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Parents day? Part 1

It been a few days since the twinnes have had their fight and they finally have their hair back to their original color. Now they are back to looking the same and I think they should stop looking the same. They are two different people but they have to figure that out themselves. I understand but…it hurts when people can't split you apart from one to the other. I was just lucky to be born a girl. Now no one can mistake me for Ace. I stare out the window as I wait for our teacher to start the day. My mind wonders to Law and how his scars are the same like mine but so different. Law scars makes my mind move to more important matters like what I will wear to the doctor ball that in two weeks. A tap echo around the room and I turn back to my homeroom teacher that also teaches us math. She very nice and has the patient of a saint. She has brown hair up in a bun, soft brown eyes, and she currently smiling as she waves papers around.

"Pay attention everyone. I have something important to say." Her voice softly echo around the classroom. I wonder what she has. I look to see most of the students are bored…that includes the twinnes but like me, Haruhi sit a bit straighter to listen.

"As you know you have been coming to Ouran for a few months now and as a first year in high school you do have to start think about what career you want to go too once you graduate. So first years are having their annual bring in your parent day before your exams. Have your parents sign this form by tomorrow to let me know how many are coming Friday. I understand your parents are busy so you can bring your grandparents as well. So take one and pass it back." She smiles at us as she pass the forms back. Parents ya right. I take the form and pass it to Haruhi behind me. I glare at the paper hoping it would disintegrate in my hand. I read it over and you simply put what family member you want to come in…Maybe I can ask to bring pop if the nurses let him….Maybe he will be too busy running his company. Maybe my brother? They work and are family. The bell rings and I turn around to see the twins crunch their paper into their bag while Haruhi simply folds it to put away.

"You guys asking your family?" I ask them and the twins snort.

"Our mother away doing a fashion week in France." They say together and I look at Haruhi who just grabs her bag.

"My dad has a night shift the day before. I would rather have him sleep." Haruhi walks out of the classroom and I pack my own things.

"What about your parents?" Kaoru ask and I glare into nothing as I think of him.

"Like I said before. My mom pass away and my dad can burn in hell!" I spit out the word dad as I get up and take a deep breath to calm down but I just can't calm down enough.

"Why?" Hikaru ask me and I tick as I sling my bag over my shoulder.

"He an ass whole that why. I will see you two latter." I don't look back to see the twins have a silent conversation about if I am ok or they should investigate. I walk up to my homeroom teacher and wait for her to acknowledge me.

"Miss. Portgas! Is there something I can help you with?" She ask and I nod trying very hard to smile but it a bit hard when all I want to is punch something…or someone.

"I don't have any parents and my jiji in the marines. He won't be coming back anytime soon. Can I ask my older brother instead?" I watch as she smiles and slowly nods.

"That fine as long as they don't have school or work to go to." I give her a better smile as I fold the paper to put in my bag.

"Thank you mam." She nods as I leave her classroom to continue my day.

At lunch I stare at the paper as if it will help me. Haruhi just watching me from across the table and getting annoyed that I won't talk to her.

"Anny…What are you doing?" Haruhi points her chopstick at me as I bight into my sandwich.

"Trying to figure out which brother to ask…" I trail off as I look up at her. Haruhi eyebrow raises as she bites into her egg.

"Does it matter? Just ask Ace." Haruhi ask and I can just see a slight tint of red on her cheeks as she looks away. Oooohhh is that it? I let my smile grow as I try to wiggle my eyebrows up and down.

"Is that it? You just want me to bring Ace so you can see him! Am I right? Or am I right?" I watch as Haruhi slight blush go to a full blown tomato as she quickly shakes her head.

"No! It just he….uh has a good job and you know…" Haruhi trails off as she look down at her food. She fidgets a little and I can't help but chuckle a little.

"Why have you two not gone a date yet? Seriously! You two talk so much. Just go!" I ask her as I take a bite out of my tomato. Haruhi just moves her egg around.

"I know we talk a lot but…but he so…nice and fun and good looking and he just Ace. And I am just Haruhi." Haruhi burry her head in her arms. I look at my best friend and tap her arm. She looks up at me and I look straight at her.

"Haruhi you know only a small part of him…Of us. Sure Ace is like that but like me he damage too. He likes you and knowing him he doesn't want to ruin what he has with you so far." I sit back and look out the window. Damage is an understatement. I frown as I hear Haruhi sit up quickly. When I look back the blush is gone and she frowning.

"You are not damage! Why would you call yourself that?!" Haruhi ask and I sigh as I get up to pack my empty lunch.

"I just am. Ace is better but we have a dark past Haruhi…We have done some things that we are not proud of but... The world a dark place…But." I smile as I turn to her.

"But I found my light in such a dark place." I turn away as I wipe my eyes. Haruhi you are one of the few lights I have. I don't want to ruin what we have. Maybe you can be a light for Ace too.

"Anny…You have been acting weird since we got that sheet. Why?" I can hear her quickly pack so she can catch up to me.

"Because it reminds me of who I am and what coursing through my veins." I don't mean to say it to start something. Haruhi please just leave it.

"What? Blood?" Haruhi crosses her arms as she raises an eyebrow in question.

"No…I don't want to talk about it anymore…Plus I think I will ask Sabo. Ace has school while Sabo school is a part of his work…Plus he knows what going on in the club and knows to be hush hush with your you know…" I wave my hand around and she humm.

"You have a point." Haruhi mumbles as we walk along the halls to our next class.

"Yup. Sabo wins." I nod to my own words while Haurhi nods.

The rest of the day go by and the club pretty boring. No one talks about parent day and we don't want to either. The twins have even been quieter to the point I wonder if they miss their mom. I don't know what worse. Having parents that love you but are always away from work or a parent who loves you and in jail…I take it back! I would rather be in the twinnes shoes. After the club I make it home to see Luffy, Ace, and Sabo around the table playing sorry. Looks like Sabo winning too.

