La Espada de Sacrificia

Summary: After being stabbed in the back (literally) by Aizen and falling to ground of Karakura town, Tia awakens in some building in a soft bed. She has been helped, it seems. And now all of Fairy Tail is going through some trouble just to teach Tia what a hyperbole is. "I thought you said to break his legs." "I DIDN'T MEAN LITERALLY!"

Characters: [Tia Halibel, (pri)], team Natsu

Genres: Comedy, Action

Rated: T; or M, depending on future content. Leaning for T.

Language: English : English; Japanese (in English, some Romanji), Spanish

Crossover: Bleach, Fairy Tail

End Notes: I am now throwing a bunch of shitty Fanfiction starts just to see what happens.

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Season 1: PNI (pending name idea) | Act 1: Life outside the Garganta

Idea came to me, don't know why.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, that belongs to Hiro Mashima. I do not own Bleach, that belongs to Tite Kubo. I do, however, own any and all OCs, as well as twisted plot/Canon.

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-= *Chapter 1: Fairy Tail?* =-

"¿Dónde estoy?"

Her eyes fluttered open, revealing dark lime green orbs and black centers to the blurry confines of what appeared to be a type of rectangular object in the ceiling emitting a bright light. She almost accused it of being that accursed sun back in Las Noches but perished the thought.

Last she was in Karakura Town (the Fake one) and battling the chibi Captain and two Vizard women. And then...Aizen...

"Aizen..." what she would have said with dark voice backing it, but only succeeded at growling quietly, alerting a presence beside her she did not notice before.

"Is Pesquisa not working?" she wondered silently.

"¿Donde..." she began, before grimacing. She was in a little pain. Even for an Espada, she'd be hard pressed to heal a lung puncture without conscious activation. The presence shifted again, as if trying to hear what she was saying. But the movement was too small for that, so she remained cautious. "...estoy?"

"Nani?" came the small voice.

"Agh, I was hoping it wasn't Japanese again," she grumbled quietly in her mind. She'd never show that discontent aloud nor visibly. She was probably one of the worst in the Japanese class Ichimaru-san employed. She, at one point, thought he only made it seem like she failed it just to get on her nerves. "I want to stab his eyes out."

"Kokowa...doko?" she said instead, and this garnered his attention.

"Oh, yeah!" the figure beside her beamed.

"Oh, shit, not another idioto." She was reminded of Szayel Aporro. Not because of the voice, but because of the pink hair she saw mopping up whatever was left of that head of his. "One of his experiments or..." shiver "...son?"

"Welcome to the Fairy Tail infirmary!" he shouted enthusiastically, almost hurting her ears.

"Mátame ahora."

Of course, she didn't really want anyone to kill her right now, or at all for that matter, but it was how she felt in the presence of this absolute dolt. If only he could just get out she could activate her healing ability and sonido out of this strange building she was in. She should say no more-

"Oi, say something," the boy demanded, much to her ire. "You're awake, I know because I can see your eyes. Why do you smell like butterflies?" he shot out. It was beginning to get anno-

"You can smell that well?" she groaned. A little pain was sprouting in her shoulder.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm a dragon slayer."

Okay, now she was just confused. She turned her head to the left and let it land softly against the white pillow behind her and just gave him the look that demanded explanation. "¿Que?"


"Cállette," she tried to shut him up, only for him to open his mouth again. "¡Cále tu boca!"

"You're speaking gibberish now," he said, "are you okay?" He was concerned.

"Damare!" she spoke in Japanese.

He reeled back a small ways. "Jeez, I was just trying to be nice."

"Then answer me this," she glared at him, he feebly looked back. When he saw the glare, there was a small pint of recognition on his face before she noticed him double take her face to make sure she wasn't who he thought she was. "How far did you carry me from Karakura Town?"

The Karakura Town they fought in may have been the fake one, but that didn't stop the neighboring towns from coming in to seeing the destruction wrought. That much stuff going was bound to bring someone or something to see what the hell was going on. Halibel may not have known a lot about human life, but she'll be damned if she didn't think that was strange. A bunch of smoke, ice pillars (she grimaced), a giant.

"There is no such thing as Karakura Town here, I'm afraid. This is the town of Magnolia."

