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Hinata limped towards her destination, doing her best to cover up her injuries as she moved, lest someone notice. She already knows what would happen if people saw her and more so if her injuries became known to the public again. Such things getting back to the Hyuga compound was never good, least of all for her.

The former Hyuga heiress sighed contently as she activated her Byakugan. His chakra capacity had increased, if only a little. Judging from the more uniform flow his control had also improved, a large feat considering how much chakra was involved.

A blush adorns Hinata's cheeks as she watched. Her heart swelling with feelings as a large amount of smoke filled the training area. Hinata took her opportunity. Quickly removing from her bag a large bento box, she slides it into the clearing. With luck, its orange bow would act as a beacon to the blond training within the clearing.

Her ramen was not up to a satisfactory level yet so other foods would have to do. Besides Hinata doubted even her beloved could progress properly with ramen alone.

This was all she had now.

All she could do.

Hinata longed to truly help her beloved, to be able to do more to earn his affection, to earn her place at his side…

Hinata held back the tears.

Such an act was shameful. Naruto-kun never cried and he was all alone. She couldn't even count herself. Her failures too great to make up for what was needed from her. Now that she knows how much he had needed her. How much he did need her. Now that she knows why he needed her.

Sighing this time at her own weakness Hinata turned to go back to the Hyuga compound. She had too much to prepare; nevertheless, her thoughts focused on how much she had truly failed her Naruto-kun something she had only learned last night. Her mind turning to why it was pointless to think she'd be anything besides a nuance to her team, maybe even nothing but a nuance to her beloved.

[Flash back]

Hinata slowly made her way through the village keeping to the shadows. Using what little strength she had to keep herself upright. Her legs were shaking and her arms were numb. Still, Hinata made her way to her teacher's destination. Still, Hinata moved forward. The darkness and shadows working to conceal her movements, while her body screamed for her to stop, to rest. But Hinata did as her Sensei instructed, report to her directly after such an incident.

The Hyuga let out a heavy breath as she saw the small stand. Relief filling her as she heard her mentor's voice, though slightly slurred.

"Oh come on Asuma you hate your father; you can't be agreeing with him!"

The Sarutobi jonin gave a weary sigh "Keep it down Kurenai. One I don't hate my father. We just rarely agree on anything. This just happens to be one thing we do.

Two everyone needs someone to care about and support them, Jinchuurikis more than most. Besides he shown zero use of the fox's chakra."

Kurenai slammed her cup down "What about when he does! It's bad enough that he's the only boy Hinata even looks at, but for the Sandaime (3rd) to order me to encourage their relationship. So that it may help them both." A bitter laugh escaped Kurenai, one that cut deeply into Hinata." Hinata's far better suited to be a housewife than a kunoichi. Despite what her bastard of a father thinks, Hinata is just not cut out to be a kunoichi. He should just marry her off to someone."

"It's all I can do to make sure Hinata's not holding back her teammates."

Hinata listened to her sensei talk freely about her. Confirming all the girl's worst fears. Tears spilling as the words cut deeply in her heart.

"I'm sure it not that bad. Maybe you should see about doing cross training with Kakashi's team like we do?" Asuma offered.

Kurenai snorted "Yeah, as soon as I do that the Hyuga clan would retaliate. They gave me specific instructions to keep Hinata far away from the Kyuubi as I could. Lucky, I don't have to worry about that with Kakashi practically keeping his team in isolation, working on teamwork or doing missions."

Anything after that simply faded away. As Hinata fall deep into despair as she tried to keep her tears silent while hiding behind some nearby trash cans.

[End flash back]

Hinata had barely made it back to Hyuga compound with enough time to prevent discovery of her disappearance last night. Today was no exception, though the genin kunoichi wondered if that was just because those in the clan cared so little about her. Dinner was luckily a meal that she was expected to take on her own until such time as she earned the right to join her family again.

Nights like this Hinata was glad for such a state of things. As it allowed her to tend to her needs without bringing greater shame to herself. Slowly and steadily as to not aggravate her injuries Hinata took off her coat. After hanging it up she grabbed some of her cream and headed to her private washroom. One of the few luxuries she was stilled allowed to have. It was something she was most glad for, as it allowed her to tend to her injuries without exposing her shame directly. The discarded Hyuga shuddered to think what would happen if others know the full extent of what the Hyuga did to her in an attempt to eliminate her weakness.

