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Chapter 15: Loki!

Itachi was sitting alone in a dark room that was his bedroom in the Shinobi Faction base. In front of him was a hologram of Sirzechs Lucifer and Azazel. "Sirzechs… Azazel… I need to know something." Itachi's tone was a little dark and filled with sorrow after learning of the fate of the shinobi, and the fate of Sasuke. "Is it true? That the gods waged war against the Shinobi to get rid of their way of life and spread their own religion?" Itachi asked and they both stiffened up.

"Where did you hear that?" Sirzechs asked with a narrowed gaze.

"Fujiwara Uzumaki told me the story they were known with, I wish to hear your version." Itachi was no fool, he wasn't about to just side with the one side of a story that he had heard. He was going to hear both versions out and then make his decision.

Azazel let out a sigh. "Unfortunately, that is true, the various gods needed to survive and they could not do it without the fate from humans. However, the way of the Shinobi was too wide spread and there wasn't that much room for them to expand their religion. I myself fought in that war, it was far more horrific than any other war the Three Factions have waged against each other ever before. And the Three Factions decided that such a history, a history where we slaughtered a group of humans, to simply be forgotten through time. This information was kept hidden from the public and only the leaders of each faction, and not just the Three Factions, knew of the story." Azazel explained as he looked like a war veteran getting flashbacks of the horrific sights of war.

"I wasn't even born by the time this occurred, however I do have knowledge of it." Sirzechs looked a little ashamed of not having told Itachi about this sooner.

"I see… so it was for survival…" Itachi uttered with a saddened look on his face.

"It's not like the gods wished for them to die, it's just how things went. At first the gods tried to convert the Shinobi into their religion, but they refused to give up on their way of life. Years later passed, and the gods had become desperate for survival, then a small group of shinobi tried to push us back and make sure the gods couldn't spread their religion. It was then, that things started to escalate, various other shinobis, angels, gods and all kinds of supernatural creatures joined in on the fight against one another. And the war began." Azazel explained and it wasn't unbelievable, Itachi knew how stubborn some people could be and that some might result to such actions.

"And… anything else you have to tell me?" Itachi asked with his gaze narrowed particular at Azazel.

"Things escalated to the point where gods joined in on the fighting themselves, however, two shinobis, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, the two of them were far more powerful than the gods. The conflict seemed to never reach a conclusion, it was an endless path of war. Both sides were equal to the other… until, until the God of the Bible tried to put an end to the fighting, at which point I joined in on the fight with the other Fallen Angels thinking we got to serve God, which got the angels involved despite of God's wishes. It started to look like the gods had the upper hand in the war…"

"Which must have lead to Naruto and Sasuke creating that secret room to keep the Shinobis next generation hidden…" Itachi uttered as he had figured that the two mighty Shinobis Fujiwara spoke of must have been Naruto and his previous younger brother Sasuke.

"Secret room?" Both Azazel and Sirzechs looked confused having no idea what this room was.

"Apparently that's how the Shinobis survived. They sealed 200 children inside of a room that kept them protected and made sure they didn't age. I have no idea where that room is though and neither does Yukino apparently." Itachi said looking over to Yukino whom was pouting in the corner over not having been able to help with what her master wanted.

"I see, well at that point the war had reached the level of what the war between the Three Factions would reach during their war several years later. What made it even more dangerous was what happened next, Ophis and Great Red." Azazel said which caused Itachi to raise his brow. "Ophis had tried to return to the Dimensional Gap, and lured Great Red to a battlefield in the war to try and kill him and reclaim the Dimensional Gap. However, thinking this was a plot from the gods, the Shinobis tried to fight both of them, especially Great Red. In particular Naruto and Sasuke, fought him and thousands of gods, I wasn't there though, I was fighting on a different battlefield. Although, the end result of the battle, was that everything was destroyed, angels, gods, shinobis, even Naruto and Sasuke were killed."

It must have been after Sasuke and Naruto sealed away the children, Fujiwara said they were heavily weakened after that, but by how much? They had fought against various gods and then tried to take on Great Red whom was probably a little weakened from fighting Ophis. "I see… thank you, and do not worry I don't hold this against either of you nor the Three Factions." Itachi said as he saw the worried looks on their faces that now turned into relief as they didn't want to lose Itachi for real. "People make mistakes, and I cannot change what happened in the past. However, I can change what happens now." Itachi said and ended his conversation with the two Faction leaders as the holograms of them vanished.

'Perhaps it is not too late to try and save the Shinobi Faction members from their destructive goal as well… I would rather not want Naruto and Sasuke's hard work to keep the future generations of shinobi to have gone to waste.' Itachi thought as he peaked through a door to see Jin and Fujiwara smiling and laughing a little, Hana and Mako playing card games with friendly smiles on their faces, while Shrio was smiling and looking relaxed as he read a book. And as Team Vali were out on a mission they were nowhere to be found, even Ophis was nowhere to be seen. 'They are just misguided, they can still be saved from this path.'

Itachi then walked into the room, and instantly Jin threw him a file with documents. "It's a new mission for you, we've managed to locate three new scrolls and are splitting up into teams." Jin informed and Itachi gave a light nod as a response.

'What have they gone through I wonder, to make them chose this path.' Itachi thought as he looked at the individual members of the Shinobi Faction.

"Okay listen up, I will team up with Hana for this mission, Shiro will be teamed up with Mako, and Itachi will be teamed up with Fujiwara." Jin instructed and they all gave a nod. "Each one of us will leave in three hours." The briefing of the mission ended and the teams went their separate ways.

Later: Kouh town

Itachi, Yukino in her crow form and Fujiwara appeared through a reverse summoning seal, on top of possibly the tallest skyscraper in town. Itachi widened his eyes for a mere short second, it was his hometown, well Itachi Hyoudou's hometown. He took a good look of the scenery and smiled on the inside over seeing his peaceful hometown once more, but on the outside, he remained the stoic man he always has been. "How come we are here? I would have thought if there was a scroll to be found here, you guys would have already recovered it." Itachi questioned, then again, how did they manage to locate the scrolls in the first place? Jin or Fujiwara would always just suddenly announce they have found a new scroll.