A new voice garnered her attention and a door shut. She leaned up and the window from behind her gave little no overshadowing since the light above her compensated for that. The man was a small thing, easily three to four times smaller than her. She gave him a look that brewed overconfidence in that mind of his due to his scrutinizing gaze.

She brought herself back to his statement and began to think. Multiple outcomes may have occurred. The first of which being that it has already been many years since her fight and that was after the Fake Karakura Town was destroyed, and everyone forgot about the place despite the destruction. She wrote that off immediately due to her wounds being at least the littlest bit fresh.

Other than that, she didn't much of any other idea.

The man in front of her had his face screwed up in a particularly crude manner she couldn't quite place, but noticed his eyes traveled up and down her figure. Her Resurrección had long since sealed due to her unconsciousness, but it left little to the imagination. She also felt her face was a little lighter than usual and reached up to touch her tan cheeks. She looked over to her left to see the boy from earlier was holding her mask turning it over, and running his hands along it. He was studying it dearly, but had no idea what he was doing.

"Chico," she grabbed his attention. "Give that back to me."

He almost made a whine, she noticed. "Like an Adjuchas who was still learning to rid of their natural instinct of whatever animal they portrayed," she identified. "Though most don't actually try at all."

He handed it to her with discontent, and she placed the thing on her face.

Her neck was bare, but as she reached up to place the mask on her face, the bones at her clavicles began to push up. The bones had slid down to reveal her skin, but were now climbing up her neck, cupping it like a hug so as to not let her go. The mask made a connection with her reiatsu in front of it, barring it from physically touching her skin. The bones clicked into place with the mask.

She took her jacket, which had reformed behind her during this process with a mild flash so as to not blind others, and placed the tips at the top together before taking the zipper, putting it into place, and zipping up (downwards) her jacket and let the bottom rest underneath her breasts. The small man in front of her seemed discontent with something, but wrote it off as something he thought of earlier.

"That is a strange magic power you have there," he spoke freely, almost as if hiding nothing. "Similar to Requip."

"Requip?" "I wouldn't call it magic," she protested, "but if you are more content with that word, I won't stop you."

She refrained to call them humans so as to not blow her newfound cover.

"If it's not magic, then what is it?"

She looked at the pinkette from the corner of her eye, discerning an answer.

"Natsu," the man spoke. "Leave. The woman here and I will speak, alone."

"Huh?" Natsu seemed flabbergasted. "Why?"

"Natsu!" the midget shouted (she grimaced, she didn't know he'd be this loud). "Get out!"

"H-hai!" the self-proclaimed dragon slayer bolted out of the room out of the door behind the small man.

She looked on at him in disinterest, ignoring the previous outbursts.

"Did you come here through the Senkaimon?"

"The Precipice Gate?" she wondered idly. She narrowed her eyes at him. "I do not use the Senkaimon," she answered truthfully.

"No others in the area, as far as I'm concerned, have seen the square and circular doors of this world," he spoke, as if trying to gain her trust, "except I."

"I do not use the Senkaimon," she repeated. "I have no idea how I would use the Senkaimon."

Okay, that's a lie. She knows she has more than Captain-class level reiatsu, and has a Zanpakuto to boot. She knew this, but chose not to speak of it.

"Wait," she thought, looking on at him with a continued disagreement on her face, "If I used a Senkaimon, then I should be in Soul Society. Perhaps this man does not know I am a Hollow, since I lack a Hollow hole."

"I have placed magic seals on this room, so no others may hear in," he said. He was certainly trying to gain her trust. Perhaps she had said something.

"Anciano," she began, almost like a growl, "I. Do not. Use. The Senkaimon," she repeated yet again, this time enunciating at different parts to get her point through. Her discontent at formed into a glare.

The man sighed, before clasping his fingers together behind his back, leaning forward and walking left and right, pacing before her as if contemplating what to do with the woman next. With no one watching, she quickly used her Regeneración skills in order to heal her wounds. After doing this, the man looked up again, seemingly unperturbed by the white ooze he saw as it retreated into her skin behind the bandages which turned back to its stark white after being dark red. She gave an equally unperturbed look right back at him as he stopped pacing. He resumed for another thirty seconds before sighing again.

"You are not in Soul Society, Earth, or Hueco Mundo."

