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Since he had been staying at the Gilmore house for about month now Luke rarely found time for himself, not that this was a bad thing, he loved hanging out with the two of them more than anything but for someone that lived alone for so long it could get a little too crowded for him at times. He had tried to go running every morning but with the girls keeping him up so late watching movies at night he had resorted to sleeping in till work most every morning, but today however he didn't have to be into work till later in the day so he decided it would be a good time to go for one of his morning runs. With most of the town still asleep, he ran the streets as the sun rose further into the sky. When he reached a small path near a stretch of trees he saw Rachel, she was focused completely on the photo she was taking of the sun beams passing through the trees.

"Morning." Luke said, walking up behind her.

"Morning." Rachel said then turned to him, she looked away from her camera and smiled. "I'm going around getting photo's of the town."

"It's that time of the day."

"I always liked morning shots."

"I remember."

Rachel glanced at him, noticing his sweatpants and sweatshirt attire and the reddish tint to his face. "Morning run?"

"Yeah." Luke said with a nod.

"So Lorelai's not a runner?"

"Not unless she hears the beginning credits of a movie or anything that involves food."

Rachel chuckled. "That is probably a good thing, you were never a fan of me running with you."

"Because you were the only person I knew who could run faster than me and you would tease me constantly for it, do you not remember that part?"

"I remember, I just wanted you to admit I was faster." She said, making Luke smile. "Want to race?"

"I don't know about tha-"

"Go!" She yelled, cutting him off then she started running.

"Wait." Luke said, running after her to try and catch up. He chased shortly behind her till they stopped just shy of a small footbridge, Luke bend down putting his hands on his knees and took a breath. "How can you run that fast with a camera bag?"

"I got used to running with it." Rachel said as they started walking the bridge, and through more of the path.

"Do you run after cheetahs?"

"I've tried a couple times, they are a bit out of my league."

They reached the end of the path and came out near an old abandoned Inn, Luke looked at it closely. "Is this Dragonfly?"

"I forgot this was back here." Rachel said, pulling her camera out from it's bag.

Luke walked around the front porch while she took pictures, he peaked in through the windows and looked at the structure of the building. "This place has good bones." He said, walking back over to Rachel. "The porch needs to be completely redone, new shutters and some paint would help."

"You thinking about buying the Dragonfly Inn?"

"No, not me. Lorelai and her best friend are always talking about opening their own inn someday, I think they would really like this place."

"You think Fran would sell it?" Rachel said, taking a seat on the front steps. "She always turns down offers in the past."

Luke looked at the building again before sitting down next to her. "I'm not even sure if they would want it, but if they did I could talk to her."

Rachel looked over at Luke and smiled. "You really care about her."

"Fran?" Luke asked unsurely.

"Lorelai." She said with a chuckle. "You seem like you would do anything for her."

"I would."

"Lucky girl."

"What about you, you have any guys chasing you around the world?"

Rachel smirked. "Not any that I want chasing me."

"You've had to have meet someone you liked."

"I didn't look very hard, I kind of just assumed I'd end up with you someday."

Luke paused a second then looked over at her. "What?"

"It's stupid of me to think I could just come and go all the time and when I finally decided to settle down you'd be here waiting for me."


"No, no." Rachel said quietly. "I didn't want this to be weird, I'm not asking you to leave Lorelai or anything like that. I am actually very happy you found someone, I just wanted to let you know that you meant something to me, and now I can move on."

Luke smiled weakly. "I'm sorry I couldn't be the guy that was always there for you."

"You be the guy who is always there for Lorelai, I'll be okay."

"So, you came back for me?"

"Kind of, I knew it was possible you had moved on. In the past I always had lucky timing, you had usually were single or just gotten out of a relationship like with Anna."

"Anna." Luke said with a laugh.

"Sorry, blast from the past?"

"No, I see Anna every week now."

"You do?" Rachel asked and Luke nodded awkwardly. "You aren't, you know, with Anna?"

"No!" Luke replied defensively. "You know me better than that."

"Well, you looked so guilty when I brought her up."

