The Captain and the Hand

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Until someone hires me to write fanfiction like a proper Star Wars novelist, I own nothing and am free to distribute to you for…free.

Summary: On the way to Scarif, Cassian recounts the story of how he met Kay-Too.


"Have you ever had to…seduce someone in the line of duty?" she asked, hoping to pass the time. There wasn't much of it left, but just then, it seemed to fill the whole room. She didn't want to feel it passing.

That wasn't exactly a story he wanted to tell her, she could tell by the way he frowned at his blaster, intent on cleaning it for the fourth time since they'd boarded the shuttle.

She returned to obsessively checking her own weaponry, knowing not to press it, but unwilling to actually retract the question. the awkward silence mixed with the sense of a ticking bomb for possession of the air, and she wondered how the others were bearing it.

"It's happened," he said at last. "The last time…well, that's how I ended up with Kay-Too."

"What does he have to do with it?"

"He belonged to her first. They called her the Emperor's Hand."