Putting her clothes on the sink Hinata carefully took off her shirt. Deep dark defined bruising covered her arms and torso. Black and blue colored her normally pale porcelain skin, hints of ugly green, many resembling a palm's of varied sizes. Taking a tab of the healing ointment, Hinata sighed in relief the second it touched her skin the cream soothing her ache almost on contact. It even acted on her outermost part of her chakra network as she rubbed it in. Removing her wrap Hinata tried not to look at her disgusting oversized breasts, as she carefully applied more cream, gently as they were some of the most tender parts of her.

The second she was done she hurried to put on her pajama shirt. To hide her hideous form even from her own eyes. With that, she made the effort to treat the lower half of her body just as she did the top. The only difference to Hinata lower part was the less defined bruising, though her legs were no less injured.

Done Hinata carefully left the bathroom and with greater ease now that her pain had been reduced, heading to her desk. The smell of the ointment permeated her nose, even as she put her discarded clothes in the hamper.

Carefully the injured maiden kneeled down below her desk. Removing a floorboard revealing a hidden compartment she had made. Secured within were two items, one a wooden box that barely fit in its place. It bared the Hyuga crest on it. The edge of a seal could just be seen on its front, a seal that only her and perhaps one other could open. Next to it sat a small handmade a doll.

Gently Hinata lifted out the blond-haired doll. Three whisker marks on each cheek and orange tracksuit adored it. The handmade doll clearly resembles the object of her affections, included his clan symbol.

Hinata hugged the doll carefully to her body. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun for leaving you here for so long."

Waiting as if getting an answer, Hinata then replaced the floorboard before going to her futon. Climbing into the bed she covered herself up laying the small doll on her pillow it's head just above the covers.

"I-I...I found out why you are hated. I'm so sorry for abandoning you my Naruto-kun. I-I-I-It's just th-th-that-t my c-c-c-clan is a-a-after you t-t-too, and K-K-Kur- Kurenai - sensei d-d-doesn't b-b-believe in me a-a-after all. Maybe a-a-after the c-c- chunin exams I c-can find a-a-a way to help you… to become worthy of you." tears were falling down as Hinata spoke. "I-I-I know you p-p-probably don't b-b-believe me but I-I-I would d-d-do anything to be b-b-by your side. I-I-I hope m-m-my words f-f-find their w-w-way to y-y-you."

"I-I-I love you m-m-my b-beloved N-Naruto-kun."

Something stirred within as Hinata kissed her doll willing her feelings and words to reach Naruto for her to find their way to him as she slept, to find a way to be by his side when the dawn came.


Kakashi eyed his student from his place in the trees hidden from view. He sighs to himself again as he spotted the movement in the field. The visions were coming back harder than normal. Naruto was training hard studying the scroll Kakashi had giving him. Periodically one of the clones Naruto had running around would try the head-hunter jutsu, failing or dispelling the process.

During all of this Naruto would attempt the jutsu himself after a few attempts the clones would tell their creator what they thought he was doing wrong. Not a bad use of the shadow clone jutsu for training, though not what he meant when he told Naruto he should train with his clones.

Kakashi eyed his student for signs of overuse of the Kage Bunshin (shadow clones). Chakra induced bruising being the most common and visible sign before the popping of blood vessels. Kakashi contemplated going down there and help his student. To tell him he needs to push the chakra down more evenly, to use his nearly unstoppable will to push the earth away.

Eyeing Naruto's latest attempt the copy-nin come up with one observation. Despite how stubborn Naruto was he rarely was attempting the same method of forming his chakra twice yet coming closer with each attempt. Kakashi was sure that Naruto wasn't an earth type at least, 'guess that's two observations' the jonin thought.

"Alright, maybe we just need more eyes." Naruto declared from his latest failure, almost instantly creating a new batch of clones.

Kakashi's eyes widened as part of the ground was lifted up. A puff of chakra smoke indicated the culprit was a missed placed summoning of a clone. That was definitely a new way to deploy clones patently useful too.

Naruto however simply counted the number of clones then cursed. Causing his hidden teacher to chugged softly. At least he was paying attention to the tips he was giving on truly mastering the jutsu.

Dispelling the clones in frustration Naruto flopped down.

