Harry's POV:

I have tricks in my pocket. I have things up my sleeve, but I am the opposite of a street magician. He gives you an illusion in the guise of reality while I present reality through an illusion. I take you back to a cottage outside of London where, despite all attempts to reconcile, muggleborns are still persecuted and made out to be vile creatures, just as wizards and witches are freaks to muggles. At Hogwarts there was magic. Here there was only poverty and persecution. That is the social background of the story.

The story is memory. And in memory, it is often dimly lighted, it is sentimental, and it is often not realistic. I am an occasional narrator in the story as well as a character in it. The other characters in the story are Hermione, the motherly one; someone I consider to be like a sister, Luna; and a gentleman caller who appears in the final chapters. He is the most realistic character in the story, a sort of go-between for a world we had lost touch with. But having something of a poet's weakness for symbols, I am using him as a symbol-as the long-delayed but always expected something we live for.

There is a fifth character who doesn't appear other than in mention and on a photograph hanging on the wall. When you hear of him, please remember this is our friend Ron who left us a long time ago. He took a job as a long-distance Howler operator and fell in love with long-distance-so he resigned and took the floo network to who-knows-where. The last we heard of him, he sent us an owl from Bulgaria with only a message of two words;

"Hello. Good-bye."

And no address.

(A/N: If you've read The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, and if you haven't you should cuz it's an amazing show that my college just did, you'll probably know which character from Harry Potter parallels which Glass character.

Who else was I gonna put in for Laura? There really is no better choice. Luna IS Laura, except not as fragile/delicate (though I might make her character a bit delicate for the story's sake, as the main and titular object is what Laura often symbolizes; beautiful, but odd and very delicate. Plus Luna is a slight cinnamon roll herself at times) and more confident, but other than that, the parallel fits.

I did think about having Molly as Amanda, but then that would mean Ginny would have to be Laura and that doesn't really make much sense to me, especially since Ginny's confidence, particularly later in the series, is to me so much part of her character that using her as Laura is INCREDIBLY unfitting. (Plus HarryxGinny are kinda canon at this point AND I already had Harry down as Tom, so that would be a bit awkward IMO.)

I'm not gonna tell you who the Gentleman Caller is yet because I want to leave it a surprise for now.)