Binas: Say hello to one of the first (in my opinion) SPN-DP fanfic that has Vlad in a sort of anti-hero role! I know he was a world class douchebag, but hey, one can be a sort of good guy and still be the sly and suave guy we know! Besides, I would rather team up with someone I did not get along with just to survive than die.

Side Note: DP-Verse ghosts are not dead people and have never shown weaknesses that SPN-Verse ghosts have. Danny eats salty french fries and potato chips, I'd think we would know if salt would harm him. Plus, we have seen him phase through iron on numerous times throughout the series. So yeah, good luck SPN, you've got something different coming your way.

Summary: When a fight between Vlad and Danny lands them in another world where primordial beings are on the loose, the two must put aside their grudges to get out of the hell they landed themselves in while putting up with another type of hunter.

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Danny's body ached as he felt himself coming back to the waking world. He was certain that he would have some nasty bruises for a bit but that meant nothing at this moment. What mattered was finding out what the fruitloop had done this time while he was out. After the third cloning attempt, Vlad realized that no matter what he tried, he sucked at constructing another hybrid from a single DNA sample. This had led to him giving up. He went back to his first plan but added more forceful tactics to the equation.

Danny turned his head to the side slowly to prevent the pain from getting worse. He saw Vlad lying right next to him in the grass, unconscious in his human form.

'It must have been some battle if he's knocked out...' Danny mused in his head.

The teenage halfa looked up and saw the cloudy sky darkening to a purple-blue, just like his bruises. From his position, it was framed by a forest canopy. He could make out airplanes flying between the branches from his position, so there was a good chance that the little skirmish he had with Vlad in the Ghost Zone most likely did not land them in the wrong era. However, he had a feeling that there was something off about this area. It made his heart drop with the vibe that could easily be compared to an uncanny valley. He felt as if he was not alone with an unconscious fruitloop.

The sound of rustling trees made Danny look around frantically. Something was there because as far he could tell, there was no wind blowing at all. The ghost boy formed a small ball of ectoplasm, lighting up the area enough so that he could see the bottom branches of the shorter trees.

As he looked around, Vlad finally stirred from his unconscious state. His eyes caught a glimpse of the green light that was emanating from Danny's hand. He sat up and held his head, feeling a small headache come into being. Just as he was about to get up, Danny noticed that he woke up and kicked him in the butt.

"What was that for, Daniel?" Vlad asked with a noticeable amount of annoyance behind his voice.

"For pushing us into a natural portal, you fruitloop!" Danny stated with anger. "We're now lost thanks to you!"

"I clearly remember a certain someone starting a fight in the Ghost Zone in the first place." Vlad retorted with narrowed eyes as he got up to his feet. "If you had not started that skirmish, I am pretty sure neither of us would be lost."

"If I had let you go do your own business, you would have gotten your hands on the Infi-map! Again!"

"Who's to say that I was after that map again?" Vlad countered, "I could have simply looking for rare plants for all you know."

Danny huffed as he crossed his arms, letting the ball of ectoplasm dissipate. He was not in the mood for this. He was stuck in the middle of some forest that was who knew how far away from home with his archenemy. It was pretty irritating as he had nowhere to go exactly due to not knowing where he was.

He turned his head away from Vlad, doing his best to ignore the creepy, older halfa. That was when he saw something that made him do a double take. There was a worn trail and without any hesitation, he darted down it. Trails equaled civilization, right? That meant that he could find a phone and try to call Sam, Tucker, and Jazz for help.

"Daniel, what do you think you're doing?!" Vlad shouted before giving chase after the boy.

Danny did not respond. Instead he kept on running and found himself entering a clearing. He came to a stop and looked around. Beyond the clearing was a large house. Right behind him, Vlad was catching up to him, so with nothing to lose, Danny sprinted towards the house as fast as he could. The moment he reached the door, he knocked loudly on the door. No one answered, but that did not mean the door did not move. It had opened on its own.

