The hidden scars

The bell knocked 12 times, midnight, everyone was sleeping peacefully in Gotham City excepted two people who were jumping from rooftop to rooftop patrolling the peaceful city. After a fight with some criminals the due was heading back to their hideout, the batcave, the young boy sitting next to the tall and muscular man going by the name Robin sift in his car seat. Pain could be seen in the 10 year old face but he tried to hide it from his partner Batman but batman could see clearly through his masque not only he was able to, he is not the greatest detective for nothing, but because his was the boy's father.

The ride was quiet and Damian aka Robin wishes for it to be over, go home and stitch the wound, which hurt like hell as Todd aka Red Hood would describe, but his pride and the voices of his mother and his grandfather echo in his mind telling him no ordering him to not saw any kind of weakness in front of his father and therefore he didn't say anything, hiding his pain and put on the masque that so well had master in his ten years of life. The finally reach their destination and Damian hop out of the car got undressed and then secretly gone to the first aid and took needle and thread and some anesthetic hoping his father haven't seen him and proceeded to his room.

Bruce's Pov

"Isn't he going to tell me that he is hurt? I know Damian isn't someone who opens easily, but he tells me when he is hurt, sometimes, but this time it seems like he is not going to tell me" I thought when I see him going secretly to the first aid and take needle and thread and some anesthetic

"Damian you aren't hurt, are you?" I asked hoping that he would tell me the truth when I saw him stop in his tracks and turning to me and I could swear I saw panic in his face for a split second.

"No father, but I'm tired so I'm going to bed." And then he turns to leave again but I didn't believe it

"Damian come here" I said with my 'do as I say' tone

"Yes father" and Damian came closer to me taking a sudden interest at the floor while do in it

"Damian lift your shirt, I want to see if your are hurt anywhere" I said to my stubborn son

"But father I told you I'm not hurt, just tired" Damian tried again

"Damian, I said lift your shirt so I can see if you hurt or not and then you can go to sleep." I said once again but this time leaving him with no room to escape because he knows not to anger me.

"But…" tried desperate Damian

"Damian I SAID lift your shirt to see if you are hurt and drop the act already you can't hide this from me I'm your father, I saw you taking the necessary to take care of a wound from the first aid kit" I said to him frustrated, trying to understand the reason why he is hiding his wound for me.

"Ok…Okay" shuttered Damian and I felt guilty when I saw the fear in his eyes, but at last he lift his shirt only a bit to revealed a little scratch neither too long or deep to hurt him so much, but take care of it either away

"Damian take of your shirt I want to see if you are hurt anywhere else" I said hoping he was going to listen to me

"No I'm fine" said Damian with panic in his voice

I couldn't take it no more and I grab his arm and bring him in front of me and I begin to take his shirt of, but he resisted and start shaking. I didn't know what to do I never see Damian in that state, so scared so fragile I was considering to stop but I couldn't I had to find out why Damian is hurting.

"Fath…Dad please" I was surprised by Damian he beg to me to stop but he also called me dad instead Father for the first time.

"Shh…Shh Damian everything is going to be alright, I'm here I'm right here I'm not going to hurt and you know it" I said to him and at last I take his shirt of. I was lost inside my thought when I saw what was under my son's shirt a sight of horror every inch of Damians skin was covered with every kind of scars but I felt sick when I discovered that they used whip WHIP out of all way to torture and punish someone Talia choose to use this way in her… their son, but I have to keep it together and take care of the reason that Damian was hurting, a large scar on his back somehow opened and fortunately he wasn't bleeding, but the wound can be infected if it wasn't taken care of soon. I take the stuff that Damian had taken of the first aid kit earlier from him and start to take care of his wound, when I finish i heard sobbing so I turn Damian to face me and I saw him crying, something that I thought I would never see because even though Damian was ten he was raised by Ras and Talia and they make sure that Damian learn that any kind of emotion is weakness, i take him to my arms, hug him and kissing him on the forehead.

"Shhh…Shhhh its ok Damian. I'm sorry that I forced you to reveal your scars, but you don't have to worry I'm not going to hurt you and I'm not going let anyone either" I said to him while rocking him

"You are not mad at me?" asked Damian

"No, I could never be mad at you besides why would I?"

"Because Mother said that sawing your emotion is weakness and every time I did that she was mad at me and punish me" said Damian more relaxed than before and he was crying anymore.

"Damian it's not weakness to saw your emotions unless it's in the field but I could never be mad at you about that. Ok?" I asked him

"Ok, I might not be saying this many times but I love you dad you are better than Talia you are the best Dad I could ever I asked for" said Damian sleepily

"I love you too Damian I could never asked for a better son, but it's time for sleep now I recall that earlier you said that you are tired" I said and we left the batcave.

So this is the first one-shot with batman and Robin there will be more stories if you want tell me some ideas for a another shot.