Luna it's been weeks, as you can see I am a perfectly harmless diary. Are you going to give me back?

No. Not yet.

Why? Is it because you are lonely Luna? Do you need a friend? I can be your friend Luna. Tell me about yourself. I will listen. I will be here for you.

Oh. That's very kind of you Tom.

I am kind Luna. I'm sorry if I seemed brusque when we first spoke. I just felt that I had to get back to Ginny. That she needed me. But now I think you might need me more. Let me be your friend Luna. Let me be your confidante.

Really? Are you sure?

Of course, I'm a diary, that's what I'm for. Let's start with some history. Can you tell about your childhood?

Well...ok. My parents are Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood, they were very bright and taught me everything I know. I learned all about Gruffles and Todges when I was just five.

Uh, yes, Gruffles and Todges, of course.

That's not all, my mother taught me how to snare a Five Winged Pixie when I was six and how to sing to lure a Mossy Nymph into a net when I was eight.

A Mossy...Are you making these up?

Don't be silly. Of course I'm not.

Fine, continue.

Where was I? This disappearing ink is making it difficult to keep track.

You were saying about your mother.

Oh yes. Well, she was a wonderful mother but sadly when I was nine I lost her. There was a terrible accident with a spell she was creating to stun Toadies.

To stun what?...I mean, I'm so sorry, that must have been terrible for you.

It was. I miss her very much. After she passed it was just me and my father. He did his best but I know it must have been difficult raising a child and running his newspaper all alone. I tried to occupy myself when I could. Sometimes I played with the other children who lived nearby us.

Oh. Did you have many friends?

At first. A lot of them stopped playing with me after I tried to take them along on a vanderswump hunt. I believe it was their parents who told them to stay away. I think they were concerned the vanderswump was going to hurt them which is silly because everyone knows vanderswump's are gentle creatures that only eat buggle flies.

You know what? I change my mind. Ginny needs me far, far more. I insist you give me back to her. Now!

Oh I should probably tell you about my first encounter with the Golden Flue Sprouts. It was a very moving experience for me, as I'm sure it is for most girls.

Luna? Luna?! Stop writing.

I had just turned ten and father and I travelled to Italy in the hopes of witnessing the Gruffle migration...