Track 4: Marry Me

One day I won't be able to ask you loud enough, I'll say, "Will you marry me?"

While there were many other moments that could fit into their Jason Derulo soundtrack and so many more in their relationship soundtrack, the last one that she recalled on her wedding day was the first time she realized Moose was genuinely thinking about their relationship being long term.

It had started like many of their memories from college, dancing around at the Vault. They didn't have any battles or group auditions coming up so everyone was just dancing for fun. The crew was scattered around the building, with Camille and Moose dancing around the shoe room, his favorite space.

They alternated between practicing old choreography, trying new moves, and just dancing to whatever came out of the iPod's shuffle. They had been dancing together as long as he could remember and had been a couple since freshman year of college, but Moose never got tired of watching Camille dance. It bothered him beyond words when she used to question herself and doubt her dancing.

She rarely did anymore. He wasn't sure if it was years of experience, years of competing with a winning dance crew, or what but he was happy for it all the same. Lately, he noticed it had been replaced with a new doubt. He didn't even know if she knew she'd been doing it, but they'd been best friends for so long it was undeniable. Moose saw it in her need to be lost in dance more than usual, in her hesitancy to answer questions about graduation, in her increased late night calls to Nora. She doubted him, or more specifically their relationship's future.

The last couple of weeks he considered talking to her about it, but it never seemed the right time and he never had the right words. With that in mind, he knew what he should do. Music and dancing always defined them, and the song he had in mind would really do the trick. Moonwalking over to the iPod, he scrolled down to his song of choice, watching Camille's face as she recognized it.

He wasn't a particularly great singer, that was Camille's expertise, but he knew she would get the message anyway.

He walked back over to her, singing quietly as he got closer. Rather than spring into motion like he normally would, he pulled her into a slow sway, never breaking eye contact. Even as the music picked up, he slowly guided them through the room swaying and singing.

You know one of these days when I get my money right

Buy you everything and show you all of the finer things in life

We'll forever be in love so there ain't no need to rush

But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough-

I'll say will you marry me?

They didn't speak, just letting the music and their gliding communicate everything they needed to. As the song came to a close, Camille nodded at Moose, letting him know she understood what he was trying to say, before leading him out of the room.

Unbeknownst to them, someone walking by caught a picture of the moment saving it for a rainy day, which later became one of their favorite wedding presents from the crew.