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texting on the phone

My true friends

It has been two weeks since I have joined the host club. Two weeks and Rin still has not stop by….actually no guys have and all I have been doing is serving food. It sucks but I don't blame them. Why see me? As they put it I am a commoner with no décor. At least Haruhi is getting better luck. By the time I get anyone to see me she will be debt free. She already has a small groups that see her every day.

I look at the time and sigh as I slam my math book close. I just don't get this stupid equation. I let my hands go through my hair as I get up. I walk out of the library as I try to figure out what to do. I look out the window to see the buds on the trees. I can't wait to read under the cherry blossoms. As I look at the petals my frustration slowly dies. On the way to the club room a few girls glare at me but that seems to be a normal thing now. There go my chance of having any friends that are girls…other than Haruhi! I take a deep breath as I stand at the door for another day of serving. As if today I would be an actual host. If I do get any I will wear whatever the twins want me to wear. No complaints. I open the door and aww at my surroundings. Am I back home? I look behind me and it a normal hall. I look back into the music room and the warm air I am so familiar with covers me in nostalgia. I look around and I realise it almost like home but more tropical. I don't know how they did this but…thank you. I look around but I don't see any of the host. Maybe I am the first one here? I grin as I take off my shoes and socks. I walk in and giggle as the soil squishes between my toes. My eyes widen as a toucan lands on a branch in front of me. Such beautiful black feathers. I move slowly and put my arm out.

"Hey. I won't hurt you." I coo as I watch the bird's eyes calculates if I am a predator or not. It squawks and jumps onto my arm. It claws dig a little into my sleeve but I don't mind. I rub his stomach and in return it lick my cheek. I giggle as I scratch his head. So cute.

"You like that huh?" I grin wider as it turns his head and flies off somewhere. Awwww! I turn around and freeze as the host are all gawking at me but Haruhi since she is missing. What? Something on my face? I rub my cheek to see if the bird left something behind but nothing there.

"Did you guys get a picture of her?" Tamiki ask as he looks at Mr. Glasses. He raises his glasses and shows us a camera that I am sure is more expensive then my home.

"Sure did. It will definitely come in handy later." Mr. Glasses mocks as he walks away to put it somewhere safe. What?! I go to steal the camera back but Hikaru and Kaoru suddenly get in my way with this shit eating grin. I feel like I should be scared…but I'm not. They show me a white skirt that opens on my thighs and a white bikini top that has a tropical flower on it. I look at my costume then at all the host to see they are wearing something similar. So we have theme days? That sorta sounds fun.

"I refuse! No way am I wearing that! It….can be bad for people health if I wear it." I cross my arms and the twins tick at me. They can't see the full me. They won't have any guest visit after. I don't need my debt increase even more.

"To bad you don't have a choice. You said you will wear anything but the uniform. Plus we encourage you to wear this today!" The twins say together. Maybe I can get them to let me wear a different top… even if the bikini top cute it would be a waste on me.

"I already said fuck no. What I will do is wear the skirt but a different top. Something that cover the stomach but my arms can be shown." People have seen the burn on my arm so there no reason to hide it. The twins whisper and I look behind them to see Honey on Mori shoulder. I grin at them to say hello but I have to concentrate not to break out in a blush. Honey in a very cute yellow and blue pants with red flowers around his neck. On the other hand Mori wearing purple pants and an orange sash across his chest. Mori looks so strong….What is wrong with me?! Their friend's…maybe. The twins take up my view and put my new cloths in my arms.

"Change." They order. I look down and nod. Now this is acceptable.

"I don't see the point…No one want's to see me anyway." I mumble the last part as my heart cracks a bit. I miss the secret I know something you don't grin between the hosts when I turn my back to them.

In the past to get guys to come to the club they have…advertise me entertainment but they still won't come to visit the commoner. I chuckle darkly in the change room as this is all fuck up. I wish my brothers were here. They would love what they have done to the room. On reflex I open my phone and smile at the picture of us together. I am in a headlock with Ace while Luffy laughing his ass off. Sabo rubbing his nose in annoyance but you can see the oncoming of a smile form. This picture was taken right before I started school. I find Ace number and send a message. Hey bro. You should see the club these rich bastards made…It reminds me a little of our old home. I wish you were here with me instead of at work. Love you! I poke out of the curtains and take a picture of the trees. I send it to him and change into what the twins have given me. Very nice. I look into the mirror and smile as they change my bikini top for a white strapless top. It still has the pretty flower though on the side. My smile falls as my eyes trail the burn on my arm. Only if? Since it a nice purl white color it shows off my burns unfortunately better plus my shoulder expose. I put the gold earring in and simple gold necklace. I look in the mirror and glare at my reflection. Why can't I be pretty like all the other girls? I look down to see now that everyone can see my tattoo….Oh well. I put on the white sandals and fold my cloths. I open my phone to Ace ping. Rich bastards huh?! I miss you too sis. I may be home late tonight. Pineapple head needs my help. Have fun at your club! I close my phone and put it inside my pants pocket. I walk out and the twins are there waiting for me.

"That looks great." Kaoru grins as I walk closer. Really? I look down to cover my blush. Am I actually pretty with this on?

"Is that a tattoo? What does AASL stand for?" Hikaru ask as he points to a chair. Why do they want me to sit there? I do as they say since I am in no position to complain. Still why dress me up. It not like I can look beautiful and impress any guy! They are probably saying that I am pretty to be polite.

"Hold still as we work our magic." The twins say together. I watch them work and I anew name for them comes to mine! Twinnies! I like it! They take out I think concealer that the same shade as my skin. Oh hell no!

"No makeup. I don't want you to make me look like a clown. Go crazy on my hair…good luck though. As for the tattoo….I will tell you if you ever meet them." I snicker as the boys touch their chest in hurt mockery.

"We would never and come on tell us!" I roll my eyes and just watch as Kaoru go through my hair.

"Your hair a little tangle but I think it would look good straight." Hikaru grins at his brother, agreeing as he put concealer that I said no to on his hand. God they can't take no for an answer. Ever! I grab his wrist gently and even though he tries to take his hand away I don't let him.

"I said no to makeup… It won't do much good on me anyway." I whisper the last part but I think he heard me. I let go of his wrist and I watch as his smile falls but at least he doesn't say anything. I watch as he takes out a red glossy tube out.

"Fine hot head. At least lip gloss." I bite my lip but nod none the less. Why not?! I am already balls deep anyway. I don't move as Kaoru straiten my hair and put some type of flower that matches the design on my shirt while Hikaru slides the soft jell over my lips.

"Yup! Our work is done!" I get up and look in the mirror. Well I defiantly look more…well-kept and a little prettier.

"Thanks twinnies!" They high five each other and follow behind me to the club room that about to begin. Where Haruhi? As I look around for her I catch Honey as he crashes into me with his normal hug I get every day. There my hug of the day.

"You look so pretty and is that a tattoo?! What does it mean?" Honey jumps back and I back up in time to prevent being ram by Tamaki. He going to run me or Haruhi over one day. I watch as tears fall down his cheeks….what the hell his problem?!

"Daddy refuses you too have a tattoo!" Tamaki shakes his head and crosses his arms into a x. Not like I can remove it.

"Well to bad! I have had this since I was 13. It apart of me and it holds so much meaning to me…." He wipes his eyes and tries to give me the kick puppy look… It needs work.

"So what does it mean?" The twins ask again.

"If you meet one of my brothers I will tell you which part of my tattoo matches with them. Fair deal?" The host around me grin with a nod. I watch as Mr. Glasses grows a chaser cat grin as if he already knows the truth. He probably knows what my tattoo means… he like a ninja I tell ya!

"I think her tattoo will show off her sexy charm." The room go quite as they look at him…Did he just call me sexy?

"Oh no Kyoya are you ok? Someone get a doctor!" Tamaki runs up to him and just swats him with his book.

"I can't believe he just called you sexy." The twins say together as they look at me. I nod still a little dumb struck. I am nowhere near being sexy on the look scale. If anything I am below average.

