Golden haired young man with black coat was waiting in the arena. He didn't care about useless chattering between either referees, old god and his secretary, faker's team or other teams. He was irratated. His so called opponent dared to keep him waiting.

He heard some kinda engine sounds coming closer. When he opened his eyes, he saw the most ridiculous vehicle he ever seen. Somekinda motorcycle with driver, which looked like came out from post apocalyptic movies from fake priest movie collection, was carrying the most stupidest golden throne with cross symbol on it. (He wouldn't even cross his mind to take to his vault) On the golden throne there was a well builded man was sitting and drinking his wine. Amusing, he thought. Mongrel contiuning to disrespect him.

After vehicle stopped, man looked at his opponent and give him amused smile. "So this brat is my opponent, interesting." He said, throwing his wine glass.

"No need to talking, you dared to keep the king waiting. So I'm gonna judge you here." golden haired young man said, without disturbing his posture.

"King? You? How amusing." He raised from his throne to fly to air and gracefully landed on his feets. There wasn't slightest breaking in his knees when he landed. "Because I'm the king who chosen by heavens itselfs! And a true king always go places whenever he wants, definietly doesn't wait for anybody!" He gave him mocking smile which nearly popped blood vessel on the young man.

He wanted to send one of his nameless sword to on his throat before fight officially begin. Instead he hold himself. He didn't want to do same mistakes again. Two. TWO! That disgusting blood sucker put memory of 3 timeline in his mind and he let himself defeated two of them because of his pride. This time he will not underestimate his opponents, even if they are lowly mongrels.

"Hooooo… You claiming yourself a king in front of me? I will give you being bold, you dirty mongrel. So why don't we test your kinghood? OI? Lowly demons and mongrel, start this match before my patience runs out." With his blood red eyes he looked at mermaid yokai with promising painful death. Juri felt her blood fozen, which was weird because she was a cold blooded creature.

Fate Team Room,

"So who's going to win, any idea?" Cu asked glaring hatefully to gold haired bastard.

"You really think other guy has a chance to winning?" EMIYA answered with mocking tone.

"I don't, but do you guys really want to see that bastard win?" Cu asked them generally. After everything that bastard done, none of them wanted to see him win.

"If he can use his pride, he has a chance to win but unfortunely that guy also has a same pride like Gilgamesh." Shiro answered, he once beaten him because he was too prideful to use his full power.

"But what about Zenex's speech about weakest person can win?" Sakura asked innocently.

"Since he's from our universe, our balcony is open and we can feel that guy's aura from here. It's definietly impressive for a human. He could give a good fight or even win against normal servant. But unfortunely his opponent is Gilgamesh." Medusa anwered her master question.

Star Team Room,

"Souther… He doesn't look changed at all." Rei couldn't live to see battle between Souther and Kenshiro but just like him he was a fellow Nanto student, so he met with him couple times. He knew what kinda man he was.

"No. I talked with him last night. He doesn't look like it but he definietly changed." Kenshiro remembered the last night and his words.

'Kenshiro! I no longer that cruel man, I accept love and my emotions! But don't mistaken, I'm still a king chosen by heavens itselfs! I'm going to keep moving in my path, I WILL BE HOLY EMPEROR OF EVERY UNIVERSE!'

"Ken, do you think Souther can win?" Lin asked. Kenshiro looked at golden man with hardened eyes, especially to his red eyes. He felt his hands started to shaken and muscles bulging. Like his battle instincts suddenly awakened.

"I met with numerous mans with eyes of either sadness or cruelty but never saw eyes like that. So fierce and cruel also strong! That young man isn't normal and with magic powers in here, I believe that visage is nothing more than fake. He needs to be really careful."

Joester Team Room,

"Oh, dear god." Jonathan put his hand to his face.

"Oh, god no." Jotaro felt like his PTSD started kick in.

"OH MY GOD!" Joseph yelled with his both hands on his cheeks.

"THERE ARE TWO DIO!" Three of them screamed at same time.

"They really act like DIO?" Jolyne asked to them.

"Just change the king word with kono DIO da, then you have a DIO." Jonathan answered to his great great… granddaughter.

Z Fighters Team Room,

"Anybody whose going to make a comment, I'm going to obliterate them!" Vegata warned to his team with very serious eyes.

"Is that so, PRINCE." Bulma teased his husband before anybody making a comment.