"We have a daughter together, her name is April."

Rachel looked at him surprised. "You have a kid?"

"I do."

"You dated Anna again after I left?"

"April is seven, she didn't tell me about her. Then I bumped into them at a store a few weeks back."

"Does Lorelai know about this?"

"She is the first person I told, she's been really helpful with everything and her and Anna seem to get along well."

"Why didn't Anna tell you about her?"

"She came to talk to me once after we broke up, that time you were staying with me."

"That explains why she got so upset."


"So, how you like being a dad?"

"It was really weird at first, I was worried I'd say or do the wrong thing and she would hate me. But she's a great kid and she likes seeing me, she even calls me dad." Luke said, making Rachel laugh. "Why is that so funny?"

"It's just funny to think of you getting called dad, I knew you before you could pronounce your R's correctly."

Luke chuckled. "I always called you Wachel."

"And I thought you were teasing me in some way so I kicked you in the leg."

"Then you proudly told all the boys in preschool that you made me cry, totally messed up my rep."

Rachel laughed. "We've came a long way since then, you're a dad now."

"I still don't believe it myself, I just hope I don't screw it up."

"You won't, I always knew you'd be a great dad."

"She gave me a picture of her plant she grew in school, she told me it reminded her of how we grow with time and love and it made me think about all the years I wasn't there to tuck her in at night, read her bedtime stories and check her closet for monsters. I didn't get to see her first steps, or hear her first word. I wish I could have been there, but I also don't blame Anna for keeping her from me."

"How could you not blame her?"

"Lorelai's daughter, Rory, has a dad who hasn't been a big part of her life. He wouldn't call or show up when he was supposed to and that killed her, and it killed Lorelai to see her so disappointed. So if Anna believed I could have caused that same pain to April then I'm glad she didn't tell me. Even if I knew that wasn't true and no matter how much I wish I could have been there, it made it easier knowing she had someone who cared enough to make sure our daughter was happy."

"Sounds like she has two pretty incredible parents."

"Well till she hits her teen years, I don't know what I'm going to do once the subject of boys comes up."

"I'm sure you will scare some sense into them and they will treat her good."

"I hope I can scare them away completely."

"I'm sure you could, but when your little girl tells you she likes him you will soften up and cave."

"Luckily I have years before I have to deal with that kind of stuff."

"I'll have take a trip back here in a few years to make sure you haven't committed any felonies."

"So, you're leaving?"

"I got a nine o'clock flight tomorrow morning."

"Do you need a ride to the airport?"

"I'll take a cab."

"I'll make you breakfast before you leave, at the diner, and we can say goodbye."

Rachel smiled. "Okay, I'm looking forward to it."

"I should be getting home now, the girls will be waking up soon." Luke said standing up.

Rachel stood up. "You going to tell Lorelai about the inn?"

"I think I'll talk to Fran first, make sure buying it is even an option before I get her excited."

"Good idea."

"Well, I'll see you later."

"Bye, Luke." Rachel said then walked walked off.

Back at home Lorelai started waking up again, she had been awake an hour before but ended up going back to sleep after she saw Luke had already left. She was still having trouble getting sleep but it wasn't as bad as it had been the first few nights. She got a great night's rest after the firelight festival, her and Luke had stayed a few hours and all the worry about Rachel being there disappeared. But the last few days while she was in town it had came back, Luke was spending time with her and she was helping him out at the diner while she was staying at his old place. She didn't peg Rachel as the type of girl to go for a soon to be married man but then again she didn't know her that well, besides Luke could have caved and told her the truth by now. She told herself she was worried about Luke getting caught lying and losing April which was a big part of it too, but deep down it felt strange thinking of Luke with another girl. She worked up the energy to climb out of bed, grabbed a couple towels and her robe before heading towards the bathroom. When she got into the hallway she almost ran into Luke who was about to go into the bathroom.

"Hey." Luke said, stopping shy of the door.

"Morning." Lorelai said, looking at him through her tired eyes. "You were gone so long I figured you were at work already."

"No, I don't work till later, I went for a run."

