Hey guys, Ari here! It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Well, I sincerely apologize for the unexpected hiatus. My life has become a little hectic what with school and other things, so I really haven't had the time or energy to write fanfics as much as before. I've slowly lost interest in writing fanfics all together, since I've lost my passion for my fandoms. So, I kinda decided to stop writing fanfics all together. Which means that all the on-going fanfics I have on here are on indefinite hiatus until further notice. I am truly sorry for this.

However, don't fret! I'll still be writing, it's just that I'm focusing my passion on writing original content. My dream is to pursue a career in writing and become an author, so I thought that I should put my focus on honing my writing skills. Which brings me to why I'm making this author's note in the first place!

Three years ago, I announced that I was rewriting my "The Dimension Walker" series and turning it into an original series. Yesterday, I had posted the first four chapters of the first installment of the new "The Dimension Walker" series, "The Midnight Thief"!

If you wish to check it out, please go to my Wattpad (TheCosmicScribe) and read it there! Also, follow the official TDW blog on Tumblr (thedimensionwalker) for updates and other TDW-related stuff.

Thank you so much for reading my fanfics and I hope you'll continue to follow me on my journey as an author.

Till next time!