"It's not hidden here, someone brought it here today with them." Fujiwara replied standing on the edge of the building with his arms crossed behind his back as he looked down on the town, with the wind blowing through his red hair.

"Then it's obvious a trap." Itachi walked over to the edge next to Fujiwara, seems someone from the three factions managed to sneak away a scroll without Azazel and Sirzechs knowledge, otherwise they would have told Itachi beforehand.

"Yes indeed, although I'm not sure who the person with the scroll is." Fujiwara replied.

"Question, how do you manage to locate these scrolls?" Itachi asked the question that has been pondering in his mind.

"Hmm? Haven't we already told you?" Fujiwara questioned thinking at least Jin or Shiro had told Itachi about this by now, Itachi shook his head in responds to which Fujiwara sighed. "It is thanks to our summoning animals, they have been around since the ancient times after all. And therefor have the knowledge to help us find locations where the scrolls have been placed. After the fall of the Shinobi, the various summoning animals kept a close watch on the Three Factions and what they did with various Shinobi artifacts they collected after the war." Fujiwara replied and then Itachi looked over to Yukino whom was with them in her crow form.

"Did you know about this as well?" Itachi asked his summoning animal and also familiar.

"Well… I mostly kept an eye on the Uchiha stone tablet and made sure it was safe, other than that nothing, so I wouldn't know. But I suppose those frog and snake sages did keep a close eye on them, even the slugs I think." Yukino replied to which Fujiwara widened his eyes at the mentioning of that one artifact.

"You know of the location of the Uchiha stone tablet?" Fujiwara questioned, most likely Jin wanted to find it.

"Yeah, Itachi-sama has it now." Yukino replied.

"How come you didn't tell us about this before?" Fujiwara questioned with a frown at Itachi whom remained stoic and calm.

"The Uchiha stone tablet was given to Itachi Hyoudou before the Rating Game against Raiser Phenex. Therefor I had it before I joined your organization, and before you ask the reason, I didn't say anything to you. First of all, you never asked. Second, I am the true heir of the Uchiha therefor it is my business. And finally, only me and Jin can read it therefor there is no point in telling you, and if Jin wants to look at it he can always ask." Itachi bluntly declared to which Fujiwara looked a little shock at first and clenched his right fist a little, but he decided to let it go.

"Very well, let's just focus on the task at hand." Fujiwara regained his composure and returned his gaze upon the town. "Obviously the scroll will be with a high ranked supernatural being. And in this town the only ones that can come to mind is the Fallen Angel Governor, Azazel. And the Crimson Satan, Sirzechs Lucifer whom visits his little sister from time to time. Then again, it could also be the mightiest female devil, Serafall Leviathan whom also visits her sister from time to time."

"True, although a lot of supernatural beings have been attracted to this place, such as Kokabiel. And the source of them being here always has something to do with the Gremory family's heiress Rias Gremory and her peerage, perhaps it is worth investigating what's going on with them now." Itachi said and Fujiwara sent him a curious look.

"Oh? Are you perhaps using this opportunity to see your other half's old friends?" Fujiwara asked with a sly grin, yet Itachi didn't seem to budge. "Are you perhaps holding any sentimental feelings towards them still?"

"… No, none." Itachi replied emotionlessly, although inside he was hurting from having said those words. "They are merely a potential test for my abilities someday, nothing more than that."

Fujiwara raised a brow, trying to see if Itachi was lying or not about this. Yet he could not read that stoic Uchiha face, seems he's telling the truth for now. "Very well then, where do you suppose they are now?"

"Hmm, judging from Itachi Hyoudou's interactions with them, they mostly hang out in the clubroom at the academy. However, seeing as school is over, they are most likely at home. And I would think they would be at the Hyoudou residence, as I recall Rias Gremory moved in there to get "closer" with Itachi Hyoudou. Perhaps they are still there." Itachi turned towards the direction where the Hyoudou resident laid, and he froze. There was a large building, right on the spot where his old house used to be.

Fujiwara noticed this sudden change of expressions in the Uchiha and raised his brow in confusion. "Is something the matter?"

"Th-The house… wh-what happened to it?" Itachi looked a little dumbfounded at seeing that multi floored story building where his old little peaceful house used to be.

"Huh?" Fujiwara looked even more confused and looked in the direction Itachi was looking. "Has it not always looked like that?"

"No… this is new…" Itachi uttered.

"You said the Gremory girl moved in, right? Perhaps she redecorated the house after you took over Itachi Hyoudou's body." Fujiwara said which was the only possibly explanation, unless some big hotel company bought out his parents' house and they had to move.

"Most likely, well, let's go." Itachi said and jumped down from the building, and onto another one, moving at super speed jumping from building to building, and Fujiwara shortly followed.

Itachi and Fujiwara jumped onto the building across from, what Itachi confirmed by seeing the mailbox, the Hyoudou residence. "Well? Can you see anything?" Fujiwara questioned as Itachi activated his sharingan to see who was in there. He could see the energy signatures of Issei, Rias, Akeno, Xenovia, Kiba, Asia, Gasper and Koneko, all gathered, and Azazel arrived shortly after.

"Seems the entirety of Rias Gremory's group is in there, as well as Azazel whom just arrived through a magic circle." Itachi replied and Fujiwara seemed to believe instantly that Azazel had the scroll and was ready to attack, but Itachi stopped him. "If we attack now, we risk alerting Sirzechs Lucifer, he's most likely put up some kind of traps for intruders like us. We need to watch the situation carefully first before we act." Itachi instructed and Fujiwara nodded in agreement and remained hidden with Itachi.