"You run way too long."

"I wasn't running the whole time, I was with Rachel."

Lorelai nodded. "Oh, with Rachel?"

"Yeah, talking, catching up, stuff like that." Luke said then looked over at the bathroom door. "Are you about to take a shower?"

"Ah, yeah."

"I'll just shower at my place." Luke said, getting ready to walk away.

"I won't be that long."

"I know, but I want to wash the sweat off and I have some stuff to do."

"You said you don't work till later."

Luke glanced around awkwardly, avoided making eye contact with her. "It's not work related, I just have something to do."

"Alright, I guess I'll see you later then."

"I'll be home at eight, so if you and Rory want some dinner stop by the diner."

"We're doing movie night so we'll probably just order pizza."

"Okay, I'll ah, see you later." Luke said then disappeared downstairs. Lorelai snuck down the staircase quietly as she heard him digging through his closet, she backed up when she saw him walking towards the front door with a black pair of slacks, a button up shirt and a pair of dress shoes in his hands. He left the house and Lorelai took a seat on the stair she had been standing on, she took a deep breath and covered her mouth with her hand. She was pretty sure she knew what was going on now.

Luke freshly showered and all dressed up sat at a table at Westons, waiting for Fran to find a minute to come sit with him. Fran walked over to him, smiling as he got up and helped her take a seat before returning to his.

"Thanks for meeting with me, Fran."

"I've always got time for an old friend, Lucas. What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I wanted to ask you about your Inn, the Dragonfly. I'd really like to buy the inn from you, along with Lorelai and Sookie."

"My family has a lot of history with that Inn, yours too. Me and your mother had sleepovers there all the time as kids, it's where we meet your father."

"Lorelai and Sookie would honor the family legacy of the place, they'd be perfect owners."

"If it were only up to me I'd be happy to sell it to you Lucas, you are basically family. But I'll have to talk to my sister about it, she's on dialysis right now and not doing so well."

"I'm really sorry to hear about Barbara, I hope she recovers soon."

"I told her about you and Lorelai, and she said to tell you congratulations."

"Tell her thank you." Luke said with a smile. "And no pressure on selling, if either of you don't want to it's okay."

"If she says she is okay with it I don't see any reason we couldn't sell it to you."

"Thank you."

"Now let me get you some pie." Fran said standing up.

"Fran-" Luke said, trying to stop her.

"I'm getting you strawberry rhubarb, it was always your favorite as a kid." She said ignoring him as she walked to the counter, he smiled to himself.

Later that evening Lorelai and Rory were back at the house, already halfway through their first movie. Rory kept the commentary going by herself most the time, Lorelai sat quietly on the couch swinging around the twizzler in her hand. Rory glanced over at Lorelai then grabbed the remote and paused the movie, Lorelai hearing to sudden loss of sound looked up at the television.

"Hey, what'd you stop it?" Lorelai asked, looking at Rory.

"You don't seem as into this as you usually are, is something wrong?"

"Just thinking about some stuff."

"Luke stuff?"

"What gave it away?"

"I've seen you act like this anytime you are in a fight with him, so what'd he do?"

"We aren't in a fight." Lorelai said, picking at the side of her candy with her finger nail. "I'm overthinking something that happened earlier."

"What happened earlier?"

"Luke came home from a run and he was acting all strange, I brought up that he had been running for a long time and he said he was talking to Rachel too."

"About what?"

"I didn't ask, he just said they were catching up, then he wanted to shower but I was about to use it so he said he would go back to his place and take one. I told him I wouldn't be long but he said he wanted to wash the sweat off and that he had something to do, I got him to tell me it was non work related but that's all."

"Maybe he just wanted to shower after his run and do some shopping or something."

"Why wouldn't he just say that then?"

"Because anytime he tells you he is going to the store you give him a long list of junk to buy."

"He was acting different, like he was up to something."

"And you think that something was Rachel related?"

"It makes sense, he ran into her and they catch up. One of them make a move then bam, secret rendezvous."

"Yes, or he just went shopping, or a millon other reasonable things." Rory said sarcastically.

