(A/N: I would like to thank Rekt 189 for reminding me of a very important piece of information. Frederick from Guilty Gear was named after Frederick Mercury from Queen. His character even likes Queen in game. So I will go with Mercury for a last name. Still need a name for a strong elderly man who has been long dead. I just need a first name, for I already know his last. And for my readers, there are some gaps of time in the Guilty Gear. I will try to add as much info to these gaps to make some sense to the story. I'm trying to keep the story as accurate as possible, except for a few key things, but you will know what in time.)

This is the story of a gifted young man who is unaware of his true potential for the future. This young man goes by the name of Frederick Mercury. He was named this by his parents because his parents favorite band was Queen, and he was also conceived after they gotten drunk while listening to of their great hits. For years they would tell his friends this story, mainly cause embarrassing children is something that parents apparently all have in common.

Frederick Mercury (the main character of this story, not the lead singer to Queen, the best rock band of all time. For those who don't think so, I dare you to try listening to various lines of Bohemian Rhapsody without singing along.) was born on October 10, 1988. He was the son of two brilliant scientists who were working on a new source of power that according to them would revolutionize the world. He had a wonderful childhood. He traveled the world along with his parents. During their worldwide journey from scientific facility to scientific facility, Frederick was tutored by his family's butler Sebastian.

Frederick learned many different things while traveling. He learned various forms of martial arts, swordsmanship, calligraphy, wartime tactics (from listening to veteran soldiers of different countries,) different cultural beliefs, the works. His childhood was racked with various forms of adventure that astounded him, but the good times wouldn't last forever. In the year 2000, a few months shy of his 12th birthday, Frederick's parents helped discover the new energy of Magic Particles. It was an amazing discovery that would solve many of the world's numerous amounts of problems, but with every new discovery in life comes with all sorts of danger to it. The lab that his parents were testing the Magic Particles were purged of all life due to a containment breach. All living things within the building perished without a trace. The strange fact of the whole situation was that only living things were disintegrated, yet all else, including the notes and experiments were intact.

This was only the start of Frederick's problems, for within the will left behind by his parents, Sebastian was given full authority over Frederick and was named godfather to take care of him. But he abandoned him immediately after liquidating everything that belonged to Frederick's family as well as a few businesses that they owned. When all of it was gone, Sebastian withdrew the entire Mercury fortune and placed it within his own accounts and then dumped Frederick at the first orphanage he could find. This was a dark time in his life, but his parents always told him to keep moving forward and to press on through anything life could throw at you. It was at this point that Frederick made a solemn vow to become a scientist like his parents, that way he could help finish what his parents had started.

His life in the orphanage wasn't all bad. Sure there older bullies when he first arrived, but due to the various training he had in all different forms of martial arts, it was a cakewalk to put those bullies down. They tried to retaliate over and over again, but Frederick was always one step ahead of them, and made sure to both humiliate and literally beat the sense into them. Due to the fact that he stopped the bullies again and again, the younger orphans would look up to him as a big brother as well as a protector. He could still remember when he was first called big brother by the orphans. He suffered a minor headache, and saw a glimpse of what appeared to be a little boy with a white with blue stripes fishermans' hat and greenish blue overalls calling him big brother. But just as quickly as the image came, it left his mind.

A year after he had gotten to the orphanage, he met a new orphan who lost her parents in a fire. Her name was Aria. When she first arrived the bullies tried to hurt her, to show her the ropes, or the way the orphanage worked. But Frederick was there to knock them right off their pedestal of so called 'power'. After that day, the two were inseparable. Frederick took the time when they weren't at school to teach her more than the school ever could. He taught her to defend herself, as well as all he had learned himself in the field of Magic Particle Physics. She took to all that he taught her easily, and she seemed like she had a knack for the same field of science.

A few years later on his 16th birthday, the orphanage was visited by a few men in black suits. They told Frederick that they were his father's lawyers and that they have been trying to find him for years. They had tried to find him through Sebastian, but he was even harder to find. And when they eventually found him and learned about what he had done, it was too late to recover any of the money he had stolen. Sebastian had lost it gambling, partying, and hanging with all sorts of major crime groups like the Triads, Yakuza, and Italian Mafia to name just a few. By the time the lawyers were done extracting the information of Fredericks whereabouts, he was left tied up after they made a quick call to the crime groups that he was hiding from. Suffice to say, Sebastian was never seen again.

They came bearing good news. For they had scrounged up a good chunk of money from accounts that Sebastian in his haste to steal all of what was not his, overlooked and were left untouched. It was a silver lining to the whole situation, but was a pleasant event all the same. Due to compound interest and the accounts being untouched for years, he had inherited around five million dollars. He also inherited a fully furnished house in New York that was owned by his mother that she would rent to people as well. He immediately packed his bags, and while he was leaving he invited Aria to come live with him in New York as well. She accepted without hesitation.

The next 12 years went by fast for them. He and Aria both graduated high school as well as college as the top of their class. Immediately after finishing college, they both became scientists of the growing field of Magic Particle Physics. It was there that they met their newest associate Asuka . In time, Frederick and he became the best of friends. Together these three made major leaps in technology integrated with Magic Particles. Over time they came with the theory that they could use the Magic Particles to force an evolutionary change for the world.

They started the project immediately, and initial results proved to be beneficial to the small creatures they tested upon. With the information they acquired from the first set of test, they brought the results to the board of directors that distributed funding to all the different sections of the Science wing of the company. They were approved for 10 years worth of funding, which they used to hire more people to help with the project that they dubbed the 'Gear Project'. It was named thus for they believed that life was like a set of gears, but sometimes you had to upgrade said gears to improve the machine that is life itself.