Her eyes widened.

"It is as I say," he continued, taking her stupefied silence as permission to continue. "You are not the first person to enter this world through a Senkaimon." She was about to protest, before he stopped pacing and looked at her with a serious look. "Willing or not. Conscious or not."

She closed her mouth and leaned back a little, choosing to listen as he went back to pacing.

"You will most likely not be the last. I would recommend staying with my guild, Fairy Tail, until you understand society and culture here, Earthland, enough to go about on your own." She rose an eyebrow at the offer, immediately ready to refuse it, before he stopped his pacing again and looked at her as if to punctuate his point. "We cannot open a Senkaimon for you, and anyone else stuck here has thus far never been able to open one. It will take a very long time to gather enough energy to make one, and even then it is unknown whether or not the Precipice World will take you directly to where you want to go."

"Like I said, Anciano," she said. "I do not use a Senkaimon." She looked at him. "I can create something similar, something I use."

"Then do it out back if you can," he said. "We don't need a panic." He made to open the door, but before he did, he looked back. "Your sword is on the table over there," he pointed." Now, get out!" he snapped and left, the door shutting prominent lastly.

She looked on in disinterest.

She threw the blankets off of her as she approached the table he indicated. She took her sheath and strapped it onto her back like before, and then took her sword, Tiburon, and stashed it back in place.

She looked up to find a mirror in front of her, and she gave it a scrutinizing look. Across her stomach was the slash from the blow of Kyoka Suigetsu, an everlasting reminder that she had been betrayed by the one man she once thought could give herself and her Fracciones protection. Only to find that she and the others had been used as sacrifices. Her eyes narrowed in malcontent before swiftly turning and stomping towards the door.

As she opened the door, she heard the telltale signs of fighting and slowly rose a hand up to her face to lazily catch an empty wooden mug. The brawl before her - which was more like a blob of humans, mind you - stopped as she stepped out of the room. Many of the males - and a few females, she noted idly - had seen her. She thought she was probably drugged because it's not normal to have beating superficial hearts in your eyes. Superficial, because she does not have one nor does she know what a real one looks like.

"Oi, big breast lady!" called someone and she dropped her hand to her side, releasing the mug and letting it clatter against the floor. The one who called out was the pinkette from earlier.

She looked on at him with the countenance of Ulquiorra, even though everyone in the blob seemed to pale in fear. "What?" she said snappily, but not angrily.

"Looks like you recovered quickly!" he shouted, a large grin on his face. He reminded her of Grimmjow now, minus the mask, due to his grin. Perhaps this boy's grin was larger than the Panther Arrancar's. "The both of them would probably start a competition on widest smile, and Ichimaru-san, despite my ire, I'd agree to have won such a fight." "Wanna have a party?!"

The men and women in a blob seemed to recover quickly, shouting in agreement.

"Par...ty?" she questioned, testing the feel of it on her lips.

"Yeah!" the boy shouted happily. "Come on!" he urged, grabbing her hand and rushing her forward.

Halibel didn't know what the hell was going on, but with a curiosity nine times stronger than Grimmjow's, decided a Garganta could wait. Humans were intriguing. Before the whole operation began before, Ulquiorra wouldn't shut up about it since that woman they captured showed up, always asking questions and always leaving confused.

-= *"Oi, big breast lady!"* =-

She sat at a table as many of the other guild members around her chaotically began to do different activities that she wasn't familiar with. She sat quietly, as the boy, who introduced himself to her as Gray Fullbuster, calmly explained to her what guilds were for and other such things. After Gray finished explaining the different types of guilds - Official, Independent, and Dark - he confirmed that this guild, Fairy Tail, was, in fact, an Official Guild.

"So, what's your story?" he decided to let her have a turn in speaking after talking her ears off. Despite thinking that he had spoken far too much, not an ounce of information wasn't soaked up like a sponge. She couldn't explain her past - even vaguely - or she would sound like a Dark Guild member, so she thought about using the old Amnesia trick.

Before she could speak, however, a young lady who earlier introduced herself as Mirajane Strauss placed two mugs of some strange liquid before them. Gray, who was now shirtless for some reason, grabbed one of the two, thanked Mirajane, lifted it to his lips, and began chugging it with the bottom of the mug up.

