(A/N: For all of those that are surprised that I killed off Boruto not long after him being rescued by his father, let me set the record straight on this matter. In some of the best stories ever told, the hero of said story doesn't always rescue those in distress. As I have said before in one of my earlier chapters, my favorite stories come from The Grimm's Fairy Tales. For those who are familiar with those stories know that a third of those stories do not end well for the main character. Look at Gears of War 2, where Dom was trying to save his wife, and yet he was far too late and he had to kill her so that she didn't suffer any longer. Life is cruel to all those who still live and even the heroes of the world suffer losses. Like Spiderman did when Gwen Stacy died and ended the Silver Age of Comic books. Now that I have said what I wanted to say, let the story continue. But before I begin, just giving a heads up, that once I described the woman that will be in the lemon of this chapter, he went way overboard with the detail. So it will be a long one. He spent 4 days writing it, which is pretty impressive, so hopefully you like it.)

Sol walked slowly through the streets of Kumo as the tears refused to stop flowing through his eyes. In his arms, he carried the body of his son Boruto bridal style as he made his way to the graveyard so that he could bury him in the best spot he could possibly find. The people of Kumo saw that their hero was saddened by something and gave way so that he could make it to wherever he was heading without interference. All those who saw him saw that he held his son's body in his arms and felt his pain.

Sol made it to the center of the village square, but then he couldn't walk anymore and fell to his knees in sadness. He just couldn't understand it. What was the point of having all of this power if he couldn't save the one he had set out to save in the first place. In a moment of extreme anger mixed with supreme sadness, he screamed out towards the heavens in pain, yet while he was feeling the pain of losing his son, the people of Konoha were suffering just as much as all of the children of their village had passed on to the next life. It had all started with the home of their famous Yondaime Hokage exploding and coming out of the explosion was a light pink mist that caught the general populace by surprise. No one knew what it was, and it seeped its way into every home, into every room within. When nothing happened as it passed over all the people of people were confused at what had happened and thought nothing of it. The village was then forced to suffer for there mistake in thinking that the mist had no effect when the next morning, all the children of the village had died. And as they cried in grief, Karin was hiding in wait for her target to come out of the clan compound so she could be captured.

Karin had planned to capture her earlier as she was in her home, but with the children dying out, she had to change her plan and wait until the Hyuga clan's guard was down. So she found an alley to hole up in and used a seal to hide her body and power so no one would find her. She then used her power to release her spirit and to see what they would do. There was a massive service headed by Danzo himself, who Karin knew didn't truly give two shits about the children really, he was only upset do to the next generation of his soldiers had just been completely obliterated and that now he had no one to replace his rapidly decreasing numbers.

Karin ignored this service for the most point and floated around the village until she found her target. She found Hinata on the outskirts of the village burying her daughter in a private location far away from the rest of the dead. Karin couldn't help but think that this woman was even more of an arrogant bitch then she thought possible. She didn't even want her daughter to be buried alongside the rest of the so called 'lower' class citizens. She was at the grave alone and was on her knees while crying over the grave of her daughter.

"Why did this happen," she cried out as the tears fell from her face and fell upon the Earth, "who is responsible for this travesty? I swear to you Himawari, I will find who did this to you and make them pay. No one hurts my children and gets away with it!"

"Well isn't that very hypocritical of you," said Karin as she teleported behind Hinata and quickly threw out a few temporary seals so that no one would bother them as they chatted with one another.

"Who the hell are you," said Hinata through clenched teeth with utter anger, "and who are you to call me a hypocrite."

"My name is unimportant at this moment of time," said Karin as she prepared to subdue her target and teleport out as soon as possible, "but what I mean by you being hypocritical is that you just said that no one hurts your children and gets away with it. Yet what about you? You have been hurting your own child for years and haven't punished yourself for hurting your own son."

"How do you know about that brat," said Hinata as her eyes widened in utter shock that someone had found out about her son's existence that shouldn't know about it.

"An Uzumaki knows when a member of their family is in trouble," said Karin with a blank look on her face and yet she was frothing with rage on the inside that this woman in front of her was the one responsible for so much of her family's pain.

"An Uzumaki," said Hinata in utter disgust, "how many of you left are there? You are like cockroaches, since you just won't die when squashed by the foot of your superiors."

"And who is superior to the might of the Uzumaki clan? The Hyuga? Cause let's face it, your clan is truly pathetic down to its very core since its founding. For those who claim that they can see everything with their so called 'all seeing eyes', you are really bad at seeing that your clan has to expand."

"Our clan is the more superior one out of all that have ever existed."

"And yet your clan had to use a seal that they twisted from the original design that mine made so that they could enslave their own people. What does that tell you?"

"That your clan were fools to willingly hand over a seal that could be used in such a way that we have been using it for generations," said Hinata with a smug grin on her face.

"I hate to say it," said Karin as she shrugged her shoulders, "but you got me there. My ancestors were to trusting of people for their own good."

"And you also forgot one simple thing," said Hinata with an evil smile on her face.

"And that would be what exactly?"

"Now that I know that someone knows about the brat, and has probably told that idiot Naruto," she said as she used her hands to make a jutsu hand signal, "now I can end his life without repercussions. You lose Uzumaki skank!"

But instead of becoming angry at the loss of a member of the Uzumaki clan like she had thought Karen would be, Karen just laughed as she said that.

"Did you really think that we would save him without removing the Cage Bird Seal you put on him," asked Karen as she laughed even harder, "that was the first thing removed before we left with him."

"Impossible," shouted Hinata in utter rage, "the seal is permanent. Once applied it is there forever even in death."

"You Hyugas truly do underestimate our power when it comes to seals don't you. But enough chit chat. I have a mission to complete and your voice is really starting to annoy me to no end."

Karen then ran forward faster then Hinata could react to and placed a prisoner transport seal on her, teleporting her to Kumo. Once done, Karin made sure to grab the other item that Sol sent her to acquire, which Karin had complained about when asked to retrieve it. But Sol told her that it would be essential for what he had in mind for Hinata once he got his hands on her. Once her business here was done, she teleported out after she used a one handed sign to destroy the barrier seals she had placed...


Sol was still crestfallen at the loss of his son, and the tears would still not stop flowing from him as he laid on his knees in sadness. His lovers had arrived to try to comfort him, and yet they felt a great amount of resistance of some sort every time they attempted to get close to comfort him so that he could calm down. The force he was excreting was one of pure sadness and made it impossible to get near him by any means.

"Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki," said a voice in the crowd, "the son of our mortal enemy Minato Namikaze. You will pay for what your father did to my village, and I will avenge their deaths as the last Iwa shinobi alive!"

And out of the crowd ran a furious Kurotsuchi, who had come to finally kill off the final member of the Namikaze bloodline.

"I have lost my son to those who attempted to break his will for their own sick personal gain," said Sol but as he said it his anger grew and with every word spoke, it only became more visible and powerful, "the woman I thought who loved me broke my heart into pieces that took forever to heal. I learned the truth behind the genocide of the Uzumaki clan and learned that it was orcrastrated by the very people who I had at one point thought of as friends. And I learned that the so called great Minato raped my mother repeatedly to force her to conceive me so that they would have a future weapon as well as a key to a source of power that was never theirs to have. And now you come to me and threaten me on the grounds of being that monster's son alone?"