In time, when they thought that all the kinks and defects had been worked out of the serum to make Gears, they were trying to get the green light for human testing. They showed that the tests were positive and that the creatures that were turned into Gears lived longer, healed faster, were stronger, and were apparently immune to all forms of sickness and disease. They thought that the information would be enough, but the board were dragging their feet on the subject. They understood that human trials were a gamble, and there were lots of bureaucratic red tape they had to go through to even get so much as one volunteer, but enough was enough with the red tape.

It was at this point in his life, that Frederick noticed the love of his life Aria was sick with an incurable sickness. He devoted all his time while waiting for the board to give the green light for the Gear Project into looking for a cure. He isolated himself into his work and ignored everyone else so he could concentrate solely on his research. But he wasn't able to come up with any type of cure. Every day, he saw Aria getting sicker and sicker, and it was slowly driving him mad, He wasn't sleeping, and barely eating for seeing her in here weakened state was slowly crushing his heart.

Months later his friend Asuka came in and asked him why he was killing himself trying to accomplish what he considered an impossible task. Frederick simply replied that he had made a promise to her, and that he never went back on a promise. Upon saying those words, he suffered a head splitting headache while seeing visions of a young blonde kid with what appeared to be whisker marks on his cheeks. He wore a orange jumpsuit and a pair of goggles on his head. But the vision quickly disappeared and his vision went black...

When he woke up, he looked around to see his surroundings. He noticed immediately that he was naked and floating in a large glass cylinder filled with a bluish liquid. He had a mask covering his mouth so he could breath, as well as needles inserted all over his body. Frederick looked around and saw Asuka smurking ar him on the other side of the glass at a control panel.

Asuka explained that he was going to use Frederick as a human test subject for the Gear Project, and that if and/or when it worked, he would sell the serum as well as the research to the highest bidder. For war meant business, lots of business. He then pressed a button, and Fredrick immediately felt a pain like no other. He felt like his insides were being liquefied and remade all at once. He felt himself getting stronger, bigger, bulkier. His appearance changed immensely. His muscles bulged, his hair grew out more wild like, and he grew taller. But his rage grew, and he couldn't control it. How dare his friend betray him! He would have his revenge! He felt a power within himself grow in size and power, and he unleashed it with a cry of rage. It was the first time he would tap into his newly acquired ability of Dragon Install...

The energy of his attack spread through the labs like a wave, there was fire and explosions everywhere. Frederick climbed out of his glass prison and quickly covered himself with a lab coat. No sense running around naked. He ran through the burning labs quickly trying to find Aria. He felt a great fear creeping up his spine for her safety. He looked in every room, but couldn't find her. When he eventually did find her, she had died, impaled through the heart stuck to the wall with a pipe that had launched through the wall. He freed her body from the wall by ripping the pipe out and held her close. The tears flowed heavily from his eyes as he cried for the loss of his love. He found a sheet and wrapped her body in it. He went to find any other survivors, but all he saw was fire and bodies. As he ran around, he felt the power he unleashed before rise up once more. Fearing that it would explode once more, he knew he would have to find a way to suppress it. He remembered that they had built a few suppressors for the test subjects that had tried to breach containment. He ran toward the storage area where the devices were kept, hoping beyond hope that they had somehow survived the fire and were intact and still operable.

As soon as he reached his destination, he found the door locked. Testing his newfound strength, he punched right through the steel door easily. He found the storage unit the suppressors were kept and crushed the lock with his hand. He threw open the door and strapped one of the suppressors to his arm. It seemed to work, but he knew he would have to make one specifically for himself. So he set upon making one immediately. It took him a few hours to make one strong enough to suppress his power fully, with many trials and errors, but he eventually finished it. He made the suppressor in a headband form to cover the mark that he had noticed had appeared on his forehead sometime after his transformation. He noticed it while he took the accurate measurements of his head while looking in a mirror. Once complete, he donned his headband that would become his trademark for years to come.

He returned to Aria's dead body and picked it up to take it with him. He would make sure that she was given a proper burial. As he left the building, going outside into the cold night air, he cried once more. All he had accomplished, had gone up in flames. So much potential was wasted in the fires. It was here that Frederick forsook his name, for like the legends of the phoenix, he was reborn from the ashes of the fires that consumed him. He set about digging a grave for Aria with his bare hands. Once the task was complete, he buried her and said a lengthy silent prayer for her. He sat there and thought about what to do with his life now. He was now without purpose. As he pondered his options he was blinded by a white flash. When his vision returned, he saw a man clad in white robes with red stripes. The person's head was covered with a hood with a Red Cross on it upside down.

"You seek purpose and I am here to provide you with one. Become stronger, for you will face many battles in your future that only you will be able to stop. You will survive and push through everything life throws at you like your parents always told you to do," said the figure.

"How do you know what the hell my parents use to tell me? Who are you? Answer me dammit!"

"If it is answers you seek, you must take them from me by force, but as you are now you will never defeat me."

Frederick than became enraged at the figures taunting and ran straight at him with his fist raised. As he threw the punch, the figure easily dodged it and quickly punched him in the gut with enough force to knock the wind out of him.

"As I said, you can't beat me as you are now. Train yourself in your newfound power, for you will need it in the future. Then seek me out once more to demand your answers, for defeating me will become your new goal, giving your life the purpose you need. And as for an identity, I will be known as That Man, for you will always curse That Man."

As the figure finished speaking, he punched Frederick upside the head, knocking him painfully into unconsciousness...

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