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This is a co-written story between me Michael Shadow and Damian Falls. This was one of my original ideas for how I would really write DxD Sharingan Dragon Slayer. This story however is very different, in this story Itachi is not a dragon slayer, he is not raised by Tannin, and it doesn't begin in the underworld. No, in this story Itachi is Issei's older brother. And this time Itachi will probably not have a harem he will maybe have a triangle drama with two girls but that's it. (If you want to try and change our minds about the harem thing, tell us your opinion on why Itachi should have a harem and we will consider it.)

A Fresh Start Prologue: A new life!

'How many years have I been dead? A hundred million years? Or maybe I have only been here for a few moments without knowing.' A spirit questioned. The spirit was a bright floating figure, in an empty dark voidof nothingness that seemed endless.

"Itachi Uchiha!" A deep echoed through the empty space, waking the spirit whom opened his eyes.

"Yes?" The spirit being of light that once was Itachi Uchiha replied as he looked around to see try and find the source of the voice, he then turned around and was faced by, Madara Uchiha? "Madara?" Itachi questioned looking not only surprised, but confused, what would Madara Uchiha want with him?

"No, no, I only picked this form since I thought you would feel more comfortable talking to someone you knew." The being replied in such a fashion and manner, that judging by how Tobi acted when he pretended to be Madara, this being was clearly not Madara.

"I never knew Madara." Itachi pointed out.

"Huh? Really?" The being questioned with a surprised look on his face.

"It doesn't matter anyway. Why are you here?" Itachi asked.

"Oh, well you see a few hundred million years back when you died. Originally you were supposed to go to heaven." The being replied bringing out a file.

"What happened?" Itachi questioned wondering if the gods changed their minds and sent him to hell, if this even was hell.

"Well…we sort of lost you on the way." The being nervously replied as he rubbed the back of his head while letting out a loud nervous laughter.

"You lost me?" Itachi questioned in an annoyed tone and narrowed his gaze at the being, with the deadly Uchiha glare.

"Heh, heh, sorry, wow could give Batman a run for his money with that kind of glare." The being uttered the last part, yet Itachi heard him and only raised his brow in confusion of who that Batman person was. "Anyway, and later when we found out where you were, we sort of forgot. And now your soul is expired and you can't get into heaven." The being replied letting out yet another nervous laugh.

"So I'm stuck here?" Itachi questioned with a raised brow.

"Well, not exactly there is one way for you to get into the afterlife."

"What is it?" Itachi questioned.

"We could give you a new life, and when you die then we will try not to lose you again." The being replied.

"Hn." Itachi grunted in annoyance, not that it was a problem, he would gladly take a chance at life again, although there was one problem. "Fine, but I have a condition."

"Sure, name it!" The being said as he brought out a piece of paper.

"What's that?" Itachi asked referring to the paper.

"Paperwork for your new life."

"Alright. What I want for my new life, is no memory of my old one. I want a brand new start." Itachi said, as if he was going to live a new life he would rather not be reminded of the crimes he committed in his old one, that way he could live his life to the fullest, or rather his new self could.

"Granted! Enjoy your trip!" The being said as he stamped the piece of paper and a portal sucked in Itachi's spirit.

The next moment Itachi opened his eyes seeing he was in a dark space. 'Nothing seems different, except I'm curled into a ball, and it's wet, why is it wet?' Itachi wondered.

"I granted you a new life remember, remember, remember, remember." An echo was heard that slowly died down.

'Wait that means, I'm in my new mom's womb. And I still have my memories. Why?' Itachi thought wondering if the being screwed up his request.

"Your new life doesn't really start until your born, born, born, born. Luckily I put your conscience in a woman who's just in labor." The voice echoed again.

Itachi saw a bright light coming from a hole. Slowly he crawled towards it as he was also pushed out. "It's a boy!" The doctor said lifting Itachi up and then wrapped him in a towel. "Here you go miss." The doctor handed him over to a brown-haired woman that was tied into a ponytail, her eyes were light brown, she looked slightly weak duo to having gone through childbirth, she looked at him with a motherly loving smile.