Going against his better judgement, Danny darted inside, hoping that he was not intruding. He was not going to add "breaking and entering" onto his list of problems at the moment. His main concern was putting distance between himself and Vlad and getting ahold of someone he could trust.

Once he was three feet beyond the threshold, the door shut and locked itself. Danny had no idea what caused that, but that did not matter as Vlad could easily phase through the door. So the young halfa progressed further into the house to see that it was abandoned, white-shrouds-and-cobwebs-covering-everything abandoned to be exact. It was just creepy needless to say and the cold draft that was flooding the house was not helping at all.

"Great… I'm in some abandoned stock haunted house…" Danny groaned in annoyance.


Danny winced. That was definitely Vlad and he had caught up to him. With no need to be prompted twice, Danny continued forward, hoping to find a front door as soon as possible. Last time he checked, abandoned haunted houses did not have telephones.

"Of all days for a ghost to bust up my phone…" Danny griped to no one in particular, "It had to be the day I get pushed into a portal and wake up in the middle of nowhere with Vlad!"

At that moment, a large man flickered into existence in front of Danny, making him jump a bit. The man was nearly transparent and looked deathly pale. Danny cautiously took a few steps back. However the man never advanced on him. Rather he seemed very concerned despite his intimidating look.

"You shouldn't have come here!" the man said in alarm.

Danny frowned then asked, "Um… Why?"

At that moment, another voice entered the room, "Dexter! No more warning people away!"

With that, Dexter was engulfed in a flash of white light. Danny's mouth gaped as he watched the form of the large man disintegrate before his eyes. As the light faded, Danny could make out that a suited man, who was also a bit transparent, was the one who had entered the scene. And from the fact he had his hand stretched out in the space where the larger man was, it was safe to assume that he was the one who wasted the guy.

"What did you do?!" Danny shouted, flashing a dangerous glare at the suited man.

Instead of saying anything, the man lunged at Danny, his right hand positioned as if it were a blade. Danny quickly ducked out of the way, just for the suited man to phase through the door that was behind him, making the halfa look on in confusion as the man then reentered the room.

"What are you?" Danny asked almost quietly, confused as his ghost sense did not go off.

'Could he be another hybrid?' Danny thought to himself.

The man did not reply with words, but a creepy slasher smile. He once more ran towards Danny, fist raised in the air. As he was about to deal a blow on the kid, Danny turned intangible, causing the man to go through him. The man gave a confused look at the boy, clearly not expecting that. Danny could not help but find the man's confusion a bit amusing. It was not everyday were a potential hybrid became confused by another.

"So you want to fight, huh?" Danny asked, "Well let's make it quick, I've got a crazed up fruitloop chasing me."

With that, Danny shouted out his battle cry and transformed, stunning the man further. The look pretty much read "what the hell" in its most classic form. Needless to say, Danny saw how confused he was and took advantage of it by throwing an ecto blast at him. The man went flying backwards from the hit.

Just as Danny was about to fire another blast, he felt a gloved hand grab him by the neck. It was Vlad, in his ghost form, looking very, very angry. Danny jabbed Vlad in the crotch with his knee and phased out of his grip.

"Um, I'm a little busy here!" Danny snipped.

"And I think your done, Daniel." Vlad retorted.

Just as Vlad grabbed Danny's wrist, the man returned to the area and lunged at the two. His hands were in front, once more being aimed like blades at his targets' hearts. Danny kicked Vlad backwards while flying himself in the opposite direction, causing the man to once more miss.

"Now you see what I meant by busy?" Danny asked with irritation.

"What did you do this time?"

"Nothing! The guy just randomly came in, said "No more warning people away", and disintegrated some guy just by touching him!"

Vlad quirked an eyebrow, having a hard time believing the younger hybrid. However, this doubt was put to rest when the man said, "I absorbed Dexter. He has been warning my victims away for far too long. Now, you two will meet the same fate."