"Hey bros. How was school?" I ask as I grab a seat beside Ace. I watch Luffy pick a card that says two and he moves his yellow piece.

"Shity. There was another shooting so there no school this week while they clean up the blood." Ace pics up a ten and smirks as he brings another guy home. Luffy whines as he has no one home yet.

"You guys are ok? Not hurt are you?" I ask as I look over my brother. I don't see any bruises or marks on their body. It easy since Ace only in his black shorts and Luffy in his Blue jeans and red wife beater.

"Pleas! We are fine. This time it was a gang that wanted revenge on…some no name. The gang woke Zoro up though." Ace watches Sabo bring his last man home as he crosses his arms. I wince for the poor man who got hurt.

"Poor guys." I feel bad for them.

"Shishishi! You never wake up a sleeping Zoro!" Luffy laughs as he comes in last place.

"Well it seems you guys get a break from school! I have work but my boss gave me Friday off! I plan to take Kola out to dinner since she works until six. I'm going to plan something extra special!" Sabo coo as he blushes a little. It must be nice to be in love. I look at the wall that leads towards Law apartment and smile a little. I can feel Ace body tense beside me. I look at him to see he glaring at the wall but at least he not saying anything…Maybe I should keep it a secret about parent day. Ace would feel left out.

"How was your day sis?" Lu ask and I look back to see him cleaning up the pieces.

"Boring. Finish my homework so nothing as thrilling as yours." I shrug as I get up to walk to the kitchen.

"What am I making for dinner today?" I ask as I open the fridge to see…What the fuck?!

"Why the hell is the ridge fucking empty?!" I scream as I stomp back to our living room. I glare at my three brothers. Sabo eyes widen as he rushes pass me to open the fridge.

"What the fuck! It was full when I left this morning….ACE! LUFFY!" Sabo screams as he stomps back with closed fist at his side.

"Why is our fridge empty?" Sabo voice is soft and I turn back to open the cubored to the instant ramen that our emergency stock which is also gone…

"Sabo no ramen either!" I sing as I relies the house is empty and we don't have money to go shopping for another few days. I watch Sabo shoulders tremble before he tackles Ace to the floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK ACE!" Sabo screams as I watch them wrestle on the ground. I look at Luffy who whistling innocently before Sabo grabs him.

"Don't think you are scot free either." Sabo snaps as he pulls Luffy in. I watch the three wrestle around and luckily since Ace broke our table a while back there nothing else to brake. They aren't even trying to save their butts. There a knock on the door and I leave Sabo to deal with our two idiots. I open the door to see a smirk on Law face and two bags in his hands. Why is he here? Not like I won't say no to seeing him.

"Hey Law! How are you?" I ask which Law eyes are shinning with something else I am not sure of.

"I'm good and I have the night off. Thanks again for letting me go to work the other day. That surgery was very interesting. I bought food to make it up to you. So you will follow me so we can have supper this time with no interruptions!" Law orders like he always does and I look back at the fighting then at Law. I think I know who I will pick. I turn to the boys on the floor.

"I'm going to Law for dinner!" I yell over the cries of pain. Ace hand reaches out and he glares from under Luffy leg.

"No you…" He never finishes as Sabo pushes his face into the floor.

"Have fun Anny and Law don't try anything perverted. We can hear Anny scream if she needs us through the wall." Sabo smiles as Ace tries to push himself up.

"Thanks Sabo! See you later." I close the door and look at Law with a grin then look down to see I am still wearing my jeans and sweater since it colder out. I watch his eyes wander up while I can't help look down. Today he wearing a tight yellow t-shirt that fits him perfectly and shows off the awesome tattoos along his arm, and wearing a nice pair of jeans that fit his ass just right. I blush as I look up to see him smirk. He bend forward and grins.

"Like what you see Anny-ya?" He whisper and I don't know what to do. He kisses my cheek before pulling back and walking to his door. I feel my heart beat increase as I touch my cheek. I walk toward him as he opens the door. I grab a bag of food that smells delicious to get my mind on something else other than the feel of his soft lips on my cheek. I wonder what they would feel like on my own…My cheeks redden even more as I look anywhere but at Law. Just in time too as Bepo comes running towards us. His tail wags as he runs around us.

"Bepo-ya down!" Law snaps and like the obedient dog he is he sits. I walk into Law clean apartment and peel off my shoes.

"Just put the food on the table. I will grab us some drinks." Law orders me as he snaps at Bepo to back up. I giggle as I watch Bepo walk backwards with his tail wagging and his tung out. I place the bag down as Law does the same before he quickly walking to the kitchen. I grin as the smell if chinneas food fills the room. I can feel my mouth water as I feel Bepo paw at my leg. I look down to see wide blue eyes are looking up at me. So cute! I bend down and scratch just behind the ear just where he likes it. Bepo groans as he moves his head closer to my hand.

"Ready to eat?" Law ask with a soft tone and I look up with a nod. I quickly grab a seat as Law puts a plate down and hands me water. He opens the food and I aww at how much there is.

"That a lot of food…" I trail off as Law looks at me with eyes still shining. He seems to be in a very good mood. I like seeing him happy like this too.

"Well I know you like to eat so please eat as much as you want. I know you have been holding back. You don't have to hold back with me. I like you Anny-ya. All of you." Law gently grabs my hand and squeezes but it feels like the same thing Haruhi ask me earlier today. I bite my lip as I look down. Well if he want to go on a date with me he should know who I am. All of me.

"But Law…." I close my eyes not wanting to see his expression turn.

"I…I am…I am Gol. D Roger daughter." I feel my chest clench as I just can't look at him. I don't wait for his answer as I quickly get up.