As the power pulsed from Sol's enraged body, Kurotsuchi quickly realized that she fucked up big time. But before she was able to leave or even begin to retreat, Sol used his chakra chains to grab ahold of both arms and feet and dragged her body over to him, where he stood over her with pure rage in his eyes.

"Give me one good reason that I shouldn't send you on a one way trip to the afterlife on the end of my foot to your skull? ANSWER ME!"

And yet she couldn't, for in her utter fear to the monster in front of her, she lost all control of her body and pissed herself in terror. But before he could deliver the curb stomp that would end her life, he was grabbed by a set of arms in a loving embrace. He was being hugged by his mother, who had tears forming in her eyes from seeing her own son in so much pain.

"Sol," she said to him, "you need to let her go."

"But if I do," growled out Sol, "she will only hunt me down in the future and try to hurt someone else I love. I already lost my son, and I won't lose another person I care for. Not from her, nor from anybody!"

"But you are not your father. This isn't you, look at the young woman. She is utterly terrified by you. Be the better man Sol. Let her go. Don't become the monster that they always wanted you to be."

As she said this to him, his anger lessened, and the tears once more flowed from his eyes. The chakra chains holding Kurotsuchi vanish, and she took this opportunity and fled for her life as well as to change her pants.

"I would give anything to have my son back," said Sol.

"I know you would," said Kushina, "but there is nothing more you could do. He is gone now, and no one controls death other than the Shinigami himself."

As Kushina said that to him, a lightbulb in his brain lit up brightly. She was right to say that only the Shinigami was able to control life and death. So he quickly used sealing ink to form a seal to summon forth the deity himself to bargain with him. Once the seal was complete, it lit up in a blaze of green flames and low and behold, the Shinigami stood before them all in his deathly glory.

"Why have you summoned me here," asked the Shinigami with a look of boredom on his face.

"I have summoned you here to barter for the return of my son Boruto's soul," said Sol as he stood before the god of death without an ounce of fear not unlike before when he had called him to end his life on his own terms.

"And what is it that you wish to barter with?"

"My soul," said Sol to the utter shock and horror of those surrounding him.

"Sol," said his lovers in unison, "you can't be serious."

"But I am," said Sol with a sigh, "I have lived for more then two hundred years and had many adventures as I lived my life to the fullest. My son hasn't even lived once in the nine years he has been alive. I have lived more than any man has in one lifetime, and if with the sacrifice of my soul will allow him to live his life to the fullest then I am ok with it."

"But son," said Kushina, "what about your revenge for the Uzumaki clan?"

"The enemy is weakened too much to make any sort of recovery. Their youngest generation has been eliminated so that they couldn't replenish their numbers. Their air superiority has been completely wiped out and made into scrap. And there mechanical army now lays in ruin. What is left can easily be destroyed by you and the rest of the Gears I made mother. So my revenge would still be achievable even if I wasn't here."

"While your intentions are noble and pure," said the Shinigami, "I am afraid that I can not take your soul in exchange for his."

"And why the hell not," shouted Sol in anger at the refusal of his son's soul, "I am willingly giving it to you. I won't fight it, so just take it already!"

"But you are the child of prophesy. And even I can not alter a prophesy once it is set in motion, for those are the rules of the celestial beings. And we must follow the rules."

Sol was furious! Here he was ready to save his son with his own life as a bargaining chip, and yet the deity before him was even going to take it!

"Then you will just have to make an exception," said Sol as he unsealed his blade and pointed it at the Shinigami, "for if you don't give me his soul so he may live once more, I will beat it out of you personally!"

"You dare to threaten the god of death itself," said the Shinigami in pure shock that someone actully had the balls to challenge him, "are you, and I'm serious as I say this, INSANE!?"

"Family means everything to me," said Sol as he began to charge his power through his weapon, "and if need be, I will face death itself for the sake of my son."

"Then so be it," said the Shinigami as he held out his hand and summoned forth his scythe, "You will be beaten until you come to you senses and drop the matter entirely."

Before Sol was even able to counter it, the Shinigami snapped his fingers and summoned a portal behind him. I surprised him long enough for the Shinigami to fly forward and kick him through it before stepping through it himself...

(The Void)

Sol was launched out of the portal at breakneck speeds into the realm he and his comrades had been in before they had been sent back to his world and hit the floor hard. His body bounced off of it multiple times as it slowed down with each bounce. Sol then used his blade to regain balance by thrusting it into the ground to stop himself. Once he stopped moving, he immediately stood back up and prepared himself for another attack. Granted he wasn't fully prepared for the first one, but in his defense he had no idea that the Shinigami was that fast. Sol knew to beat the god of death itself would take far more than brute strength alone to win.

The Shinigami appeared before him once more in a flash of green flames and stood there looking at him with a blank look on his face.

"This is your last chance Sol," said the Shinigami who didn't want to fight against the child of prophesy. While he did love a good fight now and then, this was different in a way that only infuriated him greatly. When someone challenged him to fight, once they lost he would take their soul for payment of their insolence. But with Sol, he wasn't able to take his soul because of the laws that stated that celestial beings cannot mess with prophesies of any nature, that only humans can attempt to. They would fail to prevent it of course, but they could still try. "Let your desire to reclaim your son's soul go. He is gone, and at peace with himself. Let his soul rest and begin to heal from all the pain that has be brought down upon him."

"I know that it may seem selfish to you," said Sol as he powered up and prepared for the fight that was about to take place, "but an Uzumaki cares for family above all else. I was never allowed to raise my son due to the greedy power hungry nature of those who would use my clan for their own sick purposes. I will raise my son from the dead and be the father that he has always needed, and if you stand in my way I will crush you with everything I have."

"Your clan was always one to challenge that what shouldn't be challenged in the first place. And surprisingly they have lived for longer than expected with that type of mindset. But my decision is final and I will not return his soul to you."

"Then you leave me no choice," said Sol as he rushed forward with a downward slash, which was blocked by the Shinigami's scythe, "then beating it out of you it is."

"You can try, but not even an Uzumaki can defeat death itself."

"That may be true," said Sol as he tried to push past the Shinigami's guard but was finding it very difficult to do, "but that won't stop me from trying and you know it."

Sol was then launched Sol backwards with a quick punch to the face and then charged Sol with him weapon raised to strike him down. And yet Sol easily dodged the attack and slashed with his own, but to his shock his blade just passed through like cutting through smoke. And yet there was no damage done to the deity, who only smirked as he saw Sol's shocked face.

"Now you see why your efforts are in vain," said the Shinigami, "Your attacks will never harm me. And you are a fool to attempt to defeat death."

'Damn it he is right,' thought Sol, who was trying to quickly think of something that could help him. It was at this point that he remembered that he could always use more of his power by lowering the limiter in his body. When he had fought one of the Valentine sisters in the other world, she had knocked his limiter off and when he punched her afterwards with more then his usual ten percent. The end result was punching through time and space forever opening a rift that will never heal no matter how much time has passed. But to use this power, he would need to talk to Kurama and have him give him more power.