The man got up and raised a hand, sending two large pieces of furniture at the two halfas. Right on cue, the two turned intangible causing the furniture to go through them, irritating the man.

"Okay… If you are trying to be a fruitloop, this guy has already beaten you to it." Danny snarked while jabbing a thumb at Vlad, who frowned.

"Will you stop calling me that?" Vlad asked with irritation, and grabbed Danny's wrist, "Anyways, time to go before you find something else to insult me about."

With that, Vlad flew up and out of the house with Danny in tow, causing the man to throw a fit. Danny looked back and saw that the man was not following him. It was bizarre. Normally, people that wanted to kill an escapee, they would chase them, not let them get away like that.

"Now, will you let me talk to you for at least two seconds without any childish antics?" Vlad asked, narrowing his eyes at the boy. "First of all, have you not noticed anything about this place?"

"All I have noticed were trees, and that I am apparently stuck with you." Danny stated, crossing his arms as soon as he got his wrist back.

"I have been to California for numerous business trips before, and I know in that exact spot," Vlad said, jabbing a finger at the forest and house, "There is no forest or house. What is there is one of my subsidiaries!"

"How do you know this is California?" Danny questioned.

"Because right there boy," Vlad replied, now jabbing his finger at a road sign that clearly had a picture of California, "Is a sign stating this is Bodega Bay. A city in California!"

Danny quirked an eyebrow for a second, not sure if he should believe the older halfa. Then it hit him. From the way Vlad was reacting, this was bad and he could instantly see why it was so. He then became angry at the older halfa and blasted him with a small ecto blast.

"And that is for knocking us into an alternate reality by making us fall through said portal!"

"You do realize we have other things to be more concerned about than fighting each other?" Vlad asked rather flatly.

"Yeah, but you still deserved that." Danny stated with an eye roll.

Vlad buried his face into the palm of his right hand. The one time he decided it was best not to put Danny in his place, it was the time were they were on an alternate version of their Earth at each other's throats.

"Do you honestly think that you can survive in this uncanny world on your own, Daniel?" Vlad asked as he removed his hand from his face.

"Dude," Danny began with a highly unamused look on his face, "You better not be thinking about using this to advance whatever crazy scheme you have going on in that loopy head of yours!"

"For once there is no scheme attached." Vlad stated, with his eye twitching. He was a mere few insults away from disregarding the situation to pound Danny into unconsciousness, "We know nothing about this place or what inhabitants there are except from the obvious. For all we know, there could be something that would require us to work together in order to survive. Call it strength in numbers if you will, but please do not label it a crazy scheme."

Danny thought about it. As much as he hated to admit it, Vlad was right. They had no clue what this world had in comparison to their own. If they got separated and ran into something nastier than his future self or Pariah Dark, they would be screwed big time. Worse case scenario would be that they would die if they fought such a force on their own.

With a defeated sigh, Danny replied, "Fine. Truce."

Danny stuck out his hand begrudgingly, to which Vlad firmly grasped. They shook on it, knowing full well that the truce would drop the moment they got back. After they let go, a moment of silence passed by them, only to be broken by the words that came out of Danny's mouth next.

"So what now?" Danny asked.

"We look around and ask questions, of course." Vlad stated, "But subtly, though. No need to come off as too forward. We won't get any good responses that way, now will we?"

"Right," Danny sarcastically said, resisting the urge to roll his eyes again. Even if there was a truce in place, that did not mean he had to stop being a teenager. "Like how you were not forward with my mom."

"Shut your mouth." Vlad groaned.


Danny (currently in his human form) could not help but glare at Vlad (also in human form). The fruitloop was in the process of using a few invisible duplicates to swindle some people out of a "couple hundred" dollars. Vlad had said it was to "check and see if our currency is the same as theirs", but Danny knew that was a load of bull. Vlad was a greedy man and his ridiculous amount of wealth showed that clearly as day.