"Hmm?" Fujiwara widened his eyes at what he saw, someone walked up to the front door of the Hyoudou residence, and it was none other than the Norse God Odin, and two others, a tall gruff looking man with short dark hair and a matching beard, he was dressed in a business suit. And then there was a young silver long haired woman with blue eyes dressed in a business outfit as well. "That is Odin, and not to mention one of the top fallen angels Barakiel, and a Valkyrie. This might be bad for just the two of us." Fujiwara looked a little concerned despite having defeated the old geezer Norse God, he wasn't sure if he could take on Odin, Azazel and Barakiel at the same time.

"No need, if we rush in with more numbers, we risk attracting more attention. It is for the best that the two of us take on this matter alone." At least Itachi had a good idea now who had the scroll, and why Azazel and Sirzechs didn't know anything, Odin must have brought it. "We must wait for the proper moment, and then we split them up. No matter how strong, everyone has a weakness." Itachi narrowed his gaze at the Norse God, as a surprised Issei answered the door.

"Hohoho, I have come to visit." Odin declared and just walked in to the Hyoudou residence with his two attendants.

Issei pov

An old geezer had entered his house, and was at the moment sitting in the VIP room located in the highest floor of the Hyoudou residence. And said old geezer was a God, a Norse God, correction the head of the Norse Gods. The old geezer God was sitting there laughing while talking to Azazel-sensei.

The tension in the air felt hostile, and it all came from Akeno. She had first glared daggers at the scruffy looking guy who came with Odin, and now she avoided looking at him, but her anger was still in the air.

Issei wasn't sure what to do, oh if only nii-san was here, he could maybe find a way to ease the tension. Then again, thinking back on how nii-san was, he would most likely ignore it and let the tension solve itself, although Akeno being involved in this he might have tried. Issei looked rather nervous, and decided to ask. "So, umm, I know who the old geezer is, but who are you two?"

"I am Rossweisse, I am Odin-sama's escort. I will be under your care during our stay in Japan. Nice to meet you all." The silver haired beauty with a bust that rivaled Rias and Akeno gave a polite bow.

"I am Barakiel, I am Odin's guard during his stay here." The man introduced himself which caused Issei to widen his eyes a bit, remembering that name being mentioned during the battle against Kokabiel, but what for? "I am also Akeno Himejima's father." Barakiel added and the final piece was finally put in Issei's mind, causing him to gap.

'What?! Akeno's father?!' Issei questioned in his own mind with a shocked gaping look. What's even more, he could feel the man was strict and for some reason angry, very angry, and he was looking at Issei!

"Barakiel here is what you call a warrior-type. He is a very serious person." Azazel said looking intrigued to see the interaction between father and daughter. "He is also very strong, on par with me in fact. Although in terms of power alone, he is the strongest within the fallen angels." Azazel added to which Issei had a look of awe, Akeno's father must be insanely strong.

"Here's your tea." Rias served Odin some tea, whom was smiling while looking at Rias' breasts. "You don't have to worry about me. But, it seriously is huge. That one is also huge." Odin said casting also a look at Akeno's breasts, causing Barakiel to twitch slightly in annoyance.

"Mou! Odin-sama, you can't look at them with such a perverted gaze! She is the sister of the Maou Lucifer-sama!" Rossweisse scolded Odin and hit him on the head with a fan. And Odin rubbed the sore spot on his head with his eyes half opened.

"Geez, you are so hard headed. Sirzechs's sister is famous for being a beauty with a glamorous body, so it can't be helped if I end up wanting to stare at her breasts. Geez, you have to overreact like that all the time, no wonder you don't have a boyfriend and still a virgin, despite your age." Odin added with a lecherous face, and Rossweisse started to look panicked, very panicked.

"T-T-That has nothing to do with this! I didn't choose to not have a boyfriend! I didn't choose to still be a virgin! Sob!" And now she fell on her knees and started smacking the floor while muffling her cries, and Issei had a look of sympathy for this beauty.

Azazel let out an amused laughter at this display. "Anyway, during the time geezer is staying in Japan, it's decided that we will be his guard. Barakiel is a back up support member from the fallen-angels side. I also have been busy lately, so I only have limited times I can stay here. During then, Barakiel would be looking after all of you in my place."

"I look forward to working with you all." Barakiel bowed his head a little.

"By the way geezer, don't you think you came a bit early to visit here? The date of your arrival should have been a few days ahead. The reason for your visit was to talk to the Japanese Gods right? Michael and Sirzechs would be the middlemen and I would be sitting with you in the meeting…. Right?" Azazel asked while drinking his green tea.

"That's about it. And in our country there is a bit of trouble… There is a troublesome lad against my ways. I thought I should move things faster before he plans one of his dirty tricks. That is why I came early to discuss things with the Japanese Gods. Seeing as until recently we have been unsociable without any connections." Odin said while stroking his long whitebeard, and it didn't look like that was the end of it.

"Why do I feel like there is something else, geezer?" Azazel put up a sarcastic smile.

"Heh, Khaos Brigade has increased their numbers quite a bit. Not only people that can use Sacred Gears and unleash their Balance Breaker, but also… an ancient force has risen." Odin smirked and reached into his coat and pulled out a scroll that caused everyone in the room to widen his eyes. "This Shinobi Faction, seem to be filled with troublesome brats, really troublesome."

"That's a scroll… don't tell me you intend to lure out the Shinobi Faction while you are here?" Azazel's smile vanished and it was replaced with a dead serious glare.

"Indeed, they seemed quite interested in getting these old things." Odin said as he tossed the scroll up and down in his hand. "In fact, I have heard of this one young lad you all are quite familiar with. The one with the ancient spirit of a Shinobi from the old days." The Gremory group all reacted knowing Odin was speaking of Itachi. "One or two of them are bound to come running after me with this, maybe even the lad you all want or perhaps even the lad who defeated me."

"Don't tell me you are doing this just to get back at the one who defeated you?" Azazel raised a brow, knowing Odin wasn't that irresponsible.

