Howdy, every SwanQueen fan and others, this is EIBA and I need your help.

I'm looking for a fic. I give you some things that I remember about it:

- First one, Regina I think is an actress and Emma is a director of a magazine or newspaper.

- Second, Regina has a "little" crush on Emma, although the latter is not interested in her.

- Third, Emma raises Henry and he is at private school, the same school Regina reluctantly volunteers to clear her reputation or something.

- Fourth, Mary Margaret is Regina's agent.

- Fifth, Kathryn and David are a couple.

- Sixth, Cora is good, sort of...

- Seventh, in a chapter Regina asked Belle/Lacey out only to make Emma jealous. The plan didn't work.

- Eight, The fic is a modern AU, definitely SQ (kind of slow burn, too).

That's all I remembered. Please help me to find its name, I tried to locate it for two days.

A thousand of kudos and ice cream.

Best regards

Elsaisabadass or EIBA