Summary: As they dance at their wedding, Camille can't help but reminisce on the oddity that Jason Derulo seemed to be the soundtrack to their relationship.

As Moose lightly swayed with his mom, Camille was doing the same with his dad for the parent dance at their wedding. She had hesitated, as she always did when there were public displays of affection related to family. She had accepted that she didn't have parents to depend on many years ago but these moments still caught her off guard and she couldn't help but smile at Mr. A as he swung her out into a twirl. She continued dancing until she felt a light tap on her shoulder, spinning to see her brother, Tyler with a hand out to Camille.

"Excuse me, Mr. A, but may I finish this dance?" The question was directed at her dance partner, but he never lost eye contact with Camille. She never heard a response but assumed the answer was yes when Tyler replaced her new father in law.

"Since when do you have manners?" Camille couldn't help but cheekily comment.

"Since when do you listen to this boring music? Or sway in place to dance for that matter?" He shot back, referring to the smooth jazz playing through the speakers. Camille's head fell back in laughter, she knew he was right.

"Compromise. Knowing Moose's parents wanted something more traditional of a wedding than we planned, we agreed to traditional music during dinner, but-" she was cut off by the music abruptly changing. There, at the DJ stand, was Moose grinning. "I think your complaint is about to be remedied," Camille mumbled as she heard the tell tale signs of deep bass bouncing through the speaker.

Both recognizing the Jason Derulo song starting, Tyler quirked an eyebrow at Camille who turned bright red, head falling to Tyler's chest. She knew where this was headed already before she even saw Moose dancing over to her.

"Let's go Chameleon. You didn't change into a reception dress to stand around looking pretty." And before she could respond, he had taken her hand and pulled her onto the floor to dance. "You know I had to. I Won't Dance may be our song, but we both know that Jason Derulo has weirdly been our soundtrack the last couple of years, we HAD to dance to him at least once tonight."

As they danced to It Girl, Camille couldn't help but think about how true that was, thinking about all the moments of that soundtrack.