Now while Kyuubi might be sealed up in his body and being used as a form of limiter for Sol since the technology to build a new one didn't exist in this world, he was not unhappy or even bored for that matter. While Kurama was syphoning all the access power to keep Sol from exploding his power outwards and causing untold amounts of damage, he was able to use it to live in a false reality of his own design. To him it was a paradise unlike any that he could have while living in the real world. So while Sol was waging war with his friends and allies, Kurama was living the good life of his own making.

'Kurama,' said Sol in his own mind so that he would be able to hear him, 'I need more power now!'

'How much power do you need Sol,' asked Kurama in genuine concern.

'All of it,' said Sol with full conviction.

'Sol,' said Kurama in complete shock about hearing him say that sentence, 'you can't be serious. That much power would rip the fabric of time and space all around you. Countless people will be killed if you do this!'

'We aren't in the world of the living right now Kurama,' said Sol, 'the Shinigami sent us into another plain of existence for our fight.'

'Okay, now I know you have gone insane if you are actually fighting the Shinigami himself.'

'And now you know why I need all the power I can use to fight him!'

'If you survive this, this will be a great story to tell future generations.'

'Noted, now give me all of my power. Every last ounce of it!'

Sol then felt his power surge through his body, and it was one of most excruciating feelings he had ever felt in all of his years. It felt like his very soul was on fire and burning in liquid plasma from the sun itself. The ground surrounding his body began to crack from his power output and then began to form large canyons below him. His power kept him afloat in the air as the Shinigami looked around at the destruction in shock.

"What are you doing," he shouted at Sol, "you must stop this! Look at the destruction you are causing to this realm. If you don't stop this at once, all will be lost forever!"

Sol then channeled all of his energy into his fist, with great concentration and saw as it blackened with power unlike anything he had ever felt before. His hand grew in size and became a jet black clawed hand with red highlights.

"I will never stop until my son is alive and safe again!" He said as he charged forward and thrust his clawed hand out in a punch. The Shinigami tried to block the punch with his scythe, but it was punched through, shattering it into pieces and hit him square in the chest. The force of the punch knocked the preverbal wind out of him and launched him backwards fast enough that he broke the barrier of reality itself leaving a slowly closing crack in reality and was launched back into the realm of the living in the streets of Kumo, right back to where this whole conflict started. Sol jumped through the crack he made before it closed behind him, still in full on pissed off mode.

"Give me back my son now," said Sol in pure anger, "or the beatings will continue until you grant me what I desire."

"You truly care about your son don't you," said the Shinigami as he took deep breaths to replenish the wind he had just had knocked out of him.

"I just fought death itself to bring him back," said Sol with a serious look on his face as he said it, "what do you think?"

"Fine then, you win," said the Shinigami as he stood up, "if you were willing to rip the Void into nothingness, then you would truly try to destroy me no questions asked. So here is your son's soul." He then held his hand out as a small blue flame that traveled from his hand and flew through the air into Boruto's body. Boruto then took a deep breath from him being resurrected, and as he took his first breath, his body was healed until it was well enough to live without the need for medical attention, but Sol would see to it that Boruto was given a checkup to make sure that everything was fine. Cause he might look alright on the outside, but looks could be decieving and he had to make sure that his internal structure was just as good. "But you must be punished for this insolence. From this day forward, you will be cursed with immortality in its purest form. I wash my hands of you so you will never age, nor will you die. For you may have saved your son now, but you will be forced to watch as all those you care for will wither into dusk to the ages while the death you so desperately will come to crave will be denied you. So I hope that your actions were worth it, for this curse will never be broken."

"As long as my son is alive and well," said Sol as he picked up his son so that he could put him to sleep in a bed to help begin the long road to recovery of the last nine years, "then I can and will live with this consequence.

"Then so shall it be," said the Shinigami as he disappeared in a flash of green fire once more while Sol walked to the hotel he stayed at to lay his son down for the night. Overwhelming joy flowed through him, for he had done what no one had ever even tried to attempt and survived to tell the tale. He couldn't wait to tell his son what he had done...

(A few hours later)

Sol closed the door to the room he set his son in to sleep. He walked towards his own room, for he had used up so much of his strength to punch the Shinigami and to make it worse, his body had just stopped being so sore after using so much power at once. He had never used so much power at once, and he had to admit that it felt amazing, well except for the part with the dimension shattering results. As he walked towards his own room, he started to feel very pent up sexually. What the hell was wrong with him, it seemed like his sexual libido was somehow connected with his bloodlust and when he used a massive amount of power, he always wanted to pounce on the first willing woman who would allow him to rock her to the very core. And luckily for him, this time the woman that he caught sight of in his crosshairs was none other than Ramlethal. He knew that she was close to opening up to the emotions within her, and now was the time to do just that.

"Hello Ram..." he began, looking thoughtful. The choice of words to help in this situation was certainly a challenge. At the mention of her name, Ramlethal looked up, blinking as though she was snapping out of some sort of trance. She looked confused for a moment, then realized what she had just been doing. Her face turned nearly crimson, and she looked almost like she would panic. But then another realization hit her, that Sol had come up to her, so the hard part of human interaction was over. Her eyes widened and she looked up at the man towering over her, confusion and surprise on her face.

"Hello?" She managed to squeak out softly, her voice barely a whisper, heart pounding in her chest with anticipation and fear and still not fully understanding what was happening with her body. Her legs gave out from the sheer amount of emotions coursing through her.

Sol smirked. "That's cute," He confirmed with a nod, stepping closer and offering her a strong hand to help her to her feet. The other girls that saw this through the crack in doorway to his room felt pangs of disappointment as they realized they were to be left behind for the night, but at least he was helping Ramlethal break out of her shell. Some were understanding, some envious, some completely surprised by their own reaction to the news. Ramlethal could only kneel there, staring blankly at the offered hand. She could hardly believe this was happening, she couldn't even reach out for it, for fear that it all would be revealed to be some kind of dream or hallucination, that he would pop like a soap bubble and she'd know that none of it was real. Or that she wouldn't fully understand what to do and he would become disgusted with her.

The silent moment wore on for a beat. And another. And another. Seeing her hesitance, Sol smiled and hooked his head. Swiftly, he dropped into a crouch, wrapping his massive arms around her stunned form and scooping her up in a bridal carry, an arm behind her shoulders and beneath her knees. Ramlethal's face stayed flushed at he effortlessly lifted her off the floor and returned to his feet, barely managing a wordless squeak as she looked up at him in awe. He smiled down to her. "No time to waste, milady, there's much fun to be had." He chuckled, and swiftly carried her off, mounting the stairs two-by-two and making his way to the another room far away from his son's room, so that his son would be able to sleep with all the noise that he was going to be making Ram cause.