"I should go. I'm sorry!" I whisper as I try to walk away but instead I am pulled back. I open my eyes to see Law not looking like he wants to kill me. No. Instead he smiling at me. I don't know what to say as my body starts to shake and his smile falls as he pulls me back towards him. Monster! Monster! Die already you piece of filth. The words of people echo in my head but slowly fade as his warm arms wrap around me making me feel like I can be safe. That who my father is does not actually matter. Even if it only right now it worth everything. I don't waste it as I lift my arms so I can wrap around him so he will never let go. I bury my face in his neck as someone other than my family finally accepts me.

Law can't help but pull Anny closer as he can feel her tears on his shoulders. Oh my Anny-ya. Who gives a fuck who your dad is? I hold her closer as she shakes in my arms. I rub small circles into her back and slowly she stops shaking. She pulls away and I watch her rub her eyes. Her cheeks are red but she still looks adorable. I rub away the tears from her cheeks and muster the best smile I can.

"Now why would I care who your dad is?" I ask because it makes no sense.

"Because I have demon blood in my veins. I'm a monster child." Anny whispers and I watch her eyes look at the floor as she closes off. Her hand rubs her burn and this Anny weak. I don't like this. I put my hands gently on her shoulders to give her support.

"Anny-ya look at me." I order and like the obedient girl she is she looks into my eyes. She sniffs but she does not look away. Good girl.

"Anny-ya…You do not have demon blood and you should know that. Why would you even think that?!" I ask and she tenses under my arms. I frown as small tears past down her cheeks.

"Because it true. That what everyone says. You have read the papers…right?" She ask and I think back to when Gold Roger was taken and how he had two kids….Oh that her. I look at her and I smile as I wipe the last of her tears away.

"Yes but I never knew it was you and I don't care. I don't give a shit who your dad is. You are Anny-ya. The girl I lo…like a lot. That all right?" I ask and I watch those beautiful eyes widen and she smiles. I feel my heart increase as her smile is always breathtaking.

"Now where did you get those stupide ideas anyway?" I can't help but ask as I stand back up. I watch Anny laugh as she turns back to the table.

"Does it matter anymore what they said. Your words all that matters right now anyway." Her words makes my heart skip a beat as I can feel my cheeks heat up as I grab my own seat….Wait did she say they? Who are they so I can dissect those disgusting bastards and make them eat their own intestine?! I frown but I don't push since I like seeing her eyes sparkle.

I can't believe Law doesn't care. After I have ask so many people. My smile hurts my face but I can't stop. I look towards him and enjoy the way his cheeks are such an adorable red. My smile grows if that even possible as he grabs my plate and starts putting the different food on it for me.

"Hey Law." I start as he puts my food down.

"Hummm?" He looks at me as he dumps a bunch of rice on his plate as I take a bite of my broccoli.

"I think you should keep your goatee. I really like it." I notice he been growing it out for a while now and I like it. It suit him. I watch Law freeze as he mid scoop of a beef dish. I giggle as he looks away and mutters something under his breath.

"I guess I will have to keep it then." He says quickly as he finishes pilling his own plate of food. We eat and catch up. I look at my empty plate and look back.

"Anny-ya I said you can eat as much as you want. So pleas. Eat." Law last words more of an order and I grab my burn and look at him.

"You sure? I can eat…a lot." I ask and Law just sigh as he grabs my plate and fills it to the brim again.

"Whatever you don't eat I will eat it but I don't think that will be a problem." Law raises an eyebrow and I shake my head for a no. I eat away happy to know someone not disgusted by my eating patterns either. My manners slip with the second plate and I eat way more like myself…My messy self. I look up to see Law smiling at me. I stop and blush as I look away. I swallow the food in my mouth before speaking.

"Told you I eat a lot." I mumble as I look back to see Law smile still there.

"And I said I like all of you." Law winks and I look down at my now empty plate. I rub my stomach satisfy.

"Thank you for the meal. That was great!" I grin as I rub Bepo head under the table who done nothing but lay there the whole time. So obedient!

"Happy you like it. I also have something for you so let me put this away and I will be right back." Law grabs my plate to put away.

"Law you have done more than enough! Pleas you don't have to give me anything!" I get up but one glare from him and I sit back down.

"Stay there Anny-ya! Don't move. I will be right back." Law orders and I can't help but feel a thrill flow through me as he orders me here. He done so muchI wish I could make him something as a thank you. I bet he would love a coffee cake like Marco. Not too sweet and he drinks lots of coffee for school. I go over the ingredient in my head then the prices of each ingredient makes me cringe at the number that comes up. I hear Law footsteps and leave my thoughts to look up at him.

"Put out your hand Anny-ya." He orders me and I do as I am told. The next thing I know there a new yellow flip cell phone in my hand. I look at the phone then at Law. I look back down and aww as the phone fits perfectly in my hand.

"I can't take this! It too much!" I stand up to give the phone back. Before I can though he shows me his own yellow phone that looks like a newer model then mine.

"Yes you can. I went shopping for a new cell phone because someone at work ran mine over with a cart. God dame Penguin-ya." Law grumbles I bet his friend name before he looks back at me. I look back down at my new phone and my finger tighten over the object.

"That one in your hand I won at the store. They were getting rid of their old modules and I won it in a draw. I wanted something smaller so I can put it in my surgery scrubs. Since yours got wet from that horrible storm and you needed a new one…So it yours Anny-ya plus I put your old number in so you don't have to worry about remembering a new one. Don't you dare give it back to me!" Law shakes his finger in front of my face and I look at him. For some reason my body feels so warm and I want to hug him so bad. Of course Law lying and he actually did buy her an older model because he felt bad for her last one. Anny didn't have to know that though.

"I put my number in it already so if you ever need me you can call me. No matter what I am doing I will always come to your aid. I am only a number away." Law words makes me tear up as I look up at him with something new. I wonder why I feel this way? Something comes over me and I rush over to grab him into a hug. My rush nocks us over which causes our phones to fall to the floor but I don't care at the moment. I hug him on the floor and I don't relies I am straddling his hips. My body feel like it on fire but a good fire as something turns below me. A need. I don't understand this feeling but I start kissing Law all over the cheeks over and over again. Usually I would never do this but I can't help but want to.

