Chapter 1:

Markus Henderson was chilling out under Williamsburg Bridge, content with his homeless lifestyle. Oh yeah, he forgot to mention that part: he was homeless.

He was lying down in his worn out (and dirty) sleeping bag, watching the deep black sky. The clouds were twisting and churning, crackling with energy as it drizzled heavily. He never did like the rain. Some people found it calming in different ways. He just didn't like it because it got him soaked all over.

His scraggy black tee-shirt and grey jeans were weary and beaten down. His messy black hair and sea green eyes showed signs of misery and survival instinct: honed from his five years of defending himself from supposed "hoodlums" and "gangbangers"(and no, not those kind of gangbangers. Dirty minds). Now all that he was thinking about was which dumpster he could find his next meal and what shops to steal from.

Apparently, the reason he was homeless was because his mother died when he was seven years old. Yeah, tragic story that. All he could remember was her saving him from a horde of monsters, ripped straight from several horror books he used to read when he was younger.

He remembered screaming for his mum, for her to help me, to run, to do just about anything except confront the monsters. His house was destroyed, his mum dead, his world destroyed. Yeah, typical orphan drama.

Now he was miserable, depressed and paranoid from living on the streets. He couldn't go to an orphanage; they'd just mock him for his loss. He didn't dare go to the police about this. One word of monsters and they'd whip him up to an asylum or a mental care hospital. So that left him the option of living on the streets. It wasn't all bad; he learned how to steal, how to fight(he didn't think watching several thugs brawl counted as that but whatever) and more importantly, how the world worked.

No one was willing to help a kid survive. It was supposedly survival of the fittest out here. And he was content with that. He eventually learned the rules out here(with some harrowing experiences but they still helped) and adapted to them. He figured out how to work out a system to live properly out here. And it has worked so far for him.

That system became broken when he heard hissing. Markus thought it was some snake, but immediately alarm bells went off in his head, and he knew this was no mere snake. The slithering got louder and he turned to see a woman that was ten feet tall. She had green scaly skin with black hair and wore armour. Like old fashioned armour from medieval times or something. She even had a shield and spear. Instead of legs she had twin sepent trunks, which seemed out of place on her.

"I found you, half-blood." The demonic looking woman hissed at the young boy.

"Uh, wassup?" Markus said, not really knowing what to say to the creepy ass woman. Seriously, who let this thing out of its cage?

The snake-like woman looked confused, like it wasn't used to this type of reaction when coming into contact with her. "Are you mocking me, little godling?" she hissed out.

Godling? he wondered. Markus was wondering if he was delusional, or somehow ate something bad from one of his dumpster raids. It was entirely possible.

"Uh, no?" He made it sound like a question, because he sure as hell didn't know. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say, as the snake lady slithered up closely for a second.

Markus had time to blink before he rolled out of his sleeping bag, letting it get impaled by the snake lady's spear. Now he had two things going on in his head: one; she's freaking fast! And two; I'm going to avenge my old sleeping bag, you monster!

Markus cried out and dodged as she went for a second swing for her spear. He wondered how he wasn't skewered yet. "Get back here, half-blood! Let me take your head!" she demanded, stabbing the spear into the ground as Markus ducked and rolled out of her thrusts.

He was thankfully given enough time to move, as she had to pull her spear out of the ground before aiming again. His heart was pounding in his ears, as he wondered what the hell was going on! Markus was able to come up with an idea, a crazy idea but still an idea. While the snake-lady got her spear stuck in the ground, Markus leaped out, lashing a kick, striking the woman in her chest plate.

While this did end up with his leg throbbing from pain (what the hell was he thinking, kicking armour like that?), this did startle her. Following up with that, he shouldered her, tackling her down and leaving him with the spear still lodged in the ground. Great, now his leg and shoulder hurt like a bitch.

Nevertheless, he tried yanking her spear out of the ground with some difficulty. Eventually, he succeeded. While the spear was heavy in his hands, and he never used an actual weapon in his life, he stabbed at it, her, whatever. The spear got lodged in her chest, and the snake-lady shrieked an ugly yell of pain.