"He's beautiful." His new mother said and hugged him in her arms, the warmth he felt from his new mother gave Itachi a feeling of peace.

"What are we going to name him?" A man with short brown hair, brown eyes, his clothing consisted of a business suit, he also had a pair of glasses.

"Itachi." His mother replied. Making Itachi widen his eyes in surprise that he was given the same name he had in his previous life.

"Why Itachi?" The father asked.

"I don't know it just popped into my head." The mother replied.

Time suddenly froze making everyone incapable of moving except Itachi who looked around. When he saw a portal open in the middle of the room with the being with Madara's face popped out wiggling his eyebrows, clearly showing he was responsible for the name that popped into his new mother's head. "Why do I still have my memories?" Itachi questioned in a baby like voice.

"Whops! Almost forgot!" The being replied and poked Itachi on the forehead and he went back into the closing portal. As the portal almost closed the being hand stopped it from closing and he stuck his head out yet again. "Oh! Right! Do you still want your powers?"

"Gugugaga." Itachi replied in baby language.

"Oh crap. Well I'll just seal them inside you, and you can unlock them if you ever get in a dangerous situation. Although that would mean I will have to add your old memories, I'm just going to stick it into the very corner of your mind, it will be like you have multiple personalities, I guess. Bye! See you next time you die!" The being replied as he vanished and time once again moved, leaving a confused baby Itachi.

18 years later

Itachi woke up from his bed, he rubbed his eyes and let out a small yawn. He was wearing a simple black V-neck shirt and his boxer shorts. He looked out his window seeing that the sun hasn't even gotten up. He went out of his room and headed to the bathroom.

Itachi felt relaxed as the hot water from the shower ran down his face and long raven black hair. Once he was done, he dried himself with a towel and then wrapped it around his waist. He then went in front of the mirror and tied his hair into a long black ponytail. He cleared the bangs from his eyes revealing his black eyes.

He then went back into his room and dressed himself with his school uniform. The uniform consisted of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

He looked around his room that had a large bookshelf with books on ninja history, it had also a various bunch of kunai and shuriken collection, a katana in a black holster hanging above the door, some martial arts trophies and they were all first place, it also had some ninja anime posters hanging on the wall. Itachi didn't know why, but ninjas fascinated him, it fascinated him so much that he was willing to watch anime's with ninjas or about ninjas.

Itachi then saw that the sun had gotten up and that school would begin soon. "Guess I should wake the idiot." Itachi said to himself and headed for the room across the hall. *Knock *Knock. Itachi knocked on the door. "Wake up little brother! School starts soon!"

"Why can't you just let my alarm clock wake me?!" The voice of his little brother questioned in a groggy like tone.

"Because if I do that you'll be late for school!" Itachi replied.

"Itachi would you wake Issei?!" His mother asked from the kitchen downstairs.

"Already working on it!" Itachi replied. He then placed his hand on the door knob. "You better not be masturbating in there." Itachi said recalling all those close calls as his brother would call them.

"No! I'm not!" Issei said sounding a little embarrassed that his brother thought he would do it in the morning.

Itachi opened the door to see his little brother sitting on the bed with a sleepy look as he let out a big yawn. "Hurry up and get ready, breakfast is almost done."

"Yeah, yeah." Issei said letting out yet another yawn. Issei had short brown spiky hair with several bangs covering his forehead, he had light brown eyes like their parents unlike Itachi who neither had brown hair nor brown eyes.

After breakfast the brothers headed to school. Issei wore the same uniform as Itachi, only that Issei had his white shirt open with a red t-shirt under it. "Yo! Issei!" A boy at Issei's age shouted from the school gate, he was bald and was wearing the school uniform, and next to him was another boy at Issei's age that had dark hair, and was wearing a pair of glasses, and he was also dressed in the school uniform.