Tia, who had been hospitalized so much today, thought they might make her owe them something, but thought less of it for now, deciding not to be rude. She thanked Mirajane, who nodded at her with a big smile, and left. She unzipped her jacket, which caused Gray to spit out all he had drank for some reason (many others around them did the same) as they looked on in confusion of the bones across her chest. She slid off the Arrancar mask and the bones receded from her neck into her clavicle bone armor as the others sound died down a little.

"Why did they become so quiet?" she wondered innocently.

Like she had seen others and Gray do before, she placed the wooden mug to her lips and did a bottoms up-

Tia brought the mug down after tasting the littlest bit and began sputtering, coughing and hacking violently as she made a screwed up face and straightened out her legs in surprise. She made a fist with her right hand and pounded her burning trachea in her chest, placing down the mug strongly with her left hand. A lot of the liquid in the mug came out.

Her head fell to the table. "What was that horrid drink?" she sputtered.

"Alcohol," Gray replied quietly, taking another sip. "Please don't tell me you've never had alcohol before. You seem a lot older than us."

That was probably true. She was several hundred years old. Though, she couldn't exactly tell him that...

"I probably have not..." she said, before realizing the position she was in and quickly straightened up. She cleared her throat feebly as she made for another sip. Her cheeks began to warm for some reason.

"I-If you can't drink it, then-"

"No," she snapped, placing the drink down on the table that is splashed up beer again. He reeled back a little in surprise, eyes widening. Her breathing was heavier. "I like this drink." She brought he mug up again only to realize it was empty. She threw the mug on the floor, smashing it in pieces, before shouting, "ANOTHER!"

"Hai, hai," came the sweet, sweet voice of one Mirajane Strauss in the distance.

"Oh, my God," Gray said. "You're already drunk from two sips."

Vete ala mierda," she replied. "No soy la Séptima Espada..."

"Chill," he tried to calm her. "Speak Fiorian."

"I-" she hiccuped. She shook her head as fast as she could, activating her Regeneración in her throat. "Agh, I hate this drink..." she mumbled, feeling a headache coming on.

"You sobered up fast," he commented idly, taking another calm sip. Tia laid her head in her arms on the table, a heading forming at the forefront of her brain. Just then, music began to play behind them. A sort of 80s rock music, or something similar.

"What are they doing?" questioned Halibel, watching as several people began to stand up on tables and began moving in strange ways that she couldn't quite describe in a single word.

"Dancing," he described in a single word.

"Dancing?" she wondered, testing the word.

"Do you want to?"

She shook her head. "I am a warrior," she explained while moving to look up at him, leaning forward a bit, and felt her breasts squish against the table, "I do not dance."

His cheeks were tinted red when she leaned forward. "W-well," he tried, "we're warriors, and we dance." He saw Natsu. "Never mind, some of us are just idiots."

"I agree."

Halibel then made a confused face, which caught Gray's attention. He blushed again before bringing his mug to his lip and cleared his throat. "W-what?" he tried.

"¿Dónde está tu ropa?" Halibel wondered.


She shook her head and translated for him. "Where are your clothes?"

His eyes became large in fear as he looked down on himself, as if he had never noticed in the first place. He stood up, and he was in full view. "Where the fuck are my clothes?!" he shouted.

She seemed not to care as Mirajane walked up to the table, a distressed look on her face. "Gray," she said, "go find your clothes. You're being indecent in front of our guest," she chastised.

He ran off. She also swore his cheeks were darker than blood.

"How did he lose his clothes?" Halibel wondered out of pure curiosity.

Mirajane only smiled and glanced at her as she placed down a second mug of alcohol. "When he was younger, he was taught by his surrogate mother, Ul Milkovich," she explained. "She trained he and his surrogate brother into Ice Make magic."

"Ice..." Halibel mumbled too quietly for the white haired woman to hear.

"It's a stripping habit he has," she continued, and Halibel sat up a little to level a questioning look that caused Mirajane to giggle. "They trained up in the mountains where it was cold, and they had to master ignoring cold weather in order to learn Ice Maker magic."

"Do all Ice-type magic users go through such rigorous training?" Halibel shivered.

