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Chapter 1 - Haunting Nightmares

It seems the more we talk, the less I have to say,
Lets put our differences aside, wanted to make you proud,
but I just got in your way, I found a place that I can hide,
Now everything is changing, but I still feel the same,
We're running out of time,

After everything that had happened with the Ghost Riders, we all were starting to finally believe that everything would all go back to normal and that we could all start to lead normal lives again-Well as normal as normal can be in a supernatural town like Beacon Hills can be anyway.

I ended up hiding out at Mason's place due to the fact that I couldn't bring myself into going back to face my parents since I knew that they didn't even care about me anyway, so here I was trapped with no place to call home other then being in the comforting arms of my loving boyfriend.

The nightmares didn't start until after the Ghost Riders and the Nazi Werewolf had vanished, and as hard as I tried to think about anything else, somehow it seemd like my subconscious had other plans, and every night as I closed my eyes all I would see would be images inside my brain full of nothing but death, blood, and fear. Dead bodies piled up all around me, and what was worse was that each and every time I woke up screaming there would be a nasty taste of blood filling up inside my mouth.

"Don't worry, we'll figure this out." Mason whispered gently in my ear one night after he had to hold me in order to calm me down from screaming. "We'll be okay, it's probably just nothing." Of course I wanted to believe him, but that's of course when I began to get a sinking feeling that as hard as we wanted to believe it, that Beacon hills would never be normal, which ment that all of us in Scott's pack would never be able to fully become human ever again.

What do I have to do?
To try and make you see, that this is who I am, and it's all that I can be,
I try to find myself, looking inside your eyes, you're all that I wanted to be,
There must be something else, behind all the lies, that you wanted me to believe,
now everyone is saying, that I should find a way, to leave it all behind,
What do I have to do? to try and make you see, that this is who I am, and it's all that I can be,
What do I have to do?

To try and make you see, trying to be like you,
isn't good enough for me, and I wont let you go, and I wont let you down,
and I wont give you up, don't you give up on me now,

what do I have to do?
to try and make you see, that this is who I am, and
It's all that I can be,
What do I have to do?

tryin to be like you, isn't good enough for me

The next day at school, I found myself not being able to concentrate, and it seemed as though every little tiny noise that entered my field of hearing somehow became amplified. The drumming of pencils on desks as students stared hard at the papers in front of them, the shuffling of feet as other students became fidgety with the anticipation of completing the assignment. It became so unbearable that I ended up excusing myself from the room. I had to get out of there, and all I wanted to do was just disappear from the world completely.

As I made my way down the hall toward the gym, I suddenly became extremely dizzy and lightheaded. My body started to shake and I began tipping over, falling onto any locker I could reach. My head was spinning and my heart was pumping, blood flowing quickly through my veins. What the hell is happening to me? Finally I stumbled into the room of the gymnasium falling to the floor as the door shut behind me. My breathing became hard and shallow pumping out of me as though I was suffocating.

"Corey? hey you okay?" Suddenly I felt a pair of hands grip ahold of me and wrap around me embracing me and I knew instinctively who it was. "it's okay Corey, you're alright." Mason whispered gently in my ear. "Just breatheā€¦breatheā€¦"

As I listened to Mason's words gently soothing me I could feel my pulse weakening and my breathing turning calm and steady. Pulling away from him now I fell back to the ground panting heavily. "Are you okay?" Mason asked in a concerned tone as I looked up at him and gently shook my head.

"Something isn't right." I said softly. "I feel like my entire body's going to collapse and I don't know why."

Tears at this point began filling up inside my eyes as I struggled to hold my emotions back, but as hard as I tried my cheeks still became wet as the tears made their way down to the ground. I felt Mason's arms wrap around me again as he pulled me in close and kissed me. "It's going to be alright Corey," He said softly. "We'll figure this out together alright?" I nodded slowly and soon found myself giving into the pleasure of Mason's kisses by returning a few of my own.

The next night was more then just a nightmare, it was a memory. A memory of when I had almost lost Mason to the Beast. I could feel my hands trembling by my side and my body beginning to quake in fear despite the fact that I was asleep. Mason had been the first person I had truly let in, not even Theo, could compare to how I felt about him and it began to feel like my entire life was falling apart.

First, I had died at the hands of the Dread Doctors, then became some kind of creature that I couldn't explain, and he could feel my heart breaking in my chest every time I thought of my parents and how much I wanted them to love me.

The feeling of being alone was overwhelming, and even now as the images in my dream shifted, I began to see Mason now who was staring at me with an intense unwelcoming gaze almost like he was upset with me about something. "Mason?" I tried to open my mouth to speak to him, but nothing would come out, and it felt as if I was actually talking to him rather then just dreaming.

"Mason, what's going on?" I tried to ask him again, and still there was nothing coming out of me. It was almost like I had just suddenly gone mute and a feeling of fear had suddenly pierced my stomach. Something was wrong. Seriously wrong.

Suddenly an overwhelming smell of blood reached my nostrils and it was then that I noticed my arm which was outstretched toward Mason and to my unimaginable horror I saw my hand curled into a fist right through Mason's body. The feeling of fear grew worse within me, and all at once the dizziness I had felt earlier began to overtake me again. Once again, I could feel my body shaking, and the blood pumping from my pounding heart. No! I screamed inside my head as I tried to wake myself up. This isn't happening, it's only a dream, wake up! Wake up!

Tears formed in my eyes as I began to panic and tried to pull myself back away from Mason, but the more I made an attempt to, the worse things became, and as I saw him beginning to cough up blood, I knew I had done more then just hurt him.

"Corey? Corey!" At that point I could hear Mason's voice reaching me but the horror of the nightmare wouldn't leave me until I felt a surge of pain shoot through my body. Screaming out of both fear and pain I sat up in the bed shaking and crying. My body shaking so uncontrollably that I couldn't stop. "Easy, it was just a nightmare." Mason whispered gently but I shook my head and couldn't even bring myself to look at him. Why was this happening to me? Why was I seeing the one person I had let into my life being hurt by my own hands?

TOO BE CONTINUED...Hope you enjoyed the first part of my new Teen Wolf story, and are looking forward for more. Chapter 2 will be coming soon.