"He wore fancy clothes."

"How do you know that?"

"I watched him leaving the house after we talked, he was bringing nice clothing with him."

"You were spying on Luke?"

"You can't spy in your own house."

"Where we you when you were watching him leave?"

"Hiding behind that wall." Lorelai said, pointing to wall at the middle of the staircase.


"You're making it seem a lot worse that it was."

"You should have just talked to Luke about it like I suggested, then you wouldn't have to be worried about it."

"Are you saying I should have told Luke not to date her because you think he is dating her again?"

"That's not what I said."

"It's what you are making it sound like."

Rory exhaled. "Can we watch the movie and not worry about this till you talk to him?"

"Okay, play the movie." Lorelai said then Rory started the movie back up.

At the diner Luke closed up and starting wiping down the tables when he got a phone call from Fran, she told him she had talked to her sister and they both agreed it would be a good idea to sell the Inn to him and the girls. The two talked numbers, coming to a price that was great for the both of them and Luke asked if it would be okay if he could show it to them before they go any further, she told him to come over to Weston's pick up a key before he went home. He got home later than usual after stopping and talking with her for awhile about his plans to show them it tomorrow, which Lorelai noticed looking at the clock as the front door opened.

Luke kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room. "Hey."

Rory paused the movie and looked at her watch. "Kirk wouldn't leave?"


"Mom said you would be off work at eight."

"Oh, I had to run a few errands after I cleaned up."

"Dry cleaning?" Lorelai asked.

Luke glanced at her oddly. "No, I have a washer."

"Dry cleaning is for fancy clothes."

Rory elbowed Lorelai then looked back at Luke. "You want to watch the movie with us? We just started this one so we could catch you up."

"No thanks." He told Rory then looked at Lorelai. "I'm actually really tired so is it okay if I sleep upstairs till you are ready for bed?"

"Go for it." Lorelai said.

"Thanks, night." Luke said and walked up the stairs.

Rory looked over at Lorelai. "Okay, he was acting really strange."

"I told you!" Lorelai said, pointing her index finger at her. "And when does Luke ever say words like errands?"

"You think he was with Rachel?"

"He told me about this, he said every time she comes he falls for her again. I should have stopped it, and now he is in love with her again."

"Maybe things will work out this time, she might be ready to stay."

"That is even worse."

"Why is that worse? I thought you didn't want her to break his heart again."

"What will Anna think if he does this again? He did it when he dated her, Rachel came back then suddenly Anna and him were over."

"He said they were already broken up."

"Anna might have told Luke about April if Rachel wasn't there when she came to see him at the diner."

"She said that wasn't why, she didn't think Luke was ready."

"This is still going to end badly, I know it."

"Will you just go talk to Luke before you have a panic attack."

"That isn't Luke upstairs, it's some robot who says things like 'errands'."

"Go upstairs, talk, and see what he has to say."

"Fine." Lorelai said standing up from the couch. She walked upstairs and peeked into the bedroom where Luke was lying in bed, already fast asleep. She decided to leave him be and go back downstairs, sitting on the couch next to Rory again. "He's asleep."

"That was quick."

"He's probably wore out after the day he had."

"I know what you are hinting at and gross, mom."

"Play the movie." Lorelai said, not wanting to talk about him anymore. Once they were finished with the three movies they had picked out Rory went to bed and Lorelai went upstairs to her room, she changed into her pajamas in the bathroom then sat down on her bed next to Luke. She looked at Luke who was facing her side on the bed then she reached over and placed her hand on his arm, rubbing it lightly to wake him.

"Luke, hey Luke. Wake up." She said quietly.

"Not now, babe. I'm too tired." He mumbled, eyes still shut.

Lorelai quickly pulled her hand away from him. "Luke?"

"Fine, but you're doing all the work."

Her jaw dropped looking over at him, was he talking about what she thought he was talking about? "Do you know who you are talking to, Luke?"

"Lorelai." He said and her eyebrows shot to the top of her forehead, he opened his eye slightly to look at her.