"Matsuda! Motohama!" Issei shouted back to his friends.

"Hey, want to go peek at the kendo girls changing later?!" Motohama asked with a perverted face.

"Hell yeah!" Issei replied looking like an excited kid going to the candy store.

"Oh no you won't." Itachi said grabbing Issei on the shoulder squeezing it a little, so that Issei flinched a little.

""Pretty boy!"" Matsuda and Motohama said with hate in unison directed at the older Hyoudou.

"Why not?" Issei questioned looking like a child that has been denied candy.

"Do you want to get beaten up again?" Itachi asked as Issei had a tendency to get caught and get beaten up by the girls for it.

"I won't get caught." Issei replied.

"You always say that but you always get caught." Itachi said as he released Issei from his grip.

"Why does it matter to you?!" Issei questioned sounding a little annoyed, as he wasn't sure how this could possibly affect Itachi in any way.

"I'm your older brother, people will judge me just because you can't keep it in your pants." Itachi replied with a deadpan expression, when in reality, he just didn't want to see Issei get hurt, but he wasn't about to say that.

"Well I'm sorry for being a pervert." Issei said with sarcasm.

"Look I'm not saying it's wrong that you're interested in the female body. However, you shouldn't show it twenty-four seven." Itachi said with a stoic expression as he remembered his brother being like this ever since he was a little kid, when he ran around flipping up girls' skirts. "And you should especially be careful considering this school used to be an all-girls school, and the female population still heavily outnumbers the male population. Meaning there are a lot of people here eager to beat you up because of your "interests" in the female body."

"Look I can't help it. Boobs are the best! Boobs are justice!" Issei shouted without shame and with such passion.

"Whatever." Itachi said and then he walked away. Itachi walked through the gates of the school and instantly.

"It's Itachi-sama!" A girl squealed.

"He's so cool!" Another girl squealed

"Marry me!" Yet another girl squealed.

"There goes prince charming." A boy said with jealousy in his voice.

"Death to all pretty boys." Another boy said earning the death glares of some of Itachi's fangirls, easily the biggest group in the entire academy.

Itachi just kept walking not paying any attention to the commotion around him. He had always been popular with girls as long as he could remember, girls had confessed to him mostly on a daily basis but he always turned them down. Not that he wasn't interested in the opposite sex he just thinks that there are more important things in the world then having a relationship. This way of thought however, leads to his parent's greatest fear of never getting grandchildren. And why they think that Issei will never give them grandchildren is explaining itself.


Itachi went to the spot on campus where his little brother would always hang out with the other two members of the perverted trio. When he arrived he noticed they weren't there. Which means they are peeping on girls changing, again. 'Let's see today the kendo club has practice. I'm guessing they're over there by now.' Itachi thought.

"Hey Itachi-senpai!" The only boy that was almost just as popular as himself, Kiba Yuuto. He was wearing the normal school uniform, he had short blond hair, his eyes are grey, and he has a mole under his left eye. He was also one of Itachi's only friends since they shared the pain of fangirls, in fact they were best friends. Itachi didn't really have that many friends due to the fact that almost every boy was so jealous of him they wanted nothing to do with him, most of the girls had a crush on him and were too afraid to speak to him.

"Kiba-san, is there anything you need?" Itachi asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out." Kiba replied with a smile.

"Sorry, I have to save my stupid little brother from getting beaten to death." Itachi said in a serious tone.

Kiba let out a nervous laugh. "He's peeping at the girls changing again isn't he?" Although Kiba has never spoken to Issei, he was very well aware of his reputation, and he also had knowledge of the younger Hyoudou from Itachi.

"Was there any doubt?" Itachi questioned with a small humors smile. "Later." Itachi tapped Kiba's shoulder before heading towards the kendo club, hopefully in time to save his brother.

"Yeah see ya!" Kiba waved.

The closer Itachi got to the kendo club, the more he could hear the trio whispering about the girl's sizes. "Hey come on guys let me have a look. Come on no fair." Issei's whisper was heard and it was a little loud, a little too loud with some grunts added as Issei tried to pull his friends back.