After a minute of scamming, the crowd dispersed, highly confused as to what had happened in that short period of time. Vlad absorbed his duplicates and walked over to where Danny was, comparing the "pocket change" he had to the money he practically stole. The look on Vlad's face showed that the two different moneys were identical. This meant whatever amount of money the crazy fruitloop had in his pockets would be good enough to get into some decent hotels, provided that there were any good ones in whatever area they wound up in.

"Are you done scamming everyone yet?" Danny asked with irritation dripping from his voice.

"For the time being, Daniel." Vlad stated as he pocketed the "change". "Now, time to go find us a place to stay for the remainder of the night."

With that, Danny followed Vlad, slouching a bit as a small scowl implanted itself on his visage. He wished that Vlad would stop being so manipulative.

'I get that he needed to know what the currency looked like,' Danny thought bitterly, 'But would it have killed him to, I don't know, go to a store and look over someone's shoulder?! Figures he'd find the evil way to do it...'

After about half an hour of walking and asking a few people around, they arrived at a motel. Vlad was not pleased with the results they had gotten. He had expected a nice four to five star hotel to be in this reality's version of California but that was not what he got. All that were around here were banged up motels that should have been, or were close to, demolished. Thankfully, there was one semi-decent one that had yet to succumb to the horrors of cockroaches, rotting plaster, paper-thin walls, and obnoxious tenants making unsavory, repulsive noises that did not need to be heard by a child.

Vlad slipped the key that he had gotten from the front desk into the doorknob. Once an audible "click" sounded, Vlad twisted the doorknob and opened up the door. Inside were two beds, both sporting simple bed covers such as comforters and sheets with worn, clean, pillows. The walls had a gaudy combination of green hues covering the rough plaster that could make any artists' eyes bleed. It was worse than the hideous hazmat suit Jack wore twenty-four seven.

Without saying good night, both hybrids crashed on their beds, ready to get some rest for the remainder of the night. They would go ask questions tomorrow. For now, they needed to relax and try to get accustomed to the uncanny world they were now in.


In another room, far from the one that the two hybrids were sleeping in, the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, were discussing what could be described as "the ghostly version of Twilight without the pathetic excuse of romantic bullcrap and more hadoukens."

"Okay, what the hell are we supposed to take from this?" Dean asked, running a hand through his sandy hair, "Last I checked, if it sounds like some smartass kid read some lore just to crap all over it, it is too insane to be real."

Sam frowned, feeling very stumped, "I honestly have no idea. Ghosts that fly and shoot laser beams? I agree, it sounds completely ridiculous but you heard Bobby. According to him, Annie saw the whole thing and as far as we know she was still herself, minus the dead part."

"You know what I think?" Dean asked as held up his bottle of beer before taking a big swing of the alcoholic beverage, "Annie scored herself some ghostly Budweiser and got herself drunk."

Sam rolled his eyes at that comment. His older brother could be such a smartass sometimes. He pulled up some stuff on his laptop, looking for anything that matched the description that Bobby had told him before losing enough energy to lose his manifestation. The closest thing he came across on the internet was a some random little kid's posts on the Ghostfacers' website. It was something alright, but sadly it was far from what Bobby had gotten from Annie.

"Well, as far as I can tell there's nothing that comes close to our bizarro ghost." Sam sighed, "No lore. No sightings. All I am getting are troll posts." Dean gave him a confused look, "Internet trolls: people who post ludicrous messages that are almost always insulting in some way for the kicks and giggles. There is even a percentage of people who consider it an "artform"."

"So basically what happens if you give internet access to our favorite winged douchebag, Gabriel?" Dean asked.

"Yeah… That's pretty much accurate…" Sam said with a cringe, imagining what Gabriel's troll posts would look like against his will.

"Just what we need!" Dean exclaimed sarcastically. "I still think all of this freak-of-nature ghost stuff is a load of bullcrap. How about we just ignore it, we still have a Dick Roman to pound."

