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La Espada de Sacrificia

Or maybe, "The Tooth of Sacrifice!"

Summary: After being (literally) stabbed in the back by Aizen and crashing down to the base of fake Karakura town, Tia awakens in a soft bed. It appears that she had received aid. And now, Fairy Tail is proceeding to struggle merely to explain to Tia what a hyperbole is. "I thought you said to break his legs." "I DIDN'T MEAN LITERALLY!"

Character(s): [T. Harribel, (sri)], OCs (Bleach), team Natsu, OCs (Fairy Tail); everyone but better.

Genre(s): Humor, Adventure ; Romance, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship.

Rating: T; soon to be M, due to future content.

Language(s): English : English; Japanese (written in English, some Romaji), Spanish.

Crossover(s): Bleach: Arrancar Soul Reaper Art Use AU, SKS AUs (most of them). | Fairy Tail: Magic/Spiritual Energy Connection (Bleach X-Over) AU.

Beta(s): N/A.

End Notes: PCS has been updated.

Season #1: "Ala Segunda Etapa" | Act #2: "Demons and their Places"


I do not own the Cover Art, that belongs to the original anime (I cropped it).

I do not own Fairy Tail, that belongs to Hiro Mashima.

I do not own Bleach, that belongs to Tite Kubo.

I do, however, own any and all OCs, AUs, and twisted plot/Canon.

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PCS: With Erigor dead in the canyon below, Natsu barrels after a quickly retreating Kageyama towards the Guildmaster's Meeting. Content to walk, Halibel, her cat, Gray, Erza, Happy, and Macao drag their two captives with them across the wooden scaffolds beneath them.

Now, for the love of God, let this Fanfiction begin!

Chapter #10: "Cero Tolerance Policy"

Location: Near Guildmaster Meeting Hall

Date: Wednesday, 28 July, X784


Kageyama believed in this. He had it right in the bag. The master of the fairy flies, or tails, whatever it was. He was right in front of him - the perv had been reading some sort of porn mag. No matter. A single song and the Flute would decimate not only this man before him, but the several other Guildmasters below him, just past the cliffside behind him.

He brought the mouthpiece to his lips, breathing in in order to play, but stopped. A moment of hesitation was fine, yes. He wasn't an ambitious instrument player, no. That had been the forthcoming lie he had used to gain the Guildmaster's attention. Just a little of deceit would be okay, and the reward was just enough to find that little bit of irritating interaction worthwhile.

The hesitation, however, lasted longer than he believed. What if...this wasn't worth it? What if- No! This was for Erigor! This was for what society had done to him and his. His friends...all brought down low by the government, those in charge, for their corrupt bureaucracy. For them all.

"Y'know," began the Guildmaster, gathering his attention. Kageyama lowered the Flute to listen to him, actually. "Nothing will change if you play that Flute."

Kageyama's eyes widened. He knew what he was doing the entire time! Makarov Dreyar placed himself in a position of danger, and still managed to catch him off guard!

"Weak humans," Dreyar continued, "will always be weak. No matter the length of their waiting. However," he said, turning his back to the man, "being weak is not necessarily a bad thing. Humans are weak from the beginning, and being that, we form guilds! We have allies, comrades, friends.

"We bond together, thriving ahead with one another!" He turned back to Kageyama, waving his hand to aid him, "Sure, a single individual may run into less walls than a hodgepodge a group of idiots could do, and the journey may take longer than usual, but as long as we believe in a better tomorrow and keep moving forward, we're sure to gain strength in unity."

To emphasize strength, Makarov brought his fists up as if he were curling a heavy weight, "Living a strong life means being able to smile!" he grinned, though it became a scowl a moment later. "Not relying on something like that it here," he brought his arms out, indicating him to hand it over.

Kageyama let out a shaky breath, mouth quivering. "I...I surrender," he gave in, handing over the Flute to the rather small individual.

Makarov took the given object and held onto it tightly with his right fist. Kageyama, breaking down in tears from the simple but overwhelming talk, buckled his knees and fell to the ground in defeat. Everything his friends had done had lacked one thing - trust in one another rather than the goofy objects and unnecessary focuses they were given.

Soon the others had arrived. Halibel had aided the others in hurrying with Natsu. On their slower walk towards Guildmaster Dreyar, they had met the other masters.

Master Bob of Blue Pegasus, Master Goldmine of Blue Pegasus, Mistress Summer of Doe Hunt, Mistress Akame of Knight Rade, and several others. The masters had held them back from interfering with Master Dreyar.

"Ah, Halibel-san and Erza," Makarov greeted with a smile. "I trust you were successful."

"Yes," Halibel replied succinctly, coming to a halt. The others behind her, all of equal mood. "We also decided to play a game," she added offhandedly.

This confused Makarov somewhat, and he rose a brow in question. "A game?" Makarov wondered.

