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The Slytherin Reformation

By Spectre4hire

18: And in the End

The days after Harry's visit to the Gaunt house were wonderfully ordinary.

He was able to be with his friends, enjoy some time with Daphne, even schoolwork and studying couldn't dampen his mood. Voldemort was no more.

Severed, he thought with a great sense of satisfaction, after destroying Voldemort's final horcrux. The weights of expectations were off him, the shadow that had long been over him was banished. Harry got to move forward, and he was enjoying every minute of this new life.

His friends' conversation brushed over his happy reflections, but he didn't mind, half listening to Neville trying to explain the property of a potent magical plant to Tracey. Theo was going over a family tree of a nasty goblin warlord, trying to help Susan and Daphne remembering his sons and their accomplishments. Hermione was putting the finishing touches on her potions essay. Harry had his charms book out, but laying across his textbook was a piece of parchment that had nothing to do with the class.

Unless trying to charm this interviewer counted. He was glad he kept that bad pun to himself. Harry reread the final list of approved questions for his interview with the Daily Prophet which was happening this coming weekend at Hogsmeade. He had taken Susan's advice and his Hufflepuff friend's insight proved accurate since the newspaper was eager for an interview with him.

The Prophet gets their exclusive and Harry gets his platform to try to win Moony back his job.

"Harry, did you finish your Charms work?"

He looked up to see Hermione had finished her potions homework and had opened her charms textbook. "No, not yet." Harry saw his friends around the table coming out of their own conversations to focus on his.

"Are you still agonizing over the interview?" Daphne asked, she was sitting next to him, able to see the list in his textbook. She patted his arm that was resting between them. They had talked about it a few times since Cyrus had sent the list over a few days ago with the morning post. "You're going to do great."

"Thanks," He meant it. She had a way of making him feel like he could do anything, like scale the astronomy tower with just a few supporting words or glances or touches or kisses. His mind trailed off for a few seconds to remember some of their encouraging moments this past week before it was dragged back to the present and this conversation.

"But is this more important?" Hermione asked, a touch of disapproval in her tone for him ignoring his homework.

"It's certainly more interesting," Tracey answered before Harry could, "No offense, Nev." Since he had been the one helping her with their herbology homework.

Neville took it in stride. "It's fine, I can use a break," he rubbed his temple, "I can only be so patient with someone so helpless." He emphasized his joke with a dramatic wince as if he was fighting off a bad headache.

It was well received by the others even Tracey didn't look upset at being the butt of the joke. She was smiling like the others, "I'll remember that when its Transfiguration," she said sweetly.


Tracey giggled. "Have no fear, my Gryffindor friend, I won't abandon you."


Theo had grabbed the list without Harry realizing until it was too late. "Mr. Potter," He was peering over the parchment towards him. "Our readers are dying to know," pretending to be the interviewer, he went on with mock seriousness. "What is your favorite candy?"

"More like their sponsors," Daphne snorted.

Harry wished he could say some of the questions got better, but many of the ones the Prophet pushed through seemed so frivolous. "They also want to know my favorite class," he didn't mind that one as much because that was going to be his way of circling back to Moony. "I'm going to say Defense," he saw none of them look surprised, "And be able to talk about Moony and how good he was, and the petition from the students."

"That's great, Harry," Susan encouraged, "And the Prophet will print it?"

"Yep," Harry grinned, "Thanks to your advice. It's part of the deal."

Susan returned it. "Hopefully, the other professors don't get too upset by it." she winked.

Harry hadn't thought of that.

"They know its just for the story," Hermione said, "I mean how can someone only have one favorite class when they're all so different and fascinating?" She looked around the table for support, but most were looking at her strangely save for Theo who was enthusiastically nodding along.

"Herbology," Neville answered like she was daft for thinking otherwise, "no way would I put that class with Potions."

"They also want me to talk about Quidditch," He saw Tracey brighten and perk in her seat at that. If he was honest, that wasn't one of the topics he was dreading.

"And you'll talk all about your inspirational teammate?" Tracey batted her eyelashes, "who was promoted to Captain?"

"It could come up," Harry deadpanned, "They're also interested in Slytherin and want me to talk about being sorted there."

"A nice recruiting opportunity," Daphne pointed out, "We've already done a good job at changing the house's image in the school, but now you have a chance to display it to all the readers who just remember all the bad when it came to Slytherin." Tracey and Theo were nodding along, but it was the latter who added.

