was to be a perfect trip.

The plane landed several hours later. A private driver picked her up. He drove her to a home for American ambassadors. Sue Ellen met the people who lived there. She wasn't the only kid but she was the only college student. They were supportive of her. She felt at home immediately.

But she wanted to keep in touch with her friends. She used the internet to talk to her old classmates. She talked to Arthur, Fern, and Buster. They helped her contact others. Soon she had twenty contacts back home. She'd call them every few days using her webcam. She texted them too and emailed them. Fern even exchanged letters with her. It was nice.

Sue Ellen only called one on the phone. His name was Charles. He moved to Elwood City in seventh grade. He and Sue Ellen didn't meet until high school. She had an English class with him in ninth grade. They did a project together. She had a crush on him. But he was dating Emily, another new student. They'd been together since eighth grade. She never told him she liked him. She still liked him but it was awkward. He didn't talk about Emily so she knew he was single. But she didn't want to tell him long-distance that she liked him. Long-distance relationships were too hard.

Sue Ellen tried to focus on school. Japanese universities were different. It was hard work. She studied hard and made good grades. She even did well in her study of their language. Everyone expected her to see it through, to live out her dream.

But sometimes, dreams change.

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