"Thank you Law! Just thank you so much!" I squeal between kisses. I don't relies my kisses are causing me to grind my hips into his. I stop as I feel Law hands holding down my hip to stop me from moving. I look into his eyes and both are breathing has increase as we just stare at each other. I move against him involuntary as I get closer to him. My hair shades us from the world as I close my eyes. I can feel his breath as we are so close. BANG! BANG! BANG! I sit up straight and look at the wall from the banging coming from. Law hands tighten around my hips as he bangs his head on the floor.

"HANDS OFF MY SISTER! I HEARD A CRASH! ANNY ARE YOU OK?!" Ace screams from the other side of the wall and I blush as I finally realising something poking me. I look down to see Law blushing face with his eyes close as I relies that I am sitting on his hips. Oh my god!

"ANNY IF THEIR LEFT OVER FOOD BRING IT OVER! I'M HUNGREY!" Luffy screams and I hide my face in my hands and not bothering to get off.

"YOU TWO SHUT UP! SOORY SIS! I BET WE JUST RUINED A ROMANTIC MOMENT BETWEEN YOU TWO!" Sabo yells back and I groan as I decide it better to hide my face in Law chest.

"GOOD! ANNY JUST SAY THE OWW! SABO WHAT THE FUCK!" Ace screams and then there crashing on the other side of the wall. I groan into his chest and Law chest vibrate as he moans. I blush as I look into his red face.

"Law…" I mumble as I look at him and then my eyes trail down his chest to our hips. I move slightly and he hiss. I feel my face heat up as I move to get off but instead I trip and fall back on him.

Law internally curses as all his blood rushes down to his hip. Fuck! Anny-ya. Law takes a deep breath and can smell Anny shampoo and it does not help his problem. It only makes him harder. His mind wonders to what it would feel like to kiss her and wonder what she would look when he touches her in all the right places.

"Damit Anny-ya. You have no idea what I want to do to you right now." He hisses as he can't but grind back against her. And it feel so good. Oh fuck I wish I can take my pants off. I need her off me. Now! The squeak Anny makes rings in Law brain and her blush is to beautiful. Law takes a deep breath as he moves her so he on top. He pushes his hips in and watch Anny breathing increase. So beautiful.

Anny looking up and she awws. Looking into his dark eyes and the way he pushing into me sends a want through me that I never felt before. My mouth locks up and I don't know what to do. This is moving way to fast. I want to say get off but something screaming inside me to continue. To my rescue Bepo decides he wants to join us now. He runs over and starts licking my face since Law pinning me and I can't move. I start laughing as his tongue tickles.

"Bepo stop!" Law orders but instead Bepo attacks Law to the floor and kisses him. I watch and burst out laughing as Law failing to throw his dog off. Thank you Bepo! Finally Law can sit up and Bepo wagging his tail as he runs around us. I sit up and wipe dog slobber and tears away.

"Sorry Anny-ya." Law says as as he rubs his face. I chuckle as I look away with my cheeks feeling very warm.

"It ok but I think…it was going too far for me. I don't know what got over me…Sorry. I don't even know why I feel the way I do..." I watch Law smile as he chooses to crawl over to sit next to me.

"Sorry for pushing but just seeing you like that…My body reacted like it supposed to when a hot girl sits on me. You know I will never push…How do you feel?" Law smirks and I blush as I look away.

"I rather talk to a women about it but I better go. I think I need a shower. Thank you for dinner and the phone." I smile towards him and Law grins as he gets up to help me up.

"Take the extra food with you. I have lunch for tomorrow already." Law smile shakes my core as I walk over and grab the two phones that fell from our hand. I hand him his and in exchange he hands me the bag with the leftover.

"Night." I whisper and Law nods.

"Night." He whispers back as I walk out the door to feel the air cool me down quickly. I need to talk to Kola. She will know what these feeling mean…Awww we still haven't kiss. On the other side of the door Law thinking the same thing. That through all this they still never kiss since on the cheek never really counts. It to innocent.

I walk through the door to my house and I get two seconds before Ace barrels into me.

"Sis! Are you ok?" He quickly ask and when I get a look I relies he has a bump on his head and Sabo did a good job because his lips busted.

"Yaa! Food." Luffy quickly takes the bag from my hand and rushes to the kitchen.

"Stop it Ace and come get dinner that Law was nice enough to share." Sabo warns and I watch my brother sigh as he back up a bit so I can breathe.

"Ace…Bro I'm fine!" I start as I walk with him to our living room where Luffy already eating his portion of noodles.

"He didn't try anything…Did he?" Ace ask and all I can think of is the way he looked below me. How his chest raise with each breath and his parted lips looked perfected. I blush at the memory and that all my brother needs.

"He did try something! I am going to…" Ace starts but stops as Sabo grabs his ear.

"That's enough. Now come get your food." Sabo drags Ace by the ear to the kitchen and I grab a seat next to Lu.

"You like Law?" Lu ask me with wide innocent eyes.

"Maybe. I don't know." I mumble and Lu stops eating for a second as he squints his eyes at me.

"Does your belly feel funny when you're with him?" Lu ask me. Where is this going? I nod and wait to see what else he will say.

"Do you feel all warm and happy when he smiles?" Lu ask again and I nod. He grins as if he got the answer to the world.

"Then you like him." Lu nods as he glares at his vegetables that are still left on his plate. He slowly eats them as I raise an eyebrow. I can't believe Lu giving me love advice.

"How do you know?" I ask and Lu grins as he eats the carrot in triumph.

"Because that the same way I feel towards Zoro." Lu words makes me freeze in my spot as I watch my brother lick his plate clean. I look over to see Sabo frozen eyes wide down at Lu while Ace gawking with food starting to slip off his plate.

