Binas: Be aware that there are TV-Y7 jokes laced in this chapter. I am sure you will enjoy them.



Later that night...

Danny, in ghost form, could not help but feel the chill that someone gets when someone else was following them despite no one being around. He chalked it up to this world being uncanny in comparison to his own and had ghost-esque creatures that did not set off his ghost sense but did leave a distinct cold spot like in the cheesy horror movies he watched to mock them. He was not going to let Moldy Potatoes have all the fun to itself when it came to mocking bad movies.

Back on point, Danny could not shake the feeling that had come over him. It was as if someone took the feeling of being followed, glued it to the Boomerang, and threw the stupidly named invention as he ran away from it. The Boomerang addition to the analogy would have been too much, but with the other factors involved in the situation; it was justified. It hurt his head to think that there were alternate dimensions nearly identical to his own.

Then there was the fact Vlad was not helping at all. Rather he tried avoiding everything he thought was heroic, and pretty much left it up to Danny to do the work.

'Typical Vlad...' Danny thought bitterly.

He would definitely give Vlad a beating for this. The only thing Vlad had done since they arrived here was compare currencies and get a motel room. While both were important, neither helped solve the case of the gray goop that masqueraded as food.

'Even school cafeteria food can disguise itself better!' Danny mentally insulted the disgusting gray substance. 'And that stuff is barely edible! Well, at least it doesn't make people morons.'

Danny flew into the kitchen area of the diner and looked around. So far, it was an ordinary kitchen looking like it was haphazardly cleaned enough just to keep out roaches. However, judging by the mouse traps, he could gather they probably knew that their cleaning skills could not keep out rodents. And then there was the mutilated possum under the oven. Danny cringed in horror and disgust at the sight and held his nose, getting a full whiff of dead possum. This, in turn, caused his eyes to water as if he were being forced to peel millions of onions.

"Gah!" Danny gagged and used an ecto-blast to incinerate the dead rodent, leaving behind the slightly better smelling scent of burnt tiles and ectoplasm. "Okay, that's just gross! How these people are still in business, I have no idea."

Danny slowly drifted away from the oven, wanting to distance himself from the horror he had found and destroyed. He then turned around and saw the freezer. He opened it and peered inside. It was full of pre-made breakfast foods such as eggs, waffles, and bacon. He carefully picked up one of the bacon strips with his index finger and thumb and held it away from his body. Within barely a second, it turned into the same gray goo that Vlad's eggs were made of as Danny channeled some ectoplasm through it. He quickly turned his hand intangible, allowing the "bacon," and any of the goo that might have gotten on him, to fall onto the floor with a sickening slop. Not wanting to touch anymore of the so called "food," he assumed that all of the stuff in the freezer was made of the gray, slimy substance.

The sound of a truck engine began to grace Danny's ears, making him gasp. Not wanting to be caught, he promptly turned invisible and floated all the way up to the ceiling. He kept his breathing as quiet as possible as the engine turned off and the sounds of slamming truck doors echoed through the building. The doorknob to the back of the building jiggled as a key was slipped in, becoming unlocked in the process. The door opened to reveal two men in their mid-twenties carrying crates that held labels such as "eggs" and "bacon."

The man carrying the crate of "eggs" looked around and frowned as he sniffed the air. Danny began to perspirate, getting the sensation of ice being poured down his neck.

The man set down his crate and said, "Chris, looks like we are getting a free meal."

The second man, Chris, licked his lips with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he set down his crate of "bacon," and he said, "I smell it too, Tom."

At that moment, both men did something that could be considered the most disturbing, revolting, horrifying thing Danny had ever seen. The men's heads shifted into these gigantic mouths with forked tongues and razor sharp teeth that could cut you from just looking at them for about thirty seconds. During that time, Danny screamed, returning to the visible spectrum due to the intense fear kicking out most of his concentration. He was ever thankful for choosing to be up against the ceiling rather than hovering a foot off the ground.

Chris gave a sadistic smirk, sending shivers down Danny's spine, "Well look what we have here. Another one of Eve's bastard children. I didn't think she had made any more monsters during her brief freedom."

Danny, despite all fear that was running rampant in his mind, found himself confused at what Chris was saying. Tom found great enjoyment in seeing Danny squirm with discomfort. He had no idea who this Eve person was but was pretty sure she was bad news if the term "monster" held any weight in Chris's context.

"Look at him. He's ready to piss himself!" Tom laughed with disturbing amount of gusto, "I like my food with a bit of tanginess to it!"