"Much of it was deserved," he said softly, no doubt thinking of his family's legacy, and his father's expectations that had ostracized him because he wouldn't follow them.

"But that's in the past," Hermione gently reminded him, covering his hand with hers, "The future's going to be different," she told him, "Better."

"Another Outstanding for Hermione," Tracey teased, though she was smiling, there was a serious hue in her gaze.

"What about Daphne?"

"What about Daphne?" Daphne repeated Susan's question with a growing frown.

Susan looked apologetic. "For the interview," her eyes flicked to their hands, "You just need to be careful." She tried to explain before her words could be misconstrued to be insulting. "My aunt says a lot of the readers are ah ," She paused, "vocal and they may react unpleasantly to the news that your dating."

"Susan's right," Tracey bailed out their hufflepuff friend, "Mum says they're usually those old witches who have nothing better to do than complain or send jinxes or curses in the post to those they don't like," she explained, "Mum's said she had to patch up one reader when they botched the cursed item they wanted to send."

"Why did they want to send a cursed item?" Hermione asked.

"This bloke was dating the reader's favorite Weird Sister," Tracey answered, "And the reader didn't like that. Thought he was gonna be together with her."

The idea of Daphne getting hate mail or worse from these readers made his hand clench, releasing her hand in the process so as to not to hurt her. "Thanks for the warning." He said to Tracey and Susan, who both nodded. "I'll remember it." He turned to Daphne who didn't react nearly as strongly as Harry.

"You don't want to say anything?" She guessed correctly.

"I don't want you to get a howler or some cursed item from some deranged elderly witch."

"It's up to you," Daphne said, "but I can handle a few mean letters."

"I know you can," He just didn't like the idea of him being the reason she would receive them.

"You're not being interviewed by Rita Skeeter, right?" Susan asked.

Harry shook his head. "No, they wanted to, but I declined. We're getting someone else."

"Good," Susan said, "She's awful. My Aunt hates having to deal with her. Her and that quill of hers."

"All of these questions," Theo mused, still looking over the list, "And not a single one about something important like your favorite color or your preferred hair care product. How disappointing."

Harry snatched the list from his friend. "Don't give them any ideas." He put it away.

They then settled back into their studies. The interview was on Saturday, he turned to the right page in his Charms textbook, but there was still plenty of homework to do between now and then.

"I didn't know your favorite dessert was treacle tart, Harry."

"You read it?" Harry looked across the headmaster's desk where Dumbledore was sitting.

"I did," He smiled, "It was an enlightening interview."

"Thanks," Harry replied awkwardly, not sure what else to say. He was currently sitting in the headmaster's office with Dumbledore at his desk. However, what made this different from his other visits was that Professor Snape was also with them. He was standing off to the side, currently using Dumbledore's pensieve.

Harry had been surprised when his head of house stopped him after his potions class to finally ask him to view the memory. Harry had agreed, wanting Snape to see it since the third year started. He was willing to give him the memory and be off, but Dumbledore asked him to stay. He did, feeling it an odd request, he wasn't the only one who seemed to think so since he saw the look his head of house gave the headmaster at the invitation. Dumbledore ignored it, happily sucking on a lemon drop. Snape excused himself with the memory to use the pensieve and here Harry was, awkwardly wondering why he was still here.

"Do you think it'll help, sir?" Harry tried to fill the silence between them, "With Professor Lupin?"

"I do, but it will take time," he reminded him, "You can't change the world overnight."

It's been more than a night, but Harry didn't say that. It had been more than a fortnight since he spent his Hogsmeade afternoon being interviewed for the Daily Prophet. He wasn't sure how it could take so long or why he had been tired when they had finished. All they had done was talk, but he still felt exhausted when it was over. He had been so relieved when the interviewer, Elinor Blythe, a kind witch, announced she had enough material. She hadn't missed his reaction, smiling at it, before commenting-" this was one of my shorter interviews."

The face Harry had made at that had made her laugh, but he still couldn't tell if she had been joking or not.

The interview proved to be a smashing success. Harry had to endure sitting in the great hall eating his breakfast with hundreds of pages of his face flashing across the swirling print of the Prophet. The looks of his classmates and the rest of the students followed as did the murmurs, he wasn't sure why, he didn't think it was very exciting. He thought a lot of the interview was bland, but he couldn't blame the papers for that. He wasn't going to talk about some of the more exciting parts of his life from the past few years. Not that the Prophet even had caught a sniff of those adventures.