"You want to-"

Luke cut her off. "I'm messing with you, Lorelai."

"You're hilarious." She said with a grin.

"You probably want your bed back."

"I don't mind if you stay, you look cozy there."

He smiled at her and shut his eyes again. "Okay." He said softly, already started to doze back off.

Lorelai stared down at him a moment. "Are you sleeping with Rachel?" She blunted out.

Luke's eyes shot open at the accusation. "What?" He asked as he sat up some on the bed.

"Today you were acting different and you said you were catching up with her, if that's the term the kids are using these days."

Luke reached up and wiped his tired eyes. "I'm not sleeping with Rachel, she thinks we are engaged."

"Okay, but if she knew the truth would you be?"

He squinted over at her. "I really hate talking about this."

"Would you be?" She asked, making him exhale.

"No, I wouldn't be sleeping with her."

"You wouldn't?"

"You told me you wouldn't go back to Christopher because you deserved better, and that made me think I deserved better than an on again off again relationship every time she was missing the simple life and ran back to me."

"You do." Lorelai said with a smile.

"Today she told me she thought we would end up together someday."

"She said that to you while she thinks you were engaged to me?"

"She didn't mean it the way you are thinking, she wanted me to know she loved me but now she is going to move on, and she is happy I found someone."

"She is moving on?"

"She's leaving tomorrow."

Lorelai smiled to herself then looked over at him. "I'm sorry things never worked out for you two."

Luke looked over at her and grinned slightly. "Were you worried I was with her again?"

"I didn't want to see her hurt you again, and it could have messed things up with April."

"I wouldn't jeopardize everything I got going."

"With April?"

Luke nodded. "Yeah, with April."

"Sorry for freaking out on you, you can go back to sleep."

"Night, Lorelai." Luke said then turned over and laid back down.

"Night, Luke." She laid down and closed her eyes, finally she could get some sleep again.

The next morning Luke went to the diner early and made Rachel breakfast like he had promised, then they talked awhile till her cab got there. The two of them walked outside and Luke helped her put her bags into the truck, Rachel went to the door and stopped looking back at Luke.

"It was great seeing you again, Luke." She told him with a smile.

"Same here."

"I'll check back in with you when I get the chance, just remember threatening teenage boys can get you in trouble now that you're an adult, so make sure there's no proof." She said making him smile. She leaned in to give him a quick kiss, nothing romantic, just a simple goodbye. "Bye, Luke."

"Bye, Rachel." He said then he opened her door and she climbed in, he shut it behind her and watched as it drove off, waving to her through the car window.

"You sad she's leaving?" Lorelai said, walking up behind him.

"No, I'm alright." Luke said looking back at her. "What are you doing up this early?"

"My bed suddenly got very cold when you left, I couldn't fall back to sleep."

"You want some breakfast? We can go inside and I'll have Caesar make you something."

"Naw, I was gonna go into the inn early today to get some stuff done, I'll get something there."

"Okay, I'll see you later." Luke said as she walked off without saying another word.

Getting most of her work done earlier that day Lorelai was able to leave the inn and get home by three. She was hungry but she didn't feel like going to the diner after what she had saw this morning, she had been pulling up in her jeep when she saw their kiss. She knew it was nothing to worry about, not that she even had any real hold on him but it still bothered her to watch. And she didn't want to tell him she had seen it after accusing him of sleeping with her the night before. Suddenly she heard the front door open and moments later Luke appeared in the kitchen.

"Hey." He said, looking at her sitting at the dining table. "You're home early."

"Hoping for an empty house?"

"No, only pointing out that you are home early."

"Slow day, they come about as often as Halley's comment."

Luke glanced into Rory's room then back at Lorelai. "Is Rory home yet?"

"You really don't want be alone with me here, do you?"

"That it not why I'm wondering, I want to show you both something."

"She'll be here any minute, what are you showing us?"

"You will have to wait for Rory to get here to see."

"Can I have a hint?" She asked eagerly.

"Your hint is to wait till Rory gets home."

"Are you showing me Rory? Because honestly Luke, I know what my daughter looks like by now."