'Ewwww...' Danny thought. Even though he had never heard the word "piss" before, he could gather what Tom had meant thanks to the similar sounding phrase "ready to pee himself."

"Just what are you… Things?!" Danny asked, trying really hard to hold back the bile that was seeping up into his mouth. "Are you the ones behind the gray slime?!"

"What is the point of knowing anything when you know where you'll end up?" Chris asked as he rubbed his stomach.

Chris jumped up to where Danny was and grabbed him. Danny fell to the floor with Chris on top of him, bringing the return of that giant, horrific mouth. Not wasting a single second, Danny phased out of Chris's clutches and flew to the other side of the kitchen. He lit up his hands with ectoplasm and fired them at the creepy, disgusting cannibalistic duo. The two men were caught off guard by the blasts. However, out of what could be assumed to be cockiness, the two did not move and took the full brunt of the ectoplasmic blasts. Much to Danny's shock, the two men stood with giant, gaping peepholes through their torsos. To add onto the existing gross factor, black ooze dripped from within the holes as they visibly reformed in sickening detail.

Tom and Chris lunged at Danny with frightening speed. Without any warning, the two slammed into a green ectoplasmic barrier that surrounded Danny. Danny breathed heavily, backing away from the beasts that threw themselves at the dome he created.

"What a wimp!" Tom taunted as he gnawed on the shield, trying to eat it to no avail.

"I wonder if he will taste like chicken." Chris added on.

Danny racked his brain for options. He knew he could not keep the shield up forever, and these cannibals showed no sign of slowing down anytime soon. He did not want to risk his Ghostly Wail failing if they were just going to regenerate. In fact, he was not even sure if ectoplasmic sound waves could do anything to harm them. Overshadowing was also out since he did not want to know what it felt like to possess whatever Chris and Tom were. He also was very certain that he did not need to know what people tasted like. It was something that was so gross and wrong on so many levels that it made Vlad look sane.

"Come out of there little boy. It will be all over before you know it." Chris sang.

"Don't give us the cold shoulder!" Tom mocked-whine.

Those words sparked an idea in Danny's head. It was a long shot and a bit risky, but it would definitely not leave him drained to the point of hardly being able to defend himself like the Ghostly Wail would. Right that instant, he closed his eyes and began focusing on the cold energy that his ectoplasm produced, concentrating on building it up. The end goal was to do what he did when he first learned to control his ice powers but on a slightly more powerful, controlled scale.

Danny gave a small smirk and replied, "Say, do you like frosties with your meals?"

The two men blinked a bit in confusion as the barrier fell, causing them to fall onto the floor. Before they could get up, Danny unleashed the cold energy he had built up, freezing Chris and Tom and the surrounding area in super thick layers of ice. Danny hoovered over the frozen cannibals, spotting the unamused looks on their faces.

"You know what they say," Danny began with a small, childish chuckle, "If you make faces like that, your face will freeze that way."

He heard a small groan come from Chris's icecube. Danny knew that joke was awful, but he just could not help himself. Besides, any joke was worth making as long as it did not involve mucus. Even he had standards when it came to terrible jokes and puns, and he drew the line at mucus for reasons he would rather not think about.

Once more the doorknob jiggled. Danny quickly got into a defensive stance, not planning on being taken by surprise again. As soon as the door opened, Danny got a face full of borax based cleaner. Danny gagged and sputtered a bit, trying to rid his mouth of the few droplets of the basic substance.

"Gross!" Danny cried out, "What was that for?"

Danny looked up and gasped a bit. Right in front of him, aside from the dripping nozzle, were Sandy and Sammy, the same guys from the motel. Danny gave a meek look as he turned intangible, letting the cleaner fall to the floor with a splash.

"Um… Hi?" Danny asked awkwardly, "Please tell me you don't want to eat me…"

Sandy rose an eyebrow while Sammy looked a bit surprised.

"What makes you think that we're gonna eat you?" Sandy asked.

Danny simply pointed at the frozen cannibals, "They tried to. Apparently the one called Tom likes his meal covered in what I think is pee, though he used some other word."

"Okay, that is just nasty." Sandy stated, ignoring Danny's lack of understanding of the word piss.

Sandy approached the iced cannibals, and with no warning, he pulled out a machete and stabbed a hole right where Chris's neck was. Once there was black ooze coming out, Sandy quickly sprayed the cleaner into the hole, causing Chris a world of pain. From there, he gave a good hacking at the ice, decapitating Chris.