He quickly hip-checked the door open and bore her inside, nudging the light switch with an elbow. It wasn't the fanciest room in the hotel, certainly, with simple furniture and bare walls, but it was clean and it would certainly satisfy for the moment. He swiftly crossed the room in a handful of long strides, and gently deposited the still-speechless woman on the edge of the bed before turning and shutting the door. Ramlethal was still stunned by how quickly everything was happening, thoughts drowned in a churning sea of shame, fear, anticipation, and desire, which was not helped by the view of Sol crossing the room again as he quickly undressed, his naked, muscular frame moving with confidence and strength, his thirteen inch cock swinging side to side with the movement of his hips, like some lewd divining rod leading him toward her.

Somewhat to her surprise, and perhaps a bit to her disappointment, Sol didn't simply push her down to the mattress and ravage her, instead, he carefully sat himself next to her on the edge of it. He made no move beyond that, a moment of silence filling the air before he spoke. "So... Ram. Before... before anything more happens. I want to be sure you're okay with... well, all this." He said, gesturing vaguely, his tone serious once again. "I know you aren't good when it come to expressing yourself, but I also know you're not... not a very forceful girl when it comes to things of a sexual nature. I want to be sure you're actually fine with this, and not just being dragged along by peer pressure. If you're not comfortable with anything, kissing, touching, oral, sex, wherever you want to draw the line... All you have to do is let me know, and I'll respect it. Nobody's gonna force you to do anything you're not comfortable with." He spelled out, trying to be as clear as possible. He gave a wry smirk and straitened up, resting a hand on his chest, looking as formal and snooty as one could while entirely naked and sporting a titanic erection. "I'm nothing if not a gentleman." He said, in a somewhat silly tone, trying to put her at ease a bit.

When he finished speaking, Ramlethal could only look up to him, her expression a mixture of awe and intense affection. She had to look away, gathering her thoughts. She swallowed, as though that would make the words come easier. "Th-thank you, Sol... I'm glad you're worried about me. B-but, I'm okay." She replied, looking up to him once again, giving a small, reassuring smile. "I-I'm just a little... nervous, I guess." She elaborated, her eyes downcast once again. "I keep... I keep thinking this has to be some... some sort of dream. Like... like I'm going to touch you and you'll just disappear and I'll wake up knowing... knowing none of this could actually happen to me... That an emotionless person like me will never break free from whatever holds me down." She tried to explain, her voice quivering as she spoke the last words. She looked up to him once again. "I... I wanted something like this for... for so long... W-well, not exactly like this... I mean, it was just us two in my... fantasy as my sister would put it..." She realized what she'd confessed to and her face flushed once again.

He gave a sly smile, leaning closer to her. "Oh really? this fantasy of yours, huh? Sounds like quite a crush." He commented, which only made her blush brighter, eyes once more averting to stare into the floor. She gave a barely-perceptible nod after a moment of silence. His grin grew wider. He wasn't quite sure why, but he was enjoying her reactions immensely. Her embarrassment made her cuter, and he couldn't help but be tempted to tease her more. That would be cruel, though. His smirk softened to a warm smile, and he reached out, putting one finger gently under her chin and steering it toward him. "Well, it would be a shame to disappoint such a beautiful woman after such a long wait." He whispered softly, and leaned forward.

Their lips net, gently at first, just a chaste kiss. Slowly, he intensified their contact, tilting his head and parting his lips slightly. His tongue soon probed forward, tasting her cherry-glossed lips, then parting them and invading her mouth. His strong arm wrapped around her body, hand coming to rest on her waist, and pulling her body against his powerful frame. The kiss swiftly grew more and more intense, his tongue coiling around hers, his strong and confident while hers was tender and shy. The kiss seemed to go on forever.

When their lips parted, both paused for a moment, panting to catch their breath, faces just inches apart. "So, how do I compare to your imagination?" He asked with a grin.

She shook her head again, the idea she had of him was somehow incredibly embarrassing, causing the flush of her cheeks to intensify.

He thought for a second, and a wicked joke occurred to him. "Well, you can call me Sol as many people do, or you can call me Master." He declared.

There was a moment of silence, her cheeks still burning as she looked down the ground. Then she opened her lips and out came possibly the two most arousing words she could have at that moment. "...Yes, master." Her voice was barely a whisper, but he heard it loud and clear, and the sound of it sent a thrill running down his spine, a rush of power. He may have been joking, but the sound of it was undeniably exciting. He should tell her he had been joking, but he no longer wanted to. This might become addictive.

He leaned in again, once more lifting her chin to look at him, and kissed her again, even more forceful this time, more dominant. He drove his tongue forward and filled her mouth with the muscle, savoring her taste, their lips pressed tightly together. The hand around her back held her tight, and was soon joined by it's twin, the large palm coming to rest on the bare skin of her smooth, toned stomach. He felt her core tense slightly at the unexpected contact, the tight muscles firming under his warm touch, the distinct impression of her abs on the heel of his hand. Slowly, he caressed her soft, unblemished skin, his fingertips easing up under the hem of her revealing attire, venturing further north with each movement. Her muscles slowly relaxed as she grew accustomed to the touch, her body melting into his grasp and her lips surrendering to his kiss.

Taking that as his cue, his hand made a bold venture up beneath the fabric, forefinger and thumb just barely grazing the tender slope of her perfectly perky breasts. They were just as they appeared, the surface buttery-soft and tender, but firm and springy beneath. Judging by the tiny whimper she released into the kiss, they seemed quite sensitive, too. His hand made a brief retreat back down to her smooth belly while their tongues continued to tangle lustily, letting her prepare for the next touch. Slowly his hand headed north again, fingers gently tracing along the base of those irresistible breasts. This time the hand lingered, and gave a gentle squeeze, and he drank in the soft moan she released, and felt her tender skin break into goosebumps. He smiled as she did this.

His hand continued to delicately explore that perfect swell of her perfectly shaped Gear tit-flesh, gently cupping the full orb in his strong hand. He felt their weight, their flawless curves, his fingers slowly closing in toward the sensitive peaks. Each new movement provoked a new whimper and the occasional wiggle from the once emotionless woman. Their lips parted quietly, her eyes remaining closed as she panted and whimpered under his tender touches. She made no move to stop him as he explored freely under the light fabric of her provocative robe like outfit. Finally, his questing digits closed on that pinnacle of pleasure, thumb and forefinger capturing her hardening nipple between them, gently tugging and rolling the little bead. Ramlethal was taken aback by the sudden intensity of the sensation. Her eyes snapped open, and she gasped, barely able to believe how powerful it was, it was so completely different from when she touched herself for the first time since she started to explore on her emotions more.

Sol grinned as his hand remained on that swiftly-blossoming bud. He gave it a gentle squeeze, watching her face as she let out a soft moan, blushing intensely. He was having too much fun teasing her. "Do you like that?" He asked, punctuating the question with a tiny tweak.

"Y-yes!" She yelped almost instantly.

He tweaked again, more sharply this time, still grinning. "Yes who?"

"Yes, M-Master!" She responded, biting her lip to hold back another moan. She wasn't quite sure why she had responded so quickly, or even how she had known what to say. This was all strange to her.

