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The Slytherin Reformation

By Spectre4hire


Harry groaned.

"Harry?" A familiar voice spoke up. "How are you feeling?"

He blinked to see the blurry outline of someone standing over him. Even in his bleariness he knew the figure to be Remus Lupin. It was then he noticed the soft mattress that he was resting on. He frowned. "Where am I?"

"The Hospital Wing at Hogwarts," Remus answered.

It came back to him now. The train ride with his friends and Moony, the Hogwarts Express' sudden stop. The intrusion of the dementors and their unwanted presence in their cabin.

That had been when he had heard the screams and shouts. And then there was darkness waiting to envelop him in its grip.

He shuddered.

"Here," Moony's voice broke through Harry's thoughts.

Harry felt his glasses being pushed into his hand and he was quick to put them on. Moony's concerned face came into focus. He was sitting at the side of Harry's bed.

"Eat this," he told him.

Harry looked down at the chocolate bar that was presented to him and then back at Moony.

"Eat," he insisted.

He took the offered chocolate but had no appetite. It felt as if his stomach was being pricked by cold needles.

"Harry," Remus' voice had gotten stern.

Realizing he had no recourse but to eat, Harry hesitantly broke off a small piece and popped it in his mouth. Chewing on it before swallowing the bite, he was pleasantly surprised when he felt a trickle of warmth trail down his throat before settling in his stomach.

Harry then took a larger bite of the chocolate bar helping to banish the chill that had nested itself in his chest.

"See?" Moony didn't restrain his smug tone, "I do know what I'm talking about."

Harry rolled his eyes. "How long have I been here?"

"Not long," Remus answered, "When you passed out I sent a message to Dumbledore," worry laced his voice. "Dumbledore sent Fawkes to get you and me at once and bring you here." He held up his hands presenting the Hospital Wing to Harry.

"Where's Madam Pomfrey?" He was surprised he hadn't been greeted by the bustling and fretting witch who was quick with a remedy for his ailments and a choice remark for the actions that had caused them.

"She's already seen to you," he told him, "She wasn't pleased to have to attend to you before the school year had officially started." Remus sounded more amused than concerned now.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at that. He did seem to find himself here more times then he'd like. After all, he had spent much of the last days of last year's term at the Hospital Wing recovering from his ordeal in the Chamber.

It almost seemed fitting to start the year here, he thought wryly, and before the opening feast too.

"How long?" He asked after the mirthful outlook of his predicament left him, leaving only his curiosity.

"Not very," Remus answered, "less than a half an hour. The train hasn't arrived to Hogwarts yet."

"What about the others?" Harry couldn't remember the specifics of the dementor's arrival into their compartment or the reaction it elicited from his friends, but he didn't like the idea of them alone in case more of those dark creatures decided to board the train.

"They're safe and fine," Remus sensed his concern. "I didn't leave until after I banished the dementor," he assured him. "They were worried about you."

Of course they were, Harry realized, and why wouldn't they be? According to the scene that Moony had painted and what parts Harry did remember if his reaction to the dementor had come from one of his friends, he'd be worried sick too.

"Is there a way to send a message to them?" Harry didn't want the rest of their train ride to be miserable with them worrying about him.

"Yes, and it's already been taken care of," Moony told him. "And once they arrive we'll bring them here to see you and we'll do it in a way that doesn't draw attention."

"Thanks," Harry didn't want the school to find out how he had reacted to the dementor's presence.

"This is an outrage!"

Harry and Moony's heads turned in the direction of the door to see Cyrus Greengrass and Albus Dumbledore walk in. It had been the former who had been speaking. He was fuming.

"Calm yourself, Cyrus," Dumbledore said softly before his blue eyes flicked over to them. "Harry," a smile spread beneath his snowy beard.

"Harry," Cyrus' anger went out in a snuff when his eyes found Harry. "How are you feeling?" He hurried over to check on him.

"I'm better now."

"Good," Cyrus' hand was on Harry's shoulder, "Good."

"We feared the dementor stirred some sort of lingering presence of the Horcrux that the potion did not cleanse," Dumbledore admitted. The Headmaster of Hogwarts moved to the other side of Harry's bed since the left side was occupied by both Remus and Cyrus now.

"Madam Pomfrey has assured us that was not the case. You will be fine."

"So what happened?" Harry was thankful for that bit of good news. "Why did I faint?"

"It is no embarrassment, Harry," Dumbledore had been able to pick up on the shame that Harry felt bubbling within.

"That's right," Lupin added, "Dementors are sinister creatures that feed on our worse memories of fear and pain." His blue eyes were downcast. "Those such as you have endured terrible moments even at such a young age. That is what they dredge up. It is why they have such an effect on you."

My parents' death, Harry thought sadly.