"Catch, Sam!" Sandy called out and tossed Chris's head to Sammy.

Sammy opened up a small, empty duffle bag and caught Chris's head inside it and quickly zipped it up. As he tossed it to the side, Sandy repeated the same process with Tom. Once both cannibals' heads were in their own duffle bag, Danny decided to speak up.

"Um, what were those things?" Danny asked, rather horrified and disgusted by Sam and Sandy's method of dealing with Tom and Chris. "Are they the ones behind the stuff that makes cafeteria food look somewhat edible?"

"Those were leviathans, and yeah they are." Sam said with a grimace.

Sandy by this point had stuffed the decapitated bodies of Chris and Tom into different body bags and completely sealed them shut.

"I'm Sam Winchester, and that is my older brother Dean over there," Sam said pointing out his brother before extending his hand out with a bit of caution. "We, uh, hunt monsters like the Leviathans."

Danny took Sam's hand and shook it firmly, "Danny Phantom. Self-deputized hero."

Dean perked up with a "really" look on his face as he heard that. In fact, he looked like if someone just said something that was painfully corny and ridiculously awful like the word "penultimate." Needless to say, Sam was trying really hard not to facepalm at the last name he was given.

At that moment, another figure entered the kitchen via the wall. Sam and Dean immediately raised their weapons, ready to pound the intruder to death. Danny glared at the figure, knowing exactly who he was and sarcastically stated, "Oh so now you come and check on me, Vlad! And that just makes me want to be your son even more. Not!"

"And it seems I have misjudged your capabilities of investigating discreetly." Vlad replied, sending narrowed pure red eyes at the ghost boy, not taking the sarcasm lightly.

Dean lunged forward and swung his machete at Vlad. Instead of getting some form of kill strike, he barely nicked Vlad with it and got tripped due to Vlad maneuvering around him with a haughty flare. Dean looked at his machete and saw a tiny drop of a slimy substance that was neon green and gave off a soft, ethereal light.

"How foolish." Vlad stated and charged up pink ectoplasm in the palm of his hand.

Before he could fire it or Sam could react, Danny rammed into Vlad, infuriating the older hybrid. Danny kept Vlad pinned to a nearby wall, preventing him from threatening the Winchester brothers any further.

"What do you think you're doing, Daniel?!"

"Defending the only two people who know what's going on here, you crazy fruitloop!"

Vlad gave a look at Danny while Sam and Dean gave surprised expressions. The brothers had rarely encountered a monster that actively defended them without being given any solid reason to do so, even after admitting they were hunters. It was very strange for them indeed.

"How do you know that they did not cause anything?" Vlad asked, challenging Danny's stance.

"One, they did not attack me," Danny pointed out. "Two, what's left of the ones who did are in the body bags over there."

Vlad frowned a bit and flew over to the body bags. He reached down to open it and see if there was any funny business going on. What happened instead was Dean giving him a death glare as he used his machete to separate him from the body bag.

"I would not do that if I were you." Dean said.

"And why not?" Vlad asked, getting annoyed with the increasing frustration of the situation.

"Do you want to become leviathan chow?"

Vlad gave Danny a confused, yet highly annoyed glare. Before Danny could attempt to explain anything, Sam stepped forward and did just that, but it was more of a Sparknotes kind of style rather than all of the details, but making sure to mention the borax. Dean gave his younger brother a look filled with apprehension in response to Sam's idea of explaining anything to the older "slimer" which he called the halfa mentally.

Without saying a word, Vlad drifted away from the body bags, maintaining the glare he had given Danny. Only this time it was aimed at the Winchesters. He was not keen on the idea of cannibalistic monsters and a part of him was willing to chalk it up to teenage rebellion; however, there was enough evidence to keep that side of him quiet. The black goo that was splattered everywhere, the melting shards of ice, and the mess of the kitchen appliances and "food" items told the story of the battle he missed.

He reluctantly took the word from Danny and the Winchesters, hating the idea of possibly having to work with heroes just to survive more than he wanted to. He only made a truce with Danny to put all animosity on hiatus until they could get back to Amity Park in their own world, not out of the kindness in his cold, dark, hardened heart. He refused to play the role of a superhero. He wanted no part in the obvious construction towards working with the Winchesters until a way home became available to them. He just wanted to go home and try to woo the eye catcher named Maddie and force Danny into joining him.