Sam nodded his head in understanding as he continued to search the internet. Dean, having run out of beer, decided to get up and get some more before hitting the hay. He was so not going to go to sleep sober after hearing about little boys who can become ghosts that can throw lasers and fly. It still sounded like a really stupid silver age comic that could rival The Whizzer, which was the king of weird comics. Other than that, Sam had no idea what to actually think other than this was going to be a crazy one if they ever got around to getting to the bottom of it.

'That or we run into him.' Sam thought as he took a sip of his beer.


A couple of hours after the sun began to peek over the horizon line, Danny opened his eyes, thinking everything that happened yesterday was a dream. Once his vision was cleared of the crud that had built up over night, he saw that he was still in the hotel that was in an alternate reality. His facial muscles scrunched up into an annoyed scowl as the thoughts from yesterday came back. He still blamed Vlad for this entire mess and had no intention to indulge him in any possible fantasies that could form from this situation.

With a yawn and the sound of popping joints, Danny climbed out of bed, stretching himself out.

'Man, that bed was cruddy...' Danny thought.

Danny walked into the small bathroom, locked the door, and took off his clothes. Sparing no time, he turned on the shower and began to wash himself. He occasionally threw cautious glances at the door, expecting Vlad to do something at any moment. Five minutes passed and all that had happened was that Danny finished rinsing the cheap shampoo out of his hair and scrubbing all of the dirt that he was covered in from last night.

As soon as all of the mediocre motel soap was rinsed off, the ghost boy's hand went for the knob and twisted it so that the shower would turn off. He quickly phased the water off himself, letting it splash onto the tiled-ceramic floor of the small shower-cubicle and flow into the drain. He then picked up his clothes, and phased the dirt and grime off them and into the toilet.

As much as he wanted to leave the dirt in the shower as a small prank for Vlad he went against it. First of all, there was the truce they had for the time being. Second, there was a good chance Vlad would get rid of it the moment he noticed it and take it as a reason to start their prank war back up. Danny was sure there were other reasons that he could list off as to why not to leave dirt in the shower, but that did not matter right now. He had already flushed the dirt and grime down the toilet and was now putting his cleaned off clothes on.

As soon as he finished tying his shoes, he walked out of the bathroom and approached the small fridge that was present. He opened it and pulled out one of the water bottles that was present in there and twisted the cap with an audible snap, breaking the seal on it. Ignoring the stale taste, Danny took a big gulp of the plain, clear, colorless liquid, mitigating his parch throat.

By this point, Vlad had already gotten up and began his shower. So, while waiting for pompous business man to make himself decent with the motel's limited grooming supplies, Danny decided to go out the door to the terrace that was shared with every single room on their floor. The teenage halfa leaned on the railing, thinking about his loved ones and how he missed them. A slightly depressed look appeared on his face. He had been gone for almost twelve hours, maybe more or less, now and it had passed by him as if it were an eternity.

'They are all probably looking for me by now,' Danny thought with a sigh. 'Half of Amity Park is most likely torn up just from dad searching alone while mom and Jazz trying to do damage control while ghosts run rampant.' His thoughts then shifted from his family in general to his best friends, 'Sam and Tucker are probably trying to use the Boomerang to find me. I am pretty sure it can't locate me if I really am stuck in another reality.'

Danny's foot found a piece of loose cement and with no hesitation, he kicked it over the ledge onto the concrete below. He just wanted to go home and as far as he could see it, there was no chance of it happening. Neither of the two hybrids had the Infi-map when they fell through that natural portal and the likelihood of running into Wulf was very slim. The chance of finding a natural portal was almost one in infinity with an even lesser number in terms of a portal that would lead them back to where in space and time their home was.

"Why does life hate me so much?" Danny asked no one in particular.

Danny at that moment, kicked yet another small piece of loose cement. This time however, the rock hit a tall, sandy haired guy on the head. The ghost boy cringed as he heard the rock's victim give out a loud "ouch."