"Lu…I had no idea you like guys." Sabo ask slowly as he sits down beside him. I look over to see my twin still shell shock. Lu on the other hand looks at us with smaller eyes and thin lips.

"I don't like guys…I just like Zoro as Zoro. He a guy so what. You aren't going to call me a faggot are you?" Lu ask us and my eyes harden. How dare someone call my cute brother a faggot!

"Who said that? I am going to beat the shit out of them." I snap as Luffy eyes widen and he gives me a bright grin.

"No one did. I just heard people at school say that gays are faggots but I don't think that nice to say." Lu shakes his head as he puts his plate down. Thank god. Sabo nods and Ace finally gets out of whatever froze him in the first place.

"Are you and Zoro dating?" Ace chocks at the end of his question as he finally ask and moves to sit beside me. He looks a little pail as Lu puts his finger to his lip.

"Shhhh. It a secret. Zoro wants to wait…Whoops I told you but you are my family. I can trust you." Lu nods as he snags an egg roll of Ace plate way to easily.

"No this can't be true! You two are supposed to be innocent! There no way Luffy dating. Nope not true. Zoro and him are just best buds. Yup buds." Ace nods to himself and I just let him think what he wants. Let him blind himself.

"Luffy just be safe and use condoms when you and Zoro get that far. I think you pick the right man. Ignore Ace. I think his brain on fire right now." Sabo eats away and I blush as I remember Sabo talking to me about that. I think I blank out half way. As long as I don't go through that again.

"Thanks Sabo…What a condom?" Lu ask and that when Sabo stop frozen mid bite and looks at him…

"After I am done eating we are going to have the talk…All of us since I think Ace still a virgin too. Just to be safe." Sabo nods and I pail as I get up.

"Uhhh ahhh…No need bro. I have homework to do so…" I go to walk away but Sabo grab my pants leg to hold me in place.

"No way. You are staying because I will only explain this one more time plus I know you don't have any homework. Not on Monday because you like to do it before your club meeting. Now sit and bring you twin back to earth." Sabo look says I have no choice and Lu laughing not helping. I turn to my twin who has a blankness like he looking at something far far away.

"Ace come back before I decide to eat your meat." I watch my words widen Ace eyes and he glares at me. He stuffs the rest of the food into his mouth and it works every time.

"Good now that Ace is back I will start. This Luffy is a condom." Ace freezes as he Sabo takes out his wallet out and pulls out a red square.

"Oh no way. I am out!" Ace about to get up but I grab his wrist.

"It a family meeting so you have to stay." I pull down and Ace sit. Ace tries to pull away but I stay strong. If I have to suffer then he does too.

"Why that in your wallet?" Lu ask as Sabo gives him the square package. I blush as Luffy opens it.

"I have it encase Kyola and I need it. You should always carry one in case. Ace do you have one?" Sabo turns to my brother who looks away with a wide blush on his cheeks.

"Yes." He mumbles and Sabo nods in approval. I look over to see Luffy looking at the white rubber.

"What do I do with this?" Lu tilts his head as he puts a finger in the hole. I blush as I remember feeling Law against my hip. Oh my god. No I can't think that! I let go of Ace wrist to hide my face but Ace never leaves my side.

"You slide it down your erection. It to protect you and your partner from getting STI." Sabo watches as Lu rubs his head as he stretches the condom.

"Errectshion? What that?" Lu ask and Sabo hits his face as he has to explain everything. At least Lu asking all the question.

"Oh Luffy….It uh…" Now Sabo nervous as he rubs the back of his neck with red cheeks.

"It when your dick get hard. It a mystery thing and it pronounce erection!" Sabo explains not wanting to get all science on him. Luffy nods as he understand I hope.

"Oh I have had that before! So this go on mine or Zoro or do we each need one?" Lu ask and my brain I think just broke into thousands of pieces. Too much info!

"Ahhh…Ummm only one person and you and Zoro will have to figure it out who gets it!" Sabo rumbles over his words and Lu nods. He crosses his arms then his face go red as he trying to think of something.

"Where do I put it?" Lu ask and I really want to burn right now. I look over and Ace is gone again. I think Lu broke Ace too. Sabo blushes but he takes a deep breath.

"Luffy. If you have sex with a women as you know they have a vagina." Lu opens his mouth but Sabo shakes his head and continues.

"It the female anatomy where there a hole. You know since sis does not have a pennies she has…the other mystery hole! Ya all girls have a mystery hole that you put your private part in. For you since you like Zoro all guys have one hole. That the one you put it in when you two are both ready!" I can't believe Sabo just called my private part the mystery hole…Oh god! I wish Law was teaching me this. Ahhh I can't believe I just thought that!

"How do you know you are ready?" Lu ask and I hope that the last question. Sabo looks at a lost Ace and smacks him across the head.

"You know when you are ready for a guy you two just figure it out together. It harder but for a girl. Yes Ace I am talking to you mostly. A girl is ready when she wet below. You never force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. Any other questions?" Sabo ask us and I shake my head a no. Ace does the same while Lu puts his hand up.

"One last question. Can you show me how to put a condom on?" I get up because I do not need to see this!

"Anny sit! And Yes. Give me a second." Sabo get up and walk towards the kitchen. I do not want to see this. Ace just gaping like a fish as Sabo walk back with a rolling pin and another condom. He shows us and I blank out because my brain decided it had enough. When I come too the condom on the rolling pin and my face is a new shade of red while Ace looks like he ready to burst into flames. The only one who not embarrass is Lu who has no problem asking all the questions. Soon enough Ace go to his room to pass out and Lu follows quickly behind him. Sabo and I sit in silence for a while as I try to get the guts to talk to my brother before he gave us the talk. Why did this have to happen again? My cheeks are still warm but at least I can talk now.

"Sabo do you think Kola can meet up with me next week to talk? I have my dance and I want some girl advice." I watch Sabo nod as he takes out his phone.

