Summary: The ocean contains many secrets: both beautiful, mysterious...and deadly. With each dive we discover amazing and bizarre creatures that can only be described as unreal. And yet nothing can prepare us for the dangers that hide within the depths. For centuries they have watched us from afar...observed us...hunted us in secret...can we hope to survive against a predator far more intelligent than mankind?

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My name is Lauren.

Five years ago I was lost at sea when my brother's ship sank, leaving me as the sole survivor. Not a day goes by where I don't remember that day, and everyone assumed it was caused by a freak storm or giant tidal wave...and I never bothered to correct them. People have asked countless times about that day and how I managed to survive for two years on a tiny life raft with only a handful of supplies, and each time I refused to tell them. Psychologists think the whole shock of losing my brother had been so traumatic that I couldn't bear to relive the past...but in truth, no one would ever believe me even if I had told them. And so for three years I've kept my silence...

Until now.

Everyone in our small bay-side community knew my brother Derek was...eccentric to say the least. As a marine biologist he would spend weeks at a time studying how music affected the animals, so it wasn't a surprise to anyone if they found a few musical instruments mixed in with his equipment. I even got to help him with his research once I started learning to play the ocarina, though I rarely went out with him on his adventures. As much as I loved the ocean, I was equally terrified of it and anything that might be lurking beneath the waves. It took me ages to work up the courage each time to get on that boat of his, and each time I found I enjoyed it. But he came home one day and told me that he'd made a huge that would lead us to a place where new species were just waiting to be discovered. And he wanted me to be there with him when we found them—to see what all our hard work has led up to. It was the proudest moment of our lives, one that would bring us one step closer to our lifelong dream.

A dream that died with him. did I manage to make it back to civilization? How did I survive for two years on a lifeboat with so few supplies? Easy: I was on an island paradise the whole time. And I had a little...inhuman help.

They were beautiful creatures. Intelligent, elegant, graceful...and deadly...yet despite their reclusive nature they helped me in my time of need, and for that I owe them my life. I've lived with them, talked to them, learned from them, and even got to teach the younger members how to speak English. But if I were to describe them to you now, you'd imagine them as being called "mermaids," when in truth they call themselves by other names. The elders told me that they were called the manashira, one of several species once known collectively as the menakura—"merformer" being the closest translation they could offer. Their kind has lived in the ocean for millions of years—far longer than humans have walked the Earth. They have their own language, their own history, myths and legends, and even their own superstitions...and they are all too aware of us and what we can do. Some have made no effort to hide their disdain for my presence, but they tolerated an extent. Despite some animosity, however, they treated me well and kept me alive for reasons I never fully understood until the days leading up to my rescue.

War is coming. They need allies, someone they can trust to tell the story of an ancient battle that has been raging beneath the waves for millions of years.

I honestly can't say that what I speak is the absolute truth. But I can't deny the fact that there is something out there—something far more dangerous and deadly than anything we've ever faced or ever imagined...and I've faced them in person. However, if you are to truly understand the hidden danger that we face now, I have to tell you about my very own experiences living with the manashira and the trials I've had to face out at sea. Please keep in mind that none of this will be easy for me to talk about; there have been many days where I've started questioning my own sanity and whether or not it had all been some horrid nightmare.

But now-as news spreads about strange disappearances, fatal attacks, and sightings of mysterious creatures near the coastlines...I find it increasingly difficult to ignore the true nature behind it all. The truth that he had warned me about.

They are on the move.

The banurash...the "Deep Ones."

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