Danny, on the other hand, also knew the two halfas were stranded in the uncanny semi-reflection of their own world. For how long they would be stranded was unknown, and he knew that the longer they stayed, the higher chances they would face this world's dangers. As of the moment, they only faced a speck of what this world had to offer in the supernatural department, and that speck was not small by any chance. It was big. It was threatening. It was gross. It was just evil, far more so than what Vlad's usual scheme consisted of. To turn the human race into food just sickened the poor boy. He could clearly see why Sam Manson objected to the idea of eating anything with a face. As much as he would like to join his Sam in Camp Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian, he knew he still needed the nutrients that could only be found in meat due to his part time superhero gig. Essentially he found himself stuck in a tough spot.

So in the end, Danny broke the silence, much to Vlad's annoyance, and said, "You can count me in."

Vlad bared his fangs at Danny, urging him to take those words back. Unfortunately for him, Danny did not take those words back at all. Instead he shook on it.

"Daniel!" Vlad seethed, "We. Are. Not. Going. To. Play. HEROES!"

"You know what, Vlad." Danny said, glaring at the ticked off older hybrid. "I don't care what you think. I am doing this because it's right. If you don't want to help, then fine! Go off and look for a way home without me! Leave me here for all I care! As much as I don't like the idea of that considering what you think of my dad, people are actually dying here because of these gross leviathan things! You can't stop me from doing what I can to help!"

Vlad widened his eyes as the words were rammed into him. He had not expected that outburst. He was anticipating Danny to give up and realize for once he was in over his head with the revelation of the leviathans, but no, Danny stood up to him and still refused to see his reasoning. To say it was irritating would be an understatement. The feelings that coursed through Vlad were much darker and much more intense.

Due to the truce he had initiated yesterday and now regretting making it in the first place, he could not beat some sense into the boy. At the same time, he knew better than to leave the boy by himself in such a situation. Granted, he fled from Vortex, leaving Danny alone in the process, but he knew Danny would somehow triumph over the moronic weather ghost. These leviathan creatures, on the other hand, he just could not see Danny beating them like how he could beat up ghosts. They could regenerate; only Borax could harm them long enough to decapitate and hide the body and head away from each other. They ate human beings very regularly, and he was sure he was missing a few key points. They were described as "primordial douchebags" (whatever that meant, Vlad certainly did not know) by Dean and were one of the most powerful creations to walk this world's earth. Needless to say, if he wanted to ensure his own survival, he would have to suck up his pride and "play hero" as he called it.

"Fine, you win again, Daniel." Vlad growled as he balled up his fists. "But never speak of this again!"

Danny blinked a bit, shocked that Vlad had made the decision to stay. He was certain that he would fly off, but no, he chose to stay. He knew Vlad was not staying out of the kindness in his heart; that was a given, instead; it told Danny how Vlad perceived the gravity of the leviathan situation. He saw it as something bigger than the both of them, which rarely ever happened. In fact, it was unheard of outside of the Pariah Dark incident, and even then Vlad was still on his high horse; he still thought he was superior.

"Hey!" Dean's gruff voice sounded, grabbing the halfas' attention with ease, "If you two slimers are done, can we get a move on?"

Vlad paid no heed to the nickname, as it was not worth his attention. He had enough jokes for one day. Danny gave Dean a weird look, wondering why he decided to call him a "slimer." It made absolutely no sense. Dean saw this look in the younger hybrid's face then muttered something that sounded like he had encountered other beings who did not get pop-culture humor before.

'Right, different world, different reference jokes.' Danny mentally smacked himself.


Midnight: At the Motel…

It had been a long car ride back to the motel. While Sam and Dean knew the two hybrids could fly, they obviously had very little trust in them to not let them leave their sight. Sure, they let them in on "ganking the primordial douchebags" as Dean called it, but they held high caution thanks to Vlad's stunt in the diner kitchen. Danny had a feeling it was going to take a lot of effort for him to gain their trust. He left Vlad out of that one due to the little fact that he always back-stabbed someone or left them for dead.

Dean chucked his hunting gear into a corner of the motel room that he shared with his younger brother. Exhaustion was clear in his eyes, but he fought it. He wanted to clean any leviathan gunk off of himself and eat his dumbing snot-free bacon cheeseburger and down some alcohol.

In Sam's case, he decided to use this time for information gathering. He grabbed the journal that his dad, John Winchester, had left behind and opened it to a blank page. He then took out a pen and sat in front of the two floating hybrids.

"So, um…" Sam began, "Since we never seen any of your kind before, is it okay that you give us some basic information?" Cue a frown from Vlad and a flat "what" look from Danny, "I mean, since we are working together, it is best if we know who we are working with during this leviathan case."