"Do you like her Koya-chan?" Honey looks up innocently and Mr. Glasses just grins as he writes in his black book.

"No. I am not interested in her, it is her persona. She is the sexy host." No one say anything as I snort.

"I think you are fucking blind even with your glasses. Maybe you should get your eyes re-check because if you have not notice no one has come to see me in the last two weeks! Can we figure out what type of host I am after I actually have been a host?" grins as if he knows something. The door start to open and we all rush to our spots. I always stand in the middle of Mori and Honey.

"Welcome!" I grin as I look who finally shows up. Thank you for not abandoning me! I can't help but look up to find Mori holding a random pineapple….I put my hand to my mouth as I chuckle behind the family friend joke.

"You are late Haruhi!" The twins say together as the bird I petted earlier lands on top of her head. So cute!

"Who cares if she late. I am just so happy not be alone with you nut jobs." I grin in satisfaction as Tamaki cries. That is until he decides to grab me in a crushing hug. I could have dodge that.

"Ahhh get the fuck off me!" I gasp as I pull away. I breathe deeply as I hide behind Mori. He like a giant wall of protection from the evil clutches of my so called daddy.

"But daddy not a nut job." Tamiki mumbles as I roll my eyes. I back away from my human wall so Honey can climb up to his shoulder. Now I have an even better wall!

"Mori can I cut the pineapple? It one of my favorite fruits but it always so bloody expensive to buy!" I watch as he nods with this small hidden smile. I wonder if it means he likes it too. He hands me the fruit and I pull a leaf off. Oooohhhhh It ripe too!

"According to my calendar it still April." Haruhi mumbles as she scans through her little calendar. I walk over and put my free arm out to the bird. The bird jumps back on my arm freeing her head.

"Is it not great!? The host did a good job setting it up and this place reminds me of my home! I could use without the outfit though." The bird shifts up my arm to sit comfortably on my shoulder. I scratch it cheek as it coo happily.

"Why are you dress up?" Haruhi looks up at me and I snort.

"Because I open my big ass mouth on the first day. Remember I said I would wear anything other than the chick uniform. Plus with this I can still run around comfortably." Haruhi nods with understanding as I demonstrate what I mean. With demonstration all done I turn and walk to where the kitchen usually is to cut this sucker up. Got to cut this baby up so I can enjoy it! Once cut up I take a plate out and I didn't even hear the girls come in. I must be good at ignoring there squeals now or I have gone pitch death. I watch Mori walk towards his table with Honey just grabbing a seat. Let's see if my Mori face reading work! I quickly hold out the plate to him. He grabs a slice and his eyes show me his thanks as he walks away. So he likes pineapple to….I wonder if it true seamen become sweater if you eat more pineapple. I blush from the idea as grunts behind me.

"Ahh there you are Anny! Your guest is at your table waiting for you. I pull some strings so you will be very busy today so don't mess this up." I watch walk away….He helping me….Maybe I underestimated him. Oh crap I have to wear whatever the twins ask me next time! Note to self: Never bet again in my head. I walk to my table to see Rin waiting for me. I put my fruit down and face the first boy I ever hosted.

"Rin! You finally made it! I was a little sad not to see you for two weeks. I thought you forgot about me… Did you make it in?" I ask as I watch him put his fingers together. He looks down at the table and his shoulders are a bit stiff.

"Sorry for not coming earlier…I did not get in and I was scared to face you after you had so much faith in me." Awwww. He cares! I grab him into a gentile hug to show I am not mad at him.

"It ok. How can I be upset when you played so well for me last time?" I pull away and look at him softly.

"You will do better next time. Don't give up! Ok?" I watch as his cheeks turn a slight pink and small smile grace his lips.

"I know. There another tryout next semester. I am going to keep practising and I will get in for sure next time!" That the spirit. We grab a seat and just talk about the last two weeks and really get to know each other. Rin a second year with Tamaki and . Through the conversation I notice that once in a while Rin eyes would always go back to my burn. I shuffle in my seat and unconsciously grab the offensive mark. Let's just get this fucking over with.

"You know staring at my burn won't make it go away." I state with a bitter taste in my mouth and I watch his eyes widen realising what he been doing.

"Sorry….I just have never seen such a bad injury before…can I ask how you got it?" I sigh as I put my hand through my soft hair. Wow. Kaoru right! Straitening my hair does make it look and feel nice.

"I'm sorry but it a bad memory and I don't want to talk about it…"I look away only for callus fingers to gently run along my burn. His fingers send a tingle through my body as I turn to face him. He gently follows it up to my shoulder yet he has such a concentrated expression. He being so gentle. Like as if he afraid to hurt me.

"Does it hurt?" I give a small smile as I pull my arm away. I let my own fingers rub along the burn and I can't look him in the eyes. My brothers are the only one that ever touch my burn ever… yet he was so gentle and never showed he was disgusted by it.

"Not anymore….can we talk about something else. Something happy before you have to go!" I smile gently and he nods getting the picture.

"Can I ask you something Anny?" Rin ask and that just silly. He always can.

"What your favourite food?" That not the type of question I was thinking of but I grin. I love food so much!

"I love food and can eat more than the normal person. My favourite would have to be chocolate. I know it a girl best pleasure but I love the sweet taste when it mix with a fruit! Why do you ask?" I eat a slice of pineapple and relies I am almost out. I will have to cut some more! This is the first thing I have eaten in a while. Rin blushes as he gets up. What the?

"It nothing! I better go. You may have another guest." He speeds walks out of there with his ears red. I don't get it.

"Anny come greet your next appointment!" calls out. Wow more guys!

The time go by as I meet people from different class and answer all their stupide questions about commoners living. Seriously. I am the worst example of a good commoner. I found out from one of my guest that Mr. Glasses black mailed them into coming so they can talk to me. They did not want to at first but I hook line and sinker them by the end. They even ask if they can come back! I wave good bye to my latest victims…whops I mean guest and my next three are the guys I don't want to see right now. My afternoon was going so well too. They are from the martial arts club and of course one of them is the one I kick his ass in. Ohh dickwad here. He looks annoyed to. They bow at Honey as he walk by with Mori. Honey cheerful face falls to a deep scowl.

"What are you guys doing here?" Honey ask with a slight warning undertone. I wonder what these guys did to piss Honey off? I watch them shake like a leaf as they look at me. I cross my arms as they stare at me then bow…Well dickwad didn't until his buddy push him down.

"We are here to apologies and we want you to join the martial arts club!" I look at the guy with blue hair. He the one who sided with dickwad first. I don't trust them.

"No thanks. You clearly showed me how much you didn't want me during tryouts. I don't want to be surrounded by jack asses!" I look up at Honey to see him about to cry. Mori looks pretty mad too. Geeze.

"What did you say?" Dickwad raise himself with a glare. His two other buddies are telling him to calm down but I am sure it going in one ear and out the other.

"I said I don't want to be surrounded by pricks who think they are better than others! The only person who actually nice in that club in Honey. He was the only one who wanted me in the first place!" I growl back. In the corner of my eye I watch Honey sad eyes widen with a small smile. Mori blink and his anger vanishes quickly. That impressive. I thought they would still be mad at me for what I called his club.

"Why you ugly bitch! You know what?! I didn't even agree to this crap! I don't want you in our club and I still don't! I don't want you or that commoner in this school! You are destroying Ouran reputation!" I growl as my fist clenches at my side. How dare he!

"You know I don't give a flying fuck if you talk shit about me you asshole! But you cannot talk about my friend like that. We work hard to get in here and we deserve to be here! Not like you who use your parents money!" I snap back and for once I actually hear the girls behind me agree with me. At least Haruhi has support. I can feel the host get closer to us as he continues to snarl and bare his teeth like a rabid dog at me. I only bare my teeth to animals I am about to kill so no way will I do that to him. I put my hand behind my back to tell Mori and Honey to wait. I don't want anyone to fight my battles. No one help me before so why start now.

"Shut your mouth you hides thing! Maybe he deserves to be here but you. Don't make me laugh." Dickwad chuckles darkly as I ignore the stabs he gets at me.