"Just wait."

"I'm not good with waiting, I start creating random sernois in my head and that is never a good thing."

"You are an adult, you can wait a few minutes for your daughter to get home."

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing?"

"I think it would be a good thing if you like it."

"Oh, slip and slide?"

"It's fifty degrees out."

"Is it a bunny?"

"Yes, it is. I'm a magician and it's been hiding under my hat the whole time." Luke said sarcastically.

"You can hide a rabbit in a baseball cap?"

"It makes my trick further advanced than all the others."

"Does it involve snacks?"

"Will you knock it off."

"Well I'm starving."


They heard Rory walk in the front door and they both said, "Finally."

Lorelai looked up at Luke. "Get whatever you want to show us."

"We have to walk to it."

"Rory, keep on your shoes." Lorelai said, hopping up from her chair and walking with Luke to the foyer. She grabbed her coat and put it on then slipped both feet into her shoes.

"What's going on?" Rory asked looking at them both in wonder.

"I told your mom I wanted to show you both something." Luke explained.

"Oh no, how long ago was that?"

"Like two minutes ago."

"That's two minutes too long."

"Ready!" Lorelai said, opening the front door. The three of them walked outside and the girls starting following Luke. "Where is it?"

"You will see when we get there."

"Is this like some trick to get us to go for a walk?"

Rory chimed in. "That'd be a good trick."

"It's not a trick." Luke said.

"Give us another hint." Lorelai insisted.

"Use your energy for walking faster instead of talking and we will get there faster."

"So it's a 'there'."

Rory pointed over at the diner as they walked through the square. "Oh, is it Luke's?"

"It is." Luke said. "I walked you two blocks so I could show you the diner."

Lorelai frowned at him. "That's not very fun."

"It's not the diner."

Lorelai leaned over to Rory as they walk and whispered, "You think we could break him before we get there?"

"It's hard to break Luke, but if anyone could it would be us." Rory whispered back.

Luke cut in. "You aren't breaking me, you are also really bad at whispering."

"Shoot." Lorelai said, snapping her fingers. "Now he knows our plan."

"We are almost there."

"This surprise is exhausting." Lorelai said as they started walking over the footbridge. "I wonder where the Armbrusters are."

"The who?"

"Mean duck family." Rory explained.

"Of course." Luke said as they walked through a wooded path, he stopped suddenly and turned around. "Okay, stop."

Lorelai looked around. "Our surprise is a bunch of trees?"

"Lorelai, close your eyes." Luke said then she closed her eyes, leaving one peeked open some. "I can see you peeking." He said then walked behind her, putting his hand over her eyes and his other on her shoulder so he could guide her. They walked a little further on the path then Luke stopped, keeping her eyes covered. Rory noticed the inn then turned to Luke and smiled big. "Ready?"

"Has my nagging you not already make that clear?" Lorelai asked then he uncovered her eyes, she looked at the inn and read the old Dragonfly sign before looking back at Luke. "What are we doing at the Dragonfly?"

"You told me how Sookie and you wanted to open your own inn someday, and I don't know if this is what you are looking for but if you like it I already talked to Fran who owns the place and she is giving you a great deal for it. It needs a lot of work too, but once it's done you could make turnover by year two, and I could cover whatever is leftover cost wise. I could be a partial owner or an investor, what ever you are comfortable with." He explained then Lorelai stared at him then back at the inn.

"Mom, are you going to says anything?" Rory asked.

"This place is beautiful."

"You like it?" Luke asked.

"I love it." Lorelai said, smiling over at him. "Can we look around?"

"I got the keys last night after work." Luke said, pulling them out of his pocket.

Rory smiled at Lorelai. "That's why you were late."

"I had to be brief about it, if I would have told you anything else you would have broke me for sure." Luke glanced over at Lorelai who was looking at the inn with amazement. "Shall we?"

"Yeah." Lorelai said then they both followed him up the porch, he unlocked the door and they all walked inside.

"I opened the windows earlier so we could see and to air it out a bit, there was also a ton of cobwebs in here, walked right into one of them." Luke said and both girls looked around the room when they heard a knock at the door.

