Today wasn't That Bad

Edit: I just realized that title was messed up. My bad... (it's kinda embarrassing)

"Ugh… where am I? Happy, Mira?" Natsu groggily woke up when he felt his stomach turn and flip as if he was on a train that suddenly stopped. He sat up from a surprisingly comfy pillow he never knew he had and yawned. 'I guess Happy went and bought new ones.' Natsu thought, rubbing the drowsiness out of his eyes, "Welp, best go get ready for Mira's photo shoot with-"

"How was your nap, Natsu?"

Natsu didn't want to open his eyes. He didn't want his nightmare to be true… but, the voice he heard confirmed it.


"Yes, it's me. Come on, we have to go," Erza sat up from her spot on the chair and forcefully made Natsu stand up, "We're going to miss our stop if you don't hurry up." As Erza helped Natsu out of the train, he sighed heavily.

'I guess this is how it's gonna be…' Natsu thought wistfully. After hearing the news that Erza was going with him instead of Mira, he wanted to pee himself. It's not that he didn't like Erza… it's because she can be exhausting to deal with. With Mira, he would be able to get through this thing in a jiffy. But Erza was new to this, he would have to then act like a mentor of some sort which he certainly didn't like.

Although, all the thought put in that claim went out of Natsu's head the minute they exited the doors, "Mother Earth, oh how I love you so!" Natsu yelled cheerfully, kissing the ground eccentrically, "Sometimes I wish I was glued to you!"

"I'm glad you met your soulmate Natsu but now we have to go. Turns out the photo shoot for the magazine is in Akane resort and the check-ins are almost closed." Erza took charge and lifted Natsu up from the ground and as said person clearly saw the sparkles that shone in her eyes.

"Really, Akane resort? I've never been there for this shit." Natsu said plainly, getting a slap on the head from Erza.

"Watch your language."

"Aye, sir!"

"I'm a woman."

"A-aye ma'am!"


The duo of powerful mages then left the station and headed to the resort, one with a smile and the other with sweat dripping down his face. Even though Natsu was abnormally scared of Erza, he didn't mind being around her alone… with none of his other friends to help him from dying soon… Okay, he did mind, but all the fear he had left his being when he got a good glimpse of her bright smile that she rarely ever showed. If staying with her and doing this kind of stuff makes Erza happy, Natsu didn't mind enduring it at all.

"Akane resort, here we come!" Natsu yelled excitedly as he roughly and unexpectedly grabbed Erza's wrist, running his way through the city with his red-haired friend behind.

"W-what, Natsu! Just what do you think you're doing!?" Erza said with an unseen blush as she was literally being towed by Natsu at high speeds.

"Let's go Erza! Last one there's a dirty, crushed, smelly, rotten egg that has to do anything the winner says!" Natsu yelled enthusiastically, still pulling Erza behind him until she suddenly began to run with him while he let his own hand go.

"You're going to regret this!" Erza yelled as she slowly began to get in front of Natsu, "I'm going to have you buy me all the cake I want!"

"Well you're gonna buy me all the flaming steak I want, Erza!" Natsu slowly but surely got closer to Erza as it went back and forth with the pair yelling what they're going to have the other do when they win. It, of course, ended in a tie but with neither of them wanting to admit the fact.

"Ya totally know I won this, right?" Natsu said walking to the registration desk at the very luxurious hotel room. They made it to their destination in a very short time thanks to their running, in fact, it wasn't even sunset yet and they had time to spare after the registrations.

"Ha, you're kidding! We both know I won." Erza said with a triumphant smile as the two made it to the desk with the lady there looking at them weirdly.

"Like hell you did, if I didn't win then it had to be a tie, no other option." Natsu said in finality while Erza just scoffed and was about to have a comeback but the registration lady in front of them had other plans.

"Um, excuse me, but are you two here for something or not?" She asked in annoyance because it seemed like she didn't even exist(did anyone catch the pun). This was when Erza fixed her stature and presented herself correctly.