"Don't worry father, even thought you are not a king, you are still cooler than them." Trunks(kid) said innocently. Vegeta grumbled and silently cursed then turned his back to watch the fight

In the Arena,

"O-Okay, since both of the fighters are finally here we can start the fight. A tyrant who came from post apocaliptic World who knows as HOLY EMPEROR, SOUTHER! In the other corner, man who comes from same world with combatant Sasaki, his name is-" but before Koto finish her sentence red eyed man interrupted her.

"Silence lowly demon!" His tone like a cold metal which making Koto jump from her seat because of her insicts.

"W-WHAT?!" She asked him fearfully.

"This man right now doesn't deserve to know my true name. Contiune your sentences and I'm going turn you into kebab." Souther toke this as a insult but didn't care. If that kid wanted to die as a nobody, it was his choice.

"B-But then how am I going to introduce you?!" Koto asked to him still little shaken.

"Archer is fine for now. And definitely a real one, not a faker." He throwed smug smirk to the Fate Team Room. Upon hearing that Koto and Gyatz looked at Zenex for confirmtation, as a answer he shrugged like 'do whatever you want'.

"That motherf-" Archer nearly throwed an arrow to that bastard. 'Hope that guy has a secret power and kill you."

"Right… And in the other corner combatant knows as ARCHER!" Gyatz introduced him.

"START!" Juri officially started to match.

Shinigami Team Room,

"So like Sasaki, he's a spirit who managed to gain physical body with help of magic." Ichigo didn't know he should impressed at Archer or not. He was someone from history but his clothes are from modern times. And they couldn't feel his reisatsu because of these glasses.

"And I guess he's a another historical famous figure." Ukitake commented while hiding his smirk hiding his face with his fan. He was really interested at these antic heroes potential.

"I really don't like idea of bringing powerful spirits to human world with help of magic. It's too risky. Yoruichi, Urahara! I want you to investigate this subject." Yamamoto ordered them with serious tone.

Ghoul Team Room,

"So who do you think he is Kaneki?" Haise asked to his best friend.

"Why do you think I know who is he?" Kaneki answered back to him with looking little confused.

"You read books right?" Nishio gave him teasing smile.

"I read literature. That doesn't mean I know every historical figure." He answered with a deadpan.

"So you don't know?" this time Touka joined at teasing.

"He said he was a king. Since he doesn't look like egyptian, from his pride I can guess only one person. If he is really that person, then he must be truly dangeraous." Sasaki was just a samurai but he was powerful like a SS class ghoul. And if that man is who he thinks he is then right now they are looking at a true demigod.

In the Arena,

Gilgamesh analysed his foe, he was definitly muscular, he was from post apocaliptic world so he most likely from true human history where the idiots definietly bombed theirselfs. He didn't feel any magic power, there was a some sorta aura but it was probably KI. He guessed he was a martial artist but there was something wrong with him.

"I thought you were some kinda martial artist. If so why don't you take a stance." Gilgamesh asked while preparing to attack.

"Indeed I am. I'm sole successor of Nanto Hoo Ken, ultimate art of Nanto Sei Ken! I'm born under the Shosei, also know as Star of Leadership! I'm the king chosen by heavens itself!" after hearing this Gilgamesh stopped his attack and gave him a amused smile.

"Hoooo…. Heavens you say…" that was certainly great news, he always liked to piss on heavens and gods.

"Stances used for defense. A king doesn't need defense, all he needs dominance, attacking, destroying! Do you understand now?!" Souther declared arrogently and he opened both of his arms like saying throw everything you have to me.

Hero Corpation Team,

"This is…. certainly interesting point of view." Bang said with a sweatdrop.

"More like a dumbass view." Garou said with disinterested tone. Who cares some stupid star? He already acted like some stupid monster and now saying stances are for weaklings. What kinda martial artist let determine his fighting style to some sorta stupid destiny bullshit.

In the Arena,

"Fufufufufu… Hhahahhahah….HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are certainly right! A king needs to dominate if he wants to maintain his rule! Either BATTLES, POLITICS, HIS SUBJECTS and even his BEDROOM! HE NEEDS TO DOMINITE THEM ALL!" after his last word many of ladies blushed.

"So you understand my point of view, very good." Souther smirked to his opponent, which Gilgamesh answer was a giving him more crazed smile.

"YES! This is why instead of going easy on you I'm going to dominate this battle!" Upon his words many golden portals opened on above him.