"What makes me different? Huh?" He just laughs louder as his voice echoes in the club room.

"Come on! Don't you see the way everyone looks at you? You are a freak! You come in this school wearing clothes that looks like it come from a use store, your eyes are all fuck up! It looks like I am looking into fog and those burns. I don't know how you got them but you probably did it to yourself. I heard that you try to burn yourself alive because no one likes you! Is that true little ugly pig?! You try to burn yourself alive?" I scream as I tackle him to the floor with fat hot tears falling down my face. How dare he? How dare he insult my brothers too!

"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! WHAT?! YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW SOMEONE SET MY FUCKING HOUSE ON FIRE TO KILL ME AND MY BROTHERS! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR HU?"…The room gone quite as I blurt out the truth through my rage. Even the animals are not making a sound as I look down at this person. My eyes burn as tears trickle down my face. They gently fall on his uniform jacket as I glare into his eyes. His eyes are wide as he looks up at me while slowly taking in the truth. I get up as my brothers screams start to fill my ears and I can feel myself start a panic attack. I need to get out of here. I can hear them all whisper behind me and the host move closer. I don't know who but someone go to touch my shoulder but all that does is cause my chest to tighten. I have to get away. My side flares up in pain and I grab it as I sprint down the hall. My tears blurry my vision as more screams echo around me. I want my brothers so much. They won't stop. I cover my ears as phantom pain lashes at my side. I know it should not burn but it lingers when I remember. I run out of the school and let my legs go wherever they want. I don't know where I am going and I don't hear the sounds of car horns or people yelling at me to stop. I end up in the one place I want to be. Home… I run up our apartment stairs and stand at my door. I rub my eyes to get some of my vision back as I grab our spare key hiding under our plastic plant that hangs from our door. With shaking hands I somehow unlock our door.

"YOU! You are short on last month rent! Pay up!" I open my door and lock it behind me. We paid! I watch Sabo count our rent out. I cover my ears from the landlord ponding on my door and Luffy crying in my head.

"Go away! Go away! Go away!" I cry over and over. Not just for the man pounding on my door but also to the pain in my head. I rush to my room and cover myself in our one giant blanket. We only have one because my brothers are all heaters and we can't afford another. The pounding stops but in exchange a familiar voices outside my door. Sabo. Minutes pass by until the door opens and I shake as I stand on wobbly legs.

"Sis you in here?! Anny come out. It ok I…" I rush out of the room and crash into my brother chest. He safe. He breathing. He alive. The screams are slowly dying around me.

"Am fine. Shhhh Anny it ok. You are ok. Ace is fine and Luffy fine. No one hurt. Shhhh it ok." Sabo whisper as he rubs soothing circles into my back. I hold him tighter as I cry into his chest.

"It hurts." I whisper as darkness starts to slowly wash over me.

"I know it did but remember you are not there anymore. You are ok. Shhh….I'm here. Your big brother here." His voice disappears as darkness surrounds me. Darkness only for a moment then flames start to dance around me. I watch as it slowly burn my room down causing me to be trap in side. No. I can't be back. Smoke burns my lungs as I lie on the floor to get away from the heat. I hear my brothers scream for me on the other side of the bedroom door. I cough up some smoke and run into the flaming door to get to the other side. Instead of touch the floor that should be there, I am falling into blackness with only my brothers calling for me. I sit up cover in sweat with Sabo patting my head and sitting beside me. I latch onto him as he hum some random tune. There no fire. Only an ass whole of an apartment manager. There a polite knock on the door and I let go of Sabo even though I don't want to.

"Can you get that Sabo…I look like a mess." He chuckles and gets up.

"No problem. Be right back." I sit on my pillow as the door opens.

"May I help you?" Sabo ask the person at the front door.

"Does Anny live here?" I blink and clean out my ears as I hear that voices. No way! She came all the way here….How did she know where I live? I get up and rush to the door to see none other than Haruhi standing at my door holding my bag and her own.

"Anny! Are you ok?" Haruhi ask as she looks past my brother. I rub my eyes and pass my brother so I can stand in front of him. I bow as my stomach turns. I hope she still wants to be my friend after all that….Does the host club still want me a part of their team?

"Anny! Please stand up. No need to bow at me! I am just bringing you your cloths and bag from the club." I get up but Sabo moves me to the side with arms cross and a slight piss off look.

"And who are you exactly? You gonna tell me why my sister dress like a hula girl and I find her in tears at home? What did your club do?" I watch as Sabo glares at poor Haruhi who…stands her ground. I am impress. Sabo can get really scary when he mad.

"My name is Haruhi Fujioka and I am Anny class mate and friend. We are in the same club and lots of stuff happen today. Sir you need to calm down and I will tell you what happen." Wow! If Haruhi wants to be a lawyer when she done school….She will be a force to be recon with.

"It ok bro. This is Haruhi. The girl dress up as the guy." Sabo looks closer and blushes as he rubs the back of his neck.

"Sorry. Please come in and have some tea. I know the whole predicament you got in with the host club." Haruhi turns to me as she takes off her shoes.

"Kyoya called and told him everything…He gave me the bird and the bees talk and a good smack on the back of the head for lying. He the only one that knows….Thanks for coming by." I hug her and grab my bag from her hand. That talk will never be spoken about again. I don't think I ever blush so hard in my life.

"Pleas grab a seat by our table and I will go change." I walk to our shared room and change into my cloths. I fold up the hula get up and put in the bag so I can give it back tomorrow. How will I deal with tomorrow? Now more rumors will be spread. I sigh as I walk out of my room and join my seat beside Haruhi. She pushes a cup of tea my way and I happily take a sip to calm myself. I look over at my brother who looks absolutely piss beyond belief. She probably told him everything.

"Now bro I know what you are thinking and don't. Don't even think about it… I don't need you getting in trouble or getting me kick out!" I warn him and he look up at me with why not. I cross my arms telling him it my battle. He snorts letting me know fine but need anything let me know. I smile in thanks and sip me tea.

"Well Haruhi it was a pleasure to meet you but unfortunately I have to get back to work. I was only coming by to grab my badge. I forgot it on the counter and I am happy I did forget it…Sis you going to be ok?" Sabo shows the forgotten badge that now hanging off his shirt.

"Ya. I will be fine. Hey bro when next pay day?" I ask as I look at him. My stomach been empty for two days now because someone we all love ate the rest of the food…Which was not that much but enough to last us if we ration. I watch Sabo sigh and rub his nose.

"Ace gets paid tomorrow after his shift. I don't get paid until the end of the month….Plus the landlord a dick. Anyway don't worry. We will be ok just study and have fun. By sis and nice to meet you Haruhi. Call me if you need me." I wave goodbye to Sabo and take another sip of tea. I guess no dinner again tonight.

"Everything ok Anny?" Haruhi ask as she looks at me. I turn to her with a sigh. Our family finance is not for her to worry about. I should not have brought it up! Stupide Anny!

"Yup. Everything fine. Why don't you tell me what happen after I left the club in a mess?" I chuckle as I take a sip. Ok I feel a lot better. I watch Haruhi start to smile as she looks at me.

"Well I tried chasing after you but you are extremely fast and I lost sight of you quickly. When I went back to the club Honey was grinning innocently but he did something since those bullies where nowhere to be seen. When I ask what happen to the guys Honey just told me that he dealt with them and they should not cause you any more trouble!" I snort and shake my head.

"I hate when people have to help me. Anyway continue." I wave my hand and Haruhi nods.

"Well the club continue for a while but we were all a bit down. Then…well I was hosting and this women committed on the tea set and then another guy drop off new tea sets. This leads to Tamaki wanting to help these two people get together." Haruhi sighs and I raise an eyebrow.

"You just can't get people together if they don't know each other. I don't think our club a dating club. I am going to boil more water. You want more tea?" I snort as I get up to stretch. Tamaki and his crazy scams. Haruhi hums in agreement as I start to boil water.