"Uhhh… Sorry!" Danny called out awkwardly.

The man who had been hit by the rock looked up then did a double take, "Son of a b***h… Sammy! Come here!"

Danny raised an eyebrow in confusion as an even taller man, who he assumed was Sammy, came out of the first story of the motel. The taller man had brown hair and was dressed in the same faded green jacket and blue jeans as the sandy haired man. So, for simplicity, Danny mentally called them Sammy and Sandy.

Sandy began talking with Sammy in a barely audible tone. Danny had no clue what they were talking about, but he had a feeling it probably meant that he was going to be in big trouble judging from their facial expressions. As far as he could tell auditorily, they did not sound very pleased. He even heard that "b***h" word come from Sandy's mouth again. He had no clue what it even meant as he had never heard it before. Was it some sort of "your momma" insult? He had absolutely no clue and was definitely not going to be asking anyone anytime soon.

As the two strangers talked below while Danny just watched in confusion, Vlad stepped out of their motel room and gave a look at Danny, noticing the tenseness in Danny's shoulders.

"If you think I would push you off the ledge, then you have been around your idiot father way too much." Vlad stated. "Now come on."

Danny frowned at Vlad and proceed to follow him down the balcony stairs to who-knows-where. As far as knew,he could be dragging him to some preschooler's hang out just to torment him without breaking their truce and insult his maturity. It was not a pleasant image for Danny, needless to say.


Thankfully for the ghost boy, it was not a preschooler's hang out that Vlad took him to. It was a small diner that was near the motel. The two hybrids entered the diner and took a seat at the bar area. Vlad began ordering breakfast while Danny looked around with a bored expression on his face.

As minutes passed, that boredom contorted into a what-the-heck look as he saw people stumble about, behaving so absent minded that it made the instances where his dad sleep walked look coherent. It was off putting and what made it more so was the fact that people who seemed coherent became just as absent minded as they ate whatever was served to them.

"Uh Vlad, I think we should go…" Danny whispered. "Something isn't right here."

Vlad quirked an eyebrow at the teenager and proceeded to look around the diner. He studied the area and little by little, he began to see what Danny was concerned about. He then looked at the plate of bacon and eggs that was haphazardly served to him by a seemingly drunken waitress with unusual gray eyes that were glazed over.

When no one but Danny was looking, Vlad lit up a finger with ectoplasm and touched the eggs. The moment he did, both halfas recoiled in disgust. Right were Vlad had touched the eggs with ectoplasm was a gushing mess of gray goo that had the sheen of untouched silly putty and the mess making properties of slime.

"I think I'm gonna barf…" Danny muttered as he covered his mouth.

"It appears you were right, Daniel." Vlad mused, narrowing his eyes at the "eggs", "Absolutely disgusting."

Needing no further reasons to be added as why they should to leave, both hybrids exited the diner. Vlad did not even bother leave any form of payment or tip. He was not going to reward such disgusting practices of serving gray slime disguised as food. Danny noticed this and turned around to get a last look at the waitress. The waitress did not seem to care about the fact they left without paying at all. It was just bizarre.

"Vlad, I think we should do something about this." Danny suggested.

"Don't be ridiculous, boy!" Vlad scoffed, "We have only been here for a day and you want to play hero now? We know nothing about this place nor how people react to ghosts showing up and trying to save their skins. It is best we continue trying to survive until we can get back."

Danny stopped in his tracks and glared at Vlad. Vlad turned around and saw the protest Danny was putting up with him.

"Daniel, come now." Vlad commanded.

"No." Danny said as he crossed his arms and allowed his eyes to glow for a brief second.

"You will listen to me right now," Vlad warned as he bared his teeth, "We may have a truce, but I can easily find alternative ways of getting my point across to you. We are not going to play heroes in this world. We are going to find a way home and go back to our usual routines and that is final."

