10 years later:

Luke woke up one Saturday morning, his back against hers, and he instantly didn't want to go to work. He wanted to stay in bed and wake up with his wife in two hours, make breakfast for his family, and play catch with his kids. But, Lane's twins had a cold so she couldn't come in, and Saturday brunches were always busy since he added espresso drinks to the menu.

He rolled over and looked at his wife. Luke and Lorelai got married three years to the day from when they first met, and he loved every minute of it. Obviously, they had their ups and downs, especially during Christopher's rehabilitation, when her father had a heart attack, when Luke's uncle Louie died, and when Rory's heart got broken. Luke and Lorelai were there for each other through all of it. Through the good and bad and everything in between.

Luke got out of bed after kissing Lorelai's forehead. He got ready, putting on his favorite blue flannel and hat, and carefully walked downstairs, doing his best to avoid toys and stuffed animals. He checked on the kids. Each had their own room after Luke renovated the house seven years prior, adding two rooms on the first floor so April and Rory didn't have to share their room with a baby. The renovation also added two more bathrooms and a small office space that was basically a library.

Luke programmed the coffee machine to make coffee two hours later for Lorelai, then he went to work.

Lorelai woke up when Luke kissed her forehead that morning. She loved hearing his morning routine. Turn off alarm. Kiss wife. Brush teeth. Put on clothes. Slap on blue hat. Walk downstairs. Curse at some toy. Check on kids. Make coffee. Leave for work. That was Lorelai's AM playlist. She fell back asleep for a little while longer before getting up for good.

Her coffee was warm as she sipped it, enjoying the last moments of quiet she'd have all day. As if on cue, Lorelai heard light footsteps walk toward the kitchen.

"Morning, Mom," her son said. James William Danes was 7 years old and the spitting image of his father. Jimmy shared Lorelai's sense of humor, which she planned on using against Luke in the future.

"Morning sweetie, are your sisters awake?" She asked, knowing half the answer already.

"Sammy is, I don't think April will be for a while yet. I heard her talking in her sleep," Jimmy said. "She was up all night researching different telescopes."

"Yeah, she just became president of Chilton's astronomy club," Lorelai said. "So she's probably really excited about that."

"When am I going to go to Chilton?" Jimmy asked. Lorelai brushed her fingers through his think brown hair.

"After you finish middle school, we'll talk about it," Lorelai said. This kid was smart, just like his older sisters, but Lorelai wanted him to have the small-town experience Rory wished she had. When April was in the 8th grade, the headmaster of Chilton came to their house to personally invite her to attend the school for her high school years.

Sammy started whining from her bedroom, so Lorelai set down her cup of coffee before greeting the youngest of the Danes family.

"Mommy?" Little Sammy called from her bedroom. Samantha Victoria was born about five years ago. She was a spitting image of Lorelai.

"Good morning, Sunshine," Lorelai picked up her daughter and kissed her on the cheek. "Ready to go see daddy?"

"I want pancakes," Sammy said with a big smile.

"Me too, and I'm sure Daddy is already making them as we speak. Do you wanna pick out your clothes?" Lorelai asked. Sammy nodded and skipped to her closet. "Jimmy, can you get dressed so we can go to breakfast please?" Lorelai looked at the clock. It was 9:30 and April was still asleep. Lorelai knew teenagers needed their rest, but today was a special day for the Danes gang.

Lorelai walked down the hall to Rory's old room and knocked on April's door. Hearing April groan as the knocking continued, Lorelai opened the door.

"It's time to get up," she said. April covered her head with the pillow. "Come on, I have a huge dilemma I need your opinion on." Lorelai lifted the pillow from April's head.

"Whaaaat," April groaned, trying to pull the covers over her head. Lorelai sat on the bed next to her step daughter.

"Am I more beautiful today than I was yesterday?"

"Oh boy," April sighed. Lorelai loved to joke around with her kids, making sure they all felt loved and happy, even when she was bothering them and making them wake up before noon.

"I'm just not sure. I mean at first I looked in the mirror and I thought, well yes, definitely, huge improvement."

"Can I have my pillow back?" April asked. Lorelai stood with the pillow in hand.

