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Chapter 1 - Choice

He was tired of everything. He was tired of seeing mass destruction every turn he makes and every time he closes his eyes. He was tired of smelling ghosts of blood, sweat, tears and retch that aren't there. He was tired of looking over his shoulder, feeling his aunt's eyes even though he knew with certainty that she was dead. He was tired of jumping five feet in the air whenever he hears something remotely snake like. He was tired of eyes judging him based on what he had done in the past. He was tired of pretending to be fine. He was tired.

He could hear the steady click of shoes, echoing off the porcelain white walls. The clicks were loud enough so they ricocheted off the walls to the other end of the extensive hall. There was a time where he had felt comfort in the melody the echoes had created, but now, it was deafening. Even the light from the large windows, on this, supposes innocent morning, felt tainted. The very same light that used to fill him with awe. Every nook and corner of his home was tainted and replaced with vile memories.


His foot paused mid-stride, as his head turned towards the women who called his name. Her familiar voice was one of the constants that had kept him sane through his life. The same voice that sung soft melodies to him to soothe his worries, the same voice that gave him calm reassurance that things will turn out fine, in the end, the same voice that was there for him to the end.

Their eyes connected; stunning grey met pale blue, although both were dulled with the recent horrors running through them.


The soft light within the halls gave his mother a gentle halo, but it contrasted to the bags under her eyes that were still prominent. She wore a simple light blue dress, which Draco knew had hidden the woman's exhausted body. Narcissa closed her eyes, but when she opened them, Draco could see a fire he'd thought had long been lost.

"Come with me. I need to discuss a certain matter with you. We will also meet with your father as well."

"Of course."

Draco followed his mother, and they fell into a comfortable silence. Draco felt curiosity mildly peak in his mind, but he had long since learned the art of patience and kept his curiosity to himself. The two passed the drawing room, and neither looked at the door. Though, Draco couldn't help but shiver slightly of the lingering dark presence behind it. She had taken him to the parlour in the west wing that was decided to be their sanctuary until his mother finishes completely refurbishing the manor.

Without so much as a pause, Narcissa opened the grand door. They walked into a lightened parlour that was expertly decorated with a flourish of pastel colours. Draco's father was already there waiting patiently for them with a stone face that masked his emotions.

Narcissa motioned her son to take a seat across from the older Malfoy as she took her place next to Lucius. Draco kept quiet about the stiff feeling around his father aura. "Mother and you wanted to speak with me?"

A silence settled for a beat, then Narcissa touched her husband's knee. Lucius tilted his head slightly to his wife, who gave him a slight nod, then looked at his son.

"Your mother and I have been discussing your future arrangement, considering recent matters have put our family in a difficult situation. I don't exactly approve of the path your mother has chosen for you, but taking into account our circumstance, I agree with her logic."

Lucius paused, a pained look on his face. He was struggling to say the next words as if they made him physically ill. The younger Malfoy felt himself growing worried. "I would not force you to choose this path, but it seems to be your only option at the time being–"

Draco saw Lucius turned his head to his wife again with a slightly desperate look, Narcissa took his hand and squeezed. The Malfoy heir felt his own hand fidgeting as he attempted to keep himself steady.

"What is it, father?"

Lucius gave one last look at his wife and sighed in defeat. "You need to live in the muggle world."

As if the world had really ended, Draco then did the two most improper things of his status; he let his jaw drop to the floor, and at the same time said, "What?", in the most undignified manner.

Draco would never, never have imagined that there would be a day where his father would say those very words. There was a time where he would've laugh in hysteria at anyone would ever make that assumption or state that Lucius would ever let him set foot into the muggle world, especially on the subject of living with muggles.

Now hearing those exact words coming out of his father seemed to have left him speechless. Whatever he had expected his parents to talk about, it was not in any shape or form that.

"I apologise, but what?" His father looked as if he was physically restraining himself from taking back every single word he had said. Draco's mother then took over the conversation.

"Let me explain. Public opinion of our family has been rather . . . unfavourable towards us. Although Potter's statements about us have prevented anything further than mockery and howlers, I fear that there might be a few that would grow hostile and go to any lengths to harm us. Until the time where peace can come for our family as well, we can not walk the streets of the magical world freely. You understand this, don't you, Draco?"

After processing his initial shock and absorbed his mother's words, he had realised what she had spoken about was the truth. "I – Yes."

"We wouldn't ask you to do this if it isn't necessary. It's still your choice in the end, of course, if you agree to do this." Narcissa locked eyes with Draco's grey eyes, and the younger wizard could see all her unspoken love.

The younger Malfoy cleared his throat, "How would I go about doing this if I did choose so?"

"I knew a muggleborn during my time in Hogwarts." Draco's eyes balled with honest astonishment, whilst his father stiffened a bit, knowing ahead of time of what Narcissa was going to discuss.

The older witch tilted her head carefully, lost in her memories, "Kept to herself mostly, but I befriended her regardless. She was in my year and was a very talented Slytherin, considering she knew how to keep her blood status hidden until the very last day. The day we graduated was when she had told me. Although, understandably, she disappeared from the wizarding world before the start of the First War soon after. I was angry for a long time of her deception, but I do respect her for her cunningness."

"I came into contact with her a few days ago and received her response this morning. She is currently working under the muggle government, so she could integrate you into that world if you choose to live there."

The younger Malfoy's head was spinning and spiralling out of proportion. His whole life would turn upside down and completely transform if he agreed to do this.

A world where he isn't hated based on his name and past? A fresh start where no one would know him? Build his entire life into something else and be whatever he wanted without ridicule?

"What about you two?"

Narcissa's features softened and she smiled sadly, while Lucius looked out the window. "We are too old for us to properly integrate into a new society. You, on the other hand, could adapt quite easily."

Wasn't this what he had wanted?

His mind paused and weighed all his options if he chooses an alternative. His choices would be limited, if not, barely minimal.

Apparently yes, living as a muggle was his only other option.

"I think I'll take the chance."

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