Obito's ghost moved, his crushed side dripping blood even as he fades in and out of view. As he did so Naruto's underground clone dispelled kicking up a puff of dirt and smoke.

Minato-sensei complete with the Shinigami's hand in his stomach moved to stand over his son, no doubt longing to say something.

A rustle of leaves indicated Naruto's stalker, nurse, maid or unattended assassin to be had showed up again to deliver Naruto more food. It was Ichiraku ramen this time no doubt the small box contained a dessert.

Kushina-Obachan moved to get a better look at the girl she hoped would provide her with grandkids, her chains leaving a bloody trail behind her only to evaporate into thin air.

Rin complete with the bleeding hole courtesy of Kakashi himself moved to keep an eye on the girl. She didn't trust the Hyuga heiress as much as the rest of them. More specifically her clan's motives, Rin was convinced that the Hyuga wanted to use Naruto as Kirigakure tried to use her. Rin at least relented that Hinata was a better match then Sakura was. His deceased kunoichi teammate was even more adamant than the rest that Kakashi do something about Sakura's treatment of Naruto and something about the boy's crush on her.

Kushina-Obachan shacks her head as the Hyuga left just as quickly, clearly depressed on her lack of action. Of course, she had mentioned that Hinata acted around Naruto eerily similar to how Minato-sensei did with her around the same age. Maybe she was going to train like sensei did whenever he chickened out. Though from Kushina-Obachan expression perhaps she saw signs of the rumored abuse.

Breathing deeply the jonin willed the false apparition away. The man's hand shook as he touched the rough bark with his fingertips memorizing the curves of the grain as he did so, feeling the pressure from his brain as the source of his problems shifted bring a light dale dull ache to his mind.

Kakashi looked down at his student who had moved to eat his ramen. A couple of clones came back looking disappointed, a few via the trees, shaking their heads sadly. Clearly, depressing the blond at the thought of missing out on the person who helped him, remained undiscovered.

Yes, though the Jonin better to remain hidden and let Naruto learn on his own. Not wanting to risk tainting the blond any more than he already had. Naruto had enough problems without adding his own curse to it.

The copy-nin got up to check on his other students.

Hinata made it to her team's training grounds pack at the ready for a two-week mission. Shino, as expected, was there with his own pack. He passively stood there simply taking in her arrival. A slight increase of buzzing indicates his growing irritation.

Hinata was injured again. Her stride was slower and she was even more withdrawn than normal, the light of her eyes hidden even further struggling to find its way. The Aburame eyebrows frowned as he tried to think of the proper response. Kiba's presence would be most appreciated. His best male friend was far better at dealing with Hinata. Shino made a mental note to talk to his father about the backup plan Kiba, Akamaru, and he made. Nervousness flooded the bug user at the thought. Hopefully both their clans would find it beneficial.

Lucky Kiba's mother and sister had already shown signs of liking Hinata, the whole team really. Hana insistence that Hinata and he call her nee-chan was proof of that.

Shino was glad there plan included staying at Kiba's clan compound during the exam. His teammates were just as welcome at his home; however, the standard behavior of his clan did not have nearly the positive effect as the emotional and expressive behave behavior of the Inuzuka's on Hinata.

Perhaps they could go to Ichiraku ramen for lunch or even the bakery down the street from it for some cinnamon rolls too.

"Greetings Hinata-san"

"H-hello S-Sh- Shino-kun, a-are y-you all s-set?"

"Yes, even eager for our performance in the chunin exam. Why? You ask because our team has trained extensively for our advancement." While the Aburame didn't think that the likely hood of their advancement was high. He did think that each could handle the responsibility of being a chunin. More so if Hinata's clan left her be.

As a team, they were each in low chunin or high genin at least. Their combined abilities as scouts made them easily low special jonin as a team dealing with their specialty. The only factor hindering that was Hinata's self-confidence issues, steaming extensively from her clan. though on the flip side Hinata's issues had fueled much of Shino's and Kiba's advancement.

"Should w-we go?"

As Hinata walked with her teammate, doing her best to hide her injuries she let herself get lost in her thoughts. She didn't have the option not to participate in the chunin exams. Shino-kun, Kiba-kun, and Akamaru-kun wouldn't go through the exams without her. Afterward, once they became chunin it would be easy for Hinata to simply fade from their lives. It will be for the best, lest she drags them down with her.