"Of course not, I am genuinely interested in that group, and how they plan to achieve their goal. And of course, how they survived for so long without going unnoticed. Besides, these things are practically worthless to us, only a Shinobi can open it." Odin said as the attention was directed onto the scroll in the geezer's hand. "And I know, it could be dangerous in their hands, but sometimes you just have to take a gamble. How about it? Considering how powerful all of us are, don't you think it is worth risking it? To find out where their base is, or to even perhaps get a chance to get your friend back? With me, Azazel-boy, Rossweisse, and Barakiel with you guys as well, I would say our odds are pretty good." Odin smirked.

Issei looked around on the others, he wanted to take that gamble, if nii-san would arrive here himself it would be the perfect opportunity to get him back, if not they can find out where he is. Although Issei would leave it up to Rias Buchou to decide.

Both Rias and Akeno looked like they also wanted to take the gamble just as much as Issei, although Akeno still looked a little wary of her father. Same with Kiba whom wanted his best friend back, and the others wanted him back as well very much. Rias looked at her group and they all gave a nod. "Very well, we will take you up on that bet." Rias declared to which Odin smirked and Azazel let out a sigh.

"Guess it has been decided then… Geezer, are there any places you want to go?" Azazel changed the topic while his face looked more lecherous.

"I sure want to go to the Oppai-pup!" Odin said with an equal lecherous face.

"Haha, you have good taste, Chief God-dono! Hell yeah, let's go there right now then! Young girls from my organization opened up a shop in town for the VIP's recently. I will invite you there then!"

"To be expected from Azazel-boy! You sure know your things! Prepare me a big breasted one right away! I'm going to grope many of them!"

"Follow my lead shitty-geezer! Welcome to Japan!"

"Wait a minute!" Rossweisse stopped the two perverted leaders from leaving.

"What now?" Odin questioned.

"You know what! With that scroll you are a target for the Shinobi Faction, you should remain here with all of us so that we can prepare to take them on!" Rossweisse replied.

"Nah, we will just contact you and you can teleport to us with a magic circle, no big deal." Odin shook it off with a smile, that caused Rossweisse to struggle the urge to punch her leader in the face.

"That might be a bad idea, Odin-sama." Rias was the one to speak this time, gaining the attention of the Norse God. "They are very tricky, and knowing Itachi Uchiha they probably could plan something to prevent us from reaching you with teleportation." She had learned a thing or two with all the confrontations with Itachi Uchiha, and from the one she considered her beloved Itachi as well.

"Oh? In that case I see your point, very well perhaps next time." Odin let out a disappointed sigh same with Azazel.

Itachi pov

Now that Itachi and Fujiwara had confirmed Odin had the scroll, in order to lure them out, things got more complicated. "Great, do you have a plan for this?" Fujiwara questioned.

"Like I said, we will wait for the proper moment, I have found a way to deal with this." Itachi replied, and his eyes caught a glimpse of something, Akeno and Barakiel were in a different room now than the others and from the looks of it they were arguing. He had never seen Akeno like this, she was cold and instead of smiling she had an unpleasant look while talking to her father.

Itachi used his sharingan and read their lips, both Issei's name and his own name came up in the conversation. Seems Barakiel wondered what kind of relationship she had with Issei considering she was living in the Hyoudou residence now as well. Akeno cleared that part up by saying he was like a goofy little brother to her, and a good friend. But for Itachi… things took a different turn in the conversation. In the end Akeno scolded Barakiel for trying to act like a father to her now, after claiming he left her mother to die, and didn't come to help them.

Itachi remained silent and stoic, but on the inside, he was worried about Akeno and her relationship with her father. "So, shall we go?" Fujiwara asked.

"Hn, Yukino tell us when they leave the house, or if they teleport to the underworld. In the meantime, we will see if there are any other threats approaching." Itachi ordered to which Yukino in her crow form bowed her head and kept watch of the Hyoudou residence, while Itachi and Fujiwara vanished.

Issei pov: the next day

After having been to an autograph signing in the underworld for the new hit kid show, Oppai Dragon with the rest of the Gremory group, with him and Xenovia getting the most attention during the signing because of their roles in the show. They were now in the Gremory territory training in a basement where they could go all out in training.

Issei in his Balance Breaker armor chased after Kiba, whom was faster due to his superior knight speed. However, Issei knew he had a few tricks up his sleeve to use. "Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!" Issei increased his speed and flew past Kiba.

Kiba readied a holy demonic lightning sword, while Issei summoned the Ascalon, they both clashed with their blades, while moving around at high speed, and sparks flying around the field.

Kiba managed to gain some distance and stabbed his sword into the ground, he then unleashed his Sword Birth and multiple swords stabbed up around the ground. Issei jumped up, avoiding the blades and dragon like wings grew out from his back. After the experience with Juggernaut Drive these wings were added to his arsenal. And Issei had used his time to train to use these wings so that he could use them to fly. He needed to grow stronger to achieve his goal, that thanks to that old geezer of a God, might be closer than he could imagine.

Issei charged at full speed towards Kiba, whom leaped back and moved at super speed to avoid Issei's attack. Like Issei, Kiba hadn't been slacking off with his training, neither had anyone of the Gremory group. "Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!" Issei increased his speed even more and gained in on Kiba, Issei swung his leg towards Kiba's legs, causing prince charming to trip, and Issei directed the tip of Ascalon towards Kiba's face.

Kiba looked stunned and surprised, he then smiled and let out a chuckle. "Guess it's my loss, you went for my greatest weakness, my legs." Issei pulled away Ascalon and retracted it, he then helped Kiba up and went out from his Balance Breaker, with a wide grin across his face.

"Yeah, back when me and nii-san were kids, I asked him once to teach me some fighting moves so that I could impress a few girls, although that plan failed." Issei let out a small chuckle over thinking about the past. "But when he was teaching me, he always told me to find and exploit my opponents' weaknesses. Although now that I think about it, I never really listened to that advice back then. But now…" Issei looked into his palm and clenched his fist. "… now things are different." Now that Issei was a devil, and had already been in a lot of battles, not to mention having his now mind controlled brother as an enemy, he needed to get stronger.