"How do we know you won't give away what we tell you if we do?" Vlad asked, stressing his disapproval with the idea.

"Well, there's one thing we can agree on for once." Danny muttered under his breath, shuddering at the thought of actually agreeing with his archenemy.

"Trust me when I say that the only ones who will know are other hunters." Sam stated, "And that is only to make sure none of them harm you two unless a reason is given." Sam shot a look at Vlad, clearly getting this point across.

"What about crazy government officials?" Danny asked, thinking of the bizarre chance that a version of the Guys in White existed here.

"Just how stupid are you?" Dean spoke up, taking a gulp of beer as he sat down next to his brother, "We'd be locked up in a nuthouse quicker than you can say "Casper the Friendly Ghost" if we did that."

Danny glared daggers at the older Winchester. Sure, he did not know what Dean was referring to, but he had a good idea he made it out of spite with a hint of jerkish behavior. The only relief he got from Dean's crass statement was that there were no Guys in White to worry about. Just the leviathans and uninformed hunters.

He then released a small sigh. He was not ready to discuss anything related to the secret he shared with Vlad with these guys. He had only just met them, but they had a point. A dangerous point at that. Leviathans were nasty creatures, and they scared Danny witless for the most part. They were more gruesome than his alternate future self could hope to be and that said a lot as he was the definition of "being an evil jerk." And from what he had already seen, leviathans were not meant to be taken lightly with some casual witty banter and a side of punching. They were absolutely dangerous and disgusting.

"First of all, I have no idea why you two keep on calling us 'slimers,'" Danny began, eliciting a "shut up" look from Vlad, "But Vlad and I are half ghosts."

Not even five seconds after those words left Danny's mouth, Dean let out an annoyed groan.

"Damn it." Dean cursed as he buried his face in his free hand before looking up at Danny, "Just who the hell are you trying to fool?"

"What?" Danny asked, highly confused by Dean's outburst of annoyance.

"First of all, I have ganked plenty of ghosts before, and let me tell you," Dean continued, "You two don't fit the bill. Hell, Swayze is more ghostly than you two! Second, you two can't be half dead! That makes no sense period, and I am sure as hell Death would never let anything like that happen! And I see that look on your face, Sam. If you mention that damn cat again, I swear I will go bat-shit crazy."

"Who said anything about us being dead?" Danny asked, "I still breath! I have a pulse! Heck, I still bleed! I have no clue what kind of ghosts you deal with here, but where we're from, Vlad and I are considered ghosts despite having a human half."

By this point, Vlad left the room and went into the bathroom. He was done with this stupidity. From where this was going, it was likely that this would end with the both of them being hunted by the inhabitants here until they found a way back home.

"Where you're from?" Sam asked, caught off guard a bit before facing his brother, "Dean, I don't think they are making any of this up."

"What makes you think that?" Dean asked, irritation leaking through his voice like venom. "This is not the first time a monster tried tricking us."

"Remember that bizarro world we went to?" Sam asked, causing Dean to add a cringe to his annoyed features.

"Yes I do, and what does that have to do with this?"

"What if they are from an alternate world?" Sam asked, "It's possible and would make a lot of sense. It would explain why we have never seen their kind until now. Different worlds have different rules. Maybe in their world, ghosts aren't souls of dead people but their equivalent of, say, a shapeshifter. Still alive but not human and allowing for procreation with humans."

"Uh, eeewwwww!" Danny immaturely blurted out, gaining weird looks from Sam and Dean.

"So wait, neither of your parents were the ghost?" Sam asked, sounding very surprised by that revelation.

"No way!" Danny stated, cringing at that lovely image, "Both of us weren't born this way. We were in lab accidents."

"Okay, definitely not like Slimer." Dean muttered loudly as he threw his hands up before quickly bring them down, slapping the bed he was sitting on, "These two could pass for characters in freakin' Spider Man!"

Danny had no words to use in retaliation of Dean's stinky attitude. He found no amusement in the grown man's somewhat childish muttering. It had the feeling akin to being forced into happiness by a weird contraption that could only be removed if you got ahold of a hammer. Danny then retracted that comparison. He realized that description was a little too extreme so, he settled with feeling annoyed.

"Well sorry if I am not Crash Nebula." Danny snarled back, earning a scrunched up, confused face from Dean.

After a second, Dean realized something and said with irritation lacing his voice, "Of course. Different pop culture references. Nice to know you likely don't have Busty Asian Beauties."

