Captains and Valium - #2 Return

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A/N: I would not put the scene on how Ares saves Apraeus since I'll be using it for a flashback in a chapter in the future and sorry for not updating soon since I'm busy with my school requirements and looking for places for me to take my internship since it would be my last year in college and on with adulthood. This chapter is shorter than the other, the next one would be longer. Enjoy reading :)

October 17, 1995 – 2:23 AM

It's been three hours since Aphrodite told them the fate of the missing girl. Nigel managed to calm down his brother-in-law telling him to be strong and focus on getting his daughter back first. Now they are outside in the forest with a group of no more than twenty men, along with the group is Mikhos and Silas. They are heading to the part of the forest that his youngest, Quentin saw in his vision.

They did not need to wait long because after ten minutes they saw what looks like a flaming meteorite coming down from the sky and hits the ground a few meters away from them. Not wasting any time, they run and headed for its direction stopping half way when they saw the destruction and a man walking away from a crater heading towards their direction. Russell's eyes zeroed at the small white thing being cradled and hidden by the God of War.

Ares paused looking at the small crowd on the other side, while most of the men have their eyes of disbelief focus on him. A pair of steel gray eyes is solely focused on the small child hidden in his muscular arms.

"Thou art lhutenn marglae's father." the God of War spoke his deep baritone cutting through the silence of the night. His words earning a confused look from the other party. A minute passed and Russell did not answer the god, causing Ares to frown. Seeing that his brother-in-law is so focused on her daughter, it's a miracle that he did not snatch her away from the god's arms yet. Nigel took the initiative to speak on his behalf, though he did not answer the true meaning of the God's word he suspects that he is pertaining to his niece.

"Yes, he is Russell Sha–Apraeus father. Aphrodite told us of your arrival."

Surprise flickered in the god of war's eyes hearing his soulmate's name but it was gone before any of them can decipher the emotion. Ares nodded and took long strides until he is in front of Russell and Nigel, the other men with them sans Mikhos and Silas falling on their knees upon being in such close proximity of the Greek god.

Both Russell and Nigel stood strong, though they felt the Immortal's overwhelming power and presence it has little to no effect on them. Mikhos being the current head of the house of Zeus has an immunity to the other Greek gods, sans Zeus and Hera. While Silas who was possessed by Zeus before developed the ability to withstand the surge of the minor and some of the major god's power, his body became accustomed to a God's presence by Zeus' takeover.

Ares showed a small hint of surprise at the in-laws, seeing that he does not affect them but senses that there is something different from the two… something ancient.

"Is... she alright?" Nigel looked at his brother-in-law, he knows how much it pains him to ask just that single question.

"I am not certain… after I erased the threat, I tried to talk to her but figured that she's not in the right state of mind." Ares answered truthfully, giving a sympathetic look at the girl's father seeing his jaw clench and the face of others harden as he mentioned the man who was responsible for all the chaos. "It is best if a healer looks into her… a female one."

"I'll contact someone right away," Mikhos stated taking out his phone. "Silas take some of these men and prepare what Apraeus will need."

"Is she unconscious?" Nigel asked seeing the lack of movement from his niece.


"What do you mean?"

"She… I would not be able to hold her if she's conscious… Morpheus gave me a sleeping powder, he said it will help since in Apollo's vision she.." the Olympian god halted his sentence seeing the expression on Russell's face, it's clear that now is not the right time for him to talk about the Oracle god.

When they got back at the manor, they are quickly ushered in the medical bay since they cannot place the girl in a real hospital. The Elhis and Winterwood family invested into buying the medical stuff needed in every situation, they also only hired people within the four Greek houses and people that they trusted that knows about them though only a few people from the house of Zeus, Hera, Apollo and Aphrodite knows about the two oldest Elhis children history with the gods of Egypt.

As per Ares' request, only female doctors and nurses are present in the room. The God of War places the girl on the bed, while the female doctor from the house of Apollo started checking Apraeus. One of the nurses turns to them asking them to leave since they need to change the girl and they doubt that they would be able to work properly if they are in the same room as the three men and a God breathing into their necks.

Russell and Nigel decided to move to the observation room after a nurse walks to them saying that they will start the assessment, Mikhos, and Ares following them. They entered a spacious room with two black couches and a few armchairs, the room has one wall that is painted in a pastel blue almost white, while the three other walls are made of glass making them see the operation happening below.

Anita the lead doctor turn to the glass panel, connecting eyes with Russell her brown eyes showing anger and sympathy. While Nigel turns to Mikhos, asking him to bring his nephew Aiden and his second eldest, Elvin in the room.

"Don't tell them the reason why just bring them here. I… don't want Ashanti to see our daughter in this state." Russell spoke his gaze still focused on his daughter. Mikhos nodded, knowing how Ashanti would react. He knows that the past months have been hard for the whole Elhise and Winterwood family but the one who really got affected is Ashanti.