"I see, senpai was always a great fighter. However, how do you plan on finding other people's weaknesses in battle? I mean, our abilities are known through the underworld so finding our weaknesses for some isn't that difficult." Kiba had a good point, because of their popularity in the underworld right now, their abilities were known by most devils, and a high-class devil could probably make a strategy to deal with them during a Rating Game.

"Yeah, I still need to figure that part out… with you it's easier because I know defense isn't your strong side, especially you not being able to defend your legs that well. But yeah, I still need to figure that part out." Issei smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"And as for you, without you Balance Breaker armor a powerful attack should do the trick. That and how your aura obviously shows when your power increases, the enemy could easily run away from you, and you will waste a lot of energy on them which will drain your stamina." Kiba replied while drinking a sports drink, and looking at Gasper trying to stop a gigantic robot Azazel made for his training. "Some people have obvious weaknesses, while others… others have more hidden weaknesses, such as senpai, or rather Itachi Uchiha." Kiba's gaze narrowed at the thought on the Gremory groups one common goal, to regain their lost comrade.

"Yeah, he has grown so much stronger already, the only weakness I can think of, is his eyes getting overused. Back when nii-san was still… nii-san, sometimes Asia would need to heal his eyes after he had overused them and almost become blind."

"That is true, but there is bound to be more. Sometimes, I wish senpai wasn't that secretive." Kiba stretched his arms and summoned forth a new sword. "So, shall we begin round 2?"

"Heh, bring it, kicking your pretty boy ass to the ground will be fun." Issei gave a friendly smirk as he entered Balance Breaker once more.

Itachi pov: the very next day

Itachi and Fujiwara were watching from afar at the Gremory group and Odin, their opening for an attack seemed to never arise. They had been forced to watch them from a distant as the Gremory group, Azazel, Irina, Rossweisse and Barakiel were with the old Norse God as guards, with Odin, Azazel, Issei, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia and Rossweisse sitting in a wagon flying over the sky of Japan. And on the outside were Barakiel, Kiba, Xenovia and Irina flying around the wagon to protect it.

"Now what, they are about to meet with the Japanese Gods." Fujiwara uttered with slight concern, thinking they would never get the opportunity to strike.

"I have a plan, don't worry…" Itachi looked down onto the streets, and saw a certain pup that might be of Odin's interests. Itachi approached a young woman at the entrance of the pup, whom was handing out flyers. She looked at Itachi for a split second, and he used his sharingan to on her, and the next moment she blinked slowly while looking a little dizzy for a second, and then Itachi was gone.

Odin looked bored while sitting in the wagon, he had wanted to go to the Oppai-pup although Rossweisse had denied him, they had gone sightseeing everywhere else besides that pup. Suddenly something caught his ear, it was a women's voice. He looked out the window of the wagon and saw a young woman speaking through a megaphone.

"A special time offer, once in a life time, our establishment has allowed special service for all our customers from our lovely waitresses!"

The woman was from the Oppai-pup some of Azazel's girls had formed, even Azazel caught interest in this. "They never told me about a special service!" Azazel said with a lecherous face.

"A-And my meeting with the Japanese Gods starts in about a few hours, I say we have time to kill, don't you Azazel-boy?"

"Yeah, we're making a stop!" Azazel declared.

"W-Wait a minute! Odin-sama!" Rossweisse was about to protest.

"Don't be such a kill joy Rossweisse, otherwise you will never get a boyfriend." Odin smirked, as Rossweisse began to panic not giving her time to protest, and before anyone else could say anything, the wagon parked down on a rooftop, and the two leaders rushed towards the pup. And Koneko, Gasper, Asia and Xenovia managed to catch up with them to try and stop them.

"W-Wait, sensei!" Issei called out to Azazel and was about to go after Odin and Azazel, when suddenly he hit a barrier of some kind. "Wh-What the?"

"Issei-san?" Asia and the others minus Odin and Azazel whom were already in the pup turned around.

"Issei, what's wrong?" Rias questioned and noticed the barrier now herself. "What is this? It's not magic… that must mean!"

"Curtesy of Fujiwara Uzumaki, he placed a few tags around this area, and activated it once that old geezer and the Governor went past it. And since we have cleared out all the civilians, we can get to work." An all to familiar voice reached their ears, Rias and Issei looked up at the source and saw Itachi standing on a water tower.

"Buchou, where did-" Akeno and the others from the wagon arrived, and all froze when they saw whom Rias and Issei were looking at. "Itachi…kun?" Akeno widened her eyes, and Barakiel whom arrived just in time, narrowed his gaze at Itachi.

"Senpai…" Kiba uttered with his eyes widened and with a look of surprise, he quickly regained his composure and summoned forth a demonic holy sword, and Irina readied her katana.

"Itachi-kun… how far you have fallen…" Irina uttered with a saddened look seeing one of her childhood friends having become an enemy.

"You are here for that scroll… aren't you?" Rias asked with a look of sorrow, however she put her personal feeling aside no matter how much it pained her heart, and looked at Itachi now with a cold gaze.

"… Yes." Itachi replied emotionlessly.

"Well, we don't have it, although I'm sure you already know."

"Indeed, however Fujiwara will be more than enough against Odin and Azazel." Itachi and Rias both looked at each other with a cold look, and yet in their hearts were only filled with sorrow over having to go up against each other. "Just like I will be more than enough against all of you."

Xenovia tried to cut the barrier with her Durandal, but to no avail. "Don't bother! Xenovia! You guys go after sensei and that geezer! Help them out!" Issei shouted and they nodded.

"Come on!" Xenovia said and rushed in towards the pup, with Koneko, Gasper and Asia, whom hesitated for a moment and wished Issei and the others good luck, and rushed with the others.