Sam instantly shot his older brother a look and whispered, "Dude! He's a freaking kid!"

Dean rolled his eyes, not giving a crap about Danny's age and said, "Shut your cake hole, kids his age already know that fun stuff. Hell, I've been reading some good ol' porn since I was eight."

Sam's left eye twitched at his older brother. While under normal circumstances, he could tolerate Dean's obsession with porn. Right now, there was a kid who did not even know what the word "piss" was in their vicinity. It was likely the kid was still very innocent.

"What the heck is porn?" Danny asked.

Dean looked like he was a deer in a pair of ultra bright headlights. Those were the words he had never heard strung together in a single sentence. A sentence that sounded legitimately innocent. Freaking innocent. The look on Sam's face told Dean that what he had just said was definitely something he should have not brought up at all.

"Uh, you really don't want to know." Sam cut in before Dean could dig himself into a deeper hole. "Trust me, it is something that causes my brother to forget what reality is sometimes."

"Hey!" Dean snapped. "I can distinguish porn from reality!"

"Dean, you can only do that half the time." Sam stated as flat as a worn out tire. "And that's when you are sober." Sam then paused for a second and sighed. "Let's just get back to what we were trying to do before we got off track."

"Alright, fine." Dean snarked and then looked at Danny. "Any weaknesses that we can use on you and your pal incase if either of you get out of line?"

Sam's face landed in the palm of his hand. The amount of tact within that coarse question was such a bare minimum that it was awe inspiring for any of their usual monsters of the week to bare witness to if they were present.

"Dude!" Danny exclaimed. "I said I was going to help you guys! Not maim you or whatever you typically call death threats!"

"Hunting for Dumbasses 101: Don't ever trust anything that ain't human unless you wanna die."

Danny gave a pointed glare at Dean and stated, "What part of 'half human' don't you understand?"

"Oh I understand." Dean glared back. "I just have a hard time believing it. Give me some proof or I will refuse to believe a single word that comes out of your mouth."

Danny groaned and summoned the white transformation rings around his waist. They split and traversed his body, leaving his human body in place of his ghostly body. He then landed on the ground with a solid thud.

"Still not buying it." Dean stated flatly.

"Aw come on!" Danny shouted as he balled his fists up. "What does it take for me to prove myself?!"

"Want to prove yourself?" Dean asked with venom in his voice and handed Danny a knife made of pure iron and silver spoon. "Here."

"What am I supposed to do with these things?" Danny asked, gripping the silverware with confusion.

"Well the silver typically causes reactions with most monsters capable of transformation. The knife, you have to… um… cut yourself." Sam said.

Danny gave an appalled look at the brothers, "What?!"

Dean took the knife and ran the blade down the palm of his own hand, showing a small stream of red blood to the boy, "If you don't have red blood, you ain't human."

Dean gave the knife back to Danny. Danny took it slowly, feeling uneasy bubble deep inside himself again. He looked away and shut his eyes tightly. He was scared of what would come out as he had not really nicked himself in human form after the accident. The most he got were bruises.

Slowly, he poked the blade into the palm of his hand, hissing at the pain that anyone would get from slicing their hand with a sharp object. He quickly jerked the knife away from his hand and dropped it on the floor. He kept his eyes shut as his knees shook like timid leaves in the wind.

He then felt a piece of fabric wrap around his wound, making him open his eyes and look. He saw Sam wrapping a gauze around the cut. Coming through the gauze was red blood. Danny sighed in relief, so glad that he would be safe during basic doctor's exams.

"I think I am going to get a six pack…" Dean muttered and went to the mini fridge, pulled out a blue box simply labeled "Budweiser," plopped onto the closest bed, and began downing one of the cans.

Danny looked at the cans, wondering what the mysterious drink was. He considered asking, but with the outcome of his other questions, he did not. He had a feeling that it probably was not something he should be getting himself into.

By this point, Vlad had left the bathroom, still in his ghost form, wearing the most unamused expression that Danny had ever seen on the older hybrid. From the mere contortion of Vlad's eyebrows and the contempt frown on his visage, it was safe to assume that he heard everything.

"Uh, we were just doing a trust exercise?" Danny sort of asked with a sheepish smile.

Vlad said nothing, but rather kept the contempt air around him flaring out. Without any warning, he reverted to his human form, grabbed Danny by the wrist and dragged him out of the motel room to back to their own.

'What is with you, Daniel?' Vlad thought.