"Well they do know each other actually and we learn that they are meant to get married but he is moving away for school. So Tamaki came up with a plan that during the party at the end of the week we will get the two together…So now tomorrow we have to learn the waltz!" I hear a thud on our table. I look out of the kitchen to see Haruhi head lying on the table. I grin as I bring the hot water out and pour each of us a new cup of tea.

"Cheer up. I think a party can be fun. It will be a day away from studying. Plus if this is a rich party think of all the rich food they will have!" I just imagine all the sweats and my mouth water for the new taste. My stomach mumbles in hunger. Shut up stomach. We don't have any food at the moment. Hold up for one more day.

"Do you think they will have fancy tuna?" Haruhi ask as I sit back beside her but this time with my stupide math book.

"I hope so. I heard the meat so smooth. Anyway so tomorrow we learn to dance but right now help me with math?" I open up to the one equation I still don't understand. Then something bug me as I try to figure out the equation.

"Haruhi…I am a bit surprise the guys did not follow you…Why is that?" I turn to her as she opens her own math book.

"That's because I told them that this is a delicate matter and if they come here that you will be even more upset. They left it at that." I gave Haruhi a quick hug.

"Thanks girl! I don't know how they bought that crap but you are the best! Now help me with this math equation!" I point to the math equation and she helps me break it down until I understand! Yes! Finally! We work through the rest of the afternoon studying.

"Sis I'm home and I brought Lu with me!" Ace voice ring through our small apartment and Haruhi closes her book.

"Well that was….". Haruhi voice stops and I watch as her faces grows as red as a tomato. I look over to see Ace frozen at the entrance to the living room with his work shirt over his shoulder and half his pants off which shows off his flaming boxers. For a second the world stop with my twin growing his own blush.

"Sis!" The world moves on with non-other than Lu wrestling me to the ground. Lu saves the day again!

"Anny!" Hauhi voice was a high squeak as I feel her eyes on me as I get from under Luffy and pin him to the floor. I win!

"I'm fine and Ace are you just going to stand there half naked with my friend sitting at our table?" I ask him which his blush grows across his cheeks and he pull his pants up and buckle them quickly.

"Sorry…Who are you anyway?" Ace voice is sharp and protective once he gets a good look at her.

"Sis I give. Get off!" Luffy voice muffle under me as I get up. I walk over to Ace and cross my arms. I look back and Haruhi still blushing like a mad women. She trying very hard to calm her breathing down as she looks everywhere but my twin chest. Then her eyes move from Ace to mine then back again. Lu sits up laughing and looks at my guest.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?" Luffy ask as he stares at Haruhi who now gives my bro a small smile.

"Lu be nice and Ace this is Haruhi. She is friend in my club who helping me in math!" Ace face soften and rubs the back of his neck. Haruhi look at me with a raise eyebrow.

"Sorry for being rude earlier. Just looking our for my sister… At least got a good show." Ace chuckle and I slap him across the arm. Not the right thing to say to my friend. That just cause Haruhi to cover her face.

"What the hell! You don't flirt with my friend!" I watch Ace only chuckle as he puts his hands up in I give up way. He walks to our room and stops at the doorway to turn his face too looks at us.

"Why not?! She cute for someone I thought was a guy for a second! As apology I can take the young lady home if she waits a moment. What do you say?" Ace winks at Haruhi who only blushes a little this time.

"That ok. I can walk home on my own." Haruhi gets up and puts her bag over her shoulder. I put my hand on her shoulder to stop her from leaving.

"No. Bro she would love a ride home…Haruhi it not a safe neighborhood we live in. I don't want you to get mug on the way back. Ace will drive you." I whisper the last part to her. It safe during the day but at night this area gangs come out to play. I don't want Haruhi to get mug. Last week I left school late and some asshat tried to steal my bag on the way home. I can fight but she can't. Ace walks out with a grin and grabs the keys. He now in his rip jeans and a simple red t-shirt. Show off!

"Great now come on. Where do you live?" I watch Ace lead Haruhi out of our apartment and hands her my helmet. It a simple black helmet with a devil horns and tail on the side. I laugh as I watch over the railing Haruhi try to get out of riding his motorcycle.

"Ace don't go crazy! You hear me!" I scream as he sits down. He gives me a thumbs up as I hear his engine purr to life. Haruhi glares at the bike before sitting on the back. I can't believe she is actually going to let my bro take her home on it. She has more guts then I thought or Ace uses his sweet talk. Probably a little bit of both. I chuckle harder as I watch her arms tighten around my brother stomach as they start to roll out of the parking lot. I watch them go before going back inside. I grin as I take a seat and get my brother to start his own homework. I end up helping him with his own math before my bro comes back through the door.

"She make it home ok?" I look up from helping Lu to see Ace grinning.

"Yup and she agree that she will never ride on that death trap again. You have a nice friend sis. Anyway how was your day at school?" My smile falls as I remember what happen at the club.

"Bad huh?" Ace sits beside me and lays his head in his hand.

"You ok Sis?" Lu ask me as he looks at me. Ace sits up straighter as he crosses his arm.

"Ok who the one that hurt you because so help me I". I shhuh my bro because I really don't need him doing something stupide. On the other hand I accept Lu embrace.

"It was a crappy day and one of my other friends dealt with the asshole. My memories came back from the fire and ya. I don't want to talk about it. How was work?" I look down frustrated but what can I do. Ace join the hug and I can't help but feel like my weight has finally lifted from my shoulder. Man I love them!

"I had a good day at school. Then at work Pineapple head gave me extra paperwork because Thatch and I prank him. We put the chicken song in his desk so every time he open the draw the song would go off. It was priceless watching him try and find where it coming from!" Ace chuckle set me off on my own laughter. I can just see him now looking through his desk for that song.

"I got a B- on my science test!"! Luffy adds with a huge grin as I give him a high five.

"That's awesome Lu! You study pretty hard for it!" Ace says as he gets up.

"I'm going to crash before my stomach bothers me. Night!" Ace walks to our room and I nod with a yawn.

"Lu I want to sleep too…I had that dream again. Can we…?" Lu nods knowing what I want. He the only one that knows about that dream. Where I break through the fire door and fall into blackness. I fall asleep within a few minutes in my little Lu hug. I always do in my brothers arms. I wake up to the usual alarm but this morning Lu hugging me from behind and Ace hugging me from the front. I guess Luffy brought me to bed. As soon as I look up at my twin the scene of Hikaru and Kaoru go through my head and I shiver. I get up to use the bathroom and ignoring the fact I push Ace over. I look back into the bedroom to see him sprawled like a starfish on the floor. I look around but no Sabo. Sabo not back…probably staying with his girlfriend. Must have been a supper long shift. I do the usual routine but no cooking since there no food. At least Ace gets paid today. I look down at my long black pants with a white undershirt and Sabo blue suit jacket. I need a brother with me today. I leave and since I have no ride this morning I walk to school. I put my music in and enjoy the sound as I walk through the spring breeze. I enter the school yard relax. Hope nothing crappy happens like yesterday. I wish I could be alone but that not happening with the club boys around.

I walk into the school and walk straight to my locker to put my stuff away. I try to ignore the looks but it a bit hard when half are glaring and the other sympathetic. I grab Sabo jacket and pull it closer to myself. Safe. He here with me. I walk into my class and unknown to me everyone go quite. I don't hear the twins and I don't hear Haruhi because of my music. I take my seat and ignore the people around me. I don't want help. No one helps the burning girl or as they call me ugly pig or even freak. Always leads to betrayal. I turn to the soft hand that resting on my shoulder and Haruhi looking at me with worry eyes but the eyebrow twitching says otherwise. I take a piece of paper and write. Pleas…I just want to be alone. I watch her frown but takes my paper and writes something on it. I take it back. Her words are underline. We are talking later. I nod stiffly and stuff the paper aside as a new song starts. The teacher comes in and I turn my music off. I feel the twin's eyes on me but I don't look back. I don't want to see their pity looks. They should be filled with their mischief. Before long the lunch bell rings and I plug back in so I can disappear. I try to pack as fast as I can so I can leave before they can stop me. The thing is I tried. Haruhi grabs my elbow before I know it and starts dragging me down the hallway. I unplug and turn my music off. Now or never.