They were interested in the attacks from last year especially since some of the victims had been his friends. He answered those with some difficulty since he didn't like to be reminded of when Daphne or Hermione had been petrified. He mentioned the memorial they had at the Lake which the interviewer loved. It seemed to be the first she had heard of it, and wanted all the details he could give.

He also answered their questions about Sirius. His godfather who went from the worst and most notorious supporter of 'You-Know-Who' to one of the biggest victims of the last Minister's regime. Harry didn't mind those since it helped Sirius. He made sure there could be no doubts of his godfather's innocence. He knew it was a challenge since he was fighting against ten plus years of the public's false perceptions of Sirius.

While Harry had been thinking, Dumbledore had been moving. He didn't seem to mind the silence filling it with his soft humming, but he had gotten up from his desk and was moving throughout his office. He moved around Snape like the potions professor was just another chair or a table.

"I thought you handled yourself with remarkable maturity, Harry," Dumbledore said, using his wand to organize some of the books on his shelf.

"Really?" Harry felt a lot of things doing the interview, but he wouldn't think mature was one of them. He was afraid he'd come across more like a Gilderoy Lockhart, some kid craving attention.

"Oh yes," Dumbledore said mildly while the books swirled around like a carousel in front of him. Getting just close enough for the headmaster to view their spine before being sent back to their new places. "Your answers were informative and modest."

"Well, I had help," Harry said, not thinking it was fair to get all the credit when Susan, Cyrus, Sirius, and others who had all helped him get ready for the interview.

Dumbledore chuckled. "On all of them?"

Judging by the twinkle in the headmaster's eyes, he already knew the answer, but Harry shrugged. On some of them he did have to do some quick thinking especially when the interviewer wanted more details or if one of his answers sparked a new line of questioning. If he felt comfortable, he'd answer them, but if not, he didn't.

"Your answer about Miss Greengrass was polite, but firm," Dumbledore had finished reorganizing that shelf of books. "I don't think many adult wizards let alone third year students would have such poise."

"I was just being honest," Harry hadn't decided on how he'd answer the dating question when the interview started and went with his gut when it eventually came up. He liked to think he hadn't botched it, when he confirmed he was dating Daphne, but he really didn't let the interviewer pursue it any further. Thankfully for him, the fallout of that revelation hadn't been too bad. She ended up getting a few letters, but the more dangerous or disturbed ones were removed before reaching her.

"And that, Harry, in of itself can be a remarkable trait," Dumbledore said.

Before they could continue on with their conversation Snape emerged from the pensieve. He was pale and shivering as if he had been splashed with cold water. He didn't look at any of them, his dark eyes reflective and distant, a brooding black shadow. Dumbledore appeared at his side with a glass of what Harry suspected was fire whiskey. The Potions professor took it with a tight nod and drank its contents in one greedy gulp. Dumbledore poured him a second glass without speaking before putting the bottle down and going back over to his desk.

Snape still looked pale and distant in the candlelight, looking anywhere but at him. "I," he began, but quieted as if to compose himself, "Thank you, Harry." He turned to face him, his black eyes glistened.

"You're welcome, sir," Harry smiled, but it seemed to do more harm than good since his head of house turned away. An awkward silence fell over the three of them for a minute or more, still not sure why he was here to begin with, he finally turned to Dumbledore. "Is it okay if I leave now sir?"

Dumbledore looked to Snape as if waiting for him to say something, but he stared resolutely down towards his empty glass. The Headmaster sighed, "Very well, Harry." He sounded disappointed by something, but Harry wasn't sure why or what.

He left the headmaster and his head of house without another look. What was that all about? He didn't get far in either his musings or his direction when he was interrupted.

"Can I get your autograph!"

Harry turned at the sound of the familiar voice to see the twins, Fred and George, both of whom were grinning. One was waving a piece of paper that Harry recognized as the Daily Prophet, not needing to see his picture or the headline to know what edition it was. The other was holding a blank piece of parchment paper.

"Could you make it out to your number one fan," The twin with the Prophet said, coming towards him.

"Sure," Harry played along, it had not been the first request made of him when the Prophet came out. "To Fred Weasley," he began before being interrupted.

"How did you know?" Fred sounded impressed.

"Because George is the good looking one," Harry grinned at the twin's reactions. George laughed, looking pleased while Fred rolled his eyes, but was unable to hide his amusement.

"How did you guys find me?"

"We have our ways," George answered, sharing a knowing look with his brother before adding, "Or should we say you do," he then presented him with the piece of blank parchment he had been holding.

