"Your very certain my wife?" he called over the sound of the falling hammer; he wanted to make sure. Aule was still uncomfortable having his greatest love leave for Arda; especially when he couldn't follow to protect her in these times.

When Aule and Yavanna first came to Ea, and Yavanna found out his creation of the dwarrow she had been afraid. Causing a small amount of tension as she was worried for her own creations. Yavanna was assured however, when Manwe told her of the spirits that would protect her life's work. Never again after that was their marriage even in the slightest torn; Aule would do anything for his dearest wife, and Yavanna would do anything for her dearest husband. Aule would allow and help with what his power allowed him to help with; but with her going to Arda, he wouldn't be able to intervene often, if at all. Yavanna knew this already, but also knew that she needed to stop the darkness from spreading to all races; even her own husbands. She knew the dwarrow were alike to Aule, a smith and forger; lover of the rocks and minerals. She couldn't help though, but feel a small fear of them for their lack of love for the things living. She learned to get along with this over the many years of their existence, much as she knew how to handle her husband's often temper. They were inseparable; just as the dwarves' own bonds were, this she admired of them.

Not only the dwarrow were in danger though, but elves, hobbits, and men alike. She had a deep love for hobbits, though she had never meet them. Their love of the ground and soil, trees and flowers pleased her greatly. Silently she hoped her paths would cross their fair lands in the Shire. Shaking these thoughts from her head, she focused on the purpose of her departure. Yavanna was firm in her decision, only her husband was overly worried. She laughed inwardly, of course he would be; but he should know not to worry overly much, after all, was she not of the Valar? She knew he would be with her in thought and that was all she needed when she was to leave him. Yavanna knew there was no point asking him to come, she wouldn't because she knew what his answer would be. The forces of the world would be too disrupted if both were to enter Arda. Yavanna sighed.

"Vani?" the low-voiced question hung in the air of the now quiet forge, it was only the silence that woke Yavanna from her thoughts. Her husband always came to the forge when in thought and pondering difficult questions. Yavanna came as well, as she does on occasion to help with the forging of some great work. The works that are forged with the help of Yavanna are often pieces of jewelry or ornaments for the house; her favorites being the ones with leaves and vines carved inside them. Today Aule did the forging alone, at his request. This did not bother Yavanna though, as she was used to him wanting this.

"Yes husband? What can I tell that has not already been told?" She smiled, voice soft as a song.

Aule shrugged, "I just wanted to make sure you were certain." Suddenly he was sheepish, acting like a mother hen. Aule scoffed, She wouldn't care, she knows I'm just worried for her.

Yavanna stood up and walked toward him and the anvil. She gently laid her fingers on his rough and calloused hand, with her other moving his face up to her eyes. He was looking at his work, avoiding the contact. Yavanna pulled them towards her, a brief silence being all he needed to be comforted. All it took for a wife to comfort a husband was that small glance to show all her emotions. She embraced him with a wind-like air and softness, understanding how he felt; as she felt it too.

That night Yavanna prepared her outfit for the journey and the last plans. Her husband would be the one to see her off and change her form; him being the only one he would allow to dare do it. She felt slightly sad about losing much of her power, but she understood the necessity of it. Any mortal form would not hold for the briefest time the power that she held while in the form of a Vala. Aule held power in changing forms, as it was he that made the first of the dwarves, Durin the Deathless. It was ironic though, that she would be taking the form of her husband's own creation, a race that cared little for her own makings.

Thoughts like this passed as she finished sewing the small outfit that would soon fit her, but never would otherwise. She laughed to look at it; such a small garment! How funny I will look once garbed in this, I bet Aule will find it highly amusing. Yavanna was happy though, at least it was of her colors, a deep green with brown accents; perfect for the guardian of the trees and plants. Though not very dwarf-like I imagine. Oh well, it will do.

Her hands on her lap, she pushed herself up gracefully from her chair. A silver dress she was now downed in. It fell to the floor, spilling in waves of fresh moonlight. Her long brown hair falling in rich waves to her thighs. Yavanna looked out the window to the moon; a lamp from the tree of Telperion, one of the two of her greatest creations. Even the moon reminded her of Melkor's destruction.

Her husband walked into the room holding a small case. Walking to her side he silently slipped it into her hands and walked back out; knowing too, her need for silence.

Yavanna looked down. The package was no bigger than on of the great books that held the history of Arda, and was wrapped in leaves from a Malorn tree. Smiling she pulled out the sheath and dagger placed beneath. It was exquisitely designed, but not overly so. A bronze handle and star-steel blade with runes and vines placed inside. Placed on the handle was ancient Khuzdul runic, a name. Yavanna smiled when she saw this, it was her dwarven name. Placing the dagger into its sheath she set it onto the outfit she would soon wear and exited the room. She had thought enough on this; it was time to go.

It was near mid-night when she finally left the council room, allowing her sister and brother a goodbye and last words of advice. Aule soon met her along the path to the havens, silently joining in her footsteps. She was glad to be bonded to such a man, singly and completely devoted to her welfare. They had already said their long goodbyes earlier, leaving the actual departure a short and quick one. Yavanna and Aule both knew if they didn't she would never leave. Only the form changing ceremony was left, and that would be done by the sea.

Yavanna stood ready, while her husband set to saying the correct words. His concentration was solely on getting it right and not changing her into anything but a dwarf. She smiled to herself, always so worried. She could suddenly feel a change, deep in her soul and her mind; soon her body. It was as though something was being torn from her, plucked out and she couldn't stop it. It was a feeling that shook her to the core, never before had her powers been reduced; and she decided it was a feeling she did not want to endure again. Her will was stead-fast and unbreakable, only moments later it feeling stopping. She opened her eyes from their previous closed state to see Aule staring at her, shocked. Suddenly Yavanna was nervous, did something go wrong?

She looked down, finding down alarmingly close to her head. Her previous six-foot height now a meager 4'5". Yavanna swallowed hard, pulling on the clothes prepared ahead of time. Even though she had known that she would become a dwarf, it was still disconcerting to see herself like so.

"Vani… wow," Aule started, unable to finish.

Yavanna frowned and stated toward him, only to have a crushing embrace thrust upon her. She squeaked involuntarily as the wind was knocked out of her. That was weird, she thought, this is all weird. She sort of laughed as she looked at herself again, then at Aule. He started laughing as well, a merry and relieved laugh. Giving her a swift kiss, he walked with her toward to the boat awaiting her arrival. The time had come for her to leave.