Aiden Elhise can't help but be curious on why Mikhos woke him and his cousin up this early in the morning, telling them that his father and uncle want to see them.

If dad and uncle Nigel want to talk why didn't they come themselves? It also didn't help that all he hears from the elder man's thoughts are numbers, making him suspicious.


He saw his cousin jump in surprise, luckily Mikhos is walking ahead of them not seeing the exchange. Elvin narrowed his eyes at his younger cousin.

'Could you please stop doing that.'

Sorry, can you tell me what Mikhos is feeling right now?

The brunette gave him an odd look. 'Hmm, his worried and nervous?'


'How would I know? You're the mind reader, not me.'

Aiden shakes his head and continued following the older man. While Elvin falters when they reach the medical bay, a burst of strong emotions overwhelmed him that it almost knocks him over.

"You okay?" Elvin nodded rubbing his chest.

"Yeah. it's just... what's happening? There is a lot of negative emotions in that room, it's making my chest hurt it's like something heavy is placed on my chest." Mikhos gave the two boys a knowing look but he forced to not think of anything since he knows that the eldest child of the Elhise can hear his thoughts.

"Come inside and don't tell anyone what you'll see… at least not yet." he quickly ushers the two boys inside looking around the hall before following after them and locking the door.

"Dad why did you—" Aiden stops short seeing another man in the room beside his father and uncle but that's not the only reason why he halted.

His presence, it's familiar but at the same time, it's not. The young Elhise look at the mysterious man standing in the corner who is looking over the glass wall, following his gaze he gasps seeing the scene below.

"D-Dad.. i–is that…" he stutters moisture started to fill his eyes, his vision is quickly becoming blurry. "Shayne.." coming close to the glass wall and gazing at his little sister in the operation table below.

"Aide.." Elvin called sending calmness to his cousin and everyone in the room. Now he knows why his father and uncle needed them; shock, longing, sadness, sympathy, pity, worry, hatred and anger. Those are the main emotions that he is sensing around the room and below but there is one of them whose emotion is conquering the whole room, overwhelming him.

The six foot ten man standing in the corner who is focusing on his female cousin. The anger vibrating from him is enough to make him breathless.

"Father…" Nigel turns to look at his son, gesturing for him to take Aiden in the sitting area of the room. "Aide come on…"

"Elvin i-its Shayne… s-she.."

"I know.."

Seeing that his brother in law won't be in the right state to explain everything, Nigel did the explaining starting with what his youngest son Quentin saw in his dream and Aphrodite telling them about Ares which made both teens snap their head to the God's direction.

"The Ares?" Elvin questioned in a low tone sneaking a glance to the said god feeling relief when Ares did not look in their direction, though he knows that the god can probably hear him since the room is silent and they are the only ones who are talking he might as well shouted his question. Nigel nodded, contemplating if it would be wise to tell the two about the last thing that Aphrodite said but after what Ares said he thought that it would benefit them all especially his niece when she wakes up.

"There's something else…" he continued, the two teen look back at him knowing from the tone of his voice that what he'll say is very important and they need to listen. "I-We don't know the whole story but… Aphrodite said that Apollo had a vision about Apraeus it's... I want you two to listen and not tell this to your mothers are we clear? We-Russell and I would be the one who will explain it to them later." seeing his son frown, Nigel knows that he's only prolonging the conversation he knows that Elvin could sense his emotions. "If… no, when Shayne wakes up, you absolutely cannot touch her. Tell this to Niell, Raven, and Quentin–" Nigel cursed when the memory of what Aphrodite said slips on his mind and he has no doubt that Aiden picked it up.

As he expected his nephew rose turning to the Greek god this also got Russell's attention, looking at his son. But they were all too late, Ares was caught off guard as he felt something penetrates his mind but he immediately recovered blocking the penetrator before he can see the memories of what happened earlier when he rescued the little girl.

'I do not appreciate what you did young mortal, you're giving me a headache.'

Aiden heard the thought resounds in his mind at the same time an invisible like energy hits him full force causing him to be thrown back and if it isn't for Nigel stopping him he would have hit the wall and receive a few broken bones.


"My lord!" Mikhos quickly stands as a buffer. "I–We do not mean any disrespect please forgive the young one's action." he apologised quickly bowing his head at the God of War.

"I apologize for my son's action Lord Ares, Aiden.." Russell look down at his son, disappointment is clear on his face. "Apologize now."

"I–I'm sorry… I just want to know…"

"You caught me off guard." Ares stated his flaming eyes burning into the boy's steel ones that looks similar to his father. "Next time you do it make sure that you won't be caught, you're years too early to read a god's mind."