"She would love too. She always bugging me to get you and her together." Sabo text his girlfriend I am sure. I look at my bag then at our room with the door closed. Ace asleep. Good.

"Sabo…umm this Friday I know is your day off but if you want it parent day at my school. I ask my teacher and she said I can invite a brother. Do you want to come?" I ask and watch Sabo nod with a grin growing.

"Sounds like fun and I feel honored that you would pick me." I hand him the paper and he quickly reads it over before he signs and hands it back. I grab the paper and fold it back in my bag where I see my new phone. I smile as the object in my hand makes me feel so special before I pass it to him. His eyes widen as he looks it over.

"How you get the money? You didn't steal this did you?" Sabo eyes are looking at me to see if I would lie but I shake my head.

"Nope. You know I don't steal anymore! Law won a contest and he gave me this one! I was hoping you can put yours and our other brothers numbers in there. Tomorrow I will ask my friends to put their number in too!" I watch him nod but there something else that bothering him but I can't put my finger on it. I get my phone back and get up for bed.

"Night Sabo." I walk past him as I flip open my new phone and text Law. Night and thanks for dinner. I close my phone and join the dog pile. What a hectic day. My phone buzzes and I reach over for my phone and open. Your welcome and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask. Now go to sleep. I giggle a little as I close my phone and close my eyes with a wide smile knowing one more person does not care about my blood or my burns, and he likes me.

The next morning I wake up and Takashi like always picks me up for school. I eat my rice ball and watch Takashi eat his. I decide on black leggings and a yellow sweater with little buttons on the side. I look through my bag and grab my new phone.

"Hey Takashi! I got a new phone yesterday! Can I have your number again?!" I put out my phone and I watch Takashi nod before gently taking it out of my hand. He looks at me and raises an eyebrow to pretty much ask where I got it.

"Law won a contest yesterday when he went to buy a new phone! He gave me the one he won and kept the new phone. Now I am going around and going to ask everyone to put their numbers back in!" I watch Takashi fall to a frown as he looks at the phone.

"What wrong? You don't know how?" I ask as I scoot over in the limo to sit next to him. I smile as I point where he has to push. I have to lean more into Takashi side so I can get a better view of the phone. Takashi so warm…I wish I can be that warm. I look up to see if he gets it only to see his face all red.

"Takashi are you sick? Maybe that why you are so warm?" I put the back of my hand to his forehead but he feels fine.

"I'm fine. Here. Call me anytime you need my help." Takashi voice makes a tingle go down my spine and I nod as I take my phone back! What was that? It was like when Law touched my hand.

"For sure! I can text you again!" The feeling gone as quickly as it came. I grin down at Takashi name in my phone as one more name was added. I close it shut and put it in my bag for latter. The limo stops and like every morning the driver opens the door for us.

"Have a good day sir. Mam." I nod in thanks as I turn to Takashi.

"Have a good day! See you at the club Takashi." I wave before making my way to my classroom. I miss him giving me a warm smile as I rush to my class. As soon as I enter my homeroom there no one here but the twinnes.

"Umm…Where is everyone? I mean…this is our homeroom…right?" I look back at the number and again back in the room almost completely empty.

"We have a different homeroom today. There a note on the door but you miss it." Hikaru starts as they walk towards me.

"See Hikaru! I thought it was a good idea to wait for Anny since she misses stuff like this!" Kaoru grins and Hikaru just rolls his eyes as they stand by my side.

"Let's go." They say together as they grab my arm. Hikaru on my left while Kaoru on my right.

"Wait! Can you put your number in my new phone first! I got one yesterday." I pull away and look through my bag.

"Sure." I just can't stop smiling as the twinnes wait. I take out my phone and give it to Kaoru since he next to me.

"Wow this phone so yesterday. Why did you pick this one?" The twinnes say together and I cross my arms as I watch them type their number in.

"So? Law gave it to me as a gift…Um can you guys help me with something that happening next week." I guess now the best time to ask about the dance. The twinnes frown as they throw the phone back at me. I catch it and put it away before it crashes onto the floor. Rude. I just got this.

"Why he get you the phone? If you wanted one we could have gotten you a better one!" Hikaru snaps at me.

"Because he won it in a contest and had an extra one. Plus you guys are my friends. I don't want you to spend lots of money on me. You know I don't like being spoiled." I watch them as they have a silent conversation between themselves. I feel like a third wheel here. I wonder if that how people feel when I do that with Ace.

"Hmm….So what do you need help with?" The twinnes ask as they slide their arm back with mine.

"Well next Saturday I am going to this ball and since I only trust you two to do my hair and makeup…Could you make me look pretty again? Like when we had that ball here?" I ask and the twins look at each other before nodding.

"On one condition!" Kaoru start on my right. I humm to let them know they I am listening as they show me where we are having our first class today. I ignore the usual glares from the girls as the halls are semi crowded.

"We want to know why you hate your dad." Hikaru finishes and my smile falls as I glare at the ground. Really? This is what they want? My good mood gone as I try to pull away but the twins decided to grab my arm like a life line so I can't get away.

"We just want to understand and help." They say together with a soft tone that I never knew they had in them. I sigh as I feel the hot rage roll in my belly as I think of the bastard.

"I will answer only yes or no question and you have until we make it to the homeroom. That the only way." I nod since at least that way they are guessing. The twins look at each other and nod.

"Agree." They say together and we suddenly slow down. I hope they don't know.

"Did you father ever hurt you?" Kaoru starts and I think how he use to smile and the way he lifted me into the air when I was younger.

"Yes." I answer because he hurt us emotionally and left us to the wolves.

"How did he hurt you?" Hikaru snaps and his hand tightens just a bit around my arm.

"Can't answer. I said yes or no." I remind him and Hikaru nod.

"Did he ever touch you inappropriately?" Hikaru ask again with much more venom and I tisk as I look straight ahead.

"No." I say simply and I find it sweet the way the twinnes sigh a little.

