Track 2: The Other Side

In the beginning, I never thought it would be you

The next time Jason Derulo defined them, both were very much aware of the implications. The first time, Camille watched as Moose danced out the feelings he needed to share but didn't know how to share, at least not at the time.

The Pirates were all downstairs at the club celebrating a birthday. Honestly, Moose had lost track of whose it was once he saw Camille in her dress for the night. While they were no longer confused about each other's feelings and were happily dating, they had been taking their time emotionally and physically. They both agreed they knew each other so well and were too important to not do it right.

He left with the Ticks to open the club while the girls finished getting ready, so when he saw her walk downstairs he was unprepared. He was floored really. Never one to be exposed or covered in glitter, the dress was completely Camille, but still completely jaw dropping. He couldn't tell you much about it other than that it looked almost like it was a shirt, but was longer and belted at her waist, emphasizing her petite figure.

As she approached him, he tried to come up with words to tell her how great she looked, but he couldn't get the words in his mind to match the sounds coming out of his mouth.

"Cam, you. Wow. Great. Hot. Cam?" He stumbled, short circuiting entirely. The slow grin that appeared on Camille's face made the embarrassment worth it.

"Thanks, I think," she said laughing. "You wanna dance?" She asked, already sashaying away.

"Do I ever," Moose mumbled following behind her.

They danced most of the night, stopping only when water was necessary. It was during one of these water breaks at the end of the night that Camille heard the tinkling of the introduction for The Other Side from Jason Derulo. She was hot, but she knew she needed to dance to this song. Knew they needed to dance to this song. Moose wasn't the only one who struggled with words. This would let her say what she couldn't with words. Pulling him off his stool, she moved them to a less crowded space on the floor and started dancing.

She had a tendency to sing as she danced if she enjoyed the song, but tonight she actually chose to sing particular lines out loud near Moose as they danced. Lines like "find your hands all over me," "tonight take me to the other side," and "if we walk down this road we'll be lovers for sure." Based on how his hands on her waist tightened, she knew Moose wasn't oblivious.

She got her answer for sure when she felt his head come down to hers and whisper in her ear, "You sure Cam?" before leaning back to make eye contact. She nodded slowly, never losing eye contact before retuning to dancing. As the song ended, Moose leaned back down before asking, "You want to get out of here?"

She could do nothing but smile and nod, dancing as she led him through the crowds of dancers.