"In case if you haven't noticed, Vlad, we almost ate whatever that gray slime was! I'm pretty sure if we did eat that stuff, we would have wound up like those people in the diner or worse!" Danny pointed out, "We need to check this out. If we don't, who knows when we'll run into that mystery gunk again! Heck, we don't even know if we will recognize it in time if we do!" Danny then smirked, "Besides, do you really want to become, oh what was it, I know, "stupider" than my dad?"

Vlad's left eye twitched at the boy, "Well, it seems you are still capable of using our predicament to your advantage despite the time you have spent with your father. But if this ends badly for either of us, I will personally make you regret every decision you have made with your powers."

Danny rolled his eyes. He already knew what Vlad was going to try to do from that threat. To the younger halfa, Vlad had become very predictable in terms of crazy schemes. He knew that Vlad would try to make him feel regret by killing Jack. He would point out the fact Jack had beaten Vlad up before, but did not want to further aggravate Vlad.


The Winchesters sat in the impala, parked in front of the local diner, listening in on the conversation that was going on a few feet away from them with the windows cracked open enough for optimum eavesdropping.

As they listened to what was clearly an argument, they found themselves answering one or two questions and raising a crap load of others. Dean could not help but mourn the loss of his diner food. His heart pouted because it all meant no more diners until the Leviathan mess was cleaned up. However, what really perked their interests was the fact the two had just ran into the dumbing snot that the Leviathans had been injecting into the Biggerson's Turducken sandwiches and instantly knew it was bad. And they had no idea what those primordial abominations were planning nor even knew of them from what their argument sounded like.

"Okay, I will say it again, the whole ghost theory is absolute crap!" Dean whispered as the newly named (to them) Vlad and Daniel left the diner parking lot, "Ghosts don't go to diners and order freakin' bacon and eggs with a side of hashbrowns! Hell, most monsters don't do that! They go and eat whoever comes out of the diner! Besides, aren't ghosts supposed to be, I don't know, bound to something and dead?!"

"I get it, Dean," Sam sighed, "But that was the only one that even came close to the kid's description. We might be just be dealing with a new breed of monster."

"You know what I am gonna call it?" Dean asked with an annoyed smirk, "Bullcrap."

Sam shot a small glare at his older brother, "Dude, we are not naming an entire species Bullcrap!"

"Well what do you want me to call them? Ghostcrap?" Dean retorted.

"Just find a better name for the species…" Sam sighed as he face palmed. "I don't want to get calls from new hunters to check out literal piles of bull crap."

"Okay, how does the name Slimer sound?" Dean asked.

"A lot better." Sam sort of approved.

"Good, now that's out of the way, how do you think we should handle it?" Dean asked, "After the whole Amazon chick mess, I am not sure if I can even handle a Slimer kid without being beaten to death."

Sam quirked an eyebrow, surprised by what Dean just admitted, but none of the less didn't question it. That was something that could be discussed later when they did not have a bizarre case of a ghost-like monster that could fire energy blasts and fly.

"I say we should talk to him first." Sam suggested.

"What is with you and talking to monsters?" Dean asked, "Remember how Gabriel thought that helping us equaled sticking us in TV land?"

"Of course I remember that," Sam stated, "It was the second most painful thing we have ever experienced outside of that alternate universe. However, this kid does seem like he really wants to help."

"Are sure it arguing with that Vlad guy was not just a ruse?" Dean questioned.

"If it was Dean, he would have noticed us." Sam flatly pointed out, "The entire time, his back was turned away from the car. Besides, we've never met or seen any of his kind before. There is a good chance he might cooperate more than Crowley ever could."

Dean sighed, "Fine. We'll ask the monster kiddy if it wants to help us. But if that Slimer does anything I don't like, it's ass will be grass."

With that, Dean started up the Impala and slowly drove out of the parking lot. Their destination was not a set location but rather following Daniel and Vlad.