"I'm sorry. We're here to get our hotel rooms." Erza said in her usual stern and ready commanding voice as a little blush hit her face from embarrassment.

"Yeah, just check the list under Sorcerer's Weekly, you'll find Natsu "Salamander" Dragneel and Erza "Titania" Scarlet." Natsu said with a happy grin, smiling joyfully at the cute face Erza made when she's bashful.

"Ah, yes, I see. You can go in your room 425. Here are your keys," The lady said impatiently. She unlocked a drawer in front of her and took out two keys to said room number, "The resort has been renovated, so the way the hotels are set has changed. The first number indicates the floor and the other two represent the actual room. If that's all you can leave now."

"Thanks a bunch lady!" Natsu said happily while Erza took the keys, walking away with Natsu. After getting a good distance away from the front suite of the resort, Erza swiftly knocked Natsu on the head, looking at him with disapproval.

"It's rude to say that to someone when you don't know them." Erza said sternly as they got onto a magic elevator.

"Well, I'm sorry if that's the case. Just warn me not to say it next time, geez," Natsu pouted while rubbing his sore head, "Anyway, I can't wait to see my room. I bet it's gonna be awesome since the lady said they just made things better!"

"It was a renovation Natsu. That doesn't necessarily mean that things are made better. But… the lady did say room 425… does that mean we share a room?" Erza asked suddenly, putting a finger under her lip.

"Hmm, probably, I don't care really. I can sleep on the couch or floor if you're uncomfortable." Natsu said shrugging his shoulders as the doors of the elevator opened to their floor.

"Really Natsu, we bathed together, I pretty sure I can handle sleeping on a bed with you." Erza said definitively.

"Okay, suit yourself. Happy has told me that I'm a heavy sleeper." Natsu warned with a small smile forming on his face. They walked down the hall in a silence, waiting to see their room number. It wasn't long until they did and Erza stopped the both of them, taking out the keys.

"Oh, well this is new. These keys and locks seem much more secure." Erza said impressed as she looked at both items with curiosity.

"Eh, what do you mean?" Natsu asked dumbly, scratching his head. All he saw was a regular door with a weirdly shaped piece of metal. He didn't get the big deal with it. When building his house, Natsu didn't even bother with a lock 'cause who the hell is gonna sneak in the woods to steal stuff from nothing? Honestly, he didn't have much valuables except his scarf and Jewels he kept hidden under his wooden flo- oops, said too much.

"Well, you see, this lock is able to recognize the temporary users of this room by inputting your magic into the keys. Pretty ingenious I must say." Erza said while she took the piece of metal in her hand as it glowed a soft pink color. Sliding it through the keyhole, she twisted it and opened the door, revealing the magnificence that was the hotel they were staying in.

The room released a cool air that hit their faces as the duo of mages looked in awe at the place. Walking through the door, the first thing you see is the huge clear glass window which showed the view of the beach perfectly, letting in the natural light. By the windows was a dining table for five with it being crafted from sand colored marble. The whole entry room was a elegant kitchen with a lacrima screen to the left wall for news. Turning to the right, there was a small hallway leading to the bedroom as there were also some bathrooms along the way. Opening the door to the room, Natsu instantly jumped on the sand designed bed that was shaped like an oval. The whole composition of the walls was a tannish color, matching the furniture and the bottom half of it being velvet red, matching the rug covered floor.

"This! Is! AWESOME!" Natsu screamed in joy as he continued to jump in the bed. Erza simply smiled at his antics, giving her own input.

"Yes, I must agree with you Natsu. This is pretty nice." Erza said amusingly. Looking around the room, she saw that on the counter near the bed was a white note with the back being written in cursive. Walking over there in curiosity, Erza picked up the letter and opened it, also happening to get Natsu's attention.

"What's that?" Natsu asked as he jumped off the bed, standing by Erza's side while he looked at the piece of paper.