"But then I thought maybe it's not that I'm more beautiful today. Maybe I was just as beautiful yesterday, only I lacked the self-esteem to recognize it."

"You're 42, you don't have self-esteem anymore," April whined some more. "Mère, can't I skip Saturday breakfast today?" Since Lorelai was a huge part of April's life, Anna didn't mind April calling Lorelai "Mère," which is the French word for mother that April learned in second grade. Anna knew that Luke and Lorelai were going to last, and she didn't have a problem with the nickname. In fact, Anna felt glad that April had one more person looking after and loving her daughter. Luke and Anna shared custody, but since Chilton was closer to Stars Hollow than Woodbridge, Luke had April during most week days.

"You can't skip it today, sorry babe. There'll be a surprise at the diner and you can't miss it. Up and at 'em, put on some sweats and we can leave," Lorelai gave April a kiss on the cheek before leaving the 16 year-old's room.

Luke checked the time. It was almost 10 o'clock, meaning his family would be strolling in any moment now. He started a fresh pot of coffee and checked their table. Inspired by his family's table at the tavern, Luke bolted a reserved sign to a table at the end of the counter, by the windows. Soon enough, he watched as his beautiful wife walked in with their kids.

"Good morning, hun," Lorelai said as she kissed her husband hello.

"Morning. How were they?" He asked about the kids.

"The loin-fruits were fine. Sammy dressed herself, are you surprised by her outfit of choice?" Lorelai asked with an amused smirk. Luke shook his head and chuckled lightly. They had just started Sammy in the 'Squirts' baseball team, which Luke helped coach. It came with a jersey, which Sammy wore all the time, along with a blue baseball cap, 'just like Daddy's.'

"We got the next pitcher for the Yankees, right here," Luke said, lifting his youngest daughter up to kiss her cheeks. "Jimmy and April?"

"Jimmy was fine, but April," Lorelai turned to her. "She couldn't decide if I looked more beautiful today or yesterday," Lorelai joked. April, in a better mood now, rolled her eyes but smiled, just like her dad.

"Like wine, you get better with age," Luke flirted.

"Luke Danes, are you flirting with me?" That question came up every so often as a recurring bit between the two.

"Trying to," he smiled. "What does everyone want?" He asked. The kids ordered their typical garbage with a side of fruit, but Luke paused when Lorelai ordered a double serving of the French toast special.

"You aren't eating for two, are you?" Luke asked. He loved his kids, but three at home and one away was enough for him.

"I'm not pregnant, but it is for my child."

"Your child?" Luke asked before his face brightened when the door opened. "Rory!" He greeted.

"Hey Mom, Pops," she said, hugging her mom, then Luke, then her siblings.

"Where's Marty and the baby?" Luke asked. Rory started calling Luke "Pops" after her daughter was born, because that's what Luke decided he wanted to be called. "Grandpa" sounded too old for him.

"They're parking the car," Rory said to Lorelai's surprise. "It's Jessie's turn to pump the breaks," Rory joked. "They'll be right in. Did you order?"

"Just enough for you, I didn't know you were bringing your entourage," Lorelai smiled as Marty and Jessie came in. "There's my little princess," Lorelai gushed. Jessie was about a year old, named of course after Rory's cousin, Jess. She and Jess were best friends after Luke and Lorelai got together. Rory was even editing Jess' newest book.

"How long are you staying? Do you want to stay in the apartment?" Lorelai offered. Whenever Rory came home with her family, they would stay in Luke's old apartment.

"Yeah, we'll be here for a week, if that's okay," Marty said.

"That's not a problem," Luke shook Marty's hand, smiling at his son-in-law.

"I have an announcement," Rory said after saying hi to her siblings.

"I have a n-announce-y-ment too," Jimmy said. "I got an A on my spelling test!" He told Rory, who gave him a high-five.

"I play baseball!" Sammy yelled. Jimmy shushed her, making her pout.

"I'm the new president of the astronomy club," April beamed at Rory. Together, they shared a love of space. It all started when Rory showing her that science book so long ago in the diner. That encounter alone inspired April to pursue science. Rory always felt a bit jealous of her siblings. They grew up with two parents (three in April's case) that were very active in raising them, where Rory barely had one. She was glad that her siblings had a better life, and that's how she wanted to raise her children.