"What was that?!" One of the girl's voice was heard from inside.

"Oh boy." Itachi said to himself.

"Dude! Run!" Matsuda shouted.

"Let's bail!" Motohama shouted.

Itachi saw them run away at high speed, most likely pushed Issei down so they would get a head start. Itachi rushed behind the club and grabbed Issei by the collar dragging him far away from the club before any of the kendo club members would notice. "What was that for?!" Issei questioned.

"You were almost caught. And your friends bailed, again." Itachi replied.

"Yeah well I would have gotten away without your help." Issei said not usually comfortable with his brother thinking he couldn't manage on his own sometimes.

"You sure about that?" Itachi asked as he pointed his head in one direction where Issei's two friends were running away from a horde of angry girls with kendo swords in their hands.

"Come back here you damn pervs!" One of the girls shouted.

""Please don't hit us there! Please don't hit us there!"" Matsuda and Motohama shouted in unison protecting their male parts as they ran.

"You were saying?" Itachi asked.

"Thank you so much." Issei replied in a truly thankful tone.

"Itachi-senpai." A girl's voice was heard. Itachi and Issei turned around and were greeted by two girls from the kendo club. The one who called to him was a girl named Murayama, she had long brown hair tied into twin tails with red ribbons, her eyes were light brown, and unlike the other girl her breasts were big, and she was curvier, and like her fellow kendo members she and the other girl next to her was wearing a kendo outfit. While the other girl named Katase had short pink hair, her eyes were red.

"What is it Murayama-san?" Itachi questioned, although he already knew what they were going to say.

The two girls then looked at Issei with a hateful look causing the younger Hyoudou to flinch. "Your failure of a brother wasn't with his two friends when they were pepping at us. And we know he was there so we want to punish him now." Murayama replied as she slammed her kendo sword to the ground scaring Issei so much that he went to hide himself behind his brother.

"That's impossible he's been with me this whole time. Right, Issei?" Itachi asked his little brother who responded by nodding several times. "This time he was with me. That's unless you think I'm lying."

"Um well no, I don't think that senpai is a liar." Murayama said with a small blush avoiding Itachi's gaze.

"Yeah, we're sorry to take so much of your time, Itachi-senpai." Katase said while also blushing a little.

"Oh it's no trouble Katase-san. Besides is understandable why my brother and his two friends usually peek at you, you two are so lovely after all." Itachi said with such a kind smile making the two of them blush even more.

""See you later senpai!"" The two of them said in unison before walking away while they were blushing madly.

"How do you keep doing that?" Issei asked when he saw that they were gone and that he was safe.

"I'm not proud that I lied to them to save your skin. And as for how I do that, let's just say having good looks and a good reputation really helps." Itachi replied. "Come on let's go find what's left of your friends."

"I think they ran towards the old school building." Issei said pointing at a building between a few trees. They walked around the building to find the two members of the perverted trio resting under a tree after a severe beating from the girls. "There you guys are." Issei said with a slight amused grin.

"What the hell man! You just left us to them like that!" Matsuda said and grabbed Issei by the collar shaking him violently.

"You guys ditched me!" Issei shouted back, knowing if it wasn't for Itachi he would be the one to get beaten up.

"Couldn't you just have taken one for the team!" Motohama shouted.

"I always take one for the team! It was your guys turn now! And I didn't deserve to get beaten, because you assholes didn't let me get my turn!" Isse shouted back at them, and both boys froze knowing they couldn't argue with that one, although when they looked at Itachi it looked like they gained one more argument.

"Oh yeah, well even if you did, you would probably just have your pretty boy of a brother there to bail you out." Matsuda pointed at Itachi who just had a deadpan expression at listening to this conversation.

"Hey here's a crazy idea. Maybe if guys stopped peeping you wouldn't get beaten up so much." Itachi said.