Turning the envelope, Erza read the back of it, "To Mr. Salamander and Mrs. Titania. From Jason."

"God damn it, it's him. I've lost my interest, Imma go now." Natsu was about to walk away until Erza roughly grabbed his collar, stopping him from leaving.

"This is addressed to both of us. We should at least give it a look." Erza said sternly while Natsu grunted in response. Opening the note in the envelope, Erza began to read a loud.

"Dear Cool Fairy Tail members-"

"Let me burn it! This is already so irritating!" Natsu fumed lighting his hands on fire.

"Don't use your magic in here Natsu. You could burn the whole place… again," Erza sweat-dropped at the memory of that, "Anyway, I'm going to continue. Dear Cool Fairy Tail members, This is Jason speaking-"

"No shit."

"I wrote this to tell you what will happen during your stay. This photo shot will probably take a few days as the Sorcerer Weekly wants this to be as cool as possible. I know you just got here to night so take all the rest you need. Tomorrow will be a cool day and I want this project to turn out super cool as well. Can't wait to meet you cool people. If you have anymore questions, ask me tomorrow and I will answer them in more detail. Ps, You will be given cool different outfits to wear for different photos. Pss, you guys are the coolest."

By the end of the letter, Natsu could be visible seen shaking in frustration while Erza just sighed, "Fine, you can burn it." She said reluctantly giving him the piece of paper while he grinned mischievously.

"Hahaha! Die, die!" Natsu yelled as he watched the paper crumbling into ash, "Ahh, that feels better." Natsu said sighing blissfully.

"Well, it better. I don't want you to blow a fuse when we're going to go check out the beach." Erza said walking away from the pyro.

"Huh? But it's so late, why would you want to go?" Natsu asked confused.

"I'm not going to go in the water. I'm going to take a walk on the beach. It's peaceful at night," Erza stated requipping in a more comfortable outfit. She wore a blue v-neck blouse with a white see through jacket over it. For pants, Erza had short jeans with black sandals on her feet. Finally, her hair was done in pony tail, "You don't have to come if you don't want to."

"Nah, it's fine. I'll come anyway, it seems nice." Natsu said happily as he followed Erza out the door and into the elevator. Eventually, they got to the beach shore and marveled at the clear sky that showed that stars twinkling.

"Wow, that's one helluva view." Natsu said in awe, looking up at the night sky with a small grin.

"Come on, I want to see the rest of this place." Erza instructed while Natsu caught up with her pace and trodden the calming beach which had almost no people as Erza said.

"I'd never thought that you'd like this stuff Natsu." Erza said, impressed with how serene Natsu was contrasted with his usual hot-headed brash behavior.

"Well, I live in the woods and this is a sight I see almost every night. It helps calm me down after a busy day 'cause… well, it reminds me of my time with Igneel as kid and all the times he told me stories about the Dragons that lived in the stars. It's nice to relive those moments even if they're just memories." Natsu explained, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. He looked wearily at Erza's response to only to see her looking back at him.

"I can't believe you never told anybody that, Natsu. And why me?" Erza asked puzzled.

"Hehe, well it's not really a secret. It's just that, no one ever comes close to that topic so I don't bother answering. Plus, it's kinda embarrassing." Natsu sheepishly said, making up an excuse for his silence on the matter.

"I... see. I have something similar to that as well. When I was in the Tower of Heaven, I used to look up at the sky to see the moon and stars. There was only one window in the cellar so I took as much time I had to look at it. In my eyes, the sight was simply enchanting." Erza explained strenuously, having a hard time of getting passed her troubles and telling Natsu this.

Feelin the tension in the air, Natsu spoke, "Thanks for sharing that, Erza. I never knew you had a girly side at all."

That statement got under her skin, "Of course I do dummy! I am a girl of course."

"I know, but it's hard to think of it that way when you're always beating me!" Natsu yelled back in defense.

