I recently decided to change this story to a first person narrative. I hope it works out since this is my first time writing from this point of view.

I stared ahead at the unfamiliar apartment door and took in a deep breath as the loud voices and muffled music caused a knot in my stomach.

"Don't be scared, they won't mind that you're here," Ty reassured me with a smile, knowing that I was worried about intruding. "We don't have to stay that long, and then we can go grab something to eat."

I nodded quickly, giving him a smile to let him know that I was ready to go in. I swallowed nervously as Ty knocked on the door.

"You made it!" a man sloppily called out, opening the door all the way to let us in. I hid my smile after witnessing how tipsy he was and followed Ty into the apartment, feeling grateful that our greeter eased the tension I was feeling. "Have a good time, I gotta get back to," he never had a chance to finish his thought, as a beautiful blonde grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a sloppy kiss.

"And that's Bosco," Ty explained with a slight laugh. He was obviously not surprised at Bosco's actions.

I leaned into him a little in order to be heard over the noise. "Whose birthday is it?"

"Uh, Faiths," he answered, finding the guest of honour in a crowd of three other women. He pointed her out to me and looked confused as my eyebrows arched and a smile spread across face.

"I know her," I said happily, suddenly feeling more relaxed and glad that I was invited.

"Really? How?" Ty asked, surprised.

"She was in a kick boxing class that I took last year," I explained, recalling how a few of the women would go out for coffee or a drink afterwards. I liked Faith and was sad that our little group grew apart after the session ended.

As I reminisced about the good old days, Faith caught eyes with me and her mouth dropped open slightly before excusing herself from the women she was talking to.

"OLIVIA!" Faith called out with her arms in the air, clearly feeling good after a few drinks, and gave me a big, wobbly hug. "What are you doing here?" she asked happily, drapping her arm around my shoulder after pulling away.

"I'm here with Ty," I answered, looking at him with a smile.

Faith looked back and forth between Ty and myself a few times before her eyes grew as she realized what I meant.

"Nooooo," Faith said playfully. She continued to look at Ty and turned serious, pointing a finger at him. "You have a good one here Ty, don't mess it up."

Ty, whose cheeks turned a little pink, nodded and said "Okay, you two have fun." While Faith and I were still laughing at his reaction, Ty placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered that he would be back in a few minutes, in order to let us catch up. I responded with a warm smile and a touch of his arm, and as Ty walked away I was sure that he he overheard a drunk Faith exclaim how much she had missed me.

I could see Ty weave his way towards the kitchen, acknowledging a few people along the way, as Faith and I chatted. He greeted someone with a hearty calling of "Sully!" and, as his loud voice captured my attention, I looked over and saw him reach out and grab the shoulder of a man who was partially blocked by someone standing in front of him.

"So, how did you and Ty meet?" Faith asked, sitting on the arm of a chair in the living room.

"A rec basketball league," I began, recounting how Ty and I first met. We had played on the same basketball team in a recreational league down at the YMCA where I worked and about a month after some friendly flirting, we had decided to go out for a coffee after one of our games. It was still a very new relationship, with this only being the fourth time that we had been out together, but I enjoyed spending time with Ty and was glad that instead of calling off our plans that night, he invited me to Faith's party instead.

"Aww, well I'm glad you came," Faith admitted, then looked at the drink in her hand and noticed it was almost empty and saw that I didn't have a drink of my own. She stood up and took a step towards the kitchen. "Let's get you a drink," she suggested, grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me slightly behind her. Making our way to the kitchen, I overheard Ty's voice but couldn't see him yet.

"Yeah. A kick boxing class they took together," Ty said over the music and other voices. Then he scoffed and asked "what?" earning a laugh from whoever he was talking to. The kitchen was full of people drinking and snacking on chips and other finger foods so it was hard to see who Ty was questioning.

"Nothing," a husky voice responded. "You just better treat her well if she can kick your butt," the man joked, and I smiled a little at his comment.

"There she is!" Ty called out happily as I followed behind Faith into the kitchen. He backed up and rested against the counter in order to make more room for us.

I looked up at Ty then quickly over at the man standing beside him. My eyes widened and my heart raced while peering into his eyes. I swallowed hard and smiled again, trying my best to remain calm after coming face to face with the man I had been thinking about for months.