"Yes," Erza answered this time, drawing his attention. The others behind her began to snicker and her own smile broadened. "We decided that if your plan were to fail, we would use forms of government to decide the next guildmaster among us."

Suddenly, Makarov's high spirits immediately fell, mouth open in surprise and betrayal. "Erza-san! You wouldn't!"

"Yes, she would," Halibel disagreed.

Master Dreyar then sighed, half annoyed and half expectant of the information drop. He then troubled him to ask which type won. When he looked up, he found that all of them, including Macao, looked unsure of them. "Well?" he snapped. "What won?!"

Halibel then turned to him. Unsure of how to answer smoothly, she simply gave the absolute truth a go. "Malarkey won."

"What?" he bluntly asked.


On the Tracks to Clover Station

Ten Minutes Ago

Happy was the first to speak. "I vote anarchy."

Jack, one of their captives, was obviously irritated by the terrible suggestion, sighed sharply and rebuked him. "You can't vote anarchy, you dumb cat!"

"MONARCHY!" Gray shouted uncharacteristically, using his magic to form an ornate blade in his hand. "The one with the icicle sword, Excali-burr, shall be king!"

"Ooo!" Hailey stood up, jumping up and down. "How about Party Paryarchy?!" Everyone ignored her stupidity.

"Plutocracy!" Lucy shouted. "I used to be rich, so why not?!"

"Timocracy," Halibel dully attempted. "Only the worthy may rule."

"Matriarchy," Erza said simply. No one thought to contest her...except that of Hailey Kinsley!

"How about Malarkey!"

"Kinsley-chan," Halibel sighed, "That's not a form of government. That just means meaningless talk and nonsense."

It took a moment, but that simple elaboration caused everyone in the group to stop moving. They thought on it, contemplated difficultly upon the subject, and couldn't help but find...that that worked for the fucking best.

End Flashback

Nearby the Guildmaster Meeting Hall


"Let's just not deliberate on this any further," Halibel decided, and everyone nodded.

"All of you damn wizards!"

a voice called, dark and powered by even darker magics. The flute in Makarov's hands began to burn, sizzling until the man shouted in pain and let go, watching as the object floated before everyone. They were in shock! The eyes and nose of the wooden skull at the end of it began to glow a bright purple, and it brightened and dimmed as it spoke.

"All of you, weak! Boring!"

It then moved away from the cliff before beginning to transform into a large, ent-like creature, several times the size of the meeting hall beneath and behind it. A large glyph appeared above it, crackling with lightning. In the distance, with all the light emanating from it in the darkening horizon, the mages could see a large mass that looked to be the Fiorian Army sent to apprehend any remaining Eisenwald members.

"I cannot stand your stupidity, you failures of magicians!

"Your lack in conviction, so I shall devour all on my own!"

"What the hell is that thing?!" and various other calls of surprise emanated amongst the wizards as it rose to its full height. The wooden creature was like a giant tree, and gazed upon them menacingly.

"What the hell?!" Kageyama shouted, looking up in horror. "I had no idea about this! What is that?!"

It hunched over, large, thick branches for arm hanging under it. Its face was one that was smiling in malice, a large mouth that engulfed a majority of its countenance. Eyes small and beady, horns extending behind it.

"We must not allow it to play its song!" Erza shouted, gaining the attention of the others. "Team! Move in!"

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Natsu agreed, Gray not too far behind him. Macao jumped into the fight as well to accomodate in any way he could. Lucy then shakily removed a key from her side and summoned Taurus and the crab-like celestial. Halibel, however, remained calm and standing amongst them.

One of the guildmasters moved to stand next to the idle Arrancar and simply stood there. Out of the corner of her eye, Halibel took note of the white hood extending behind her like a cloak. A streak of silver in her eyes.

"Aren't you going to join them?" she asked, curious. She turned a head to Halibel and she returned the look. "Aren't you on their team?"

"Yes," Halibel replied, "but it would be overkill to include me." She raised a hand towards them, "they're fully capable of engaging and defeating this being without my help."

Kageyama stood up, raising his hand and creating a magic seal before him. "Gimme some time!" he shouted up at Erza, who looked down at him in confusion, "I can try and dispell 'em, but it's Curse Power! It'll take some time!"

Master Bob hit him on the head. "Quiet! Curse Power isn't supposed to be mentioned until the Tartaros Arc!"


Halibel shook her head in both slight amusement and annoyance. The guildmistress beside her chuckles as well. "You've found yourself in a group of funny people," she remarked. Halibel noted the smirk on her face as she said that, but also a curious look at her irises.

"And you have silver eyes," Halibel threw a remark in return, throwing the woman off guard. "Are they special?"

"Are they special?" she asked rather incredulously, giving her a look. "In the wor-I mean, in the place I come from, the Silver Eyed are a very proud and powerful group of warriors of immense strength and hope," she babbled, and looked away, "I just wished I could stay a little longer to see my little ones grow up!" She smiled back at Halibel, attempting to regain anything from the level of awkwardness.