"I told him it was a mistake," Cyrus' cold tone brought Harry's attention to the Greengrass patriarch who had taken to pacing in front of Harry's hospital bed. "It was a fool's notion," he shook his head in dismay. "Dementors at a school? Its abhorrent!"

"What will happen now?" Remus asked.

"The dementors will be removed," Cyrus answered confidently. "I'll see to it personally."

"What about Fudge?" Remus didn't look convinced.

"He is weak," Cyrus dismissed, "He no longer has the deep pockets of Malfoy to protect him."

"Indeed," Dumbledore agreed, "I know that other members of the School's Governing Board were against this measure as well."

"Exactly," Cyrus nodded, "And when word slips that a student was attacked by one of the dementors. Fudge will have no other choice but to have them withdrawn."

"You'd let Harry's name and attack go public?" Remus sounded annoyed and shocked at the suggestion.

"Of course not," Cyrus looked insulted at the implication. "The student's identity would be withheld." He turned to Harry, "I assure you that it wouldn't come back to you. You have my word."

"I know," Harry trusted Cyrus, who had been nothing but kind and protective of him since he came to the Greengrass family as a ward.

"Good." Remus seemed placated. "The dementors being removed would help our chances in contacting Sirius."

Remus was determined to try to contact Sirius as well as trying to capture Pettigrew. He had faced difficulties on both fronts but that hadn't slowed him down, and Harry doubted his obligations as the school's new professor of Defense against the Dark Arts would either.

"Yes," Dumbledore brought a hand through his beard. "Establishing contact with Sirius is paramount; if we are to protect him from the Ministry."

"And we will," Cyrus assured them.

"How quickly can you have the dementors removed?" Remus asked.

"By tomorrow if Fudge will see me tonight and back down," Cyrus answered confidently, "If not then no later than the start of next week. Once I get the governing board together and the public hears about the attack. Fudge will bend. I know it."

"Then let us hope he will see you tonight," Dumbledore said.

Cyrus nodded, he then moved towards Harry. "I'm glad to see you're fine. I'll send word to Roxy at St. Mungos. She'll be relieved." He put his hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed lightly. "I expect to read all about your first days of classes in your next letter." His eyes moved towards Remus, smiling when he spoke, "Especially this new Defense professor you have."

Harry returned the smile. "Of course, Cyrus."

"Good," Cyrus patted Harry's shoulder before removing his hand. He then shook Moony's and inclined his head to Dumbledore before departing the Hospital Wing.

"Will it really be that simple?" Remus asked once Cyrus had left. "Fudge may no longer have Malfoy but he does have other rich cronies."

"I am not omniscient," Dumbledore admitted with a chuckle, "But I do trust Cyrus in this matter. He has the pulse of this situation." The headmaster pointed out. "He has been fighting this reform since Fudge announced it. Gathering allies and keeping tabs on those who back Fudge. If he thinks he has it then I believe him."

"Maybe, it's just too good to believe," Remus looked at his watch. "The train will be arriving shortly." He got up from his seat. "I'll see if I can intercept the others and have them brought to you before the feast."

"Thanks, Moony," Harry brightened at that.

Remus smiled, patting Harry on the arm before turning to the Headmaster who made no move to leave even with the Hogwarts Express approaching.

"I'll stay for a few moments," Dumbledore answered Remus' unvoiced question. "Harry and I have things to discuss."

That placated Remus. "Good," His eyes swept from the Headmaster to Harry. "I'll be back shortly."

Harry watched him leave. When the door closed behind him, he turned back to see Dumbledore was standing over his bed, his face pensive. This was the first time Harry had seen the Headmaster since that night Dumbledore came to Greengrass Manor with the potion that cleansed the Horcrux from Harry's soul.

It had been there that Harry had revealed to the headmaster the locations of the horcruxes he had seen when Voldemort and his mind had been connected for the briefest of seconds down in the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore had vowed to look into them and to see if they could be found and destroyed.

"Sir?" It was that reminder that prompted Harry to speak. "Did you have any success?"

"Some," Dumbledore had a frown on his lips.

"How many?" Harry didn't think it could be that many judging by how disappointed the headmaster looked.

"One," Dumbledore sighed. "I informed the goblins of the possibility of one being in one of the ancient vaults at Gringotts." He rubbed at his beard, "An accusation that is not to be made lightly, but the goblins have a bitter history with horcruxes in their wars against the wizards." His blue eyes looked sad behind his half moon spectacles.

"The Goblins despise their existence, so it was a tip they could not ignore. After an exhausting search through various vaults they found and destroyed the Horcrux."

One, a deflating reveal, Harry recalled four visions he had seen when Voldemort had failed to possess him. To only have gotten one of them after he meticulously recited them to Dumbledore was disheartening.