She hoped that Naruto-kun would be alright while she was away. She wondered what he was eating…..besides Ichiraku ramen. The jutsu he was training, had he mastered it yet? What about his team Hinata's eyes narrowed at the thought them.

His sensei watched as he struggled doing nothing to aide him. Almost as if he enjoyed Naruto-kun's struggles. The Uchiha and Haruno were iffy at best, not once had Hinata seen them train as a team. Did their sensei even train them at all?

Hinata falls further into herself at the thought of sensei's were they all like that, only pretending to care? Did anyone truly care besides her Naruto-kun? Could anyone care about her?


Kiba stepped out to the front porch as his teammates came into view. His mother at his side both were clearly barely awake. Simultaneously a low growl came to their mouth. Both could clearly see Hinata's struggle to move and her attempt to cover it up. The low buzzing they heard communicated that Shino shared their sentiment.

Hana came out only half dressed to find out what had set off her brother and mother. Only to added her own growl before speaking. "I'll take Hinata-chan to check on the pups. See what I can do to help her…"

"Mom are we…?"

"Yeah, we'll wait till after the exam then do what we need to. At the very least it will make her too valuable to the bastards to seal her. I'll talk to Shibi if I remember they have a simpler practice. Hopefully, that get them to lay off her then or even better Hinata-chan will open up and say something."

The Inuzuka moved to greet the rest of Kiba's pack. Sincere smiles on their faces. The joy of seeing the two genins disguised the rage they felt at someone hurting one of their own.


Hinata waited in the first exam room with her team. The number of participants unnerved her, more so when she saw the places some of them were from, even Kumogakure was here. Luckily Kiba-kun and Shino-kun noticed here increasing nerviness and moved to block any avenue of attack on her. There protective actions increasing her awareness of the low killing intent that was focused on her from Neji-niisan.

Hinata could barely breathe in the room all she could do was forces on standing. While letting images pass over her of her blond inspiration. The kindly saver that only she seemed to appreciate, her Naruto-kun. With the images renewed strength surged through her. The Hyuga's back standing just a little straighter.

Hinata's breath caught as the door to the exam room opened. In walked Sasuke Uchiha his sharp eyes scanning the room, any threats quickly assessed. His casual stance though relaxed held the tight raggedness to allow a flow quickly into combat. More than anything it was a stance that spoke of quick support he knows would be needed. It was the beginning of a guard stance.

Had Naruto-kun managed to get the Uchiha's loyalty? Considering what she knows of the Uchiha Hinata quickly figured that he would make an excellent head of AMBU for when her Naruto-kun became Hokage.

Hinata frowned as she saw her beloved's crush and kunoichi teammate. Haruno-san showed not nearly the development that the Uchiha had. There was no readiness in her muscles not even what you expect from a support shinobi. Her muscle development was only mildly improved since the academy. Her signs of malnutrition from dieting were even worse.

Such things were totally unacceptable in her beloved's teammate. Hinata once again wondered what Naruto-kun saw in the harpy. Shame filled Hinata as she compared their body mentally. Clearly, Hinata's own slutty ugly body was not enough to entice him. Yet again Hinata was filled with an almost overwhelming longing to be worthy of her Naruto-kun. To ease his burden of the Kyuubi.

The disgraced heiress shuddered in pleasure as images flashed in her mind of what her Naruto-kun might demand of her, to make up for her failings and to ease his burden.

The slight blush and instinctive step forward was the result of the object of the Hyuga's fantasy stepping through the door. Noticing her actions team 8 moved as one towards the other rookies. Kiba in the lead and Shino acting as Hinata's guard from the other teams. No one noticed how Hinata's teammate responded to her lead, not even the member of team 8.

As her team meets team 7, team 10 was already there. Ino-san and Haruno-san were already fighting over Uchiha-san pulling on the boy. Kiba barked out an introduction for them. "Hey, it seems as if the gangs all here."

"Yeah, and you're the most troublesome one Kiba." Shikamaru snarked.

"We'll see whose top dog when we're done won't we Sasuke?" Kiba replayed with a toothy grin.

Then a voice of wisdom and glory spoke sending delicious shivers up Hinata's spine. "Please, Kiba you couldn't beat Sasuke let alone me."