Numerous weapons; swords, axes, lances, knifes sent from portals to Souther. Souther shocked at first but regaining composure, using his hands he deflected all. Deflecting them was easy for him, normal man would turn into shish kebab but Nanto has a secret technic to deflect projectiles and sending them back just like Hokuto.

Souther was angry, when he heard title of archer he knew his foe going send him projectiles. He was prepared for his. What he didn't prepare was number, speed and most importantly power of these weapons. He swored he heard explosion voices of some of the deflected weapons. If he lose his concentration for a second, he could easily die. He couldn't even send them back to the Archer. Only thing he can do is defending himself. THIS MAN DARED HIM TO MAKE DEFENSE. When the wave of weapons stopped he heard voices of presenters.


"This is the power of noble phantasm! Every servant has weapon, vehicle or item from their history. And I can confirm, every single weapon Archer send to Souther was noble phantasm! While we didn't explain, combatant Sasaki's noble phantasm was his technic TSUBAME GAESHI! " Koto explained.

Hellsing Team Room,

"This is interesting, I guess if you were summoned as a servant, either your vampiric nature or stakes would be your noble phantasm." Integra puffed from her cigar.

"I'm actually curious, they possibly summoned as from different classes. I wonder what is my class and version look like in that universe. I really like to meet him." Alucard said interested at both match and information.

"But I don't understand, how can he has so much NP?! Isn't that cheating?" Seras asked. Puffing from her cigar Integra answered her.

"Simple, none of those NPs are his real NP. His real NP must be an item which granting him to summon those weapons."

In the Arena

"Fuhahahahhah! What's the matter Holy Emperor! I thought you said defence for weaklings! So what are you doing now! I guess you are nothing more than a fake king!"

Hearing mocking of Archer boiled his blood, he knew his words are right. If he couldn't back his own words what kind of king he was. When second wave started he charged to Archer, deflecting every weapons in his path. When he was face to face with smiling Archer he raised his hand for killing blow only to realizing golden shinining on his head. He quickly jumped to right and contiune do that until swords stopped falling from air. He raised his foot to take a step but a sudden pain make him realize one of swords stabbed his foot.

Star Team Room,

"BAKANA! Souther is losing! And he couldn't even attack!" Rei yelled.

"I thought when Zenex said you can match with somebody similiar personality, it was going to be fair. But this is clearly one sided!" Bart said.

"Souther is the strongest Nanto Hoo Ken warrior and he has a clear advantage on Hokuto No Ken. But his fighting style clearly outmatched against this type opponent." Toki explained.

'Souther, what are you going to do now?' Ken thought.

In the Arena,

Souther take out sword stabbed his foot and looked at Archer hatefully. He knew he outclassed by him. Forget touching he couldn't go near him. No matter how many sword throw at himself he didn't look like he spent any energy. He first time in his life felt humiliation, even Kenshiro's way of finishing him didn't hurt his pride this much. But there was something different emotion suprassing it. It is same feeling when he fought with his father death. Survival instinct! And this emotion right now telling him he need to finish this fight in his next move or he was good as death. He felt his opponent still hiding his most deadly weapons.

"What's the matter fake king? Did you give up after all that fancy talk? In the end you proved yourself to be nothing more than a mongrel." Souther didn't effected by the taunt but he acted like he took to bait and charged with his full speed. Archer send another barrage of weapons, thinking he made his enemy making a mistake. Before weapons connected with him Souther suddenly vanished.

"Combatant Souther vanished but where did he go?!" Gyatz yelled holding his desk from excitement.

"He's fast!" Cu and also Medusa impressed at his speed.

"Where did he go!?" Bart said trying find Souther in the arena. Kenshiro pointed his finger to figure on the air.

"He's in the air! He managed jump to air before Gilgamesh weapons stabbed him!" Archer said.

"Dumbass! Now you don't have anywhere to run!" Gilgamesh send another barrage of weapons but fake king managed to deflect all of them with his hand. He was already halfway to reach him but Gilgamesh decided he prolonged this fight too much and to finished it, opened portals on air which surrounding Souther's every angle. Before he fire his weapons, Souther tilted his head to right and a light blinded his eyes.

"Spotlight! He must have jumped into the air to take advantage of the light!" Rin said.

"If he can manage to attack him now, he could defeat him!" Rei said.

"Here, let me return your weapons you gifted me Archer!" While Souther deflected most of the weapons, he managed to catch last ones. He wasn't naive to think blinding was going to be enough or throwing his weapons but with this he would have exposed to his final attack. After he threw the weapons, he put his arms on his chest like cross shaped to slice Archer. "DIE ARCHER!"