"Haruhi I." I start but her stare makes me shut up.

"First off! I will never again will I ever get on that bike again. I thought I was going to die!" I blink and crack up. I mean full blown laughter. I am sure people are thinking I am crazy at this moment but I think I needed this.

"Oh come on! It a blast and I am sure my brother was not that bad to hold onto!" I can't help but grin as Haruhi was glaring at me.

"He went the speed limit but still…and he was nice." I watch Haruhi blush a little before shaking her head. Ooooo do I see a crush forming. Ahhh all girls crush on my bro but Haruhi sweet and innocent. He may just turn her into a bad girl. I keep my thought to myself as I wait for her to say something.

"And where were you going? You can't make me learn the waltz all by myself plus why did you tell him that! You know Kyoya can hunt you down." I humm as we walk down the corridor as I ponder her words. Well not really ponder since I know the answer.

"Oh because Ace is the only one I know who can tell I am lying since he like my other half. He can tell a mile away so it better to say the truth. Plus he thinks everyone wears the same uniform and he knows that there are mostly girls in the club but that it! I just played with the truth is all!" I stare at the door that holds my future as a host…or not. Got to get this over with…who would want to dance with an ugly thing like me anyway?! That is if they still want me. I open the music room where the club boys are waiting for us. I walk in head down and hold my breath. I wait for the yells to tell me to get out but silence fills the air. That is until running feet is heard coming towards me and a wall of bodies hit me from all direction. What the fuck?!

"ANNY! My poor baby girl! Are you ok?! Daddy here!" Tamiki cries as he hugs me from the front. I gawk as the twins are on both my sides.

"Anny are you ok? You look so down in class?" The twinnies ask together and I have no clue what to say. This is not what I was expecting at all.

"Guys you should give her some space. I don't think she can breathe all that well." voice catches me a little off guard and they let me go. He sounded nice…That different. That is only for Honey to tackle me into a hug next.

"Don't worry Ann-chan! I got rid of the meany and they promise to never hurt you ever again!" Honey brags as he squeeze me. I pat his head and I can't help but grin up at everyone. No one has ever cared for me like my brothers care for me before. So this is what it means to have friends! I look up to see Mori watching me. I give him a reassuring smile and he gives me a small one back.

"Thank you Honey but you guys still want me to be a part of your club? I mean what happen yesterday…" My voice trails off at the end.

"Don't be silly! Of course you are still a member of the club! Why won't you be?" Tamaki voice is still loud and bubbly as always.

"Well…in the past a lot of people when they find out about my burns and how it happens…they usually don't want to be around me anymore. Plus! My personality a little on the rough side." I put my fingers through my hair as I look away.

"Pleas as if!" Hikaru start as he stands on my left.

"It true you are a little rough around the edges but…" Kaoru adds as he go on my right. They both lay their arms over my shoulder.

"We care for you anyway!" They finish together in sync as usual. I can't help but snort as a new voice comes in from the doorway.

"Excuse me. I am here to help teach Haruhi how to dance." I look behind me to see a girl older than me with short brown hair, big brown eyes, and a shy smile come in. She looks like a porcelain doll…. Unconsciously I touch my burn arm and look away.

"Ahhh. You are just in time princess Kasugazaki. We are ready when you are." Mr. Glasses smiles gently at the young doll. Gees her name at least a mouth full. Doll easier. For a second she looks at me and \ quickly looks away. I guess people will be nervous around me now. I bet the whole school knows…Nothing I can do about that. I grab Sabo jacket and calm down a bit. Doll grabs Haruhi hand with a smile and walks to the middle of the dance floor.

"So who teaching me?" I ask no one in particular. I'm pretty tall for a women so I need a man who taller. I look at Tamaki who wallowing in the dark corner…Well he out. I look at the twins but they are both to short plus they are dancing together. I move to Kyoya and he walks over to point to Mori.

"Mori will teach you since it seems everyone else is too busy." He walks away writing in his note book with a devilish smile. He knows something I don't. I wonder what in his black book? I turn to Mori who nods as he puts out his hand. I take it and let my free hand go to his shoulder.

"I will tell you a little secret Mori… My older bro already taught me how to dance. I always wanted to learn do to….a special sport I was in for a while…..Anyway since he knew…He taught me. So lead away." I grin up at him with a challenge only for Mori to smile back. I can just feel him say oh really. Challenge accepted. The piano starts to play and I follow his every move. Like before the world vanishes and it only Mori, me, and the piano. We never loose eye contact as we sway to the tempo. As the piano comes to a finish Mori dips me back and I can't help let out a small giggle. He helps me back up and I bow in thanks. The room fills with clapping and I look over to see everyone watching us. Even Mr. Gloomy aka Tamaki.

"Where you learn to dance like that? You don't even need lesson?" The twinnies say together as I walk up to them.

"My older brother taught me…I haven't dance like that in a long time. Thank you Mori. It was fun!" I turn to him with a smile and for a second a small blush swept across his cheeks but as quickly as it came it disappear. I rub my eyes to make sure I was not seeing things. Must have not slept well last nice do to my hunger cramps.

"Thank you very much Kasugazaki for letting me practice with you today." Haruhi says with a polite smile as I get a text on my phone. I raise an eyebrow as I open my phone to read the message my bro sent me. It from Ace. Hey sis! I'm going to be late tonight but I got paid so I will bring home a pizza for dinner. Then tomorrow you can go grocery shopping! Good. We can finally eat. My stomach growls in excitement. Awesome bro! See you tonight! I close my phone and look up to see everyone gone to sit at the table to eat their lunch but doll vanish. Where she go? I walk over and grab a seat next to Haruhi since I have nowhere else to be anyway. Everything smells delicious as I look at all their fancy meat cover in fancy sauce and all on rich plates. I hold back from drooling as I look to see Haruhi made a delicious patty with vegetable on the side. So lucky. All these smells and delicious looking food makes my stomach pains increase with a loud growl. Everyone looks up at me as they hear the monster within for the first time. I wonder if they will laugh at me? The last person did and made a snarky comment on how poor I was even though they were poor as shit too! They ended up with a black eye from mowa.

"Was that a loin or your stomach?" Kaoru ask as he points his chopstick at me. This is what happens when you don't eat for a few days. Stupid Lu and eating all the food.

"Didn't you know?! A loin lives in my stomach!" I watch Tamaki eyes widen and look at Kyoya. You're shitting me! He actually believe me!? I grin as I pretend to put my hands up like paws and paw the air.

"Is that true?" He actually asking. Haruhi blinks at him with a blank face and go back to her own food. Holly shit he does!

"No it not and Anny stop patronizing him…Where you lunch? If you are hungry you should eat." actually get his real glasses fog up and that gets everyone attention. I can't tell them I can't afford food. That not their problem. I can't tell them I am not hungry because my stomach says otherwise. Only one thing to do! I miss the concern in Mr. Glasses voice as I try to decide what to do.

"You just reminded me something Kyoya! I have to go do something before class! See you later!" As quickly as I can I get up and run out the door before they can say anything. I run down a random hall way only for my choice to run being a bad idea. My stomach growls angrily at me and I have to stop as it starts to cramp up. A small groan passes my lips as I squeeze my stomach hoping the hunger would fade. It hurts. Stupide family high metabolism crap. I bet my bros are feeling the same thing. Unknown to her Ace right now is enjoying his friend's sandwich that he stole from, Lu enjoying the food his friend made him, and Sabo eating his own lunch that his girlfriend made him. I lean against a locker and slide down to the cool floor. I just sit there and pull Sabo jacket closer to keep me warm. Just a few more hours of class. Can you hold on stomach? I ask and all I get is an angry growl. Suddenly half a wrap sandwich falls on my lap. I look up to see an angry man with long baggy red hair glair at me. His uniform a bit messy but overall he seems like a nice guy.