He tried not taking satisfaction from that, but he couldn't stop the wide grin spreading across his face at the pain he caused her. That happy feeling he felt quickly ebbed away when the bitch hadn't died yet. She struck, bashing her shield into his stomach. Markus doubled over in pain, berating himself for forgetting about her damned shield. She tried going for another strike, but he rolled away, despite his apparent pain everywhere.

When he was able to concentrate properly, she had got her spear dislodged. While he again berating himself for not stabbing harder, where he stabbed her spear on chest, there was gold dust leaking out of her, rather than blood. Hell, she was still dripping gold dust from where her wound was.

"Now you die, boy!" she roared in rage. He just had time to hear that threat before she lunged. Markus dodged, as his senses went haywire, like he could see so much more than he usually did. Despite his numbness, he could tell how the thing was moving and how to get out in time. It seemed her injury seemed to be weighing her down. He could say the same thing however. If it weren't for that stab wound the bitch had, he'd probably be dead by now.

When the creature made another lunge, Markus ducked, then stumbled, tripping over his feet and landing in the East River nearby. While this would normally be disadvantageous in a battle, that wasn't the case for him. When his body touched the water, it felt like he was re-energized, like he got several adrenaline boosts many times over.

Markus pondered on why he felt like this, he never really had any incidents where he felt like this in water. Even his previous injuries from before somehow have healed. He didn't know how any of this occurred. He did know one thing though. That snake bitch was going to pay. Feeling a fire boiling in his stomach, Markus re-emerged from the river. He leaped up, still brimming with his adrenaline-filled high. When he looked back again at the snake-lady, she seemed almost….frightened.

Markus grinned in return.

"You are hisssss ssssson?" she hissed angrily and fearfully. Markus didn't know what she was talking about or whose son he was, but he ignored it. With a roar he jumped, kicking out with both feet and slamming into her shield, breaking it and leaving her open. He then yanked her spear from her and (properly this time) stabbed her through her chest, right where his previous attack was.

She shrieked again, this time in pain, and exploded in gold, gear included. After a moment his senses went back to normal and his adrenaline-filled high left him. He collapsed, his body feeling dead tired. He groaned, this time in exhaustion. His vision started swimming. He felt like passing out. Markus didn't know how what happened actually did happen, or why the snake-lady exploded into gold dust, but he didn't care. He couldn't just pass out on the street, being vulnerable when some thug or, even worse, a police officer came. So he started shuffling towards the river, intent on getting stronger again.

He didn't know why he felt such towards it, but he did know that he couldn't just lie there. It seemed crazy, but so did being attacked by a supposed hallucination in the form of a snake-lady. He crawled towards the river, his strength leaving him with each movement made. When he got to the bank of the river, he couldn't keep his eyes opened. Eventually, mumbling, "Screw it," he tumbled in the water, being revitalized but also sleepy at the same time. With the thought of hopefully arriving to safety, he slowly closed his eyes, the water taking him away.

He came to when his back hit solid, muddy ground. His feet were still in the shore, but he didn't know which shore. He didn't even know where he was. Slowly opening his eyes, Markus could tell the air was muggy, like it was the middle of summer. Much warmer than his sleeping bag and living space had been. Yep, and it had rained too, he could tell.

He craned his neck, which hurt to do so, and almost saw a pine tree in the distance. He was wondering where he was when he heard the sound of running and galloping, followed by some voice.

"Chiron, there's someone out there, near the shore!" a male voice called out, sounding older.

Fortunately, his (hopefully) rescuer gingerly picked him up.

"Where…", he mumbled then stopped abruptly, still feeling exhausted. He felt the guy holding him started running. He looked to see where they were going towards a big blue house.

Markus looked at his saviour and saw a pair of icy blue eyes staring back at him. The black edges of his vision engulfed him, and that was the last thing he saw.

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