Rossweisse then walked past Rias and Issei and looked directly at Itachi. "So, you are the infamous Itachi Uchiha? The returned member of the ancient Uchiha clan?" Itachi didn't respond to the Valkyrie, whom glared at him. "I will not allow you ancient relics to harm Odin-sama." Rossweisse summoned forth her Valkyrie dress battle uniform.

"Hn, you make me sound like an old man." Itachi summoned forth the gunabi to his side and blocked a wave of lightning from Barakiel. "You jump the trigger to quickly, old man." Itachi said emotionlessly as Barakiel growled at him. "Uchiha Reflection!" Itachi reflected back the wave of lighting and they all leaped to the side to avoid the strike as the building they were standing on shattered to a pile of rubble. And they were flying in the air circling around Itachi, while Rossweisse landed onto the pile of rubble. "Six of you against me huh? This will be troublesome." Itachi's body flinched slightly feeling a strong magical presence, he looked around himself seeing multiple magic circles surrounding him, with the source being Rossweisse.

"Let's see you block all of these." Rossweisse flicked her fingers as a barrage fire of magic bullets shot out towards Itachi. Itachi's eyes then morphed into his mangekyou sharingan, he widened his eyes as a spectral aura formed around him, shielding him from the blasts.

"Guess I will have to go serious from the very beginning." Itachi uttered to himself, as out from the smoke left from those attacks, came Barakiel with his right fist surrounded by massive bolts of lightning, and lightning flickering violently around him. Itachi quickly reacted and had the Susano'o form the ribcage, Barakiel's fist connected and the ribcage shattered to pieces. Itachi then held up the gunbai blocking Barakiel's fist, and absorbing the lightning. "Uchiha Reflection!" Itachi reflected the bolts of lightning right back at Barakiel.

The next moment Itachi was slammed into his back by Issei whom had shoulder charged him. "Now!" Issei shouted and punched a small sphere of energy sending a red energy beam flying towards him. Rossweisse didn't waste anytime and shot a barrage fire of magic bullets, Barakiel recovered from the previous attack and shot a thunderbolt down from the sky upon Itachi. The attacks collided and created a massive explosion. "Did we get him?" Issei hovered over the burning smoke cloud.

"Not quite." Itachi's voice replied and everyone turned around to see him standing behind Akeno, holding her in a hold around her neck with his right arm.

"Akeno!" Barakiel shouted his voice filled with concern, yet Akeno didn't respond her anger towards her father just intensified.

"That was one of my clones, I must say I'm quite surprised that you took him out that easily." Itachi complimented while tightening the hold on Akeno. "Now, unless you wish for her to die, I suggest you all back away." Itachi said as Akeno gasped for air a little.

"Let her go!" Rias growled in anger, yet Itachi remained unfaced.

"All I want is the scroll, and while we are waiting for Fujiwara to get it, how about we all just remain calm?" The ground then began shaking, sparks started flying in the air, the pressure was coming from Barakiel.

"Unhand her, now!" Barakiel glared at Itachi as powerful surges of wind blew around him, and lightning struck the ground around him.

"My, my, a father's desire to protect his precious daughter sure is terrifying." Itachi said in a sarcastic tone as he smirked.

"…" Akeno only gritted her teeth in anger, how dare he act like a father now, and not back then.

"I can't believe that my daughter cares for you… or might I go as far as say loves you." Barakiel fumed with anger while looking at Itachi.

"I think you might be mistaken here, Barakiel-san. Your daughter is in love with Itachi Hyoudou, my reincarnate whom I took over, I am Itachi Uchiha the one whom shall become the mightiest Uchiha of all time." Itachi declared while looking calmly at Barakiel.

"No, I am not mistaken. I cannot believe my daughter would fall for someone whom is so weak, that he let himself get taken over that easily." Barakiel declared.

"No… he is not weak…" Akeno uttered to which Barakiel directed his attention towards Akeno. "He is not weak… Itachi-kun… Itachi-kun is… more of a man than you ever will be!" Akeno shouted as tears started to roll down her eyes. "He risked his life many times over, to protect the ones he loved! And even though that lead this to happen to him, he is still fighting inside, because he cares… that's what Issei-kun told us after the battle against Diodora." Akeno's words made Itachi even widen his eyes for a split second, and then he released her. Akeno stepped a few steps forward, before turning around and what she saw caused her to widen her eyes.

Itachi fell on his knees, clenching his hands over his head while screaming in pain. He then started panting slowly, as the screaming died down. Itachi then picked himself up, his right hand still placed at his temple. "Damn him…!" Itachi growled, pretending Itachi Hyoudou just fought back in his own mind to make him release Akeno. Itachi was confident in his acting skills and skills of lying, as everyone seemed to buy it. Just now he was trying to act like a villain while at the same time trying to solve Akeno's problems with her father, by showing that he cared about her.

"… So it would seem." Barakiel uttered and charged at Itachi with his fist raised, and lightning flickering around it. Itachi formed a hand seal, and a wind drill took shape around his left arm, and he slammed it into Barakiel's lightning fist. "In that case, I shall knock the Uchiha spirit right out of him." Barakiel pushed forward and Itachi started skidding backwards.

"And you shall fail." Itachi formed the tiger seal with his right hand, and spitted out a wave of fire into Barakiel and jumped back. As Itachi was flying backwards he, turned around and slammed the wind drill into a sphere of destruction from Rias. And the explosion sent him flying sideways as the wind drill dissolved. When Itachi landed, swords stabbed up from the ground around him, cutting him on the right arm, he leaped up, and was met by Irina whom swung down her katana blade that was blocked by Itachi's gunbai. Itachi pushed her back, although then Kiba attacked from behind, Itachi formed a shadow clone that leaped at Kiba and exploded.