""Are you suggesting us to deny the pleasure of boobs!?"" All three of them questioned in unison while glaring at the man whom suggested it.

'They we're just arguing a few seconds ago and all of the sudden they turn on me.' Itachi thought, then something caught his eye. Itachi looked up to the window to see a beautiful girl with long crimson red hair blowing through the wind, as her blue eyes looked back at him, he also saw that she was quite gifted in the breast department although he didn't care about that. But her hair was like a red sundown, only one word could describe it. 'Beautiful.' Itachi thought.

"Oh looks like your brother caught the look of something good." Matsuda said.

"Wow she's beautiful." Issei said.

"Her name is-" Motohama said but…

"Rias Gremory." Itachi finished.

"You know her nii-san?" Issei questioned.

"She's in the third grade like me although she's in a different class. I don't really see that much of her though." Itachi replied still looking at the window where she once stood. He then looked back to Issei. "I'm leaving." Itachi said and walked away.

Inside the old school building

"Those two boys in the middle. One of them is Itachi Hyoudou, but who was the other one?" Rias asked as she was playing chess.

"Well that other boy I think he's Itachi's little brother Issei Hyoudou, a second year student form class 2-B. What makes you ask about them?" Questioned a woman with long black hair tied into a ponytail that reached down to her legs, it was tied by an orange ribbon, she had purple eyes and a figure that rivaled Rias's, her breasts were slightly bigger than Rias', and like all school girls from kuho she wore the female uniform. Her name was Akeno Himejima and she and Rias are two of the most popular girls at school.

"I found them just very curious. Oh, check mate." Rias replied as she finished the game.

"Ara." Akeno said a little surprised as she leaned closer to the chess board.

"Your trap was very easy to see through." Rias said as she began to undress and headed for the shower.

"I did my best to make it more difficult for you." Akeno said as Rias went into the shower and turned on the water.

Later that evening

"Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight, you're saying that you got a girlfriend?" Itachi questioned his little brother at the dinner table as they were eating dinner with their parents whom were shocked.

"Yep! Her name is Yuuma Amano! She asked me on a date! Me!" Issei said with excitement.

"This is not like the girlfriend thing in Tokyo again is it?" Itachi questioned.

"She's real!" Issei declared. "She's super cute and has those amazing oppai!"

Itachi let out a sigh. "Look Issei I'm not saying that you're ugly or anything. But a girl asking a guy like you out just like that is kind of strange."

"What do you mean by "a guy like you"?" Issei questioned.

"A complete freaky disgusting pervert." Itachi replied.

"Gah! I understand okay, don't have to rub it in!" Issei said while crying anime tears.

"Look Issei, your brother is right. You should be careful around that girl." Their mother said with a concerned look.

"That's right son, there are a lot of mean girls out there." Their father said.

"Look Yuuma-chan is not like that, in fact if it will make nii-san get off my back. I will introduce you to her tomorrow." Issei said.

"Sure. I'm guessing you're going to rub it in to your friends that you have a girlfriend." Itachi said.

"Heh heh heh" Issei let out a little evil laugh.

"Figured." Itachi said as they all went back to eating.

Time skip: Next morning kuoh academy

"No way! Please God!" Matsuda said with a shocked expression.

"This can't be real!" Motohama said with a similar expression.

"Well I'll be damned. He wasn't lying." Itachi said with his normal expression.

"Guys this is Yuuma Amano. Yuuma-chan these two are my good friends Matsuda and Motohama, and my older brother Itachi." Issei introduced them to his new girlfriend. She had long raven black hair that reached to her back, her eyes were violet, and she was wearing a different school uniform which consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt.

"It's nice to meet you." Yuuma said with a smile which made Itachi narrow his eyes.

Itachi walked up to the girl and stretched out his hand. "Nice to see that not everyone minds my brother's perverseness."

"His just a healthy boy that way right." Yuuma said with a smile and shook Itachi's hand.

"Mind if I ask? What is it you like about my brother?" Itachi questioned.