"As if, as hard as we've been training there's no way that anyone here can keep up with us." The Inuzuka barked back.

Hinata froze as Naruto's eyes covered each member of her team, his soul-searing all forgiving eyes. Moving forward hastily she stood before her Naruto-kun, hope filling her as he stared at her sizing her up. The shy kunoichi raised her hands blushing as she began to poke her fingertips together in a combination of excitement and nervousness.

"Um, w-well Naruto-kun" she loved his name "Kiba-kun re-really d-didn't mean an-anything b-bad by what he said." Team 8 kunoichi meekly said.

Tilting his head slightly "huh" was the blondes elegant answer.

Still, the very sound of his voice sent a rapid forming blush to the disgraced heiress's face. Along with a shiver of joy through her spine. The Hyuga found herself standing just a little straighter.

"You're the rookies right? You should all keep it down, you're just rallying up everyone, take a look."

Hinata internally frowned, the glasses wearing leaf shinobi had interrupted her Naruto-kun time. Just when he might find her useful, just when he was finding her worth his time. Instantly Hinata pushed down her flare of anger, least Naruto notice and find displeasure in it. The kunoichi moved with the rest of the rookies to check out Kabuto's information from his ninja info cards.

Hinata internally debated whether she should ask to see her Naruto-kun's stats. This was an obviously public place nearly everyone was paying attention to the information being given out on Neji-niisan teammate Rock Lee and Gaara of the desert. Would it be better to let them all know how incredible he was or would that simply paint an unnecessary target on his back?

Naruto-kun would be Hokage of that Hinata was sure. That meant assassins would come. Would revealing his greatness send those assassins before he was ready? However, before Hinata could decide her Naruto-kun made a decisive decision.



Hinata activated her Byakugan straining her sight as far as she could. She had been doing this periodically since she had arrived up to the central tower in the forest of death. Her sight strained to see past all the different chakra signature of the forest. The process would be difficult even for a Hyuga jonin give the abundance of life. She cared nothing for this as she scanned the forest for the slightest hint of her beloved's glorious chakra.

She had done this while doing her best to avoid Gaara, though the efforts to do so was only min-able as he seemed to be trying to keep away from everyone. When the strain on her eyes became too much on her chakra or her eyes Hinata would retreat to her team's room to practice her Juken forms.

Hinata shook her head in shame clearly lying to herself. What she really did was review her happy memories trying to burn them into her soul. Nearly all of them somehow involved her beloved Naruto-kun. The forms were simply a way to not draw suspicion on her true actions.

The highlight of which was the first part of the exams. By some miracle, Hinata was assigned to sit next to her Naruto-kun for the first test. She was right there as he struggled his teacher's indifference leaving him without the skills he needed to get the answers.

She was sure she should have faulted there however she somehow found the courage to do what she needed to. To offer her answers she had attained to the one who deserved them most. To Hinata's surprise, her Naruto-kun with his all-consuming forgiving eyes had stared at her. Seeing her, listening to her feeble useless meaningless reasons. Hearing her offer herself as a sacrifice to him.

Yet to the heiress shook he had found her worthier than she ever thought possible. That she was too valuable to risk to sacrifice. He didn't want her to fail for his sake.

Such compassion and caring only endeared him to her even more.

Hinata's breath caught as she saw her Naruto-kun leading his team towards the tower. They were clearly exhausted. Hinata frowned as she focused on the blonde's chakra. It was severely depleted, well compared to normal levels. More important it was highly disputed. Most likely the effect of some kind of jutsu he was hit with, maybe even poison. A large number of grass teams made it to the second round.

Sighing over her inability to help her Naruto-kun, Hinata deactivated her Byakugan. She should go find her team. The end of the exam was only a few hours away.


Hinata stood with Kurenai-sensei and Shino. She had just watched Naruto-kun win, as she knew he would. Team 8's genin kunoichi was greatly disappointed in Kiba. Not only had he belittled Naruto-kun something she could mildly forgive as his usual trash talk. But he had also denounced Naruto-kun's dream while trying to take it for his own. That was something that desperately needed restoration in itself. The only question was did Naruto-kun fart in Kiba's face instinctively or did he simply take advantage of what happened. She would have to find out somehow.