"Fool. Cheap trick like this doesn't work on me." Gilgamesh said, his weapons before touching his flesh turn into golden particles.



At least ten sword hit Souther's body making him sent to ground. Before he fell on the ground, he put his hands on the ground and with a backflip he landed on his feets without breaking his knees just like start of the match. He was torn apart by swords and become a bloody mess but he was still standing straight up.

"I can't believe it! Even with his condition combatant Souther refusing to fell on ground! It's so manly I want to cry!" Koto said putting her hand to her eyes actually crying.

Fate Team Room,

"Man, this guy just gained my respect! Even if he knew he's going to die, he's refusing to fall!" Cu said with feral smirk.

"He doesn't know when to quit. He's reminding of me someone I know." Illya said, throwing dirty look at his brother. Upon this Rin and Sakura also looked at him with same look.


Hero Team Room,

"Kirishima, what's the matter?" Mina asked, Kirishima was crying a river in his eyes.

"I know he is a tyrant and potentially a villan but he's just so MANLY!" Kirishima said and his crying become more extreme.

"Idiot." Bakugo said although he was still impressed.

Star Team Room,

"Souther… lost? Ken…" Souther once nearly killed Ken and now he was beaten like toddler in the arena. Lin looked at Archer's eyes and started to shaken. His eyes was too cold and she scared of him more than Raoh.

"Souther…" Ken hated Souther's actions, especially death of Shu and his son, but in the end he started respect him. Now it was hard to watch him die like nothing.

In the Arena,

"Mongrel. You still dare to standing still in front of your king. Accept you are nothing more than a worm and fall on your knees. After that I can at least give you a mercy." Gilgamesh wasn't lying, he was going to give him fast death but mongrel contiune to prolong this fight. Watching him making him remember red haired mongrel who dared beat him and it was making his blood boil.

"Don't be an idiot… a king never, ever fall on his knees…" Souther said started to take out weapons inside of his body. "I'M HOLY EMPEROR SOUTHER, A KING CHOSEN BY HEAVEN ITSELFS! SO I WILL NEVER FALL MY HEAD ON ANOTHER! I WILL NEVER RUN! NEVER GROVEL! NEVER LOOK BACK!" Upon declaration Gilgamesh look at him with unreadable look on his face.

"Forgieve my rudeness, I was wrong about you. You are truly someone who's holding a king's spirit. As a matter of respect I will give you a death suit to the king with one of my named swords." From a golden portal more beautiful and fancy sword came out to Gilgamesh's hand.

"I'm grateful. Then for a sign of my respect, I'm gonna show you ultimate art and stance of Nanto Hoo Ken!" Souther opened and raised his arms on his head.


"T-pose!? Hahaahhaha! Amusing! KOI HOLY EMPEROR!" Gilgamesh yelled with a smile as raising his sword for finishing blow.

Souther jumped to air, golden aura started to come out his body. This aura started to take shape of wings. As he glided towards to Gilgamesh he looked like a legendary bird. Everyone watching this fight awed at Souther's look and technic.

"This is nearly look like my technic but without flames." Ikkı shocked at someone using similiar technic with him. 'Archer, if you would my opponent I swear I will beat you unlike Souther.'

"So from his ashes, he become a phoenix, interesting-yoi" Marco said interested at the technic.

There wasn't any clash, everything happened in split second. As Souther pass Gilgamesh, he swing his sword. Ground splitted both sides of Gilgamesh as a prove of Souther's power. A little cut opened on Gilgamesh's cheek as a result their clash while Souther's head fly on his body to the ground.


"Winner is Archer!" Juri announced.

As a respect Gilgamesh look at his fallen opponent and turn his head to smiling Zenex. He gave him look saying 'You will be next' and then into his spirit spirit form, vanished from arena.

After the Fight

Giant man was sitting on his throne and looking at staff carefully carriying Souther's dead body and his head. They were respectful to his body, either it was Zenex's order or they also imperessed at Souther's spirit.

"Souther… so you fallen in your first fight. I wanted to fight against you once more in this tournament but I guess that's impossible now." Man now as Rah-Oh standed up and unleashed his KI to entire room. If there was normal man or woman in the room they either fainted or died from not being able to breathe.

"You lost because you chosen by heavens itself but just like me there are people in here who choose to fight against heavens! Mark my words I, Ra-Oh will not humilated like you! Archer, I hope you will be my opponent because I will show you true meaning of fist!"