"He's nice, gentle, and kind." Yuuma replied smiling.

"Ah I see." Itachi said smiling. "Well I'll be on my way. Later." Itachi said and walked up to Issei. "Be careful around her, her smile is fake." Itachi whispered to Issei before walking away leaving Issei whom only raised his brow in confusion at his brother's words.

Later: Itachi's room

Itachi was resting on his bed while looking up the ceiling. 'That girl something was wrong about her.' Itachi thought as an image of Yuuma flashed through his mind. 'She didn't just feel right. I can't describe it, but it felt evil.' Itachi got of his bed and looked out the window to see that the sun was about to go down. 'They're on their date right now, Issei said he was going to finish it by the park. I feel like I should do something.' Itachi looked at the katana hanging above his door, Itachi clenched his fist. He grabbed the katana and rushed his way downstairs. "I'm going for a walk!" Itachi said before he ran out of the door and rushed towards the park.

'Damn it what am I doing? All because of just a hunch, but I can't shake the feeling in my stomach that Issei's in trouble.' Itachi thought as he ran towards the park. Itachi looked towards the sun that was going down. Itachi arrived at the park and saw Issei with his girlfriend by a fountain. He saw that Yuuma's outfit changed into some black strap-like objects that went around her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips, black leather glows, black thigh-high boots, her eyes looking more evil, as she grew black feathered wings. "What the?" Itachi questioned as halted and then he saw that she made a spear of light.

Itachi ran towards Issei at full speed. "Yuuma-chan." Issei uttered in confusion and tried to get back up.

"Please die." Yuuma said as she threw the spear. However, Itachi arrived and pushed Issei to the side before the spear hit, as it stabbed into the ground. "What the?" Yuuma widened her eyes a bit.

"Nii-san?" Issei questioned in surprise, looking stunned.

Itachi turned towards Yuuma with an angry expression and while growling, as he brought his katana forth. "I will not let you harm my brother." Itachi said in a threatening tone, however Yuuma only smirked.

"Foolish boy. What makes you think you could stand up to me?" Yuuma questioned in a mockingly tone while letting out a menacing giggle.

Itachi charged at Yuuma and swung his blade at her, but Yuuma backed away and flew up to the air. Yuuma brought out another light spear and threw it at Itachi. Itachi leaped to the side dodging the spear. Itachi charged at Yuuma and suddenly felt something piercing through his gut. He looked down to see another light spear, although the shape and color was different from Yuuma's.

"Raynare why are you playing around with this human?" Said a man wearing a pale violet trench coat, he was wearing a black fedora, he had black hair and blue eyes. Like Yuuma or Raynare apparently, had black feathered angelic wings.

"Who are they?" Itachi questioned as the spear vanished and left a hole in his gut, he clutched his hand over his stomach as blood gushed out from his wound.

"Nii-san!" Issei shouted in horror.

"R-Run Issei….Run…" Itachi said as he struggled to get back up and staying conscious.

"Nii-san…I can't just leave you here!" Issei shouted as tears began to run down his cheeks.

"It's fine…Just go!" Itachi shouted as he began panting, his heart began beating faster from the adrenalin, and his blood was boiling, his eyes feeling like they were on fire for a second.

"You think we'll just let you walk away?" Raynare said as she made another light spear and threw it towards Issei.

The spear approached Issei who had frozen in fear on the spot unable to move a muscle. Blood began to drip down on the ground, the two fallen angels widen their eyes, as Issei stared in shock. "Nii-san." Issei said as he looked at Itachi who had caught the light spear with his hand, that had blood dripping from it.

Itachi panted and had bangs covering his eyes. Itachi looked up showing that his eyes were now red with three black tomoes with a black dot in the center. "You will not hurt him!" Itachi said in a threatening growling tone as he threw the light spear to the side and it vanished.

"Those eyes? Is that a Sacred Gear?" The man in the fedora questioned.