That was later, what mattered right now was Naruto-kun approaching her, injured. Hinata fumbled as she took out a jar of medical cream. Hinata took a deep breath as she watched her Naruto-kun come forward. Each step bringing his oh so manly features closer to her. It was taken all of Hinata's self-control not to hyperventilate. His deep blue jewel-like eyes taking in all before him. His golden locks wet with the exertion of his battle.

He was only a few steps away.

"Here!" Hinata managed to squeak out loudly for everyone to hear. She was glad she was bowed to him with the cream held out eyes on the floor. She could just see his feet stopped in front of her. Hinata could feel all eyes on them. All watching to see what Naruto-kun would choose. Would he find her lacking, exposing all her faults for everyone to see?

"Go on Naruto take it. It's a cream for your wounds." Kurenai-sensei's treacherous voice rang out. Her choice of words no doubt chosen to keep up her appearance of a caring sensei.

Still, Naruto-kun had accepted the gift. Standing up Hinata watched in awe as her Naruto-kun put some cream on his wounds as if her love for him was imbued into the cream she watched as his wounds healed almost instantly.

With a giant true smile her Naruto-kun declared "Wow, this is really good! Thanks, Hinata this is the best medicine I ever had!"

Hinata could die happily. No one else knew it but she made that medicine by hand each step even figuring out the recipe on her own. Hinata was never allowed to be trained in the medical arts everything she knows was self-taught. Rarely was she even allowed to go to the healers, further punishment for her poor performance.

That didn't matter now her Naruto-kun thought her medicine was the best he ever had. She could die happy knowing she would be remembered fondly by her beloved. Hearing gasps Hinata looked at the display screen at the next match.


With that Hinata know she would die.


It was a freeing realization to know that all your choices, everything you went through lead to a moment. That one choice would shape the world forever. The moment before declaring her beloveds nindo as her own was like that.

It had started easily enough Hinata wouldn't deny anything Neji said about her why should she, it was all true even her own sensei thought so. Neji effectively tore her down as laid it all out for the world to see, even to her beloved Naruto-kun.

However, he had been wrong about several things when her eyes looked up and to the left, she wasn't remembering her past. Hinata hadn't remembered anything she had just torn her glance away from her Naruto-kun. His face had been so fierce so angry hearing Neji belittle her like that. Even seeing out of the corner of her eye was like a beacon to her.

It made sense he was getting enraged hearing Neji insulting her. How could she not be touched? Hinata was forced to look away, or risk losing herself in his look.

When their names appeared Hinata had truly considered giving up. If Neji had said something before she had come down she might have. After all, she didn't want to die. Still, she couldn't just give up. Nothing lay on that path, at least not anything worth wild. So Hinata did all she could to fight.

As Hinata fought giving Neji everything that she had, each of her movements were expertly countered even if none but her and Neji knew it.

Neji was simply in another league than her, maybe two leagues. Despite this, she still had the clearer vision. Of that Hinata was sure of. Anyone who met Neji could tell he was blinded by rage. The Hyuga genius made sure of that.

With her, Byakugan Hinata took a moment to observe her Naruto-kun, during a momentary break in combat. It took all of Hinata's self-control to not to smile. A combination of awe and frustration danced across the demigod's face.


Neji used the distraction to go on the offensive again, clearly missing Hinata's true objective. As blows were exchanged Hinata found her body moving automatically, no thought necessary, simply reactions built through training.

A vicious blow to the stomach sent Hinata back two feet and to the floor coughing up blood.

Shakily the disgraced heiress struggled to get up. Her Byakugan deactivated unconsciously because of the damage she had taken. Her body deciding for itself that it could no longer waste the chakra on such a task. Neji was saying something Hinata didn't care what it was. She already knows what she would say. Neji was far too predictable in that regard.

"Your wrong niisan you're the one suffering from the fate of the clan, not I."

Hinata's vision blurred as she struggled to stand. It didn't matter Neji was clearly coming to strike her heart. A death blow.

As darkness claimed her vision Hinata was left with one regret the last thing she saw wouldn't be her precious beloved Naruto-kun.

She embraced the darkness, after all, she knew she wasn't dying a failure but a martyr to her clan. One who would bring them a savior. Hinata was confident that her beloved would stop at nothing to end the cage bird seal now. Changing the Hyuga saving them from their cursed fate.

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