Itachi then landed back on the ground, only to be met by a wave of lightning from Akeno, and then another from Barakiel. Itachi formed the Susano'o in its humanoid state around him to shield him from the blast. Itachi then twitched his eyes in pain as his vision slowly grew worse, he could still make out the figures around him although they were slightly blurry.

This didn't go unnoticed by Kiba and Issei whom both thought at the same time. 'So, it still is a weakness.'

Azazel pov.

Azazel and Odin entered the pup, although neither seemed surprised when they saw that no one was there, except for one person. "You were right Azazel-boy, this was the best way to lure them out." Odin smirked as he looked at Fujiwara wielding Samehada. "Hey there, Uzumaki brat."

Azazel had been informed by Itachi last night, and that if they did not find an opportunity to attack them soon, Fujiwara would get more of the Shinobi Faction with them which could cause some of the Gremory group to lose their lives. Itachi had told Azazel to find a reason to split him and Odin away from Barakiel and Rossweisse at least and most of the Gremory group. Of course, Azazel had told Odin that he thought this would be the best way to lure out the Shinobi Faction if there were only one or two of them watching them, to which Odin agreed.

"Azazel-sensei!" Asia called out as she, Xenovia, Koneko and Gasper ran in, and stopped once they noticed Fujiwara.

"Is he of the Shinobi Faction?" Xenovia questioned and readied her Durandal once she noticed the bandaged massive sword in Fujiwara's hand.

"Yep, meet Fujiwara Uzumaki, the last of the Uzumaki clan. A clan that possess immense chakra and stamina, this guy will be tough to deal with." Azazel informed and formed a spear of light.

"You know a lot, Governor." Fujiwara slammed the tip of Samehada into the ground making a large thud and cracking up the ground.

"Well, I was there during the final days of the Shinobi after all, I know a lot." Azazel smirked, although he had a nervous sweat running down his forehead, considering Itachi had told him Fujiwara and Jin were at Super Devil level, and that Fujiwara defeated Odin.

"I will make this simple for you all, hand over the scroll and nobody dies." Fujiwara released a tremendous amount of pressure, that brought Xenovia, Koneko, Asia and Gasper to their knees.

"Wh-What power…" Xenovia uttered in awe while trembling.

"It's a lot like… Itachi-senpai." Koneko uttered also trembling.

"…" Asia could not speak, she was too stricken with fear, same with Gasper whom tried to stay brave.

"Heh, not on your life brat. I may be old, but like I showed you last time I still got it." Odin smirked and released his power as well, as did Azazel. "And with Azazel-boy here backing me up it won't end like last time."

A smirk then creeped up on Fujiwara's lips. "Last time I was going easy on you, I will admit had Barakiel, that Valkyrie, and the Red Dragon Emperor and the rest of his friends been here. I would have had quite the struggle, especially if you met up with the Japanese Gods, then I would have ended up dead most likely." Fujiwara declared to which they all widened their eyes even more as the pressure increased. "In this state this is my full power." Fujiwara smirked as around him flared a blue fiery aura.

"Stand up Gremory brats, don't listen to him." Odin advised to the youngsters on their knees behind him and Azazel.

"He is underestimating all of you, if we do this right, we can take him, besides." Azazel held out a golden dagger and entered a golden dragon Balance Breaker armor. "You just need to act as support, we will take him head on so don't worry."

"Let's get him, Azazel-boy." Odin summoned forth Gungnir and clashed with Fujiwara's Samehada, and while Odin was holding him off both Azazel and Xenovia attacked from a side each. Fujiwara then formed a hand seal. "Shadow Clone." Fujiwara whispered underneath his breath, and out came two clones of himself clashing with the Fallen Angel Governor and the former Exorcist.

As the one clone pushed Xenovia back, it suddenly froze in time, as Gasper was putting a lot of focus into his Sacred Gear. The little vampire strained himself so much that he started sweating and twitch his eyes, from just trying to hold off one clone. And then Koneko leaped at it and threw a full powered punch through the clone that vanished in a puff of smoke.

"The other one kid!" Azazel called out to Gasper, whom directed his attention to the second clone, it froze and Azazel instantly stabbed it with a light spear making it vanish in a puff of smoke. Fujiwara then formed even more hand seals with his left hand.

Wind Style: Destructive Vortex!

Fujiwara spitted out a massive surge of wind around him, sending Xenovia, Koneko, Gasper and Asia flying back and crashing into the walls of the pup, while Azazel and Odin remained standing, although they looked like they struggled. "Quite the lungs on this brat." Odin smirked and spun Gungnir to send a magical wave crashing into Fujiwara, whom grabbed a hold of the wave and skidded back. Azazel then added with a trident spear of light pushing Fujiwara back even more, and right through the wall of the pup.

"Samehada!" Fujiwara called out, although the sword hesitated and let out a shriek. "I don't care if you don't like it, just eat it!" Fujiwara scolded the sword like it was a little child refusing to eat its vegetables. Samehada then let out another shriek and absorbed the magical energy somewhat, weakening it enough so that Fujiwara could dissolve it with pure physical strength.

Water Style: Giant Water Sharkbomb!

Fujiwara then blasted out a shark shaped water missile at the size of the pup, and destroyed it in a powerful explosion. Azazel and Odin leaped out from the rubble carrying the Gremory group members. "Let's-" Before Odin could finish his sentence, he vomited out blood as Fujiwara was in front of him, with his fist dug deep into the old God's stomach. Despite the pain, Odin smirked. "Little punk…" Odin uttered as Fujiwara reached into his coat and grabbed the scroll.

"I got it! Let's go!" Fujiwara called out to Itachi whom recovered from the pain in his eyes. The barrier vanished and Itachi quickly leaped over to Fujiwara whom was about to use the reverse summoning seal to teleport them away.

"No! Stop them!" Issei shouted and they flew towards them, and just when Fujiwara was about to teleport away with Itachi, they felt a powerful presence.

"Wh-What?" Fujiwara looked up and saw a young man with long silver hair, dressed in similar clothing to Odin except the main color was black.

