Author Note: Hi everyone and welcome to Don't Mess with Naruto Uzumaki. This is my first story so if it is not that good well... that's my excuse, and the jutsu stuff well I will most likely just do the English translation. Anyway this story is rated M for a reason so yep there will be many M rated elements. Well without further Au Du lets get to the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own naruto if I did well it would be VERY different.

"Naruto-kun" - speech

'Naruto-kun' – thoughts

(BOOM) – Sound

[Fire Release- Fire Bullet] - jutsu

"Naruto" - bijuu/tailed beasts

... - Prologue Chapter

Sasuke...that name leaves a horrible taste in his mouth. It was always about Sasuke. He gets all the glory while the person who actually DID the work get nothing but scorn. Where had it all go wrong? His life was just starting to get better, but then everything fell apart. You might be wondering who this is, well its nobody but our favorite orange clad hero Naruto Uzumaki. Well I guess your wondering how this all started? Well it was a few months after Naruto and Hinata got engaged...


Naruto was having the best day of his life, him and Hinata just finished preparing for their wedding and even better is Hinata said she was pregnant. He was gonna be a father, but not just any father, a way better father than his own was to him. Yes his parents survived the Kyuubi attack and two years after the demon was sealed inside him his mother and father had another child.

One that would take his place.

As soon as his parents figured out that they would have another child they started to forget about him and by the time he reached age 6 he officially became an orphan. His parents literally walked to the orphanage and just left him there never to return for him because after all to everyone he had met they had thought of him as the "Demon Brat." So a year went by and eventually the orphanage wouldn't even keep him so he was kicked out to fend for himself. Everyday usually ended up with him beaten, stabbed, and almost everything that they could do to kill the demon brat.

But that story is for another day. So yep his day was going great his best friend Sasuke came back to visit and hopefully stay until the wedding, but what Naruto didn't realize is that today would also be the day that his life would come crashing down...HARD.

So Naruto was on his way home to where Hinata was and was about to open the door when he heard weird sounds.


'What is that?' Naruto cloaked himself in chakra to silent his movements, pulled out a kunai, and went into the house to find what is causing the noise. He started heading up the stair because it seems that the sound is coming from his and Hinata's room, which worried him. Right in front of the door he finally recognized the sound... it was moaning and not any moaning but sexual moaning. Naruto grabbed the door handle and peeked inside the door and what he say broke his heart.

There lay Hinata stark naked with Sasuke on top of her thrusting in and out of her.

"When are you..ugh.. gonna ditch the dobe and finally come be with me." Sasuke grunted, "I mean come on your pregnant with my child."

'What!?' Sasuke was the father of his child, but...

"I am waiting...ah~.. until I can find a way...oh yes... to get some of the Namikaze and Uzumaki fortune so we can leave a rich peaceful life." Hinata moaned in ecstasy.

"Are you close to finding a way?"

"Very. His parents are thinking it might be better...Mmm... to bring him back to the family."

'They want me back?' After all the shit they put me through, I'd rather die.

"Well once you get that fortune ditch the dobe and come straight to me."

"Of course." moaned Hinata.

"I'm gonna cum." grunted Sasuke.

"Hurry and cum, who knows when Naruto will be back."

"I'm cumming."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~" Naruto watched as they both came with each and then he quietly closed the door and left.

Naruto ran as far away as he could he didn't want to be near there; nobody wanted him there.

'There is no point in me to stay here. The one reason I stayed here lied to me and was just after my parents money.' Naruto shed tears at the thought. His parents abandoned him, everyone in the village hated him, and his fiancè, who he loved with all his heart, lied to him and was actually with Sasuke.

"Sasuke." Naruto growled that name. It was all his fault, Sasuke was the village hero everyone loved him; his parents say he is the greatest shinobi of the generation, the villager treat with hokage-like respect, and Hinata loved him the entire time.

'Sasuke just you wait I'll make sure you'll pay, and never come back when I'm done with you. Then I'll get revenge on this village, and make them experience the pain I felt of all those years of harsh treatment, scorn, and punishment.

"I'll kill you all."

Naruto took out a scroll and wrote these words that will scare the village to it's core.

"'I'll be back and when I do Konoha will burn. I'll finish what the Kyuubi started'"