"Eat the dame thing. Your stomach growls are so loud I can hear them across the school. It pissing me off!" I gawk as the man turns around and walks the rest of the way down the hall. As he passes students they get as far away as they can from him. What just happen? My brain too food deprive to call out to him and I don't think anymore as I rip off the wrapping and eat the food he gave me. I feel tears in my eyes as the flavor from this simple sandwich explode in my mouth and this is the first meal I have eaten in three days. Thank you angry food fairy. The next time I see you I will thank you properly. I finish it just as the warning bell rings to let us know lunch over. That will hold me off until dinner….I really will pay him back one day. I walk to class and sit in my seat with a small smile and the taste of tender chicken still lingers in my mouth.

"Anny are you ok? Do you want my snack?" Haruhi holds out a bar of nuts and I smile while shaking my head.

"No thanks and I am fine. No need to worry about little old me." The teacher walks in so I can't see the worry expression on the twins face as they really look at how skinny I have gotten. Class soon fly by and school over.

"There no club today. You can go home." The twins say together and I humm at them.

"Isn't the dance in a few days? Don't you need my help?" I ask which only got the twins to shake their heads.

"Nope! Everything done. You just have to come Saturday at 5:00 pm so we can get you ready!" I smile as I turn to Haruhi.

"Haruhi since club over want to come over and study with me again?" I ask her and she nods.

"Sure. Sounds good to me!" Haruhi smiles as the twins stare at each other.

"Can we come too?" Kaoru ask as he looks at me.

"I want to see where a commoner lives!" Hikaru adds as I look at the two twins and it would be fun to bounce off ideas for that project we got stuck in class today. I just have to kick them out before any of my bro get home…but do I really want them to see where I live? Plus I have no food to feed them.

"Sorry but Haruhi my partner in crime. Maybe another time you can come over." I watch the twins pout. Not working on me! Lu much better at that!

"Come on Haruhi!" I walk out and she follows behind me. Some girls glare at us and I just ignore them as we walk to my house talking about nothing important. We make it in one piece and I open my door but of course the landlord coming back for more blood. Fuck…No luck.

"Haruhi get in…now!" I push her into my home and close the door to face him. He a fat man that as tall as me. His short hair is greasy and there food stains on his white shirt. His pants are baggy and he getting way to close for comfort.

"Ok. Your brother said you guys will pay us today so pay up!" He crosses his grubby fat arms to look intimidating but instead he looks like an ugly Pillsbury boy.

"We will. My brother gets paid today. Once he gets home he will pay you. Now excuse me. I have a guest." I go to open my door but he slams his hand to prevent me from opening it. Rude!

"Sure he will pay…But you know you can always pay another way." His breath smells like alcohol and that just wrong on so many levels.

"No thank you. Ace will pay you tonight. Now pleas leave me alone." I ask as polite as I can and he only smiles.

"I can show you a good time and your whole family can live here. It only takes a few hours." I frown as I cross my arms and cocks my hips. My skin crawls as his eyes scan my body. Thank god the twinnes didn't come. I have had enough of creeps this week.

"I said no thanks. We will pay you now please, my guest is waiting." The land lord snarls as he takes his hand off the door.

"Make sure he comes to me first!" With that his fat ass go back to his cave of a home. I let out the breath I was holding as my next door neighbor opens his door to look at me. He has tan skin, a black goatee, always wears a white fuzzy hat with black spots, and today he wearing his yellow sweater with a happy face, and polka dot jeans.

"Hey Anny-ya. The lard ass-ya bothering you again?" He ask with a slight twitch of his eyebrow.

"It fine Law… It been a while. How medical school?" I smile at him and Law dark circles under his eyes says it all. He studying to be a surgeon but he only an 18 year old genius and could get his license now if he could.

"Huuu…Tiring…You want to grab dinner with me? I have an early shift so we would have to go now." Law always taking me out and it really sweet. He like my life savoir when our food low and like my best friend. I look at the door and Haruhi still waiting for me.

"I can't. I have a study friend over. Another time. Thanks for looking out for me." I open my door and Law frowns causes me to stop for a second.

"Anny-ya when was the last time you ate?" Law looks at me and I know he is studying me. He always knows.

"I had a chicken sandwich for lunch. Have a good shift Law." I wave and close my door missing Law sigh as he too leaves and mumbles about women should eat more to stay healthy and stay pretty. I stare at Haruhi who arms are cross in front of the door. I internally moan as I face my future lawyer. I decided to be her first client if my family shit ever catches up to us. Which probably will one day.

"Spill! What was that?" I walk past her and I put my bag by the table.

"Nothing to worry about. Come study with me!" Haruhi walks over and sits beside me but she won't budge.

"No! Explain what that was! Your landlord just…" Haruhi cheeks are red and she looks like she wants to throw our history book at someone. Which is extremely heavy and could give someone a concussion. I move the history book I was looking at last night away from her slowly to be on the safe side.

"It nothing I can't handle! He an asshole and you can't tell anyone. This is my family financial issues. Not yours. Now! Please can we just study?" I plead and Haruhi sighs but nods none the less. We work for a while in angry silence. Lu please come save us from this angry atmosphere. To my delight Lu comes in at the perfect moment.

"Oh! Harry back!" Lu smiles and I rub my eyes. Of course.

"It Haruhi…." She correct and I glare at Lu to tell him don't even try. Luffy only laughs as he puts his bag down and grabs his keys.

"Going to Usopp for a sleep over! See you tomorrow!" Luffy quickly passes us and I humm...Wait it a school night!

"Text Ace to let him know not to buy you a pizza for dinner since you are not home and don't forget to go to school tomorrow! I don't want another call that you play hooky!" I shout as Luffy closes the door behind him. I wait and text Ace anyway to let him know. Knowing Luffy he already forgot. We continue until the smell of food woofs through the door.

"Pizza man home!" Ace yells into the house and I grin as Ace walks in with two large pizza.

"I can't believe it that late. I better get home." Haruhi starts to pack but I grab her hand.

"Stay and eat with us. It the least we can offer since you help me study. Plus company always welcome." Haruhi nods and Ace brings three plates over and opens the boxes. One all meat lovers and the other all dress. Our stomach growls and I can hear Haruhi chuckle beside me.

"Hungry?" She ask me and I nod.

"Starved. Let's eat!" Harhui has no idea how much my words are true as I grabs a slice of my pizza and Ace being the gentleman is not scarfing down his food for once. It a miracle!

"Better day at school sis?" Ace ask me as he eats slowly. I on the other hand grab my second slice.

"Much! I got to do the waltz with a friend! How was school for you?" I ask and Ace eyes narrow.

"Who you dance with?" Haruhi smiles as she quietly eats her slice.

"My friend. Now you!" I ask again and Ace go into detail how he pass his pop quiz and work was boring.

"Where do you work?" Haruhi talks for the first time and Ace grins at her. I watch Haruhi look at her crust and blush a little.

"I work at Whitebeards corps. We are actually having a party this Saturday night! Would you come with me?" I choke on my slice and start coughing as my brother ask out my best friend to a work party. Holly shit he fast!

"Sorry. I can't. Anny and I are already going to our clubs party." Haruhi apologies as I swallow my food. Fuck that hurt!

"Really?! That grate! You know my sister never had any friends or join clubs at her old school. I'm really happy she has you now." Ace smiles softly and it makes me blush.

"Bro you are embarrassing me...Oh did you go to the land lord. He need our rent!" I ask and Ace scrunches his face in disgust as he gets up.

"I will go deal with the ass whole. Excuse me ladies." Ace leaves and slowly comes back a few minutes later with a scrawl on his face.

"Done. Dame Bastard up the rent this month!" Ace rubs his nose in frustration and my stomach turns from our earlier encounter. Asshole probably push rent up because I won't sleep with him! Dick!

"We can talk after you take Harhui home." I state bitterly. Ace nods and Haruhi frowns as she gets up to grab my plate. I ate half my pizza and I am still hungry. Ace on the other hand ate a quarter and stop for once in his life. I am actually impress with his will power. I had no idea he had so much!

