Harry blinked as the Minister nervously made his announcement. The entire Wizengamot had been struck silent. Harry didn't recognize the person who spoke but given his demeanor he was likely a wealthy lord of some kind. "Um Minister the International Dueling Tournament is being held in France two years from now." several lords began to mutter about how he had finally snapped and the political pressure that came from being a 'neutral' minister had pushed him over the edge.

The minister seemed extremely flustered. "Well Yes." he agreed his cheeks going red. "It was going to be held there but apparently Lord Flamel decided he wanted it to happen in Britain." To most the idea of a single person being so powerful that they could effect a worldwide event that had been planned years in advance to suddenly change location was ridiculous but Nicholas Flamel wasn't just anyone he was the most powerful and feared wizard in the world. If he wanted the International Dueling Tournament to happen in Britain it would happen one way or another.

Suddenly a piece of advice given to Harry by the headmaster came to mind. "I recommend you read up on the International Dueling Tournament, you might find it interesting." he didn't doubt he was the reason that Nicholas Flamel decided to interfere with International Dueling Tournament. Well he and Neville both of them had used his stone, no doubt he was at the very least curious.

Dumbledore seeing that Minister Fudge was not going to say anything more on the subject decided to continue without him. "Yes Hogwarts will have the honor of hosting the world's first International Youth Dueling Tournament as well." once more whispers erupted. "The top fifteen contenders will have earned a spot in the Gamma category of the adults if so they so choose and the top five will have earned a spot in the Beta category." Now people were outright shouting their objections.

The D.I.L or Dueling International League was arranged into five categories, Epsilon the lowest and typically full of the weakest apprentices who weren't confident in the abilities but wished to test them anyway and wizards just of age to participate looking to test themselves, next was Gamma for the intermediate level apprentices and more skilled wizards who had some experience under their belt this was the largest category. After that was Beta where the very skilled wizards and high level apprentices tried their hand this tended to be the second largest. Second to last was the Alpha category were master wizards did their dueling. Last, smallest and most powerful Omega, these were the titans of the wizarding world typically this was filled with very high level alphas watching to test themselves with maybe half a dozen true Omega. Those omegas were usually thrill seekers those who sought out fights for the sake of fighting and saw tournament as a great way to find battle.

Getting into any category was fairly easy you just had to have the right amount of gold, 1-2 galleons for Epsilon, 10-15 for Gamma, 40-50 for Beta, 70-80 for Alpha and 100-200 for Omega. Any participant who achieved top ten was eligible to reenter the same category for no cost and any top five were eligible to enter one level above for half price and it was possible to advance to the next level during the tournament by getting the top fifteen making you eligible to participate in next level that same year.

But before this children were not allowed, the youngest age was fifteen and that was only to the first two categories the idea that children would be allowed to compete Alpha class was ludicrous few of them would understand the level gap between Beta and Gamma or the even greater gap between Beta and Alpha. Almost all of them would enter thinking they had a chance and be destroyed both figuratively and possibly literally.

"I understand your objections but Nicholas had informed me that he wishes to see the youth of today thrive and push themselves to their limits." Actually he was a much cruder in his phrasing saying the brats need something to toughen them up and if they get their asses kicked and go crying to mommy. Then the wizard world was producing more and more whiny brats every day. Nicholas had never been the most diplomatic of people he was charismatic no doubt but he put little stock in formality because as he once put it to Albus: it's not the man that bows to the king you watch, it the man that get's the king to rise and greet him.

There were several more grumbles but no one had the guts to call out Nicholas Flamel on his bold face lie.

Dumbledore smiled pleasantly and continued. "Now the tournament is still be discussed by several things have already been confirmed. First the tournament shall take place over the course of the entire year in order to not interfere with student classes because of these Hogwarts will be playing host to several delegations from different schools who wish to compete." Already half a dozen schools had sent confirmation that they would be bringing students for the tournament.

"How is Hogwarts going to hold all these students?" Lord Nott asked. "It doesn't have such room." Harry resisted the urge to point out that originally Hogwarts was the only magical school in Europe and that the number of students it held far exceeded that of the current population of Hogwarts especially considering that in the last twelve years Hogwarts had been getting smaller and smaller and while their was a baby boom following the fall of Voldemort they wouldn't actually be coming to Hogwarts until about his third or fourth year.