"Good girl." He praised her. He couldn't seem to stop himself from teasing her, or enjoying it quite so much. Something about her begged for this sort of treatment, and the rush of authority resonated with him. The fact that she had nearly defeated him in a fight in the other world only made the action of making her submit all the more satisfying.

He shifted his hand, pulling away from her nipple suddenly. She looked to him, somewhat confused and perhaps a bit... disappointed if she was guessing the right word? But his reasoning was soon revealed as he began to lift the light material of her robe with his wrist. His mouth practically watered at the perfectly perky peaks came into view. Her soft, ebony skin looked almost golden in the light, the flawless, cantaloupe-sized mounds capped by small, dark chocolate colored areolae, the hard nipples jutting proudly from those gravity-defying swells. The hypnotic breasts rose and fell softly with her quickening breath. Her hands came up to cover her burning blush, her forearms attempting to hide her nipples, but only serving to flatten the orbs, making them look even larger as they bulged around her slender limbs. He couldn't help but grin at the reaction, and released her robe, the fabric pooling on the shelf of her impeccable tits.

He moved off the bed to stand in front of her. He lifted his hands up, wedging them between her forearms and slowly prying them apart to reveal her face, hands going forward to cradle her jaw gently. He smiled as he looked into her eyes. "Don't be embarrassed. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You're beautiful." He told her, sounding sincere. He gently pulled her face forward and leaned in, planting another kiss. As their lips locked, he pushed forward slightly, easing her back onto the bed, coming with her to hover over her petite frame, his powerful body looming above her.

When their lips parted this time, he gave her another reassuring smile and a tender peck on the lips. Then another peck, on her chin. His breath was hot on her neck as he kissed along her jawline, into the cradle of her neck. His tender touch tickled a bit, provoking a wiggle from the tiny teen. He kept moving down neck, tracing along the collarbone. He pulled the robe up, carrying through the motion to help her pull the garment off entirely. She was entirely topless now or at least now she was since Sol made sure to take off her hat as well, but she was barely embarrassed, too focused on the trail of kisses that now moved to her chest, the valley between her mammoth mounds. He placed a spiraling track of kisses on the slopes of her tender tit, ascending the mountain of flesh to pause just barely shy of the tender peak. He moved away, leaving only a waft of hot breath on the aching nipple as he moved to the other peak, repeating the spiraling track. His lips followed through this time, after only a moment of delay, first planting a tender kiss, then a teasing flick of the tongue, then pulling it between his lips and giving it a soft suck. Ramlethal was now whimpering and moaning almost constantly, her tight little frame squirming uncontrollably under the assault.

He only reluctantly pulled away from his treat after a few long moments, giving the bud a parting flick with his tongue as he moved. She panted quietly, her smooth stomach and perfect peaches rhythmically rising and falling as she struggled to recapture her breath. He wasn't going to let her though, and he swiftly descended on the other tit, taking a moment to tease the hard nipple with the tip of his tongue, swirling it around that sensitive bead.

He paused in his ministrations for a moment, looking up to her face. "Ever had anyone do anything like this to you before?" He prompted, eager to see the innocent girl's reactions.

She silently shook her head, eyes on his.

His teeth grazed her nipple sharply, drawing a sharp moan from her. "Speak up. And say it clearly." He chided.

"N-no, Master. Nobody. Nobody's ever... touched me, like this... no boys have even seen my... my boobies" She clarified. She was confused once again. Why had she told him all that? She hadn't even thought, she'd just... obeyed. What was wrong with her, she never just submitted to anyone before, was this what love was like?

Sol smirked as he heard her say that. His hand came up, gently cupping and massaging the breast he'd tasted first. He felt an odd compulsion to keep pushing. "Boobies?" He asked, shaking his head. "No, these beautiful breasts are way too big and sexy to be boobies." He informed her, dragging his tongue over her hard areola while kneaded her opposite mound. "These are tits. Hot. Naughty. Sexy. Tits." He punctuated each word with a flick of his tongue over her sensitive nipple. "Understand?"

She nodded silently, which drew a sharp pinch from Sol, and swiftly corrected herself. "Y-yes Master." She squeaked.

He pulled his hand and lips away for a moment. "What are they?"

"T-tits, Master." she replied.

"And what would you like me to do with these sexy tits?" he asked, blowing across an achingly hard nipple.

Ramlethal whimpered, before squeaking out "...T-touch them, Master..."

He playfully cupped his ear, miming deafness. "What was that?"

She bit her lip, and repeated, louder. "T-touch them, Master!"

He smirked. "Well, that's not how you ask for something. Ask nicely."

Ramlethal's nipples burned with desire. "P-please, Master, touch my naughty tits! Please!" She begged, desperation in her voice.

"Good girl." He whispered as he lowered his head, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking hard. His free hand kneaded her other tit firmly, almost hard enough to hurt. Ramlethal's back arched involuntarily, pushing her perfect mounds up into his mouth, begging for more. He was not one to disappoint. He pulled back his lips, sucking her mound hard enough to pull it out, almost cone-shaped, before it popped from his lips. At it sprang back he pounced on it once again, capturing it gently between his teeth and lashing it this way and that with the tip of his tongue. Her eyes went wide. The sudden intensity of the attack was incredible, but something was.. strange.

She felt pressure building inside her, almost like... But no, that couldn't happen. Something had to be wrong. She tried to find the words to ask him to slow down, but her voice was stolen by the waves rolling out from her nipples. She lifted her hand, pushing at his granite shoulders, but she was too weak and he was immovable. And then it was too late to stop it. It felt like an explosion that rolled through her breasts and out to fill her entire body, an electric shock that made her every muscle dance. Her body writhed and her mouth opened, eyes wide as a high-pitched squeal, loud enough to be heard all through the hotel, forced itself out her throat. It was... pleasure, but pleasure so intense it almost hurt, burning through her nerves as she trembled in it's grip. She shook and shivered even as Sol pulled away from her nipples, looking down on her writhing form. But before he continued, he threw an extra strength sound barrier towards the wall and cursed at himself for forgetting to put one up in the first place.

As the most intense part ebbed away, she was left panting on the bed, her breasts visibly throbbing as they bobbed with her breathing, nipples so achingly sensitive that the movement of the air across their peaks made them tingle. Sol's cock bobbed with his pulse after witnessing that erotic display, mouth dry. "That was... Intense is the best word to describe that." He commented, somewhat surprised, but his face resolved to a smile after a few moments.

"I've never seen a girl cum with her tits before." He grinned, leaning forward to once more hover over her limp form. "Very sexy."

Ramlethal looked confused. "I...I came?" She blinked. It certainly felt like one, but... very different too. "I didn't know I could... with my boobies..." she muttered, still stunned.

Sol pursed his lips and blew across her oversensitive nip, making her whimper. "What do you call them?"

"T-tits, Master." She responded almost instantly.

"Good girl." He smiled. "And what did master make you do?"

She gulped. "M-Master made me... Made me cum, with my... my tits." She managed, struggling to force out the naughty words, but each one made her body tingle as it left.