"I refuse to get on your bike again." Haruhi snaps as she grabs her bag.

"Oh come on! I drove the speed limit and I heard you laugh behind me! Don't deny that you had some fun!" I look at my friend in a new light. They do say be careful of the quiet ones! I watch Haruhi look away with a blush and mummer death traps as she slumps her shoulders in defeat.

"Fine!" Haruhi grumbles as she leaves with Ace behind her. Ha! She is a bad girl after all! Ace takes Haruhi home and comes back fast enough to sit with me. We continue eating silently and with Haruhi gone means manners go out our window. We stuff slices into our mouth and Ace angrily eats his slice.

"Dame Bastard! We have money but you will have to really thin it out until Sabo gets paid in two weeks or our old man actually sends us this month money. Fucking prick!" Ace mumbles as he finishes off at the same time as me.

"How bad?" I can't help but ask. How thin do I have make two week? Ace says nothing for a while and that scares me a bit.

"….$200." My heart stops for a second and I put my hand through my hair. That bad.

"We won't last all week but two... We will have to be hungry for maybe a few days like this week." I look up and put my hand out. Ace gives me the $200 and I quickly put it in my wallet. I will do it after school tomorrow. I hope they have some good deals.

"Sis…Are you ok? You don't look all that grate this week? I'm a little worried about you." Ace ask nervously and I smile as I get up to stretch.

"I'm fine. I had a few days were I could not eat do to someone eating all the food for a midnight snack but fine." I watch Ace frown as I walk to the bathroom.

"Sis…Don't you get food from your friends?" Ace ask as he grabs the pizza boxes.

"No…Why would they share their food with me?…I'm fine Ace. Thanks for dinner. It was good." I close the door and can hear Ace mumble something but can't make it out. What his problem? I look at the mirror and my fingers go over my thin stomach and my ribs are starting to show. I really am to skinny for my own health. I quickly shower and smile at being full for once. I don't need help. No one ever helps me anyway. I go to bed and the next day go by quickly. I go to school and Ace left in the morning to his own school. Since there no club I get my shopping done. I walk down the roads thinking about all the food I just got. I guess cup ramen what we are living off mostly this week. Good thing they had a sale on pork today. So cheap.

I make it home only to find a takeout bag with my name on it on our welcome mat. I put the grocery down and open the card. To: Anny-ya. I had a lunch party at work and my coworkers gave me too many leftovers. You better eat it! From: Law. I chuckle as I pick up the food with my grocery and go inside. I place my grocery bag down and open the bag. Inside is an assortment of sandwiches and little deserts. He the best! I grab a sandwich and put the rest in my slowly now not empty fridge. I grab the rice balls that were on sale and close my apartment door. I should thank him for yesterday. Plus it sucks to be alone. I knock on his door and slowly the door opens. Law tiered eyes peak from the crack and I wave.

"Umm…Did I wake you?" I quietly ask and Law gives a small smile.

"No. I was getting up anyway. Did you get my bag?" He ask opening the door more. Law wearing his spotted jeans and hat but in a white wife beater. It shows off the tattoo down his arms nicely.

"I did! Thank you so much! I was hoping I could eat with you…I brought you rice bawls." I show him the balls and Law stands aside to let me in. I walk in and smile as the house is neat and tidy. He has an actual table with soft chairs compare to our floor table and old cushions. There a tv in the corner of the room and his medical books on the shelf against the wall.

"Did you finish the book I leant you?" Law ask as he sits at the table. I grab a seat beside him and hand him the rice balls as I unwrap my sandwich.

"No. I am just finishing up on how the heart works. It will still be a while before you get your book back…Is that ok?" I take a bite and it baloney and cheese with a soggy tomato. Picker can't be chooser.

"It fine. I finish that book a long time ago Anny-ya. If you have any question don't be afraid to ask." Law finishes a rice ball and grabs a second as I finish my sandwich.

"Thank you very much…Where Bepo?" I ask him which Law only shrugs his shoulders.

"Bepo-ya sleeping on my bed. He waited up all night for me like usual." I giggle as I can believe his white husky doing that. Law chuckles as he takes my garbage.

"Are you free Saturday?" I look up as Law go to throw the garbage away. What is with people and Saturday this week?

"No…I have a club dance party I have to attend too…Why?" I ask as Law walks back.

"I have the night off and wanted to know if you wanted to watch that documentary on the history on surgeries with me." Law yawns and I get up so he can go back to sleep…That sounds like fun.

"I would love to…" I trail off as I split between Law and my club.

"I can record the documentary and we can watch it on my next day off which is next Thursday." Law eyes are on me and mine widen as I let a huge grin form. I rush over and give him a quick hug.

"That would be amazing! Thank you so much Law! We can wear our Pj like last time and eat popcorn! You are the best!" I pull back to see Law grinning like he just won the lottery with red cheeks.

"Of course. Don't forget to eat the other food in the bag. Try not to share with your brothers." Law grins as I walk out the door.

"For sure. Get some sleep. You look tiered. I don't want you getting sick on me!" Law nods.

"I won't Anny-ya. See ya." I wave as Law closes the door and I go back inside. The rest of the night uneventful but Sabo did come home so there that. The next day we laze the morning away since it Saturday. We play bored games and I leave to meet up with my friends for tonight.

"Have fun sis!" My brothers waves from our table and I humm as I put on my shoes.

"You guys have fun too at the work party! Don't drink too much!" I warn as I close the door. Someone always spikes the punch…God I remember my first and last hangover,,,It was horrible and I can't even remember the fun time I had! Never drink the punch! I walk down the streets and grin as I make it to the school with no fights! Just my luck! I walk through the courtyard and it so empty compared to during the day. Makes sense since the party not for a few hours.

"There you are!" The twinnies say together as they grab me out of nowhere. Where did they come from?

"What?" I get to mumble for a second because the next I am drag across campus and push into a chair.

"No complaints today! This is a ball dance and we are making you look pretty!" Kaoru snaps as he has his makeup brush at the ready.

"Ya! Now sit still and relax!" Hikaru adds as his hands go through my hair. So they are switching rolls today. I close my eyes and relax.

"Good luck." I mumble as the twinnies smirk at each other. I feel them at work and their so gentle and their hands are so soft as they work together like they just know what to do. Not many words are said as I start to nod off. They start to paint my finger nails that I finally open my eyes. I blink the sleep away from my eyes and hold back a yawn.

"Relax?" Hikaru chuckles as my nails are painted a nice midnight blue.

"Somehow…yes." I can't help but smile and the boys both blush a little.

"Thank you….both of you." I say quietly as they finish up.

"No problem. Now your dress!" They unzip a white bag to reveal a dark blue dress and my eyes widen as I get up to get a closer look at the cloth. My hands trail over the small ruffle at the strapless top. The front open at my legs to flow behind me and the dress sparkles under the light.

"Can I really wear this?" I turn to the boys as I take the dress into my hands.

"Of course you can!" Hikaru starts as I walk towards the change room.

"We design and made it just for you." I stop as I open the curtain.

"You made this…for me?" I turn to them and I blink my tears away.

"Yup. Now go change!" The sing together and I quickly go into the change room…that has no mirror. Well how would I know how I look? I remove my cloths carefully so I don't wreck the delicate curls on the side Hikaru work so hard to make. The dress slides on like a glove. Good thing I shaved yesterday. I adjust the black bow on my hip and open the curtain. The twins look at me and they high five each other.

"I look ok? There was no mirror so I don't know..." I trail off as the twins rush up and stick in light blue star earing and matching necklace. They give me black heel and waste no time pulling me to the mirror that been in the corner this whole time.

"See for yourself!" They say together as I finally look in the mirror. I blink as I fully take in the person in front of me. My hand touches the cool glass as I stare at myself. Hikaru pull my hair to the right side and curl while somehow spraying sparkles in it to make it shimmer. Kaoru put dark blue eyeshadow to show off my gray eyes, a light blush that lets me cheeks glow but not lose the freckles I love so much, with my lips being a dark red. The dress shows off my figure and breast perfectly. Even though my arms show my burn it also shows off my tattoo proudly. My burn leg is cover by the ruffle. I look like a princess…

"I look…so pretty for once. Thank you." I blink away the tears as I turn and hug my twins.