"I'm sure they don't," Mirajane replied, "Ul was just that kind of person, I suppose." She smiled and took up the broken pieces of a wooden mug before walking away.

Tia only gave a raised eyebrow as the woman stalked away before taking a look at the alcohol and deadpanned.

"I can't tell whether I hate or love you," she spoke to the liquid. It did not respond - even as she lifted the mug to her lips.

-= *"¿Dónde está tu ropa?"* =-

Tia snapped awake and moved slightly, knocking a mug over from the back of her head. It was to the left and laying down on a hard, wooden surface. Her head ached dearly and she was forced to use Regeneración in order to dull the pain, and it worked. She lifted her head with a grimace to find that she did, somehow, have several mugs on the top of her back, which slid down and fell on the floor.

"¿Que pasó?"

The question that referenced to previous events went unanswered for one or both of two reasons. One: no one here knew Spanish. Two: nobody remembered anyway.

The doors slammed open to reveal a small figure, and Tia struggled to lean upwards further and turn to see the door behind her. In walked a little boy, no older than 7, who strut across the guildhall, ignored Halibel and kept on walking. Tia, herself, however, was still trying to regain full conscious. All she had done was sit and, with a spaced out countenance, watched the boy as if trying to discern his only move, only to find her thinking was shot.

She shook her head and heard him shout, and she clutched her ears. "Damn alcohol!" she condemned, "I'll never drink it again!" she vowed.

"Probably," she predicted the vow's end.

She sighed and made to stand, wobbling a bit, before turning back to the table filled with empty mugs of dried alcohol. She sifted through them before picking up her Arrancar mask and placed it on her face, feeling the bones at her clavicle rising. They made a thick clicking sound that indicated that they had mechanically joined before placing her top back together and zipped it down. She hoisted her - for some forsaken reasoning - discarded Zanpakuto into its rightful place in the sheath on her back by sticking her finger through one of the holes of triplets at the ends of the hilt.

It flipped over and slid into place, a soft click sounding, before striding away, all wobbling and headaches forgotten as she approached the door.

With a swift push of the doors, they swung open, giving her a wide berth to the outside building. The sun was burning the sky orange and doing wondrous things to the clouds before it, painting the sky a darker color as it receded behind the horizon. Halibel never truly understood the cycle of night and day, always seeing the clear contrast between the inside and outside of Las Noches. It was an enigma to the female Arrancar.

She shook her head and took in the streets beneath the sun, before the cathedral far down the path. She had seen each of the buildings that paled in comparison that was Karakura Town. Halibel was unfamiliar with the outlay of Karakura, so this Magnolia, she recalled the name, was certainly more confusing. Without another beat, she pivoted her foot to the right and walked around the guild building in an attempt to open a Garganta behind it, like the Guildmaster requested. At first, she had no idea why she was compelled to be so kind in the first place.

Well, she wasn't entirely kind. Just complacent to what was going on around her. She was studying their power, but found some strange sort of Spiritual Pressure about them. Spirit Particles around her had a sort of electrical charge about them that made her want to cringe a little. A few hairs at the back of her head floated away a little in the direction of the things. It was probably what rejuvenates these mages and wizards, she decided. "Just like with Spirit Particles regenerating our Spiritual Pressure," she thought.

She stopped in the back, and raised a hand before her, gathering what little Spirit Particles that floated about her form dense enough to form a Garganta. The tearing sound echoed around her as those black lines before her emulated a zipper of some sort, distorting in some locations, and it-

-struggled to open.

"¿Que?" wondered Halibel aloud. It wouldn't open.

She forced more Spirit Particles into the thing, and it struggled even harder, ever wanting to open, but there were far too many of these electrically charged Particles, she noticed, placing too much pressure on it.

"Perhaps I should take the anciano up on his offer," Halibel suggested to herself. And before perishing the thought, thought further, "He could be well versed in the land," she reasoned, "with the right push, I can squeeze a lesser dense area of negatively charged Spirit Particles in order to open up a Garganta with less resistance out of him."

With that thought in mind, she dismissed the poor portal anymore torture received by its inability to process its single meaning in life and lowered her hand.


She turned around and began to short trek back into the building.

"...these humans are rather interesting."

-= *End of Chapter 1: Fairy Tail* =-

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