Author's Note: This is an idea I got from Writer of Worlds. You should give him/her credit of this. :)

Note: This is an AU. (Example: Link, Zelda, and Toon Link are siblings.)

Shippings: Link X Pit, side Link X Falco (this ship will become important later)

Link was having a great time walking with his boyfriend Pit. They both started hanging out together for a mouth now. Right now they were walking around the forest garden. Link started to breathe in the cold air, holding Pit's hand.

"It looks so beautiful.", said the angel. "You don't mind if I go fly around right?"

Link nodded and said, "Don't worry. I'll wait for you here." The angel smiled at the hylian, and started to fly around. Link watched as his boyfriend flew loops in the sky. He slowly started to close his eyes, seeing Pit just flying around made him wait for him. He was about to take a nap, but then he heard a bang.

His eyes shot open, shocked to see Pit falling down like a shotted bird. Link manage to catch the angel, then tears went down his face as he saw a bullet almost touching the angel's heart. "P-Pit?", Link whimpered. No response. The hylian then ran out of the forest garden, carrying his boyfriend. Hoping that it's not too late.

Later that day he is at the hospital, pacing around the waiting area. He didn't realized that he bumped into someone else. Falco. "Hey!", the ace shouted. "Watch where you're going!"

"Sorry Falco. Why are you here anyways?", Link asked.

"Fox hurt his arm. I'm just here to wait for him. But why are you here? I thought you're with your pathetic boyfriend."

"Falco! Pit's not pathetic!", shouted Link. "Why do you always insult me?" The hylian sighed. "Look, I'm here because of him. I saw a bullet on his chest, and I rushed him to the hospital."

Then, Dr. Mario came in and said, "Link, please come with me." Link nodded, and followed him.

'Why don't you notice me?', Falco thought as Link left.

The plumber/doctor lead the hylian to a room where Pit is in. "Mario. Is Pit going to be okay?", Link asked.

"So far, we're not really sure.", replied Dr. Mario. "The bullet was really close to his heart. He's lucky that he didn't die from it. But I'm afraid he's put into a coma 'cause of that." Link gasped with shock, fear, and sadness.

"How long is he going to stay like that?", the hylian asked.

"About 3 months.", replied Dr. Mario. Tears threatened to fall down Link's face. The hylian said nothing, all he did was just walk out.

The next day, Link stayed quiet during school. Not wanting to talk to anyone. Not even his sister Zelda, and little brother Toon Link. School just finished for today, and the hylian just walked home. Fox, Falco, and Wolf saw him just leave.

"What's wrong with him.", asked Falco. "He's just acting how his skills are. Weak." Both kitsunes stared at him. "What. It's true."

"That's fine.", said Fox. "That's just how you are towards Link. I don't know why though."

The hylian overheard the pilot's conversation. Maybe Falco was right. He's just weak. He couldn't even save Pit from being shot. He shaked his head, trying to take out those thoughts out of his head.

"Link?" He heard a voice calling him. It was Zelda. "Link are you okay. I haven't heard from you all day. It seems you really love Pit, don't you?" Link nodded. Then something, or someone came across his mind.

'I think I know who put him into a coma.', he thought. "I'll see you later Zelda." Then the hylian walked away.

A/N: I still like the Link X Pit ship. It's one of my OTPs. But I'm just going to pay attention to my other favourite ship. Hope you enjoy it. Chapter 2 coming soon. :3