Harry looked down at the offered blank piece of parchment, wondering if this was some sort of trick.

"This belongs to you, Harry," George insisted, "now that we know the truth about Professor Lupin and your godfather."

"The truth?" Harry didn't follow.

"That they're messrs Moony and Padfoot," Fred answered, "which means your dad was either Prongs or Wormtail." He made a face, "Hopefully, it's the former."

"It is," Harry confirmed, not hiding his surprise at them knowing those names.

"So does that mean we can call you Prongslet?" George grinned.

Harry didn't. "No," He declined dryly. He turned back to the parchment and realized what it actually was. "The map," He had heard countless stories about it from Remus and Sirius. "This is the actual Marauder's Map." As it all came together for him, he got his wand, remembering the words he heard them say which would activate it. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good."

The parchment suddenly bloomed with ink lines spreading across the once blank wrinkled paper, lines snaked while black dots were peppered throughout and within a few heartbeats it revealed itself as the magical map of Hogwarts. All the names of students and teachers could be seen. It didn't take him too long to spot their names and the corridor they were in, not too far from one of the staircases that could take them down to the first floor.

"Incredible," He breathed in, it was hard to believe his father and friends had made something this brilliant when they were still students. "They said they lost it." His eyes slowly shifted from the map to the twins. "How did you guys get it?"

"We nicked it from Filch's office our first year," Fred answered proudly.

"Brilliant," Harry thought his father, Moony, and Padfoot would approve. He noticed that the Room of Requirement wasn't on the map and looking closer he saw no indication of the Chamber of Secrets. He suspected they weren't there because they had never encountered them. Or in the room of requirement's case, they didn't know what it was if they encountered it since that room changed depending on what the seeker needed.

"You already seem to know how to use it," Fred observed.

Harry nodded, "Professor Lupin and Sirius told me stories about it," he answered, his imagination had conjured it dozens of times when he heard them, but the map still managed to impress him. It almost didn't seem real to actually be holding it.

"We don't need it anymore," George revealed, "And we agreed it should go to you since your dad made it." He tapped the piece of parchment with his hand, petting it like it was a beloved pet. He then moved his fingers pointing at various parts while he talked, "These secret passageways are blocked," he explained, and went on with a few more tips and ideas. I can't wait to show the others this. He was already thinking of how best to use the Map with his friends when Fred's voice brought him back to the present.

"Now there's a look of someone already thinking about how best to spread a little mischief," Fred was smiling, openly showing his support at Harry's imagined plans. "Just don't forget to visit the kitchens," He then pointed to where they could be found on the map, and explained how to access them.

"I tickle the pear?" Harry repeated, wanting to trust the twins, but unable to overlook how ridiculous it sounded.

"Tickle it," Fred nodded, "Don't harass it," he winked.

Harry chuckled, "I won't." His eyes flickered from the map to the twins, "Thank you." He said, touched by the gesture. Not for the first time was Harry thankful that he had crossed paths with them all the way back in his first year… "That's how you found me." He suddenly remembered that day when Draco had beaten him up and thrown him in a broom closet, how the twins had miraculously found him, and freed him. He remembered them with the map too, but that had been before he knew about the Marauder's Map and his father's hand in making it with his friends.

"Yep," Fred answered.

"No need to thank us," George went on, "Besides, we should be thanking them." He tapped to where the names of the Marauders were written. "They have truly enlightened us."

"Or corrupted us," Fred suggested.

George considered it. "Indeed," He gave a serious nod, "We've been led astray when we should've been following our esteemed brother, Humongous Bighead."

Harry snorted, "I'll make sure to pass that along to Moony and Padfoot."

"Will you be passing along to them that you now have the Map?" Fred asked with a raised eyebrow. "Or will you be keeping it a secret? Especially if Moony becomes Professor Lupin again."

Harry hadn't decided. However, which way he was leaning appeared plain on his face given Fred and George's reaction, who exchanged smiles.

"Watch out, Hogwarts," George announced, "Prongslet is on the loose."

"I could get used to this," Theo declared before taking a bite out of an eclair that he had just been given by a helpful house elf.

Harry agreed. He, Theo, and Neville were sitting off to the side of the bustling Hogwarts kitchens. House elves were working fervently, cooking and preparing the food for the students and teachers while others went about the cleaning. At their arrival, the house elves eagerly clamored over to their unannounced guests, offering them sweets and other tasty snacks that the friends were happy to accept.

