29/11/1992 - Today I began tracking the movements of a probable skizer-gnatt infestation around the east tower. I've had some success with the turnip paste though results are sketchy. Tomorrow I will try adding onion.

Who are you and what in the name of Merlin's beard are you talking about?


Hello. Who are you? Where is Ginny?


Yes Ginny.

Ginny Weasley?

Yes. Ginevra Molly Weasley. The owner of this diary.

This is Ginny's diary?

Yes. Why do you have it?

I found it. I didn't know who it belonged to and all the pages were blank.

Well now you know and you can return it immediately. Where is Ginny?

Well its 9pm so I expect she is in her dormitory.

Wonderful. You can return me first thing in the morning then.

Who am I talking to?

The diary.

How are you responding?

I'm enchanted to respond to my owner in order to offer advice.

I've never heard of that enchantment before.

That's because you're a child. I'm sure there is plenty you haven't heard of.

No...I don't believe that's it. Parchment can only be charmed to provide fairly basic pre set responses based on the instructions of the person charming it. If it were possible to charm it to the extent required to offer advice I would be aware of it.

Well...aren't you a clever one?

Yes. Why did you lie?

Who are you?

I'm Luna. Who are you?

My name is Tom and I'm getting very frustrated with you Luna. Give me back to Ginny.

No. I think I'll keep you for a while.

I am going to put the disclaimer here at the start and just have story text in the following chapters. I do not own the rights to Harry Potter or any of the characters and make no profit from the writing of this fic. Basically just conversations between Tom Riddle and Luna in an AU where Ginny looses the diary before it has any real influence on her.