"Did he ever hit you?" Kaoru ask and I shiver involuntary. That jiji job.

"No." Again the twins relax at my simple answer.

"Do you think that if we find out who your dad is we won't want to be your friend?" Hikaru words makes my stomach turn as we stand outside our new room for the morning. I let go and before I go inside I answer his last question.

"Yes." I walk into the classroom and the twinnes stand at the door frozen because they don't understand why she would say that. They promise each other they will get to the bottom of this. For now they have to work hard to prove to her that they are her best friend. On the other note Anny walks up to the teacher and hands her the parent day paper.

"Ahh. So who volunteer to come?" My teacher ask. She looking at me with a soft smile and the way she looks at the name she impressed at something. I look as well to see Sabo name in perfect cursive.

"My oldest brother. He has the Friday off from work." She nods and I walk to my desk to set up. I look behind me and like every morning Haruhi studying something.

"Morning Haruhi! Can I have your number?" I ask as I slid my new phone over. Haruhi puts her pencil down and picks it up. The twins are in their seat and glaring…at my phone for some reason.

"Where you get a phone? Was there a sale at the market?" Haruhi ask as she types her name in.

"No. Law won it in a draw and gave it to me." Haruhi looks at me with I know something grin. I blush as I look away. On the other hand the twinnes decide to watch me instead of glaring at my phone. The conversatshion go through my head and I rub my burn as I feel a little uncomfortable with them looking at me that way. I know Law accepted me…I just want to keep my friends for a little longer.

"That was nice of him." Haruhi adds as she passes my phone back.

"Ya. Really sweat!" I nod as I pull out my books for the class.

"Ok everyone! We have a few family members coming this Friday. So your parents are to come in the morning with you to school. Then spend the whole day with you if they have the time. That way they can see how you are doing. The other teachers are aware so they have stuff planed as well. I hope your parents can stay but if they can't then that fine. Now that done any question?" She ask and no one raises their hand. The whole day? Fuck of course it is. And Sabo will want to stay too. The next few classes go buy quickly and during my last period class I get a text. When I have a second I open my phone to see the message from an unknown number. I open and smile. Hey there girl! It Kola and Sabo said you wanted to talk! Oh I can't wait to finally have a girl talk with you! I can meet up with you next week. My boss has me swamp the next few days. I re read the message and smile now that I know I will finally have someone to talk to about all these feeling and whatever else comes with the package. I put my phone away and continue my work. Throughout the day the twins have been giving me glances. I guess what we talked about this morning must have hit a cord. I rub my arm unconsciously as I try to finish my history work. I hope I didn't scare the twinnes away… I look behind me and Hikaru head quickly looks back down at his paper. I look back at mine and I flip through my text book for the right passage but it hard when Kaoru eyes are now looking at me from my left. I just had to answer their questions. I sigh as I answer my next question and the bell rings. I pack up to finish the questions at home.

"Ready to go?" Haruhi ask and I smile up at her as my stupide history book won't fit.

"You can go to the club. I will meet you and the TWINNES there. My textbook fighting back." I raise my voice so the twins know not to wait for me. They never have and today with each class they won't leave without me. It as bad as them trying to stuff me with food.

"You want any help?" Kaoru ask and I shake my head as I start pulling out my other books so I can play tetras with my stuff. Will I win or lose like I usually do when I play the game?

"NO. You three go on ahead. I will be right behind you once I repack my things. Go please!" I look back at my stuff as I grab the largest book first.

"Alright. See you at the club then. Come on you two." Haruhi turns and the twinnes look at each other then back at me. I look at them.

"Go." I snap and the twinnes sigh but follow behind her. I ignore the few glares I get from the girls still in the classroom as I work on my next text book. Soon enough I can close my bag.

"Alright…Oh shit!" I mumble as I feel the darkness behind my eyes as a narcoleptic attack hits me. My head hits my desk and I dream of nothing. I don't know how long I am out but something freezing and wet washes over me. I sit up as I look up at two girls that glared at me earlier. An ice cube go down my back and I shiver as I try to get it out.

"Oh good thing we put out the spit fire." The middle one snikers while holding a bucket in her hand. Her friend nods as she swipes her hair back.

"Ya. Don't want her to burn anyone." The girls laugh as I try to control my breathing to control the small panic growing in my chest. I shiver as water drips down my face and my shirt sticks to my skin. It just water. I'm ok. Deep breath. Just water. I don't say anything as the girls laugh as they leave.

"Serves you right." The one with the bucket says just loud enough for me to hear before leaving the room.

"Just more bullies to ignore…Now what am I going to wear? Why they pick cold water?" I get up and a tiny puddle of water pools on my seat. I shiver as a small ice cube that was stuck in my hair falls down my side. I shake my arms and legs and watch tiny cubs litter the floor.

"Where they get ice anyway?" I mumble as I look at the time. I just stare at the clock before it clicks. Oh crap! I'm late! I quickly rush out of the room luckily with a dry school bag before jogging to the club room. I wrinkle my nose to stop a sneeze from happening. Noo! I don't want another cold! I open the doors quickly before rushing in.

"Sorry I'm late Kyoya! I had a nap attack….Acho." I end up sneezing at the end anyway. I shiver as the water on my hair drips to the club floor.

"Anny! What happen?" Haruhi gets up from her seat but before I could say anything something soft lands on my head and large hands oh so gently rub my head. I look forward to see a frown on Takashi lips as he continues to softly rube my wet hair.

"I can do it myself." I mumble but his dark eyes look at me and he telling me to say nothing.

"I don't want you to get a cold again." Takashi mumbles so quietly so only I can hear as he continues to rub my head. He moves the soft yellow towel around my neck before gently pulling me towards the change room. I blush as I look back at my friends sitting at the table watching us.

"But…" I start but Takashi shakes his head as he opens a curtain and pushes me inside. I just stand there as he leaves for a moment and comes back with the soft girls Ouran dress. I grab it and he nods as he closes the curtain. Well it better than my wet cloths.