At this point, the light display regained their attention, as Natsu threw multiple types of attacks, battering the larger flute, Gray firing as many things as possible. Lucy's summons aided, Erza called for them to distract it, if the chargeup in an ability was any indication. Erza lifted a sword, while in Heaven's Wheel armor, and drew a line in a circle around her, revealing a hollow seal. With that, she aimed the sword towards the beast, her body at a forty five degree angle.

"Heaven's Might!" The seal dove behind her, revealing swords that seemed to materialize from it, before she fired the more intricately forged weapon towards her opponent. The beast roared in agony as it was struck by the weapons. The weapons glowed brighter before blowing up quite literally. It was a magnificent attack, Halibel agreed.

"What's your name?" the guildmistress inquired, and Halibel turned towards her. Finding nothing malicious in her tone or any actions, Halibel amused her for now.

"Tia Halibel," she replied, "La Espada de Sacrificia."


Halibel gave a small smile, and it was noticeable even behind her mask, because it reached her eyes. "The Sword of Sacrifice."

"You are a sword?" the woman raised her brow. "And what have you sacrificed?"

Halibel lost her smile briefly, and the woman realizes her mistake. "Never mind!" she blathered quickly, "I didn't mean to remind you of anything, I was just curious. Sorry, I-"

Halibel quickly grabbed her shoulders and she was silenced. "Much," she answered. "I sacrificed to protect those I care about. I wish I could return to them, so I can protect them for longer, and for as long as I live, even if I must give my life."

When she mentioned returning, the Silver Eyed woman's eyes widened significantly, mouth agape. She had found someone much like her, one that had lost their right to live in their world and was strangely thrown into a new world with new life. Only the guildmistress had been here longer, if Halibel guessed right. The third among all that she had met to have revealed the information of being an otherworlder. Everlue had been a fluke, Cirucci had been through someone else, and now-

"I'm Summer Rose, Mistress of Doe Hunt," she greeted herself, face returning to a neutral eye size and mouth widening to a smile again. She was polite, and always remaining cordial, Halibel noted.

-Summer Rose was among those people. Whether she was a Soul Reaper or not was up for debate, and the Silver Eyed thing was up for research, for she had heard of no individuals with silver eyes during her time in her own world.

Suddenly, Halibel's pesquisa began to blare again in her head! Only this time, the fuzziness receded - was it suppressed this entire time by an unknown force, or had the author forgotten of its existence? - and she could clearly identify where the quickly retreating force was emanating from. She spun around, eyes narrowed, to find Hailey marking the floor with a rune and one under herself. The rune was placed directly behind her twin brother, Jack, before she suddenly disappeared and reappeared on top of the rune behind her brother.


Halibel had quickly SonĂ­dod directly behind them with a buzz, but before performing any incapacitating actions she noticed that they held no malice in the abilities they were executing. Hailey broke Jack out of his confines and both immediately began working on midair designs, golden lines flowing both with curvature and straightness, all encompassed within the enclosure of two rings.

They both took a moment to raise what appeared to be cards in their hands before flinging them out, landing on the backs of their current targets: team Natsu. "Chance!" they simultaneously shouted, and the cards gained a golden aura as bright as their runes.

Each one had a different effect. Erza's armory included a newly ornate elemental staff that conjured ranged attacks based on fire, water, earth, air, lightning, and many others. Natsu earned a simple meal of floating fire beside him, and he thanked the pair of twin jesters behind him before increasing his attack frequency on the monster before him.

Lucy herself felt her magic reserves deepen and increase, allowing her to throw out a new Celestial Spirit without fatiguing as quickly. Both of her Spirits gained extreme powerups as well - Taurus increased strength; Cancer sharper knives. Macao's ropes all gained an affinity of fire, burning the wood he was capable of restraining. Happy regained all of his energy, flew to Gray, and kept him afloat.

Gray's back was struck just as much as everyone else, but Hailey added a little more flair to it. The aura spread to the rest of his body, giving off an eerie addition of an icy blue hue to mix with the golden, and in his right hand formed an ice scythe. It was jagged in staff, hilt, and blade, darker and less transparent than his normal ice. His hand gripped it all the same, he thanked her over his shoulder, and immediately moved in to attack, his scythe easily passing through the creature without cutting it, but immediately freezing anything that barred its path of destruction.

Both Jack and Hailey panted hard as they began to work on their etches. Jack, however, was capable of a shout. "Erza-san!" he said, garnering her attention while she was admiring and testing the staff on Lullaby, "Give us a few minutes. It's Curse Power, but we can help Kageyama dispel it!"

"Roger!" Erza replied, immediately zoning back into the fight, the taunts of the being increasing in length and frequency to psychologically cause them to lose efficiency, but to no avail. The Fairy Tail core members began to

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