"Hmpf, that's because you always act like a child. I never knew you could be so grown-up." Erza shot back while Natsu growled in response. Figuring out a way to get back at her, Natsu quickly tied his scarf around his forehead and headed towards the water.

"Holy heck! Did you see that Erza!?" Natsu screamed in pretend shock, but Erza didn't catch on. She curiously looked towards the water as Nasu went in the ocean, looking like he's searching for something.

"What is it?" Erza asked dumbly as she let her curiosity take over and walked in the water as well.

"It was like some sparkling thing in the water I saw. It has to be some kinda treasure or somethin'!" Natsu smiled grimly as he saw Erza's face light up at the sound of treasure.

"Treasure… money… cake… strawberries…" Erza instantly jumped in the ocean water and started looking around with Natsu, "We have to find this treasure to see whether it's real or not. This could buy me a fortune of strawberry cheesecakes!" She said the last part to herself, not wanting Natsu to know her real reason for joining this hunt.

"Hahaha! Gotcha!"

"What do you me- kyaa!" Erza screamed in shock as she felt freezing cold water hit her body as she shivered vigorously, "S-s-s-o-o t-this-s was-s-s y-y-our-r-r p-p-pla-an a-a-l-l a-a lo-n-ng!?"

"Hahaha! Of course it was! And you fell for it! Hahahahaha!" Natsu laughed triumphantly, holding his stomach to stop the laughter, "Ya know, you sound cute when you scream like that."

Erza's face turned bright red at this, but Natsu could actually see it because it was so dark out, "Natsu… I'm gonna kill you." Erza said dangerously.

"Eh? What now? C-come on Erza, it's just a joke to lighten up the mood… right?" Natsu trembled in his boots, fearing what exactly was going to happen to him. Seeing her body flash in a bright gold, he felt the blood drain from his face, "Seriously, you're gonna take it this far!? Why do you have to use your Sea Empress armor!?"

"You did this to yourself," Erza said in a scarily calm way, bringing her sword over her head, "Be gone!" Smashing her weapon in the water, a tremendous amount of formed into a wave and sent Natsu out into the depths of the sea.

Crying out in agony, Natsu screamed, "Why meee!"

As the wave subsided, Erza saw the error of her ways. Now she has to do more work and find the idiot. 'I should have just knocked him out again.'

After an hour or so of searching, she found his lifeless body floating above water, moving with the waves. Using her Flight armor, Erza dragged him to him shore and laid him on the sand.

"Natsu… hey, Natsu," Erza called out, slapping him on the face, "Oh boy." She said to herself as she started to pumped his chest to get the water out of his lungs. Over and over she tried but he still wasn't reviving, "Please don't tell I have to do... that." Erza said gulping at the end. Deciding that there was no other way, she leaned down to his face with a big blush, waiting for the contact… but she stopped mid-way.

"Like hell I'm going to do it!" Erza screamed in denial as she punched down on Natsu's chest, "Wake up, Natsu! Wake up!" And just like that, Natsu spat out a gallon of water and sat up quickly, "Oh, good, you're alright."

"No thanks to you!" Natsu yelled before passing out again from exhaustion.

"God, you're a hand full. Oh well, let's go." Erza once again lifted him up on her back and headed towards their hotel with Natsu sleeping soundly on her shoulder. 'Hmm, he looks cute like that. Wait, what did I just say? Nevermind, I'll just put him on the bed and sleep next to him. Because of him I'm soaking wet and his naturally unnatural body heat should prevent me from getting sick. I wonder if he'll notice if I cuddle with him while he sleeps. Huh? What was that again? I mean, I'll lay close to him to get more heat. Yeah, that's it.'

And so, they made it to their room with Erza requiring out of her wet clothes and into her pink pajamas. She decided she had to take Natsu's clothes off as well, so she stripped him, stopping at his underwear. She just didn't want the bed to get wet too. Lying close to him under the covers for warmth, Erza thought about the events of today and realized that it wasn't half bad.

She couldn't wait to spend tomorrow with Natsu.