Lorelai looked back at the door then over to Luke. "Do you already have a guest booked?" She asked, he smiled and walked over to the door letting Sookie inside. "Sookie?"

"Luke, you weren't exaggerating on the phone, this place is amazing." Sookie said looking around as she walked over to Lorelai.

"You knew about this?"

"Only for a few hours, Luke said to meet you here after I saw you walk by."

"What do you think, is it something you would be interested in?" Luke asked.

Sookie walked down a hallway and yelled, "Oh, we could put the kitchen back here!"

Lorelai laughed as they followed her. "I think that is a yes."

"You are buying the inn?" Rory asked.

"They can look around more before they decide, you haven't seen the upstairs yet or the stables outside."

Lorelai gasped. "Stables? We could have horses?" She said then grabbed onto Sookie's arm. "Sookie, we could have horses!"

Rory chuckled looking over at Luke. "I'm not sure they'll have to see that to decide."

Luke took the three of them on a tour of the place, he showed them the upstairs, the stables and the trails behind the inn they could walk the horses on then they went back to the front yard.

"Lorelai, what do you think?" Sookie asked.

"It's everything we wanted."

"It's yours if you want it." Luke told them.

Sookie looked over at Lorelai and smiled. "I do if you do, Lorelai."

"I want it, it's perfect." Lorelai said, staring at the inn.

"I'll let Fran know." Luke said.

"Does someone want to help me measure the rooms?" Sookie asked, pulling a tape measure out of her purse.

"You brought a tape measure?"

"I need to know if the kitchen is big enough."

"I'll help you, Sookie." Rory said.

"And if it's not big enough we can knock down some walls." Luke told them as they walked into the inn.

Lorelai smiled at him. "You shouldn't have told her that, she will have you in here with a sledge hammer tomorrow."

"I'd be happy to do it, but we should probably wait till after we pay for the place."

"What made you think of this?"

"When I was going for my run Rachel and I found it, we forgot it was even back here but she took pictures and I looked around. It looked like something you would like, and it's in Stars Hollow so you don't have to drive far everyday, and we get a lot of tourists here."

"But you went to Fran, and you are offering to help pay for it."

"You have helped me so much this last month, I don't know if I can ever pay you back for everything you have done but I'm hoping this is a start."

"This isn't just a start, this has been my dream for years."

"Well, you're always telling me all that crap about dreams coming true."

"It's not looking like crap right now." Lorelai said then she linked arms with Luke. "Thank you, Luke.

"This is your thank you." Luke said, gesturing towards the inn.

"You are really good at thank you's."

"You're sure this is the place you want?"

"One hundred percent, I couldn't have picked a better place." She said then she stood staring at it awhile then before looking over at Luke. "Hey, Luke?"

"Yeah?" He asked, looking at her.

"I think we should kiss."

"Ah." He paused, unsure of what to say. "You think we should-"

She cut him off. "Like in front of the town, when we say goodbye we should kiss so it's more believable that we are a couple."

"Can't we just tell them I don't like kissing in public?"

"Is that true though, do you not kiss in public?"

"I have before."

"So they probably already know you don't mind doing it, they will figure out you're lying. And they know I'm not shy."

"I guess we could kiss goodbye in front of them."

Lorelai smiled. "We should probably do a practice kiss first, it would be pretty embarrassing if we place went in for a kiss and bumped heads. They would know it was our first time doing it then."

"A practice kiss?"

"Yeah, nothing special, just a small little peak on the lips."

Luke stared at her a moment waiting to see if she was being seriously, from the looks of it she was. "Okay." He said hoarsely.

Lorelai looked right into his eyes as she set her hand on his cheek, he let his hand rest on her side. Neither of them had to think about it after this and they both leaned in and their lips met, it was short and sweet but it definitely was more than a peak on the lips. When they pulled away they both stared into each other's eyes till they heard the inn door open and they split apart instantly.

