Hi all! I just finished bingeing Gilmore Girls and I had one main question. What would have happened if Lorelai and Christopher had gotten married when they found out she was pregnant? I looked and looked for a fic with that sort of idea, and I only found one, but its plot was different than what I was trying to find. So I decided to write one myself.

(A/N: I use page breaks in two ways: 1) to signal a time jump, usually between days or months. 2) I wrote this using rotating 3rd person POV, so I switch between Lorelai and Luke, and I use page break to signify the switch. I think it's better without specifying who it's centered on, but if not, shoot a reply and I'll adjust by adding Lor POV and Luke POV.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls, obviously, though some dialogue is from the show.


"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped," Tony Robbins. How would Lorelai's life be different if she chose to marry Chris when Rory was born? Would Luke change if Anna told him about April right away? If Lorelai hadn't run away, would she still reject her family's lifestyle? What would Stars Hollow be life if the Gilmore girls just arrived in 2000? Could all those decisions affect their lives forever? JavaJunkie, slightly AU, T to be safe, multi-chapter.

Early 1984…

As Emily and Richard Gilmore discussed the "problem" with Francine and Straub Hayden, Lorelai and Christopher listened from the stairs in the front hallway. The "problem" was the fact that Lorelai was pregnant and Chris was the father.

"Your mom's losing it," Lorelai said to Chris. They could hear Francine wailing two rooms over.

"This is a mess," Chris said, looking at his hands. Their parents had been arguing for an hour. For the first time that night, Lorelai's father spoke.

"They will get married. They will live here. And Christopher will go to work at my company. That is the solution," Richard stated. Lorelai and Chris shared a look.

"We're going to need their help," Chris said after Richard left the parlor.

"We can take care of ourselves. We'll figure it out," Lorelai said, not wanting her parents to control her entire life. That baby was the only thing that her mother couldn't control, and Lorelai wanted to keep it that way.

"It sounds okay, working for your dad, living here. I have to get a job," Chris justified.

"No!" Lorelai rejected.

"I have to make money."

"No!" She repeated. She loved him, but she didn't think she loved him enough to marry him. She was only 16, after all.

"It's okay, really. I wouldn't mind." Chris was being sweet. He was doing the right thing, at least in her parents' eyes. Lorelai thought for a moment. She thought about her options, what was best for the baby. She didn't want her child growing up like she did. She didn't want her parents to ruin a perfectly good kid. But she didn't have a plan, a job, or money of her own. She looked out the small window by the stairs, and for a moment, she watched a couple of butterflies fly around the flowers. Lorelai looked at her boyfriend and slowly nodded.

"Okay," she said quietly.

"Okay? Okay what?"

"Okay, let's get married. We'll live here and raise our baby. Let's do it."

"Really?" For the first time since she gave him the news, Chris seemed excited about the pregnancy. Lorelai thought once more.

"Yes," she confirmed, a small pit growing in her stomach. Did she make the right choice? Should she have broken up with him, run away? Time would tell.

I hope you liked it, it's been a while since I've written something on here.