A/N: Hey guys, me with another one of my infamously annoying Author's Notes (which just occurred to me you could argue the A/N is for annoying and not Author's notes XP...wow that's sadder when I think that out loud...)

Anyway as some of you may have seen, at least those following my author works on a whole and not just this story, I've been busy working on a new fanfic series based off the increasingly popular She-Ra 2018 Reboot series, and I gotta say... the series itself is a LOT of fun! There's a huge amount of character and hurt/comfort behind the entire series and a lot of really good animation and action to it!

I became a fan of it recently about a month ago and have been working on my own She-Ra fanfic series for awhile now, with near-daily posts here and there and the feedback I've gotten for it has been a lot of fun!

Now I'm not here to say "I'm done with this fanfic" or anything, me doing this was to actually help me get out of a slump of things here and there. I'm surprised I wrote as much as I have for it given how recent of a fan I became of it. The Fanfic itself is a What-If scenario series following along the big question of "What if Catra Became Shera instead of Adora" and all that, and based on the feedback I'm getting, it's pretty popular.

I'm just here to let those who are waiting endlessly for anything new from me that they can expect work in that area from me for a good while now. I'll be working on that series for who knows how long (least till the first season is over) as I await patiently for the 2nd season coming out late this April ^^. If anyone here is a fan of my previous works, i highly recommend the fanfic.

I also recommend looking up the She-Ra 2018 series because it's fanbase is growing at an incredible rate. With all it's action, animation, surprisingly saddening drama, it's a MUST for fans of RWBY (for reasons you'll find rather obvious hint hint XP). I managed to convince Endlesschains to take a look at the series and he was thankful for the experience! And now he's one of us :D...One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us T_T...

Lol, anyway, as I said, sorry for no actual update-update on this thing but I am hoping you guys enjoy the she-ra fanfic I'm doing to help you pass the time. Take a look at the series and the fanfic if it interests you too. It is a netflix series but I'm sure you can find it online somewhere if you don't have netflix.

With that said huge thanks to the fanbase of this fanfic. I swear i will get back to it one day in a couple months hopefully (school is being a DRAAAAAAAG T_T!) but for right now, hopefully this other series will be enough to fill your curiosity and fun ^^. Thanks again to all the fans and reviewers out there and if you do check out my fanfic, hope you'll leave some nice reviews! After all- reviews = faster uploads, and faster this series/fanfic is done, the faster i get back to rwby ^^!