"Good girl." Sol smiled. He lowered his head once again, planting more kisses along the ebony skin of her tight little abs. His hand came to rest on her soft thigh. As his lips moved south, trailing kisses, the hand moved north, caressing the inner thigh as they made their way to meet in the middle. He face was still flushing brilliantly as his fingertips slipped up under the hem of her shorts. She would have covered it, but resisted the urge, digging her fingertips in the sheets and balling her fists, eyes watching his movements intensely. Part of her wanted to stop him, not to let him see her private place, believing it would just be too embarrassing. But a new part made her hold her tongue and let him do what he wanted, wanting so badly to be a good girl for him... for her Master.

With no objection, his hand continued north, tenderly caressing her inner thigh, his warm hand on her tender skin. As his trail of kisses reached her skirt, he looked up, lingering with his lips just above the band of the shorts, his eyes meeting hers through the valley of her heaving mounds. She could do nothing but look into those eyes, but she felt herself give a tiny nod, unbidden. He pulled away and climbed off the bed, getting down to kneel on the floor. Taking hold of her hips, he pulled her closer until her rear was planted on the edge of the mattress. His hands moved swiftly, unzipping her shorts and sliding it down off her legs to pool on the floor, revealing an adorable pair of panties. They were soft and white like the rest of her clothes which really didn't surprise him in the least, hugging her somewhat slender hips, with a frilled, lacy band and a tiny white bow front and center, just barely above the sizable, and still growing, patch of wetness between her legs. Sol simply grinned, and Ramlethal's fists tightened in the sheets, letting her head fall back, unable to look at his face out of shame.

Gently, he urged her thighs further apart with his hands, his touch gentle and reassuring on her soft skin. He began by trailing kisses along her inner thighs, up one until his lips just brushed the edge of the fabric covering her innocent slit. But as her hips wiggled with anticipation almost too great to contain, he pulled away, repeating on the other thigh. Her body was already sensitive from her earlier climax, the teasing was entirely unnecessary, but he couldn't help but savor her reactions and impatience. He rewarded her patience with one kiss, this one directly on the wet spot spreading between her legs, the thin, wet fabric doing nothing to insulate her from the intense sensation of direct contact. She whimpered, and he grinned.

Taking hold of her legs, he shifted, pulling her legs up until her knees were on his shoulders, his arms wrapping around to take hold of her narrow hips. He knew she would need a lot of preparation, and he was swiftly losing his patience, so he wasted no time. He planted another kiss on the fabric, his lips open a little more, his tongue slipping out once to sample her sweet, virginal juices. He dragged it from the base of her slit to the peak, lashing out as he finished to flick at her clit. Her hips jumped at the sudden sensation, and he couldn't help but chuckle, she was so responsive. An idea struck him, and he grinned. He snaked his hand up, around her hip and down into her thighs, until his fingertips found that tiny little ribbon-bow. Pinning it beneath his digit, he pushed it down, just a bit, until it was seated right above her swiftly-swelling clit. He ground it down on her pleasure button in tiny circles, the hard little knot amplifying the sensation of his finger. She gasped and squirmed under the intensity of the pleasure assaulting her mind, but he stayed atop his target, her movements serving only to grind herself into the knot harder.

She moaned and whimpered constantly now, her soft voice growing louder as the assault continued, head swinging side to side. It was too much to handle, but she didn't want it to stop. Sol grinned over her now-dripping slit, thoroughly enjoying her reactions as he teased her tender clit and lapped at her sensitive folds. But this contact wasn't enough for him. He couldn't resist the real thing. He released the little ribbon and hooked a finger in the leg-hole of the panties and pulled aside, baring her juicy peach to his hungry eyes. Her sweet slit was a perfect pink, shimmering with her wetness and softly twitching with her arousal. She tried to bury her face into her shoulder with embarrassment, but managed to resist releasing her grip to cover her face. Much to her shame, she'd never grown hair down there, leaving her completely exposed, naked to his eyes. He slid a thumb down to one outer lip and gently pulled her open wider, eyes exploring her tender folds, even catching a glimpse of the unbroken hymen deep within.

He licked his lips at the sight before him. "Mmm, now that is a pretty kitty." He commented.

Ramlethal's face burned. "K-kitty, master?" She was raised to call it her 'privates' or her 'nether region', but even she had talked to her sister long enough on the subject to know most people called it a 'pussy'.

"That's right. See, this bald little pink slit is too innocent to be a pussy. You're a special case, too sexy for boobies, but not experienced enough for a pussy." He explained. He let his tongue slip out to taste the source directly, dragging over an inner lip slowly.

She whimpered. "Yes, master... my kitty..."

"Of course... once I'm done stretching you, it'll be ready to be made into a pussy. Master's pussy. Would you like that? You want your Master to stretch your little kitty and fill you up?"

Her mind raced with lewd images of being filled and stretched with Sol's enormous member., and she found herself answering. "...Yes, Master." She breathed.

"Louder. And say it clearly." He ordered.

"Master, I... I want you to make me... ready..." She responded, whimpering.

"Beg for it."

Her eyes opened at that, looking to Sol with a bit of surprise. His tone was strong and commanding, and he looked at her, his face serious. She couldn't believe what he was asking. To actually beg for it was... too much... Or was it? She swallowed. She felt something welling inside her. "...P-please, Master... Make my kitty ready... Please, stretch me, Master, make me ready for you! R-ready to be... filled! Ready to be fucked! I need you inside me, Master, please, I beg you!" She spoke, each new plead coming faster, her voice more desperate. She couldn't have stopped it, even if she'd tried, she needed to say it like a drowning man needed air, and she wasn't even sure she wanted to stop it.

His stern expression faded into a smile. "Good girl."

With those two words, he descended on her sweet slit, lavishing each wrinkle and fold with licks and tender, sucking kisses. He traced the tip of his tongue in wide loops, first around her outer lips, then her inner lips, then around the entrance to her hole. His nose ground into her clit with each pass. She threw her head back, back arching as a ragged moan poured from deep inside her. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before in her life. His tongue spiraled deeper into her, first around the entrance, then just within, then pushing deeper and deeper with each rotation, exploring untouched depths of her virgin hole. Her hips bucked and squirmed uncontrollably at the novel sensation of penetration. She'd never experienced anything like it before, she'd never even put a finger into herself, and Sol's hot, flexible tongue was driving her wild in new and fantastic ways.

As his questing tongue reached her hymen, he paused, pulling back, not wanting to break through just yet. She let out a disappointed whimper, the pleasure fading as he pulled free, placing a parting kiss on her tender hole. She didn't know why he would just stop like that. His hand left her hip and her curiosity only grew. He rose up, planting a kiss right on her sensitive clit as his fingers came up to seek out the entrance to her tender hole. At first, one probing finger delved into her, wiggling slightly as it pushed deeper into her, up to the second knuckle. Her virgin hole gripped even one finger, he had to wonder if he'd even be able to open her up enough to take his shaft..