"Of course you look pretty!" Hikaru starts as he hugs my left side.

"We would never make you look ugly!" Kaoru finishes as he hugs me on the right.

"Now no crying!" They sing together and I nod as I blink them away.

"Are the others here?" I ask and they nod.

"We have to change but the party about to start so go to the hall. We will see you there!" I node and walk with an added skip. I look so pretty. I can't stop smiling as the fabric so soft on my skin. I want a picture once this is all over. I go down the steps even though it dark to hide us. I can still make out the group. I wave to get their attention which work for sure. Tamaki gawks with his mouth open, only smiles and it actually a nice smile, Honey gushing as Mori trying very hard not to look at me with his cheeks all red.

"See we did a great job." The twins say together as we get into our spots.

"Hush it starting." Mr. Glasses grins as the lights completely go black.

"My little lamb and cubs, who have gather here tonight, Ouran host club bids you a found welcome…to this dance party!" Tamaki grins as the chandlers all turn on to light the room. The violin start to play and to my surprise there actually a few guys but mostly girls in the crowd. I look around and can't find angry sandwich fairy. Awww….I was hoping to thank him tonight.

"We invite you to enjoy yourself to your heart content, as you dance with the host club members. In addition, the guest that recognize as the best dancer, and is chosen as tonight queen will receive an impassioned kiss on the cheek from our king." Mr. Glasses smile is fake and all the girls squeal.

"Good luck, baby!" Tamaki winks causing the girls to squeal even louder with hearts floating in the air. You know I have seen a few girls do that when Ace is in gym class at our last school. I look over and Haruhi shoulders are slump like it the end of the world. The twins walk over and they clean up nicely. They are wearing nicely plad sweater with black pants with a chain on the side. Haruhi on the other hand in a simple brown suit, blue undershirt with a red tie.

"I'm not use to this sort of things. The dance party I have ever been too is the festival at the park." I snap my fingers.

"Oh ya! They have so many fun games there and their food delicious!" I look at the crowd and I can't help but smile at all the glaring girls. They won't ruin my night. I look over and Honey wearing a nice light yellow suit and Mori matching mine…He wearing a midnight blue suit as well. I look away as butterflies flutter in my stomach. Am I getting sick?

"You can't really count that as a dance party. Well you're here anyway so why don't you try the cuisine? There a real spread." I look at Mr. Glasses as my mouth starts to water.

" A s-spread? Like with fancy tuna?" I watch Harui blush as she looks at the ground. Aww she looks so cute! I squeal as I grab her in a hug. I know I don't squeal but she is too cute. She said it last time but this time…

"Get deluxe sushi on the double!" Tamaki quickly orders as the twins hug Haruhi. I pull back and look up at Honey.

"I bet there some yummy cakes too! Which one should I try?" I ask as my smile can almost beat Lu and Honey quickly jumps off Mori shoulders to grab my hand.

"Yaaa! I will show you the best one!" Honey pulls me down the steps and I laugh as I am pull through the crowd. Girls glare at me and I can hear how the dress not meant for me but I don't care. I love it. Honey stops at the table and I aww as there a wide variety of little odours and further down desert. Honey quickly picks up a slice and hands me the plate.

"That a chocolate raspberry cheese cake!" I nod as I take a bite. My body feels like jelly as the taste blows my mind away.

"That amazing!" I moan a little as I take another bite.

"How disgusting." A girl at the end of the table whisper to her friend but still loud enough for me to hear.

"To think she can fit in and eat our food. Her pallet to plain to eat this high class food. Pure waste." The other girl whisper. My heart cracks as I finish the slice. Honey hands me another slice but looking at the slice makes me want to cry.

"Ann-chan?" Honey mumbles as I humm at him to continue.

"Look at that dress! It gorges but wasted on an ugly commoner like her." Ok that one stings. The twins work so hard too! I blink my eyes so the tears won't come. Can't mess up their hard work. A hand comes to my vision and I follow up the arm to face soft brown eyes.

"May I have the first dance?" Mori voice is the same calm voice as always and I gently grab his hand. I can hear the girls that made fun of me earlier gasp as Mori pulls me to the dance floor. I get a whiff of a nice spice from Mori as I get a little closer to dance with him.

"I would like that a lot." I whisper as Mori gives me a smile and I feel myself warm up. Please! I can't have a fever now! I ignore the heat as we sway to the music.

"I will save your slice Ann-chan! Have fun!" Honey waves as Mori hand gently moves to grab my hip and my hand lands on his shoulder. We dance together in sink like last time and all my worry disappear.

"You look nice." Mori says as he dips me low. The heat that was going away suddenly increases tenfold as I feel my cheeks go red too.

"Thank you." I mumble as the song ends. I dance with a few other guys who all blush but Mori still makes me have so much fun and my worries disappear when I dance with him. I watch the club members kidnap Haruhi to the back. What going on?

"Anny…Can we dance?" I look to the voice and grin as Rin blushing like a tomato with his hand out for me. I gently place my hand in his and nod.

"I would love to." We dance in silence and he really good and easy to follow…I guess that would make sense since he plays music anyway.

"I hope you are having a fun time." I ask as I look at him. Rin nods as he twirls me and pulls me back.

"I really am! You look breathtaking by the way." Rin blushes as he stutters but it really sweet as we finish.

"Thank you. I have had a fun night." I smile as Honey come up out of nowhere and grabs my hand.

"Host to front and center!" He cheers as he pulls me along. I laugh as I wave Rin goodbye. I stand with the others and look to see a girl with a blue dress and a guy under spot lights. Oh! It Doll and that must be the guy we are trying to get her with! Even though the lights on them I can't help but look at the pink cherry blossoms in the trees. So beautiful.

"And, now ladies and gentleman's. This fine evening has come to its finial song. The last waltz falls on to this couple." The music plays and I watch the two dance in perfect harmony. I enjoy the song as I raise an eyebrow to the twins eating a banana. Why? I duck with Haruhi as Tamiki almost hits us in the face as he spreads his arms wide.

"Tonight dance queen." Hikaru starts as he holds up his peel.

"Is Princess Kasugaziki Kanako." Kaoru finishes with his own peel in the air. I watch them fly and land on the steps. I frown at the litter bugs, I walk down the steps, and collect them both. They may be rich but no need to litter. I walk back up and ignore them as I throw the peels away.

"The kiss from the king in now from Haruhi Fujioka. Kyoya did say an accident is always fun at the end of the night!" The twinnies say together and I watch as Harhui walks down the steps and place a kiss on her cheek. Tamaki tried to stop her but to slow. I bet if I did not pick up those peels then he would have trip and hurt himself or push Haruhi into kissing Doll on the lips. That would have been priceless. I smile as I watch our guest leave and the host stand in the empty hall.

"Well that went splendid. Let's all go home and rest." Tamaki grins and I watch them all walk away. I bite my lip as I look down at my dress. Maybe for one I can ask… and they won't say no.

"WAIT!" I scream and I blush as they look at me. I look at the ground and I shuffle a little.

"So cute." The twins grab me in a hug and Haruhi starts laughing as she watches me go through the same thing she went through earlier.

"What is it? I do want to go to bed since it is late." fade and I can tell he done for the night.

"Can I have a group picture of you guys on my phone…can I add you as contacts too. You know in case you want someone to talk to or plan something…" I trail off and Tamaki the next one to hug me.

"OH! Daddy so happy!" I giggle as I hug him back. These are my friends. I take my phone out of my bra and look to see all the guys blush.

"Where else am I to put it?" I ask and the boys shake their heads. Haruhi stands beside me as Tamaki on the other. The twins have my phone as the bend over. Honey on Mori shoulder with Kyoya on the side. The twins take a pic and my phone gets pass around. One by one my phone being filled for the first time. I gladly take it back and now everyone can go home. This has defiantly been a fun dance part.

To be continue…..

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