Neville politely declined an elf who was trying to hand him a turkey leg. The Gryffindor's hands were already filled with food. "This is brilliant," he said in between bites of a pastry.

Harry was eating a treacle tart. The Marauder's Map was resting at his elbow, he glanced at it to see if they should be expecting any students or teachers, but at the kitchen entrance, there were no new dots. The map was constantly moving, blurring and tracing as it tracked everyone who was inside the castle. He found himself getting dizzy a time or two trying to follow all the movements, but it was easier this time, because he knew who he was looking for and where to look for them.

"Thanks," Harry accepted a proffered glass of pumpkin juice. The house elf beamed with pride at him for taking it, walking back to the others with a confident stride. House elves, he thought ruefully, he didn't think he'd ever understand them. His ordeal with an elf named Dobby last year had been the only troubling encounter he ever had with them.

Putting aside that memory, he spotted the dots of his friends-Daphne, Tracey, Hermione. Theirs were unmoving in the library, and he could picture them clearly in his head all sitting around the same table, working and studying. They weren't enjoying this first visit to the kitchens because they had Arithmancy homework and it sounded like a lot of it.

When Harry had shown them the Map, they had been just as impressed and excited about it as he had been. It was clear that their next few years at Hogwarts were going to be very interesting now that they had the Map to help them.

"Maybe we should use it, Harry," Daphne had slyly suggested, in a tone just above a whisper so the others couldn't hear.

"Oh?" Harry had replied, feeling that excited shiver go up his back at her suggestion. "And how should we use it?"

"To be alone," she promised. "And uninterrupted."


"Yeah," The memory slipped away, he saw Theo and Nev were both staring at him. "Sorry, what did ya say?" He hoped he hadn't been too obvious.

"I said, we should try to bring some food with us," Theodore answered, Neville was nodding along,

"It's sure to cheer them up," The Gryffindor added.

Harry had thought something, similarly, knowing it would be wise to bring something back to his girlfriend who would probably not be in the best of moods with all the Arithmancy homework. They used one of their mirrors to contact them. Daphne's pretty face swam into view, spreading across the glass surface. "Yes?" She said softly, before looking away to no doubt answer the others' unasked question. "It's Harry."

"What is it?" She asked, when she returned her attention to him. "You're lucky Madam Pince isn't near us."

Harry grinned, glancing at the Marauder's Map, his eyes on the dot labeled Madam Pince, who was clear across the library from them. "Luck has nothing to do with it."

"Very impressive," She didn't sound impressed, only tired. "Is that why you-" Her question trailed off, her eyes looking over his shoulder as if just seeing where he was. "Are you in the kitchens?"

"I am," Harry answered, "And we're here to make your day."

What followed was a flurry of requests and orders of what the girls would like brought to them. It turned out to be a lot, Harry thought he'd have to fetch a quill and parchment from his bag, but thankfully the elves heard it all and happily went about fulfilling their request. Harry thought it quite impressive since his friends were often talking over each other to make sure they were being heard and that what they wanted wouldn't be forgotten. Theo and Neville went about collecting the food, "Where should we meet?" He asked when they were finished.

"Entrance hall," Daphne answered after a hushed conversation with Hermione and Tracey. "We could use a break."

He nodded, "See ya soon."

"Thanks, Harry," She smiled.

He returned it, that whooping sensation still present when she gave him one of those smiles, and her reflection slipped away. "Come on," Harry led his two friends to the exit to the kitchens, the Marauder's Map in hand.

The house elves were sad to see them go, but their moods shifted in an instant when Harry promised they'd come back and with more. That perked them up, a ripple of excitement passing through them, Theo was the last out, closing the door behind them. Concealing the entrance to the kitchens as the three friends were now alone in the corridor.

"How's it looking, Harry?" Theo asked

He looked up from the map, smiling. "It looks great." He told them, "Let's go."


He spotted his godfather on the platform, looking healthy and handsome in a dark muggle suit. They were all there waiting for them, he saw Cyrus and Roxanne, Astoria too, standing between them. This would be her last year waiting for them. She was to start Hogwarts in the fall. The Grangers were talking amiably with Tracey's mum. All of them were dressed in their muggle best since they were going into London for dinner. Neville's grandmother had declined, so he would be returning after the dinner.

Sirius got to him first, embracing him. "Good term?"