"The other schools shall be holding their own tournaments for any students who wishes to enter, though Hogwarts will allow any student to enter the major tournament without have to compete in a qualifying tournament." Dumbledore paused for a moment as if in thought. "I have also been informed that the House of Life will be sending members to compete." instead of loud shouts or exclamations of surprise the room went dead silent. The House of Life once laid claim to being the undisputed rulers of the magical world. Their greatest called the Eyes of gods. Supposedly channeling their gods into their mortal form. While still debated to this day if it was just an incredibly powerful skill that anyone could learn or a series of spells they refused no denied that they were powerful and still were. The only organization that could match the full power of the house of Life was the alchemist's guild in Prague run by Nicholas Flamel himself. But while Flamel may have been the oldest human in the world that was undeniably human, the leader of the House of Life Iskandar was easily three times as old as Nicholas Flamel, but unlike Flamel his apparent immortality was not of his own doing but rather the Chief Lector before him who during the fall of egypt cast a now unknown spell to extend his life to an extraordinary degree some theorized that it added the lifespan of every person his master killed during the fall to Iskander's own but no one knew for certain. But the fact that he managed to keep the house of life a dominate power despite also banning become the eye of a god and without Crook of The Pharaoh spoke volumes of his skill and power.

"Chief warlock…" one wizard nervously spoke an elected official this time. "Do you mean to tell us that for the tournament every magical school in the world will be there."

Dumbledore nodded with a smile. "Yes it will be the largest inter-school competition to ever happen." not many lords shared his cheerful demeanor.

"Yes I do understand that." he babbled. "but what about the dangers poised to the students? Plenty of these schools have fierce rivalries the students could be caught up in such scuffles."

"Is that any different then what is going on now?" Harry asked making people turn to him in surprise have expected him to remain silent. "I don't know what your children have told you but during the leading up to a Quidditch game it's not uncommon to see students cursing each other, and I doubt it was much different when you were a boy." he pointed out.

Several lords nodded and more than a few chuckled in fond remembrance of their Hogwarts Years. Lord Nott nodded seemingly appeased though likely he still had reservations. But the debate continued and it was strange to see how it happened, typically there a distinct line between the Liberal and Conservative side of an argument but in this case those lines had become non existent as both sides had members for and against the tournament and various facets of it. He saw the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Arthur Weasley and Lord Lucius Malfoy actually agree on something only for both of them to do a double take as they realized they were working together. Both Neville and Harry found themselves speaking up several times pointing things that would either anger the students or do nothing to begin with.

Harry walked next to Dumbledore as they headed towards the floo to get back to hogwarts both of them had been stopped several times by various lords and ladies wanted to invite him to their Yule Ball or some such thing. Neville was spending the rest of break with his family so he wasn't heading back with the two of them the various Heads of houses for Hogwarts were making their way back on their own at latter time taking this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and allies.

"I am guess that my use of the Stone is the reason why he suddenly decided that the youth of today should have a chance to prove themselves?" Harry asked as they headed towards the floo.

"Interesting use of illusion I almost didn't noticed." Dumbledore complemented dodging the question. "I see it keeps people from seeing us and makes them avoid us at the same time, those eyes of yours truly are amazing."

"Headmaster…" Harry said staring at him Dumbledore sighed.

"Yes while he is interested in young Mister Longbottom, you are the main reason he decided to have the tournament happen at hogwarts he is interested in the fact that you didn't gain a new ability but rather a foriegn ability that was implanted in your body became completely natural and adapted to your body he is curious to see how skilled you really are." Dumbledore informed him. "Do not expect to be able to hide your abilities from him once he sees you use them Mister Potter he has had centuries of experience with magic and very little gets past him." Harry frowned at that most of the abilities he wanted to keep secret had no basis in magic but rather chakra but he didn't doubt that a man as old Nicholas Flamel could deceiver most of his abilities given time.

"I will keep that in mind when I win the tournament." he nodded and Dumbledore chuckled at his confidence.

"You may be one of the most powerful wizards in the world mister Potter true but power isn't everything and even those your age will surprise you." he warned but knew his warning likely wouldn't be taken to heart the boy reminded oh so much of himself skilled and powerful and very overconfident. Well the boy would learn during the tournament there were plenty of other skilled wizards in the world, even if he won the youth tournament which Albus had a fair amount of confidence that he had a very good chance of doing so, he would learn not to underestimate his opponents. He remembered the tales he heard about the newest members of the house of life the son and daughter of Julius Kane. Yes there were several who could challenge the young Potter.

Done so I am inculding elements of the Kane chronicles but it is not as you understand them more will be revealed in time.

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