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Author Note: Final chapter to this short story.

Chapter 3: Vinnie And Cashmere! A Real And True Kiss To Last A Lifetime! Love Forever

Cashmere woke up. She sighed. It was the fifth time that night. She couldn't get the lizard out of her head. Why did he have to say those nice words. She had to face it: She felt bad for spitting her words of venom at him. In truth she kind of liked his attention though it was annoying sometimes. As she thought about it the date had been a pretty sweet attempt.

In the morning when she found him she tried talking to him but he kept leaving and trying to avoid her.

When she found him again she had enough and yelled "" Vinnie you lizard Wait A Minute!"

He stopped and she walked up to him. Suddenly she felt very shy...

Cashmere looked at the ground as she apologized to him. She finished with "I was wrong for what I said before. I'm sorry I hurt you. If you would forgive me, we can start over and try for real."

Vinnie looked at her and replied "Well, I do want to try that" and he laughed weakly.

Cashmere kissed Vinnies lips for about five ir ten seconds and said "I'm your girlfriend for real now"

Vinnie and Cashmere were in love now. A lot of pets would have to hear this news...