Richard Castle never returned to the precinct after Headhunters. Inspired by prolonged exposure to my favourite writer, and a Meatloaf song. I am sorry.

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Two out of Three.

Richard Castle never returned to the 12th precinct after his ill-conceived jaunt with the detective from Gangs. After his bruises healed, he packed up his daughter and moved them both to LA, thankful she had changed her mind about Stanford's early admission rejection. There, at the urging of his publisher and agent, he returned to his playboy lifestyle, a different big-busted blonde on his arm – or sometimes on both arms - for each event, although he always went home alone. He revived Derek Storm, and produced a book every year, which seemed to keep Black Pawn happy. He refused to do book events in New York.

Kate Beckett served out her suspension for going rogue after Maddox with ill grace, spending hours in the local boxing gym and wandering forlornly along Crosby Street, but never seeing the lights on in the corner loft. When the fan sites started reporting about Castle's exploits in LA, she doubled her time at the gym and the thickness of the walls around her heart.

Eight months later she ran into Josh Davidson at a charity ride, and after too many drinks, she allowed him to take her home. They resumed their casual relationship, but this time Josh wanted more. He wooed her and gave up his overseas trips, hoping she would reciprocate now that the mystery writer was out of the picture. While she did allow him access to her body, after all she had urges too, she kept one foot firmly out the door and never invited him into her home. This didn't bother Josh, as he considered his place to be more comfortable anyway, and assumed she would just move in after the wedding. He bought the ring and planned a wonderful dinner at Le Cirque, after which he dropped to one knee right there in the restaurant and proposed. Kate jumped to her feet, shook her head and bolted. Days later, after countless missed calls and voicemails Josh came home to a letter from Kate under his door.


I am sorry for running out on you, but I couldn't deal with your proposal. I am sorry for ever giving you the impression that I was ready for anything more than a casual relationship. I have enjoyed our time together, and the sex was great, but I can never love you, and I think it's best if we go our separate ways. I hope you find someone who can love you and give you what you want.


Detective Beckett threw all her effort and passion into her work, breaking records for case closures and earning multiple commendations for her dedication to duty. Lieutenant Beckett accepted the promotion to Captain of her precinct when it was offered to her, and buried herself in paperwork and red tape. She never uncovered the deeper conspiracy surrounding her mother's murder.