"Mom," Rory said after catching up with her siblings. Lorelai was showing Baby Jessie the artwork the kids had made over the years.

"That's the house Jimmy drew last week, and the flower Sammy colored, and this, this is my favorite," Lorelai said in baby voice, pointing at a yellowed paper that had been on the wall for 10 years. "Your Auntie April drew this when she was 6 years old. See? That's me, and grandpa, and your mommy, and April. Your grandpa kept it for 10 years. That's a crazy long time to keep something," Lorelai. Then she turned to Luke and said in her normal voice. "Almost as crazy as keeping a horoscope in a wallet for a decade too." Luke rolled his eyes.

"Mom," Rory tried to get Lorelai's attention. Marty grabbed Jessie as Luke set down a mashed banana for her. "Mom!" Rory yelled. The diner fell silent. Miss Patty, Babette, and Morey, as well as a dozen other members of Stars Hollow looked over.

"Yeah?" Lorelai said, worried about her daughter's news.

"I'm pregnant," Rory beamed. Lorelai looked at Marty, the naked guy Rory found during her first weeks of college. They dated at Yale and got married the year after graduation. They had Jessie Leigh a year after that, and now another one was on the way.

Hugs and kisses and congratulations flooded the diner. Miss Patty and Babette broke out into song. As the commotion settled down, Lorelai went behind the counter to refill her coffee mug. Luke joined her, stealing a quick kiss. They looked upon their every growing family.

"I love seeing them happy," Lorelai said.

"I love seeing you happy," Luke said, repeating the mantra of their relationship. They kissed once more before returning to their weekly family breakfast.

That night when Luke and Lorelai were getting into bed, Luke noticed an expression on Lorelai's face. He knew it wasn't her pre-argument face, it definitely wasn't the I-forgot-to-do-something face, and unfortunately it wasn't her sexy face either. Nope, he recognized the expression as her pondering face.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Luke asked, pulling back the blanket to get in. Lorelai shrugged as she got settled.

"Just our life. How many great things have come from it. How awesome our family is."

"And to think, none of this would have happened if you had gone to Weston's instead of my diner that day."

"Well, those butterflies in front of your diner looked so cute, I had to choose it."

"And that's when Hurricane Lorelai Gilmore entered my life."

"You're welcome," Lorelai joked. Luke nodded.

"Thank you," he said with a kiss.

There it is! Happily ever after for our favorite couple.

James (Jimmy) William: Jimmy is a reference to Jimmy Buffett, who is apparently Luke's favorite music artist (3.04). I imagined Lorelai suggesting it as a joke, but they ended up liking it for real.

Samantha Victoria: I wrote it as a nod to Sam Phillips, the singer of 'Reflecting Light,' the song Luke and Lorelai danced to at Liz' wedding as well as the 'Fall' episode of the revival. Luke's Yankee's comment was based of off Scott Patterson being on the Yankee roster in the 80's.

April: I figured that Anna and Lorelai would get along better, and Lorelai had input regarding school, which is why April followed in Rory's footsteps. Also, April would have started learning French as soon as possible, hence the Mère comment. April and Rory shared Rory's room until the renovations, where April had her own room. After Rory moved out and Sammy was born, April moved back into Rory's room.

Rory: So honestly, I didn't think-in this story-that she would end up with any of the guys from the show. Dean was a good first bf, as the writers have said, but they didn't have any interaction in my story, due to her already going to Chilton. I liked Jess (I ship them if anything) but they're cousins now and that's weird in my opinion. Rory would have had an aversion to rich guys when going to Yale, due to her father, so she wouldn't have gone out with Logan(plus I hated that Rory had the affair with Logan in the revival). I liked Marty in the original series, as I have always been a fan of the "best friends fall in love" trope.

I am currently working on another GG story, so be sure to check that out in a few weeks. It'll be called "Gilmore Guys."

Let me know what you thought of my story! What were your favorite parts? Favorite lines? What moments from the show did you wish could have been in here? (Maybe I'll incorporate them into my next story.)

Thank you so much for reading!