"Yeah," Harry replied, deciding not to mention that he had the Marauder's Map quite yet to his godfather. He didn't expect Sirius to disapprove, he thought quite the opposite, but he would likely tell Moony about it, and Harry wasn't sure how he'd react especially if he returned as a professor. So he chose to be quiet on the matter for now. "Where's Moony?" He asked, noticing his absence.

"Over there," Sirius had grabbed Harry's trunk for him, using his free hand to point over his shoulder. "Moony's quite popular.'

Harry's eyes followed the direction of where Sirius was pointing to see a small crowd had gathered around Moony, of grateful students wanting to thank him for being their favorite and best professor they've had for defense against the dark arts. Parents were there too, and though some were not as comfortable as their children, they nearly all looked appreciative at the job he had done for their kids. "Brilliant!" Harry grinned, watching it all unfold.

"It might take a year or so, but he'll be back at Hogwarts," Sirius said confidently, patting Harry on the back, "And it was all because of you."

He turned away from Moony, who looked a bit taken aback by his adoring crowd and all the attention he was receiving. "I had help."

"That modesty of yours doesn't come from your parents," Sirius joked, but his expression sobered when his attention shifted to the Hogwarts Express, looking wistful.

"I met your father on the train in my first year." He said, "Your mother too but she wasn't our biggest fan back then."

"A mystery for the ages," Remus was behind them, catching up to them unnoticed while they were looking at the train. Remus was wearing a muggle suit too, but his wasn't as impressive as Sirius'. He then turned to Harry to embrace him, "Harry," he began, his voice sounding a bit hoarse, "You really are James and Lily's son," he said, after a beat of silence, trying to compose himself. "With their loyalty and compassion to their friends," His eyes shone, "Thank you, Harry."

"You deserve it, Moony," Harry insisted, "sorry for not telling you but," he stopped when Remus held up his hand.

"I'm glad you didn't," Remus assured him, "Despite my best efforts to slide back into old habits you stopped me," He let out a dry chuckle, "And I appreciate that."

Harry smiled, pleased and relieved that Moony wasn't upset that he went against his request. Their reunion didn't last as Hermione had moved to intercept Moony, her parents with her, they both looked pleased to speak about their daughter's classes with one of her actual professors.

"Are you ready for a good summer holiday?" Sirius asked.

"I am." It was hard to believe that just nine months ago his godfather was the most wanted fugitive in magical Britain. And here he is now helping me with my trunk.

"There's just one more thing we need," Sirius was scanning the platform, "Theodore." He called him over. Their friend had been on the platform waiting for his father, hovering awkwardly slightly away from their group, and their reunions. He had exchanged a greeting with the Grangers before excusing himself, no doubt to protect them from when his father arrived. He was now off to the side, trying and failing not to look disappointed that he wouldn't be accompanying them all to London.

Sirius didn't wait for Theodore to reach them before telling him the news. "You're coming with us."

"Really?" He stopped at once, surprised, but happy, excited, but cautious.

He wasn't the only one. Harry and the others had tried and failed to get Theo to come with them, but his father wouldn't budge. It was Theo, who eventually asked them to stop. He told them it was fine and not to worry about him, not wanting his father to ruin their summer holiday plans.

"Yeah," Sirius answered in a reassuring tone, "Cyrus and I had a chat with your father," his eyes didn't have the same cheeriness they had a moment ago. "And he agreed it would be prudent of you to not just come with us to dinner, but spend part of your holiday with us," he paused, "If that that's what you wanted."

"It is," Theo said eagerly, the tinge of disbelief still present in his voice.

The two friends traded smiles at this unexpected turn of events. Harry could only wonder what his godfather had done or said to convince Mr. Nott to relent. But what he did know was that this was going to be his best summer yet.


So Harry finally got to show Snape that memory of his parents. I actually wrote two versions of this scene, the one we have in the chapter, and one where Snape reveals it was him who told Voldemort about the prophecy that led to Harry's parents death. I went back and forth on which to use, before deciding on the one we got. In the end, I just didn't think Snape would tell Harry even in that emotional moment, it was a secret he intended to take to his grave for whatever reason you want to think of (self-loathing, stubborn, etc).

It does make the scene seem flat with Harry just leaving afterwards, but hopefully the scene with the twins makes up for it. Sorry, if it isn't the way you wanted it to unfold, but hopefully you can understand my reasoning for choosing what I did.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support you've shown me and this story over the years. It's just really amazing and humbling to know there are people out there who not only read my stories, but like and are entertained by them. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a writer and that I just do this as a fun hobby.

Onto the epilogue which should be up by now,