Chapter four

I will become king

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"Kurama speaking/ inner sakura

"Summoning jutsu"

"Baka "talking

The final fight Sasuke vs Naruto

"Come the ring sasuke and naruto" iruka said.

Both boys walk to the ring neither saying a word to the other, if only they knew this was just like their past life fight as brothers the only difference is the little brother has both the eyes and the body not like that has any difference on how the fight will turn out.

Naruto and sasuke stood across from the other just look and if anyone were pay close attention, they would have seen naruto and sasuke chakra briefly glow white but they never did.

"make the seal of friendship" iruka tell them.

They did and no sooner were they ready to beat the other.

"can we use jutsu" ask sasuke.

Sasuke I don't think that is a good"

"That's fine with me" naruto cut the teacher off.

Both boys charge the other to meet in the middle of the ring with sasuke throwing a punch to naruto chest that he block by putting his arms in a x that sasuke use to push up in the air then he ran through a bunch of hand seal "fire style: great fireball jutsu" sasuke shout as a large fireball the size of a house coming at naruto who just stand there looking at it coming at him and iruka who think Naruto was frozen in fear of see the fireball as he was about to move to save him, naruto went through his own jutus " water style: great Uzumaki wave of the damn" naruto whispered as the great wave black water rose up to put out the fireball and hit sasuke with a force he has never felt before.

"ahh" sasuke scream and the water drain his chakra and send him flying into a tree, this was the point of the that jutsu to drain the charka of anyone it touches and then weaken them but naruto and an upgraded version of that jutsu that take their lifeforce and add it to his own but the drawback is he has to be on their level of power.

"I believe I won that match" said naruto as he walks out of the ring and back to the tree where zetsu was hiding.

"yeah, winner naruto Uzumaki" iruka announce as he helps sasuke to the nurse office and look at the other students at the in there before go back and dismissing the rest for the day.

"ok good job everyone, remember to keep practice with your parents and clan" mizuki said.

"good job Naruto Sama" zetsu said.

"Thank you zetsu it is because of the training scroll she has given me and the diet plan to help me get stronger" Naruto advice.

"tonight, is the full moon and she will be able to visit you and see your progress" zetsu tell as they walk back to the apartment and get ready for the mother of all chakra to grace the earth with her presence once and visit her king and son.

Later that night

the sky fade from the bright red and purple color into the inky black starless sky with the moon shining a bright blood red light over the land as kaguya seal weaken just enough for her to slip through but not enough for her godlike power to come with her,kaguya look over the land as she descends towards naruto apartment a smile coming to her beautiful pale face as she remembers meeting the four-year-old that was her grandson and the promise he made to free her and make sure that she was never lonely again.

"welcome home hime" Naruto said.

"it is good to be home love" kaguya replied as she walks to embrace and kiss him like a wife that has not seen her husband in months and smile into the kiss with her feeling the emotion from him, they stop to put their forehead together and stay in the embrace and sky blue meet pure white eyes, "I saw what happen between you and Indra" she said and left him arms to walk to the room with Naruto plants in it and raise an eyebrow as she saw the plant and smile because he remembers that she told him that when he was five her fav flower, "you were not supposed to see that just yet" naruto told her "why" she asked, because they are not ready yet and he was right they color was just starting to fade in.

"Come love let eats" Naruto said.

"ok" as she moves to sit down naruto put out the chair from her.

"Such a gentleman" she teases and naruto just smile before go for the meal and that is how the night end with the two together and enjoy each other company.

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