"Thank you Takashi." I softly call out as I change out of my wet cloths and slide on the yellow dress. The fabric just like I remembered. Soft and comfortable. I fix my hair before I open the curtain.

"That…Whoa!" I yelp as a soft blanket wraps around me and I am lifted into Takashi arms. My body heats up and my face feels like it on fire.

"What are you doing?" I mumble as he moves his hands on my back so I slide more into the crook of his arms. My eyes suddenly grow heavy from the soft dress and warmth coming from Takashi body being absorbed into the blanket. My head grows heavy and it rest on his shoulder as the smell of wood takes me back to the time I was running through the forest with my brothers. My eyes close as I fall into a dream of adventure from a long time ago.

Takashi looks down at the sleeping women in his arms and sighs as he walks back to the rest of his friends. He grabs a seat next to his cousin on the couch and moves Anny carefully so she resting more on his chest and he can move his arms better. Who would do this to you? He wonders as he watches Anny smile and shuffle a little so her head resting closer to the crook of his neck. Her breath tickles but that ok. As long as she comfortable.

"Is she ok?" Mitsukuni ask beside me and I nod as the others join us.

"Of course she ok." Hikaru and Kaoru sigh together as they look at her.

"This is Anny we are talking about." Kaoru finishes. As much as this is true she should not have to go through this. They should have waited for her. Plus they both know Anny hiding something so who knows what else going through her head right now.

"But someone bullying my little girl. We must find out who did this!" Tamaki declares as he watches his little girl in the arms of someone he knows he can trust to look after. For some reason Tamaki starts thinking about Anny in an elegant wedding dress and he giving his daughter away to Takashi and he happy at that thought. At least he knows Takashi will keep his baby girl safe. On that train of thought he promise to get those two together.

"Boss. You are in your lala land again." The twins say together and Haruhi moves away from Tamaki who has fire in his eyes as she looks at Kyoya.

"Do you have any idea who could have done this?" Haruhi ask and Kyoya humms as I watch him flip through his black book. I feel Anny shuffle again in my arms and she mumbles something about a guy named Ace and meat. Who Ace? His name was in her apartment. Is he hurting her? But there was two other names. Who are they? Takashi mind wonders to the time she been getting skinnier and wonder if it the guys who she lives with fault. His mind swarms with negative thoughts as he thinks of these three boys. Kyoya snapping his book close brakes Takashi thoughts.

"Well it someone in her class. We can ask around but they may cause a commotion. Plus tomorrow is parent's day so let's try not to cause any trouble until after but I will ask my guys to investigate." Kyoya looks at Anny sleeping form and even though he shows like he does not care but he does. Takashi can see it with the way Kyoya eyes are soft just for a moment. Being the quiet one has it perks.

The jungle fads but the smell still there as I feel myself in someone arms. I yawn as blink away the sleep from my eyes. My legs go over the couch as I look up tiredly into Takashi wide eyes. I blink only realising how close we are. My arms are on his chest and my eyes can't move away from his. His arms wrap around my hips to prevent me from falling off the couch.

"How you feeling?" The twinnes say together as they glare at Takashi. Their voice snaps me out of my trance. The blanket falls from my lap and my warmth disappears but I feel better. I look at the twins on each of my side and pat there head in thanks. They just saved me from Honey killing me for possibly kissing his man. Not cool Anny! The twins grin up at me before sticking their tong out.

"Better actually. Thanks for looking after me Takashi. I feel better." I pat my dress down of the wrinkles that have gather from me lying down.

"So since you have slept through the beginning of club we are closing it today. So thank you." Kyoya smile makes me rub my arm as I pull away from the twins.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep." I mumble. My fault. Always is. Tamaki grabs my shoulders and I look up at him.

"Who dump water on you?" I humm as I turn and walk towards my bag.

"Since the club not happening I am going to go home." I pick it up and walk over to the change room with my damp cloths that have magically dried….How is that even possible? The power of money perhaps?

"Anny! Who still bullying you?" Haruhi ask as she joins my side as I stuff my overly stuff bag.

"Everyone still is. Nothing has really change since the incident on the first day of us joining this club. Jealousy can be a real bitch." I nod as I close my bag and put it over my shoulder.

"That bad?" I turn to Honey who hugging his bunny. I shrug my shoulders as I look at his soft blue eyes.

"It not that big deal. I have dealt with a lot worse. What they did is pretty light compared to what I am use to." I grin but that only cause the boys in the room to frown.

"Anny that not something to be proud about. That not something anyone should be used to." Tamaki adds and I humm as I go to the door to leave.

"Well nothing you can do. Can't stop them all or you would have no members. All this is girls being bitches. They aren't threatening my life like that chick on day one then I don't really give a shit. Now if you will excuse me I have to go home and figure out what we are eating. Night." I leave and when I make it out the doors to go home Takashi join me. I look up to see he not happy.

"Don't give me that look. I have done nothing wrong." I snap and he shakes his head as his rider opens the door for us. Do I really want a ride today? I don't get a choice as Takashi gently pats my back to tell me to get in. I sit in my spot and buckle in. The limo silent as we go to my home.

"Did you're parents make it to parents day when you had it?" I ask him and he nods a yes. He ask me the same with a raise eyebrow.

"Not my parents but my bro coming in tomorrow and will most likely want to see how are club work…Oh I have no idea how this is going to work…Hopefully nothing bad will happen but knowing my family…" I rub my shoulder as I hope Ace won't find out because if he does he will want to join too.

To be continued...

I'm alive and busy but I have not given up on any of my story! It just I starts a new job and they have made me work crazy hours and no time to type. So ya. Not given up just got to get back in the groove. So here the new chapter part 1. Part 2 in my head and I just got to get it in my computer so for now enjoy what I have for you. Ouran charecter own by Bisco Hatori and One Piece by oda!