The first digit was soon joined by a second, tentatively at first, slowly easing her open wider and wider. The two rolled and wormed and soon they were thrusting into her, hooked at the second knuckle, so as to keep their thrusts from going deep enough to tear her. The velvet vice gripped his knuckles, the stretching sensation new, the plain of it tempered by the pleasure of being filled and the anticipation of what was to come. Tension began to grow deep in her core, a familiar sensation as his lips and tongue sucked and flicked at that tender bead of pleasure. Her moans grew louder with each passing moment, her tiny entrance gripping around his digits.

As she grew accustomed to the intruders, their passage became easier and easier. He knew what came next would inevitably sting, but it had to be done. A third finger came up, and began to work its way into her. Her moans were soured with whimpers at the sudden stretching. It was starting to sting a little more intensely, but the pain was all but forgotten as Sol renewed his assault on her clit. His tongue swirled tight, forceful circles around the aching bead, the waves of pleasure washing over the pain of the stretching digits as they worked into her entrance.

She could feel the tension inside her building up faster under his talented tongue-work, and he could see she wouldn't be able to last too much longer under his assault. He worked quickly, his pinky coming up, ready to drive into her, and leaned forward. He pushed the last digit forward, and just as the shock made her gasp, captured her clit with his lips and sucked sharply, his tongue continuing to flick over the very tip of it, inside his mouth. The pain and pleasure blurred together and she let out a long, wavering wail of unmistakable pleasure as the tension exploded through her entire body. Her thighs gripped tight around Sol's head as her body locked up, back arching, driving her pussy harder against his face, his assault on her clit driving the pleasure higher and higher as it crashed through her body. Her fists pulled hard at the sheets, nearly yanking them from the bed as the pleasure burned through her nerves, more intense than any before. It went on for what felt like ages, slowly fading as Sol began to ease off on her clit, guiding her back to earth.

As the crashing waves of pleasure ebbed away, she was left helpless on the bed, twitching periodically as the last sparks of her orgasm rolled through her body. A blanket of soft, tingling afterglow settled over limp form, feeling her with a warm, soothing comfort. She could barely move, too weak to do anything but lay there and savor the feelings. Sol planted a tender kiss on her outer lip as he pulled his fingers free of her juicy slit, a spark of pleasure racing from her oversensitive slit to her brain, prompting a whimper.

He rose to his feet, towering over her prone form. The light behind him, Ramlethal only saw him as an impenetrable wall of sculpted muscle, a monument to masculinity. His thick, meaty obelisk jutted proudly from his hips, marbled by bulging veins. It was an intimidating pillar of angry, red-purple flesh, even harder than when he'd started, and it pulsed in time with his thunderous heartbeat. The flared, fist-sized crown glistened with clear, sticky precum. She stared for a long moment, swallowing nervously, before tearing her eyes away to look up into his face, her own features a mix of awe, fear, lust, excitement, with a deep affection underneath it all. She knew what was coming next.

"...Please fuck me, Master." She breathed out, the words coming naturally to her lips. Needing no further invitation, he leaned forward, reaching out for her. He pulled her into his embrace, his powerful arms encircling her slender frame, her incredible chest flattening into his powerful pecs as he held her tight. He lifted her, effortlessly, from the sheets, hands moving down to her rear as he lifted her upright, supporting her weight. Her arms automatically moved to encircle his shoulders, fingers entwining behind his neck. He was her best friend's father. She'd daydreamed of this for days now, of giving him all her firsts, of bearing his children. And now the moment of truth was but moments away. She was afraid, yes, but she wanted this more than anything in the universe.

His weighty, iron-hard shaft pulsed against her, it's length going all the way from her dripping kitty all up her smooth, toned stomach. It was so hot on her skin, like it was going to burn her, but that just made her want it more. She spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his waist, pulling herself tighter against the monster, opening herself as wide s possible for the coming invasion. He took the cue, and began to lift her, slowly, her juices trailing along the red-hot shaft, until she was poised on the tip of it, the purple helmet pulsing eagerly against her pink slit.

He looked into her eyes once again. She seemed to small. It had to be impossible. But there was no way he would be able to stop now, not with the heat and wetness of her virgin pussy on the tip of his invading shaft. She swallowed, and gave a tiny nod. His arms flexed, muscles rippling with incredible power as he pushed, driving her hips down onto the beastly rod. Her hairless slit stretched, slowly spreading around the helmet, her prepared entrance barely able to accommodate his girth. She felt herself opening wider and wider with each passing moment, biting her lip to silence a whimper of pain. It was wider than before, wider than she could have possibly prepared for. There was a moment where her body hesitated, the fat ridge at the edge of his head struggling to enter her. Suddenly, he kissed her, their lips meeting forcefully as his arms redoubled their push. The final bit of resistance gave, and his mammoth meat-log plowed into her, spearing deep into her virgin channel, her maidenhead shredding before his unstoppable cock. She screamed into his mouth as the searing pain lanced through her core, so sudden and intense the pleasure could do nothing to blunt its edge.

The kiss broke, and the two panted, still. The moment lasted for ages. She struggled to make her body adapt to the alien invader, to force herself to relax and let the pain abate. He struggled to hold his drives back, her recently-virgin hole gripping his cock like a vice, twitching and spasming on his length with every ounce of strength in her well-toned core. He barely had a quarter of his length inside her, but already he could hardly believe she'd be able to take any more. Their wills were both tested as time dragged on at a crawl, occasional twitched and throbs drawing whimpers and groans.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, Ramlethal looked into his eyes and gave another tiny nod. He returned it, and slowly, slowly began to move. He lifted her body up, inching her off the shaft, the sensation of emptiness and the dragging flare of his head on her sensitive walls made her bite her lip, but she said nothing, not willing to give up just yet. His cock retreated until just the head remained inside her gripping entrance. Then he shifted, and pushed down again, boring into her depths, deeper than before, inch by inch. He gritted his teeth, the pleasure of her indescribable tightness too strong to resist for long. When he could push no further, he reversed directions, once more scraping at her walls with his head. Sparks of pleasure began to take the edge off the pain of the invading cock. Then he pushed in again, then out, over and over, each push filling her deeper and more fully than before, each pass the pain softening and the pleasure growing.

It wasn't long before his questing cockhead encountered a more solid obstacle. With little more than half his cock inside her, he struck against a firm barrier. The sensation on his head was immediately recognizable, and he groaned deep in his chest with lust, mirrored by the soft moan from her. The feeling of her sacred depths making her mind flood with lewd thoughts. All the naughtiest fantasies she'd recently began to harbor were coming true. Only one remained.

"M-Master, you're so deep..." she whispered, eyes closed. She opened them, staring into his eyes. "I'm... I'm okay now. It doesn't hurt anymore." She assured him. "Master... it's okay, I want it. I-I want you to fill me. Every inch of me. I want you to take my womb. I... I want you... to breed me! I want you to fill me with your seed! Please, master, give me your child!" She begged, confessing her secret fantasy. She wanted to become a mother to the children of the man who had not only spared her from death itself, but had given her a new life and broke her free from her emotionless shackles. Her new life purpose was to give birth to children and raise them as their mother, that was her new purpose in life. And she would only bare the children of the man who was currently fucking her senseless.