"What about the others?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"I fear it could take years to find and destroy them."


"Yes, years," He looked pained at the admission. "This is no simple task, Harry." He sighed.

"Tom was clever and suspicious," Dumbledore pushed his spectacles further up his nose to keep them from sliding off. "He took great care to cover his steps and conceal what it was he was doing."

"But you have leads, right?"

"Yes, my boy," Dumbledore assured him. "But it takes time to follow leads and that doesn't include if the lead proved to be fruitless. I have hope that another one can be uncovered and hopefully destroyed before the year is out."

"That would be great!" Harry was pleased and relieved at that bit of good news.

"Yes, but the others will take time, I fear."

"I'll help in whatever way I can, sir," Harry blurted out before he could stop himself.

Instead of looking amused by the offer of a thirteen year old to help the greatest living wizard, Dumbledore looked touched. "You have a good heart, Harry." He smiled, "You have a part to play in what is to come." His smile dipped at that.

"I know, sir," Harry remembered the prophecy that Dumbledore had told him over the summer.

Nothing more could be said between them when the sound of muffled voices could be heard from behind the closed doors of the Hospital Wing before they opened to reveal his friends. Their voices joined together to form a wave of noise to express their concern for Harry's well being. It formed an indiscernible barrage of overlapping conservation that he couldn't understand.

Harry held up his hand to stop the cacophony of voices from his worried friends. "I'm fine." He found his eyes wandering over to Daphne as he spoke.

She nodded at his words, a relieved look followed.

When she smiled at him, he felt a slight tug in his chest. He tried to ignore the new, unexpected situation by mustering a smile in return. When her eyes brightened at his smile, he felt his face go warm.

"Should I ask the house elves to bring your stuff here?" Theo grinned. "Since you seem to like spending more time here than in the dorms."

"Theo," Hermione chided. "How can you joke about Harry's stays in the Hospital Wing?" She was incredulous. "This isn't a hotel. It's for those who are injured and sick."

Theodore shrugged off Hermione's question; smile intact when he turned to her. "Laughter is the best form of medicine."

"I dare you to tell that to Madam Pomfrey," Tracey teased.

Theo's smile dipped at that. He sent a nervous look in the direction of Pomfrey's office. He visibly relaxed when there was no sign that she would make an appearance.

"Can you blame him, Nott?" Daphne asked, "It would seem a better alternative then being roommates with you."

"The year hasn't even started yet," Tracey feigned exasperation at them. "And you two are already fighting with each other."

"What's all this?" Madam Pomfrey came bustling out of her office. Her eyes sweeping over Harry's friends. "Who authorized this party in my Hospital Wing?" She then spotted Harry. "And why did no one feel the need to tell me you had waken up?"

Harry squirmed at the stare Pomfrey gave him as she moved her way to his side, wand in hand.

"I am after all the Matron here," she was saying, "It is my duty to see to the well fare of these students," She was casting a diagnostic charm with her wand, "which I cannot do if I can't help my patients."

"I assure you, Madam Pomfrey, I was on my way to your office to tell you." Dumbledore tried to quell her concerns.

She harrumphed at that.

"Am I good to go?" Harry asked hopefully, not wanting to listen to any more of a lecture.

"Everything appears to be normal," Pomfrey answered, "It wouldn't hurt to have you overnight," she seemed to see Harry deflate at that, "But I suppose that wouldn't be necessary."

Harry grinned.

"Tired of my company already, Mister Potter?" Pomfrey asked dryly.

"No, mam," Harry replied quickly, wiping the smile from his face.

She didn't look convinced but she nodded all the same, before returning to her office.

"We'll walk with you to the feast, Harry," Neville suggested.

The other friends were quick to agree before departing the Hospital Wing knowing that Harry still needed to change into his school robes to attend the feast.

"Headmaster?" Harry called after him. "Can you stay for a moment, sir?"

"Certainly," Dumbledore responded with a smile. "What is it?"

"I have a favor, sir." Harry had rehearsed this a time or two when he realized he wanted to do this.

"A favor?" Dumbledore sounded intrigued.

"Yes, sir," Harry answered. "I was wondering if I could borrow your pensieve."

"My pensieve?" Dumbledore's blue eyes couldn't hide his surprise.

"Yes, I understand if you don't want to," Harry found himself rambling, "But I think its important for someone to see something."

"Ah," understanding came to Dumbledore's features. "I think that can be arranged, Harry."

"Thank you, sir," Harry felt a feeling of relief at getting permission.

"Just let me know when you need it."

"I will," Harry agreed. "And thank you again, sir."

Dumbledore was smiling. "You're welcome, Harry," he turned to go, before pausing, "but I get the feeling that someone else will be more thankful for this gesture."