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Darkness. That was all he saw nowadays. No light, not even a glimmer.

He was chained down to the floor, unable to move. His chakra was sealed with chakra suppression seals all over his body. He was unable to use any of either his or his tenant's chakra. His body was half red with his dried blood leftover from the numerous torture sessions before they sealed him away. He felt the numerous tubes pumping nutrients into his body so he wouldn't starve to death.

This is the living condition (if you could even call it that at this point of time) of a former shinobi known as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...

Naruto sat there in silence as he had for months. The only things that helped him were the memories of his past adventures. The mission to Wave Country, the Chunin exams, Snow Country, even trying to retrieve Sasuke before he could make it to Rice country. But now those were just distant memories. No help was coming, and he knew he was going to die. His only question was how and when?

"So kit, still trying to find the silver lining to this whole crappy situation? Said a voice.

"I just question where things went so wrong. At what point of my life did it just blow up in my face. Why did they all betray me without hesitation? Why Kyuubi?"

"Kit, I don't have the answers to these questions" said the now named Kyuubi.

For you see, within Naruto's body was sealed the most powerful of the Biju, legendary demons made of chakra. He had been sealed within Naruto by his father when was just baby, but the process killed him due to summoning the Shinigami. When you summon the deity, the price was your very soul. Naruto only learned about this when he was 13, and since that day has maintained a rocky relationship with the demon. They talked within his mind from time to time, but Naruto wanted to rely on his own power to live, not the demon's.

"I can take all the betrayal of my so called friends, but why did she do it is my question."

"Kit I think it's time to throw in the towel. No one is going to help you. They would if they could, but I highly doubt they even know where we are. I believe it is time to summon him."

Naruto was livid that his life had come to this point. Where at one point of time, he was living an ok life of hardship and false friendship. Just to have it all taken away in an instant. Life was cruel sometimes to even the most innocent of people.

"Are you sure, cause you won't survive the process if I do summon him"

"I'm sure Kit. Better to die now than to keep the cycle going on and on. But I just want you to know, I'm happy to have known you."

"And I you Fuzzball."

With that being said, Kyuubi channeled his chakra and slammed his massive paw down, summoning a seal onto the ground. Within seconds, the air got colder, the light somehow got darker, and a massive power was rumbling the area within Naruto's mindscape. Out of the seal popped the god of death, the Shinigami...

-I suck at describing godlike entities, so just look up a picture of him, find the scariest looking one and just go with that-

"Who has summoned me here, and for what purpose have you done so?" Said the Deity.

"I summoned you here your greatness." Replied Kyuubi.

"And why did you do it?"

"My vessel and I have called you here to ask of you to simply kill us." Said the Kyuubi without fear, for he had made peace with what was about to happen.

The Shinigami looked at them both with a curious eye. Never in the thousands of years of him being the god of death, has anyone called him to commit suicide. The Shinigami looked back at Naruto and stared at him, to see if the boy was of sound mind.

"And why do you wish for death boy?"

"My entire life up to this point has been nothing more than a life, told to me to keep me loyal to a village that couldn't give 2 shits whether or not I live. I have been stripped down to this form you see before you. I have nothing more to live for. No hopes or dreams. I just want to die on my terms, no theirs. So please, just kill me already!" Shouted Naruto. He wanted the pain to end, and the sweet release of death was so close at hand.

"If that is your wish then so be it."

The Shinigami held out his hand and when he did, a scytheformed out of the shadows. He raised the weapon to end the boy's life. As he did, Naruto smiled for the first time in a long time. A single tear rolled down his face, not of sorrow, but of joy. Joy of finally being free from all the problems. No more hate, no more beatings, no more lies...

They say when you are about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. It was true for Naruto. His mind played the events that lead him to this state. And it all started with the thought..

And no more of that lying backstabbing whore... Hinata Hyuga!

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