"There is no kitchen space here, we need to extend it and I'll need plenty of ventilation." Sookie said then Rory walked out behind her. "And an area for an outdoor fireplace for barbecues.. Plus storage. Where do these people put anything? Ooh! And a pantry.. And a canning room.. And I'd love to smoke our own meats."

"Absolutely!" Lorelai said.

Luke leaned towards her and whispered, "Really?"

"She will calm down a bit and we can get rid of a few things on her list."

Luke nodded. "Are we ready to leave yet?"

"No!" Lorelai and Sookie both said.

"Before you said you were starving."

"I am, but I'm not ready to leave here yet." Lorelai said.

"How about I go back to the diner and get us all dinner then we can eat here." Luke suggested.

"Oh, yes!" Lorelai said excitedly. "And bring a blanket, it will be like a picnic."

"There are benches in the back."

"It's a picnic, we're supposed to be eating on the ground."

"Says who?"

"Every picture you've ever seen of a picnic shows people eating on the ground."

"Yes, and every time I have seen a picture of people eating on the ground I've thought, what the hell are you people doing sitting on the ground? Spring for some beach chairs, you cheapskates."

"Fine, we can sit on the benches."

"I'll go with you Luke, help you carry the food back." Rory said.

"Alright, we'll be back it a bit. And if you go inside don't stay in there too long, we have tested the place for mold yet."

"Pstt, mold is on half the foods in my fridge, I'll be fine." Lorelai said as Luke and Rory walked off to the trails.

"This was a really sweet thing for you to do." Rory said, smiling at Luke as they walked.

"It's no big deal."

"It is a big deal, no one has ever done anything like this for her. I can tell she really appreciates it."

"She deserves it."

Rory looked over at Luke. "Are you ever going to ask my mom out?"

"What?" Luke asked, looking back at her.

"You like her, don't you?"

Luke looked down at his feet as he walked. "I like her."

"And you've thought about asking her out before?"

"Your mom and I are just friends."

"But have you ever thought about it?"

Luke nodded. "I have."

"Why didn't you then?"

"You and your mom are very important to me, I couldn't mess that up."

"What makes you think you would mess it up?"

"Me and your mom don't have the best relationship history."

"Maybe you were just with the wrong person."

"Even with the right person, relationships are difficult."

"You two are so stubborn, I think one day you will realize how stupid you are both being."

"And I'm sure you will be there to rub it in our faces."

"Sookie will be there too, and she does her 'I told you so's' in song." Rory said then they kept walking. After they picked up all the food at the diner they headed back to the inn and had a bench picnic together, Luke even moved them so they could look at the front of the inn as they ate.

"Sun's starting to go down." Sookie pointed out as they all sat, looking at the building in front of them.

"We can watch the sunset on the inn." Lorelai said.

Rory crossed her arms. "It's getting cold."

"And Jackson is coming over to my house after he's done working." Sookie said.

"I have my call with April." Luke said

Lorelai smiled, shaking her head. "Fine, you all broke me. Let's go." She said and they all stood up.

After they walked Sookie home and said their goodbyes they headed back home, Luke looked at his watch as the walked into the house. "I'm already two minutes late on my call." He said walking straight to the phone on the desk and started dialing while Lorelai and Rory walked over and took a seat on the couch. "Hey sweetie, sorry I'm late for our call, I just got home."

Rory looked over at Lorelai and whispered, "He's a great dad, don't you think?"

"Yeah." Lorelai said, smiling over at Luke.

"No, I wasn't working. I was having dinner with Lorelai, Rory and our friend Sookie." Luke said into the phone. "It was nice, how was your day?" He asked and listened to her reply. "Really, that sounds like fun." He said, walking into the kitchen with the phone.

Lorelai couldn't believe the difference one day made, yesterday she was freaking out thinking Luke had fallen for Rachel again and today he was helping her get the inn of her dreams. And that kiss, she knew it was only meant as a practice but she had to admit it was pretty damn good. She decided then she would have to go to the diner as much as possible in order in get those kisses goodbye, breakfast, lunch and dinner she was gonna have to show up, maybe even evening pie if she had to.