"I don't know. I have heard of some eye Sacred Gears but nothing like this. It doesn't matter anyway, let's just kill him Dohnaseek." Raynare replied.

"Let's just finish this." The man now known as Dohnaseek said and made a blue light spear and threw it at Itachi.

As the spear approached Itachi at high speed. However, for Itachi due to his sharingan everything was moving in slow motion. So Itachi simply stepped to the side dodging the spear. "Too slow." Itachi said.

"No way!" Dohnaseek shouted in shock as Itachi suddenly vanished, and then appeared behind Dohnaseek with his katana raised above his head and swung it down.


"AAAAHHHHHHHH!" Dohnaseek cried out in pain as his left arm was cut off from the shoulder and down. Blood gushed out from his socket as he clenched his hand above it. "You filthy human!" Dohnaseek shouted in anger.

Itachi then leaped to the side dodging two light spears from Raynare, who threw several of them rapidly while flying in the air. Itachi was about to charge, when suddenly more blood gushed out from his wound making him fall down on his knees. "Damn it!" Itachi growled and vomited out more blood.

"Nii-san! Gugh!" Issei shouted and was suddenly pierced through his gut by a light spear from Raynare. The spear vanished leaving a hole in his gut as blood gushed out from it. Issei then fell on his back laying there bleeding out.

"Issei!" Itachi shouted and desperately crawled towards his brother, as memories of a young Itachi and a young Issei came to his mind, as he crawled closer to his brother. He didn't care about himself at the moment, all Itachi cared about was his brother's safety, he even ignored the tremendous pain in his stomach.

"You die!" Dohnaseek shouted making a light spear in his remaining hand.

"Enough!" Raynare shouted making Dohnaseek stop. "He's going to bleed out anyway, let's just leave them here to die, besides we cannot afford to get caught by the enemy now, we must go. Or do you wish for him to die quickly?"

"Tch. No your right, let's leave these pieces of trash here to die slowly." Dohnaseek replied and flew off with Raynare.

"I-Issei! Hang on… I'll save you." Itachi muttered coughing up blood as he crawled towards his brother.

"Sorry bro, but I'm dying." Issei said weakly.

"I'll rather die before letting you die." Itachi said.

Issei let out a weak laugh. "Then you better die quickly, because I'm not going to last much longer."

"Don't say that." Itachi said as he grabbed Issei by the pocket from his jacket, and felt him clenching a piece of paper. Itachi reached in to his brother's pocket and brought out a flyer that said. "Your wish will be granted"

"P-Please… Please save my brother… Please…" Itachi said as the flyer began to let out a red light making a circle and out of it came Rias.

"I'm here. You are the one who summoned me are you not?" Rias asked as she turned around to face the two brothers.

Itachi grabbed her leg and looked up to her. "Please…save my brother…I don't care what happens to me, just save him…ugh." Itachi begged as he fell unconscious and the Gremory girl started at him with a surprised look, that quickly turned to a warm kind loving smile.

"Wanting to save his brother even though it means that he will die. You're a kind soul, I'll take you both." Rias said with a smile as she bent down and stroked Itachi's cheek.

And we will end it here.

Okay, this was the re-written version of the prologue, and nothing much changed, but I decided to re-write this story for following reasons: To change Itachi Hyoudou's personality a little bit, to change his reactions to certain things, to make the early chapters less like canon.

Also, this fic will have a love triangle with Itachi, Rias and Akeno, no harem for Itachi in this one. Issei will still have a harem though, however we might not give him all the other girls he originally has in his harem.

And before anyone says anything, because last time I got complaints about this despite making it clear. Itachi Hyoudou, is a reincarnated Itachi Uchiha, without any memories from his life as Itachi Uchiha. Meaning, his personality is different from canon Itachi because he would have grown up in a different environment, experienced different things, however he will still have some twerks of his old personality in the beginning. And, as it was shown when he was reincarnated, and as many of you that have read all the chapters of this story so far, you know that it is a possibility for Itachi to regain his old memories.

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