Sol's cock gave an obvious throb at that thought, his restraint crushed beneath the lewd concept of knocking up the former resident of the Backyard, the idea swiftly filling his mind, driving out all other thought. His grip on her tight little rear tightened, holding her in place as he began to saw his hips back. He could no longer muster the control to be gentle, or slow. He drove the beast back into her in a single, unstoppable thrust, nearly ten inches of cock flesh filling her in an instant, the blunt head ramming at the gates to her final paradise. She screamed out in pleasure and pain, unprepared for the sudden intensity, but the sound fell on deaf ears. He couldn't stop himself anymore.

He let loose a primal growl of intense pleasure as he hammered into her relentlessly. He held her in motionless in midair, pounding into her relentlessly, his hips practically a blur. Her head was rolled back, a long, steady moan pouring from her lips, rising in pitch each time his battering ram slammed into the gates of her womb. Every inch of her channel hungrily squeezed and milked at the fat shaft, begging for his rich, fertile seed. But he gritted his teeth against the pleasure. There was only one place to deliver his load, and her barrier held strong. Each blow against the wall made her body twitch and clamp down on the invader, but he wasn't making progress. He knew he didn't have long before he could hold it in no more, and he would not accept defeat. Sol was a warrior, and a warrior did not except defeat.

He took hold of one thigh, prying open her grip on his waist, and breaking her hold on his neck. She was confused for a moment, startled as she began to tip back, no longer able to remain upright. Without holding on. His iron shaft tipped, tilted, but did not bend. As her body came to a stop in midair, she realized with a gasp that he didn't have a hand on her, that her entire weight was supported by his unyielding iron cock. The realization sent a shiver of lust up her spine. He took hold of one of her tender, ebony thighs, and lifted, carelessly upending the woman. She moaned as he turned her on his cock, spinning around on it like a spit, her entire body not enough to bend the unbreakable shaft. He gave a primal growl, and flexed his hips, levering her upright once more, this time her back against his iron-hard chest, his hands coming down to rest atop her hips, ready to brace her against his thrusts. She trembled in anticipation, and looked down, eyes widening as she realized there was a noticeable bulge in her normally-flat abs. His size was so great, so unrelentingly immense, it reshaped her body around it, turned her into a cock-sleeve for his pleasure. She nearly came with that thought alone.

He wasted no time, feeling the clock running down. He began to thrust once again, his hands pulling her down in time with his thrusts as he plowed into her, his arms bulging, flexing as they pushed her down on his unrelenting piston of unstoppable cock. Each push was more intense than the one before, driving deeper, harder. She screamed and moaned, pleasure and pain blurring together as his cockhead scraped over her g-spot on each thrust before slamming into her cervix. Her tunnel gripped and squeezed at his monster, legs dancing as spasms rolled through her body. His rod throbbed and pulsed desperately, jumping in anticipation of a release long-awaited. Grunts, groans, moans, and screams filled the room, the sounds of their frenzied fucking would have echoed into the hall if not for the seal on the wall.

He felt a tiny give against the fat head of his shaft. Not a large one, but enough of one. His grip tightened, and he redoubled his push, pounding into her womb with a frenzy of rapid-fire thrusts deep inside. Suddenly, it gave entirely. His helmeted head pried open the entrance and bulled its way into her most sacred depths. They both gasped at the sensation as he filled her deepest depths with another quarter of his cock, three quarters of his superior shaft seated as deep inside her desperately spasming womb. She watched with awe, lust, and horror as the bulge in her abs got longer, pushing higher still than before. Her last coherent thought was that she was entirely his now, every inch, that no other man would ever be able to match him ever.

The sensation was too much for both of them. She let loose a howling wail, the most powerful orgasm of her entire life bursting through her body, completely burying her under its intensity. There was no thought, nothing but the intense, burning, white-hot pleasure that flooded her nerves, flashes of light bursting behind her eyes. Her body went rigid, spine arching as her muscles tightened, her legs dangling off the floor, impaled and supported entirely on his unbending shaft. Her pussy came alive, spasms rolling up and down the channel, her womb clamping down just behind the head, of his invader, squeezing so tight he thought he would never be able to pull free. But that wasn't on his mind at the moment as his apple-sized orbs were pulled up tight against his shaft.

His shaft bucked and jumped as his thick seed coursed up the length of that monster, all the way from the root up to the tip. It fired from the tip like a cannon, blasting rivers of superior, fertile seed deep into her receptive womb, blast after blast of superheated cream. His long delay served only to make his offering even more plentiful than usual, oceans of seed drowning her womb. He let loose a primal bellow as he finally let loose, his hips twitching as each salvo pumped into her. The unyielding grip of her womb served to seal his seed in, his cock a perfect plug for nearly a gallon of creamy baby-batter inside her. The bulge in her belly grew swiftly, larger and larger, until she was swollen with seed, looking nearly three months pregnant in just minutes.

As the searing pleasure of the immense orgasm ebbed away, Ramlethal's body went nearly limp atop Sol's unflagging shaft, falling back against Sol's chest, her swollen womb radiating warm, soothing pleasure through her body. "Master... I'm so full..." She moaned out, hands trembling as they came up to rest upon her cum-bump. He panted, drained from the powerful climax and the massive load he poured into her still-gripping womb. He wrapped an arm around her as they stood there, relaxing for a long moment. Then he shifted, stepping toward the bed and gently easing the two of them to the bed. She whimpered softly as his movements made her body bounce on his still-hard cock, her oversensitive pussy sending sparks through her body. Delicately, he lay them both down, and slowly began to ease his iron shaft from her spasming snatch. Her womb squeezed around his head as he removed it, resealing itself swiftly, letting only a tiny dribble of his potent spunk escape. She moaned softly as his head scraped over her walls on the way out.

Once it was entirely free, they both rolled over, flopping to their backs, panting with exhaustion. Ramlethal felt her eyes beginning to close, the trio of climaxes just too much for her to handle all at once. As she felt darkness descending on her, she rested a hand on her cum-filled womb and rolled to look at Sol. "Master... Did I... Did I do good?" She asked, quietly.

Sol looked to her for a moment, somewhat surprised by the question, before he smiled warmly, rolling back to his side and planting a tender kiss upon her lips. "You did great. The best." He assured her as their lips parted.

Ramlethal smiled, drowsily, laying back completely. As she drifted off to sleep, her mind dwelled on the ocean of cum in her belly, wondering what their kids would be like. She fell asleep picturing strong sons and beautiful daughters to help carry on their legacies. She wondered, vaguely, if her daughters might follow her example and become part of a harem to a strong man in the future, but found, to her surprise, she didn't mind the idea.

As Ramlethal drifted to sleep, Sol smiled, planting a final peck on her forehead, a last gesture of affection, before pushing himself up from the bed, slowly rising to his feet with a groan. He took a moment to stretch in the middle of the room, working out the tension in his back. He made a mental note not to try airborne sex again today or his back would regret it tomorrow. He had to pace himself, after all. He still had others to screw senseless and a few more prisoners to torture until their minds break. He grinned as he put his clothes on and walked out of the room. What should he do next?

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