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Yvanna never particularly enjoyed or look forward to going to the high tower of Taniquitel; much rather preferring to stay in the green gardens and yard of the trees. The trees being her main thought while ascending the long stairs. She knew after their ruin she could never again could she create trees alike to Telperion and Laurelin, as they were her first great creation on Ea. The day was still bright, although it was into the evening; but she felt a shadow upon her heart as she had the last few months she had pondered her decision. It was for this reason she came to Manwe's and Varda's tower. She feared for Arda, for her creations and all the Vala worked to build during the long ages of Melkor's destruction. For many years now Valinor has been hidden from the eyes of mortals; sence the destruction of Numenor, and Beleriand. Yet Yvanna now felt an evil approaching that has not bothered her to this degree in centuries. Some foreboding thought rest on the edge of her mind, that she could not yet grasp; no matter the power she held. It was as though she knew the destruction of the seen world and the unseen world would come, but could not see the reason for it. So long ago she had fought with fellow Valar to rid the world of the evil of Melkor, the cleansing of the pits of Angband and Utumno, and the chaining of his form. Then the unchaining, Melkor's deceit, and his banishment into the void. The fall of Beleriand and most recently, the Last Alliance against Melkor's lieutenant Sauron. Yvanna's mouth twisted in a grimace, the evil of Sauron was very near the gravitas of the evil of Melkor. Instead of raw power and malice he held the game of lies and deceit, offering his help and wisdom only to turn them against their beliefs and to enslave their hearts. It was in this way that Sauron succeeded in the forging of the rings of power, an event that still hurts the hearts of many of the Valar. His cunning twists in Numenor; his whispering to Ar-Pharazon and making of the cult, led to their destruction, and wandering. She remembered the high days of that land, when Elros and Elrond were given the choice of elven life or mortal life; when Elros chose to live as a mortal and become the leader to the greatest kingdom of men. Her thoughts were abruptly put on a stand-still as she almost walked straight into the council room doors. Gathering her thoughts on the present day she opened the door and entered the room where the fate of the world had/has/and will be decided.

…a few hours later…

Manwe sat back on the chair that he moved to an hour ago. This conversation has long been in Yvanna's mind, he thought. At first, he had tried to sway her in this path, soon realizing though that that would not happen. If a Vala felt it necessary to journey to Arda, he couldn't force them to stay. In his heart, he also felt the darkness washing over the lands far away from Valinor. He could sense that Sauron was returning; after a long absence when his form what destroyed during the last alliance, his spirit yet remained. The greed of men allowed this to happen, after Isildur so selfishly kept the ring of power thereby allowing Sauron's spirit to yet abode in middle earth. How the race had fallen into darkness and greed! Yet, there is still good in them, it only must be dug out. He knew Yvanna couldn't bear to see the beauty and peace in the world to be forever marred, as she was the gentlest and most kind of all the Vala. He respected her wish to enter Arda; only he wasn't sure how she could stop evil from taking place. Not that Manwe doubted her power, only that the form she would need to take to enter the seen realm would only allow her some of this vast power. Valar were not meant to dwell in the eyes of mortals, their majesty and power too much for their frail bodies. This problem and the amount of evil Yvanna would need to face left him with a lot to ponder. She was set on leaving, and soon. Much would need revising in her plan, of course, this is why she came to him and Varda. Manwe looked up from these thoughts which took him all but a minute to ponder. His wife was sitting on the other side of him, understanding his need for thought. She too was troubled, knowing the truth that Yvanna had told. All Valar could sense it, she was the only though, to act upon it. So like Yvanna to want to help, it would be unlike her to leave others to suffer. Varda knew that no Valar wanted the race men to suffer, only that it was their doom for the actions they displayed and they could not all leave Valinor to help; as their power couldn't be revealed in such might. Yvanna going alone in the form of a mortal though, Varda could see how that would work; she could very well tip the balance to good and rid the world of evil. Though what if the worlds fate has already been written, and already safe? Would her presence shift that? Could she save lives already fated to die? these questions stormed the queen of lights mind as she took to her chambers; she wouldn't sleep tonight, she knew.

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