"Who is that?" Itachi questioned with a raised brow, while Odin and Rossweisse looked surprised, Azazel cursed beneath his breath, while Barakiel went in a defensive manner in front of his daughter.

"Beats me, I thought he was with you guys…" Issei replied.

The man lifted his robe and looked down on them like he was superior to them. "Nice to meet you everyone! I am the Evil-God of Northern Europe! Loki!" The Evil-God known as Loki introduced in a very mightily tone.

"E… Evil-God? He's from the same place as the Geezer?" Issei questioned with a surprised look of shock.

"Loki a Norse God." Rias said as she stood next to Issei.

"Ah yes, the trickster God of the north, I have heard about him in some Norse mythology." Itachi remembered the time when he was just Itachi Hyoudou, a normal high school student, he had heard about this God in a history lesson relating to Scandinavia and the Vikings. "Well, since he called himself Evil, is he with Khaos Brigade?"

"Not from my knowledge." Fujiwara replied end eyed the trickster God with the same confused look as everyone else, what does he want? What is he doing here?

Azazel flew up to the trickster God. "If it isn't Loki-dono. To meet you in a place like this. Do you have some business with us? Or perhaps the old man?" Azazel asked calmly and Loki crossed his arms in response.

"Our chief-God left our organization to get in touch with the other factions, and that is very painful to endure." Loki spoke in a tone like that of a true villain from a kids show.

"You are quite arrogant to say that up front, Loki." Azazel said with a voice mixed with anger.

"Fuhahahaha, if it isn't the Governor of the Fallen Angels! Normally I wouldn't want to meet you or the devils, but it can't be helped. Along with Odin you shall receive my punishment."

"So it's okay for you to get in touch with other factions? That's contradictory."

"It's okay if it is to destroy the other factions. I don't agree about having peace. It is your religion that stepped foot on our soil and spread the bible after all."

"There's no point in saying those things to me. Say that to Michael or the deceased God from the bible." Azazel replied while scratching his head.

"Either way, it is a problem for the chief-God Odin to negotiate with the Gods of the Far East. Then we won't be able to have the day of "Ragnarok". What is it you wish to obtain by trading for the information regarding Yggdrasil?"

Azazel pointed his finger at Loki. "I will ask you one thing! Are your actions connected with that of the Khaor Brigade?"

"I believe that he is not, Governor!" Itachi was the one to reply, and Loki looked at him and Fujiwara with a raised brow.

"Oh? Are those of Khaos Brigade? I can't believe you would mix me up with such simple-minded terrorists, it sickens me.

"He seems rather sure of himself." Itachi commented.

"Doesn't really matter what he is here for, we have the scroll our business is done. Let's head back while they are distracted with him." Fujiwara suggested and was about to get them out of there, however Itachi stepped out from the summoning circle. "What are you doing?"

"According to you, two shinobis were able to stand up to thousands of gods, I am confident those were Naruto and my younger brother Sasuke, correct?" Itachi looked back at Fujiwara whom nodded. "In that case, I am curious how this God will fair against me." Itachi gave the most malicious smirk he could, while in reality he just wanted to make sure Rias, Akeno, Issei and all the others were safe, and in his mind, this was as good of an excuse as any for him to help them.

"I see, your desire for power seems to be true after all. Very well, I am confident that you can defeat him. I trust you can make it back to our base by yourself?" Fujiwara said as he readied to transport himself and the scroll out of there.

"I will find a way." Itachi replied as Fujiwara vanished with the scroll in hand in a puff of smoke.

"Oh no! They got away-" Issei stopped midsentence seeing Itachi was still here. "What the…? Don't tell me your comrade ditched you?"

"Heh, you should feel happy Hyoudou Issei, you get a wish of yours granted here today." Itachi said in a calm and emotionless tone, to which the Gremory group raised their brows.

"What do you mean?" Rias questioned looking a little wary.

Itachi looked into the blue eyes of Rias glaring at him, and then turned to face Loki whom was hovering over them with Rossweisse trying to make him stop, and instead try to present his case during the official meeting. "I will assist you in taking on this so called Evil-God." Itachi's statement brought confused looks to the Gremory group, why would he help them? "If you are wondering why, I simply wish to test my powers against a God." Once he said that, they all had a look that said "figures" on their faces.

"Odin, are you still planning to continue doing something which is outside our Norse world?" Loki asked the chief-God of the Norse.

"Yup. Talking to Sirzechs and Azazel is ten thousand times more interesting than talking to you. I want to know about Japanese Shinto. They also have interest in our Yggdrasil. After we make peace, I'm thinking of exchanging our cultures by sending out each of our messengers."

Hearing those words brought a smirk on Loki's face. "I have confirmed your plans. Such foolish act. Let's have a display of powers here then." A chill of pressure was suddenly felt in the air, and it was directed at Odin.

"So, I can take this as a declaration of battle, right?" Azazel asked in a threatening tone.

"Take it as however you want it to be." Loki said when suddenly a wave from Xenovia hit him, although it didn't look like it did anything to the Norse God. "Holy Sword huh? It has impressive power, but it isn't enough to take on a God yet. It's no different than a gentle breeze." Loki mocked although then he widened his eyes as he felt a jabbing pain to his chest, he vomited out blood and looked down to see Itachi with a stoic face punching his chest, with a chakra infused fist. Itachi then spun his body and delivered an upper kick to the back of Loki's head sending him crashing to the ground.

"How was that? If that hurt you then your power as a God is puny." Itachi landed in front of the crater formed from where Loki fell.

"Don't get cocky, you just got me with my guard down, you mere insect." Loki got back up and didn't seem to have taken that much of a damage from that attack. "Who do you think you are? Attacking a God." Loki glared at Itachi whom looked unfaced and then gave the God a smirk.

"I am Itachi Uchiha of the Shinobi Faction, pleasure to meet you, Loki-san."

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